Why was a special prosecutor appointed to the George Zimmerman case?

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User doodahdaze, despite being highly disruptive to both mine and the treehouse’s posts on the hearing, asks a valid question and is a question anyone with interest in this case should ask themselves. Why was a special prosecutor appointed to the George Zimmerman case? There’s only one way to really answer that. You can either accept the reasons Wolfinger provided for recusing himself from the case, thereby in effect a prosecutor is assigned by the governor, or you can speculate. Myself I have always chosen the latter. I have never accepted the response from Wolfinger as genuine. I have no direct evidence of course or else we would not be having this discussion, but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence.

In the end I have always answered it, in essence, this way. Wolfinger is a coward. That is the why. The how of it is unknown to us but I speculate Scott and Bondi essentially threatened him to press charges or get out of the way so they can get a prosecutor in who would charge. Wolfinger, with at least some integrity, wouldn’t charge that way so he agreed to recuse himself and probably with some help wrote that stupid letter recusing himself.

A bit more of the complex nature of it is that Bondi and Scott may have taken it upon themselves to do so or they were in agreement with the DOJ/CRD or proxy for the DOJ/CRD or together with the DOJ/CRD who then all or through pressured/threatened Wolfinger. The timing of it suggests that may be the case and that it was with the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy L. Austin Jr.

Incentives involve many things such as wanting to keep retirement, wanting to keep career, fear of riots causing loss of revenue and death, fear of appearing racist, white guilt, perhaps they have dirt on him as well they would expose or just make up, etc.

But the why will always come down to cowardice. And I would also apply this, as well as the incentives given above, to Bondi and Scott, though in Bondi’s case she is friends with Crump so there’s that little additive that applies to her as opposed to Scott and Wolfinger.

Wolfinger has a chance to redeem himself of course, simply come out and tell the truth. But I don’t think that will ever happen.

Lastly then the question is if this is true what could that mean for the criminal case itself? Well I would assume that it would effectively end it but I don’t know how that would legally come about.

wolfinger letter

From Wolfinger to Corey

Did politics drive prosecution in Trayvon Martin case?

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20 thoughts on “Why was a special prosecutor appointed to the George Zimmerman case?

  1. “…and probably with some help wrote that stupid letter recusing himself.”

    Boy, March 2012 sure was a busy month for Francine.

    : – )

  2. I think doodah’s point is that O’Mara should move the court for an order removing the prosecutors from the case, because the (this could have been a racial crime) justification for their appointment has been found to be false. I could be mistaken on who doodah thinks should be petitioned to remove the prosecutor, but I think I have correctly interpreted doodah’s perceived justification for removal of the prosecutor.

      • I was summarizing my impression of the point doodah was persisently “asserting” via question. Why was the SP appointed? If the rationale for appointment is known to not exist, the next question is “so what?”

    • Would never happen. MOM is part of the problem as he is obviousally an insider and most likely progressive leaning himself. No, the only way this ends is the state riding their sinking ship to the bottom of the abyss.

      • Thanks but I am not sure I understand your comment. How does “the state riding their sinking ship to the bottom of the abyss” end anything? Without consequences, nothing like this will ever end. Having read DMan’s blog twice now, he “knows” what the deal is and always has been.

        Nothing will change unless a journalist becomes inspired enough to explore/investaite what DMan has said here. The information is there. As our friend Sundance has often said, it is there for the taking.

        Scott is not brave enough to have made the decision to prosecute George independently. He followed the orders of “someone” else. DMan is correct and believe that the DOJ made that decision. Was it Perez/Austin or Eric Holder or all of them? And, of course, our President publicly approved that decision. You are blind if you do not notice their skin color. Racial profiling has always been a key ingredient of this case and that includes Trayvon Martin who clearly profiled Zimmerman. So who is really the 600 pound elephant in the room? This sounds very much bait and switch to me buy many Americans have become blinded to the Truth. How on earth could a phrase like, “He shudna got outta da ca,” become such a successful propaganda tool? I am not even talking about blacks falling for this crap. One has only to tune into any trial coverage show to see the white faces continuing to spout “media myths and manipulations” garbage.

        I am retired from the media business but I have not forgotten that the Pulitzer Prize is a worthy goal. DMan speaks of cowardice. He is correct. Is there a brave journalist in the media who dares to open seemingly closed doors?

