Team Zimmerman Cracka Challenge

I’ve seen a lot of team spirit lately. Well let’s see how far your team spirit goes. I challenge GZ Team Spiriteers to wear this for a day and walk around Miami Gardens on a busy Saturday night. Oh, and you have to be white.

cvn-vcb-z - Copy

Somehow though I think if you wear this one you’ll be alright:

dghjnbgvbg - Copy


8 thoughts on “Team Zimmerman Cracka Challenge

    • Had to go with what would probably be the most recognizable for those who only paid attention to the first couple of months and automatically had their minds made up given the white v black narrative.

    • His kindergarten graduation picture would be nice. Or one of him kissing a baby. Anything with a horse or snowboard in it would also be good. Better still would be a shot of him visiting NASA.

  1. People would see the 2-26-2012 bloody photo of George and think he was an illegal immigrant arrested and assaulted by Sheriff Joe. Diwataman knows what he is doing đŸ˜‰

      • Should have used the photo of what Zimmerman look like at the time of his arrest I don’t necessarily mean with blood all over the place. that’s not an accurate photo that photo was taken several years earlier in Zimmerman life when he was heavier at that time. as a white person I would never show up at Miami Gardens in the first place. my old man always said never go looking for trouble. but he also taught me how to shoot.

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