Thoughts on Jury Selection in the George Zimmerman Case

A true representation reflecting the racial makeup of Seminole County for the racial makeup of the jury would be this:

Demography/6 Jurors:
White 66.3% 3.978
Hispanic 17.1% 1.026
Black 10.5% 0.630
Other 6.1% 0.366

6 Jurors with 4 alternates
White 6.63
Hispanic 1.71
Black 1.05
Other .61

The poll below is the only one that I am aware of that was as close to the sciency type stuff as opposed to online polls:

July 16, 2012
“Voters are essentially split about whether George Zimmerman…was acting in self-defense…Forty-four percent believe he was and 40 percent say he wasn’t, while 16 percent are not sure. Major differences emerge when voters are separated by geography and race.”

“The real divide on this is racial, which I think isn’t terribly surprising given the racial tone that this [case] has taken,” said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, a nonpartisan, Jacksonville-based company that conducted the poll. The telephone survey of 800 registered Florida voters — all likely to vote in the November general election — was conducted July 9-11 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.”

“Only 6 percent of black voters believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, while 82 percent said he was not…Hispanics…52 percent saying he was justified, compared to 50 percent of whites. Hispanics…25 percent undecided…”

Believes it was self defense:
Black 6%
White 50%
Hispanic 52%

Believes it was not self defense:
Black 82%
White ?
Hispanic 23%

Black 12%
White ?
Hispanic 25%

I think the State, Judge and O’Mara will specifically seek to have blacks on the jury.

I think the jury pool has already been poisoned from the fraud committed by Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Crump et al., Ryan Julison etc.

Of course there is much to be said for the efforts of many to try to correct the record and get the truth out. I have seen people say they once believed George was guilty then upon viewing the facts and truth have come to think otherwise.

Regardless it can also not be denied just how stupid humans are. First impressions from the fraud are clearly indelible. The little child. The little, black child. The little, innocent, black child. The little, innocent, black child just carrying Skittles and Iced Tea. Forever imprinted in the minds of idiots. The brute. The big brute. The big racist brute. The big, white, racist, overzealous, wannabe cop, brute who got out his truck ignoring police orders to stand down profiled, pursued, hunted down like a rabid dog and murdered the little, innocent, black, child just carrying Skittles and Iced Tea by shooting him in the heart just because he was black and wore a hoodie. Forever imprinted in the minds of idiots like little newborn babies seeing mama for the first time.

It can also not be denied just how weak white people are. Guilt ridden morons sacrificing themselves upon the alter of supposed black strife. To make up for the transgressions of George Zimmerman and his and their white past they must protect the little, innocent, black child just carrying Skittles and Iced Tea at all costs in hopes they will find relief and acceptance among blacks.

Every business owner in the county just wanting this to go away, just put him away so we can move on and god forbid don’t acquit him because our business will be looted and burned down.

Any black person on the jury will no doubt be certainly aware of their Uncle Tom status they will receive if they vote not guilty.

O’Mara wants people who are familiar with the case in the jury. I’ve heard others say the same. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. I find that notion absurd.

I think the only chance George has is by having people who are not familiar with the case but most importantly people who have never come in contact with the fraud that was committed to poison them in the first place as I described above. Secondly they can’t be the white guilt ridden idiots. Lastly they also can’t be the fearful black person worried of the ostracization or even worse they will receive if they don’t go the “right” way.

I await for the NBPP reward for the heads of the jurors who find George not guilty and a State that does nothing about it.

I can not look at all that has transpired this past 15 months, nor look at all the players involved and their actions, nor look at society itself and think George has a positive chance with a jury. If I had to put a percentage on it, and how can one with such a thing, then I would say 0% Not Guilty, at best 40% hung jury, 80% chance the few holdouts will cave and go guilty of a lesser crime which the others will agree so 100% chance guilty of whatever they settle on but not Murder in the second degree. 5% chance something extraordinary happens to end the case like Wolfinger coming out or some unknown thing.

I want to be wrong. I hope I’m shown to be.