        IMO, O’Mara has performed much more brilliantly than his detractors have suggested. Yes, indeed, he is a Progressive and Greta Van Susteren is a Scientologist. So what?

  3. As I have mentioned previously, I will not be surprised if our elected government officials intervene and end this mess. We will know a lot more after Bernie gets charged and/or is removed from the case pending the results of any investigations.

    I am optimistically believing that BLDR and the state have crossed the line this time.

    • Obama, Scott, Bondi, Corey, Wolfinger, and Nelson are all elected officials and they helped create this mess. Why would they intervene in their own creation?

      • Why? Because they want to remain elected officials. They can get out of this at any time and minimize the damage to themselves by blaming someone else.

        They know the truth and they would be fools to think that our citizens don’t know.

  4. Until today, I never really “got” what D-Man meant when he said that Norm Wolfinger had behaved in a “cowardly” manner in this case. Now I do. Plainly spoken, Wolfinger recused himself from the case in a self-serving act that was not motivated by what was right or wrong. And, in doing so, he paved the way for the persecution of George Zimmerman. That in itself is bad enough, but what is worse is his continued silence that shrouds the truth, and protects the conspiracy.

    Now, we really have no way to actually know exactly what motivated Mr Wolfinger to recuse himself. Whether it was some kind of pressure that was levied against him, a promise that was made to him, or simply his own disgust about what he was being asked to participate in. We can only guess.

    But, whatever his reason was, it’s well past the time for him to speak out. As a human being, Norm Wolfinger has a duty to search his own soul and weigh the price that George could very well pay, against whatever it was that Mr Wolfinger protected or gained when he recused himself. It is not too late for him to reveal what happened, and why he made his decision, but that date is soon approaching.

    Norm, when you watch these proceedings, do you honestly believe that justice is being served, or do you simply rationalize this?

    • He rationalizes the present inaction, but that doesn’t mean he finds the prosecution to be a work of justice. In defense of his present inaction, we don’t know what all he has at risk. Is his pension at risk? His job? He can be damaged by the governor, state AG, by the courts, and by the bar. The case is in court. Maybe there is value in letting those institutions show their true colors, too.

      As far as timing goes, he may be holding his fire for a prosecution against Corey, or de la Rionda, or Crump, etc.. Speaking up now might (and I don’t know that it does) reduce his power in cases against the rogue prosecutors and bigmouth liars from the bar.

      You can hold the same argument as to cowardice against many others. Chief Lee, Investigator Serino, members of FDLE. The fact that Wolfinger was in the position of SA doesn’t make him uniquely a coward.

      Generically, there is value in having an outsider review the investigation – it’s supposed to be an independent set of eyes, and would be seen as not covering up ineptitude or bias on the part of SPD or Wolfinger’s office. How was Wolfinger to know, in advance, that the special prosecutor would be corrupt?

    • Boy. don;t we wish Norm and everyone else had been motivated by what was right or wrong back then. They are fortunate in that they could get a second chance to right their wrongs in court.

      Now I only wish that those in BLDR’s control will be motivated by what is right or wrong and will step forward. I don’t care of they are motivated by fear or their convictions, as long as they do it.

  5. What if they(elected officials) are just using the court system to reveal the truth in a more public and exacting manner, so as to forestall any riots(that would cost millions) that the ignorant hoards would have conducted if Zimmerman was not charged and tried? Yeah, I’m a dreamer(still believe people can have higher motives than self interest), but the signs that the unruly masses were growing to powder keg status were certainly apparent. Self righteous indignation is harder to maintain in the light of truth and how could the truth be more precisely delivered, than in the form of an televised trial.

  6. I wonder what Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle would have thought about this. Progressive liberals of all races, cloaking themselves in their shrouds of superiority, as they opine about the poor Rachel. A product of the environment they enable and promote. Would they think the progressive pundits view her as nothing more than a laboratory rat in their grand social experiment? Running through the maze they have created for her to navigate? Maybe the the elite thinkers of the present day see her as the perfect outcome of the perfect society they have created. Or could be they veiw her as collateral damage on the voyage to Utopia. I just wonder what the three amigos of western philosophy would think of it all. Socrates was disruptive to the status quo and he paid a very heavy price. Some things never change.

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