O’Mara – Know Justice Know Peace

 photo omara-no-justice-no-peace-Copy.jpg

This art inspired by the following comment:

Past Works:


8 thoughts on “O’Mara – Know Justice Know Peace

  1. GREAT Dman 😀

    I just came here from CTH to compliment you… did not realize it was inspired by the RT post by kbp 🙂

    Good work all round… anything to push back on the imprinting… visual images especially.

  2. I want that shirt. I’d easily pay $40 especially if it isn’t too thick since summer is coming up. trust me, I’d wear it every day. I also like the idea of a saying “This is what you get when you get out of your car”. On the back, it would say, “because he deserved it”. this would drive the trayvonites crazy.

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