Other reading:
The Danger of Deadlock: Coercion in the Courtroom
by Joseph J. Ward

Jury Instructions

The 2012 Florida Statutes

Jeralyn Merritt on Lesser Included Offenses(thanks cboldt for helping me find this link)


14 thoughts on “Thoughts on Jury Selection in the George Zimmerman Case

  1. Maybe he’s hoping that the jurors will only remember the recent info, which has been positive for the defense. People have short attention spans. I think the info about martin that is being reported in the media that won’t be allowed at trial is more devastating for the state than the inadmissible info about george is to the defense. Plus the info that is coming out now is somewhat authenticated because of the whole discovery process. The defense isn’t making stuff up, they are using discovery given to them by the state. Even Pro martin sites arent questioning the authenticity of the evidence for the most part, just the relevance. If it is ruled inadmissible, I think people will conclude that the evidence is legit and not disregard it, even though they are supposed to.
    I think that it’s hard for people like us, who are so immersed in this case, to realize that a lot of people lost interest a long time ago. They will start paying attention the closer it gets to the trial and realize that everything that crump and co said last year was a lie.

      • I don’t think they will have completely forgotten the old info, but obviously the new info will be fresher in their minds. I think the sources may be the key. If OMara releases info that he got from the prosecution that is in George’s favor then that info has been authenticated by both the state and defense. That would be more compelling than something a juror heard a year ago that they can’t remember who said it. Or that they remember came from someone with no legal obligation to tell the truth. I think a lot of people will be disgusted by the obvious lies of crump and the martins. Most of the lies, like the old pics, the academic scholar claim, and others were unnecessary. Those types of lies were meant to attract the attention of certain people that would not mindlessly support trayvon just because of the black/white aspects. I bet a a lot of them have quietly dropped their support for the martins.

        But I also think that he will be found not guilty so maybe all of my thoughts are being filtered through that.

  2. I give very different odds, although I agree completely with your OP. People are morons. Easily lead, easily duped, gullible morons. But the courtroom experience has a tendency to temporarily change them, at least as to the case they are charged with rendering a verdit on. It’s a serious and somber experience, pomp and circumstance, intimidating (intentionally so). The jury will have its own dynamic. Those six people will fight and argue amongst themselves. They will hear “innocent until proven guilty so many times, they will hear it in their sleep.

    I say ZERO probability of a conviction. There will at least one, and probably four or five jurors who will easily come to the conclusion that Zimmerman’s use of force was justified. When the standard is that the state has to disprove self defense, beyond a reasonable doubt, any smidgen of doubt in Zimmerman’s favor gets him an acquittal. At least one juror will refuse to budge, even if all five of the others are adamant against Zimmerman.

    I dither on the probability of a hung jury, between 50% and 20%. That means I see up to 80% chance of acquittal. Unanimous jury, not guilty. The hung jury scenario is a mirror image of acquittal, one juror, two at most, will refuse to follow instructions, and will justify the mindset that conviction is proper by some lame argument, like the ones quite familiar to everybody reading these words. It could have been Zimmerman’s fault, therefore we can’t let him escape penalty. O’Mara’s challenge will be to keep the moron’s moron off the jury.

  3. Mom “proposed” a series of questions that SHOULD be asked during a hearing when the results of a survey was released that said he could NOT get a fair trial. Can MOM ask those questions if Nelson does not?

  4. A quick remark on the jury instructions link. Those are the standard instructions, and they MUST be modified if the fact pattern or argument will lead jurors to misconstrue the law. By way of example, the stand jury instruction that includes “provoke” does not define “provoke.” If the fact patterns introduced can be interpreted ONLY as the alleged provoker threatening or using force, the standard instruciton is adequate. But, if the fact pattern has a person throwing insults, plus (maybe, depending on who the jury finds credible) throwing a punch, then the instruction MUST be modified, or it is a mistrial. The modification MUST make it clear that throwing insults is not provocatiion, and that is done by telling the jurors that provocation exists only by the threat or use of force.

    Arguments over instructions are written motions, typically provided a few days before the defense is ready to rest. The activity of developing jury instructions is a critical part of the trial process.

        • Excellent, thank you, yes that was what I was thinking of though I thought there were other places she posted something of a similar nature at but no bother, that should suffice.

          That is what I was thinking of when I wrote “…go guilty of a lesser crime which the others will agree…”. I think that is how it’s going to go in this trial, not guilty of murder 2 but something lesser.

          Related, have we ever heard whether or not they have a standing offer for a plea? I bet they do just like Corey had with that woman who got 20 years for shooting a gun off in her apartment, I think it was a 3 year deal in that case all the way from information to conviction iirc.

  5. I think the jury IS already selected…they have been given answers to the questions to pass the jury mustard test. The manipulations have gone this far…why would it stop now.
    IF the entire jury consists of older Asian Americans…there is a chance of acquittal…honor is a part of their core belief…JMO

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