Same Guy, Different Blog

International Association for the Interests of Whites and Males -Hosted by DiwataMan


5 thoughts on “Same Guy, Different Blog

  1. I commented on your site that its a brave venture. About damn time I’d say.

    However, it was funny reading about all the BANNING you plan to do. It left me wondering what was left to talk about. Too many “thou shall not’s” has been the problem with some blogs baiting the codependent types of readers and posters. If you simply keep the conversation within intellectual and logical guidelines, the rest should fall into place naturally.

    For example, I noticed the other day, at CTH, Sharon took a stand against people attacking Nelson for her hair and looks. Good, I thought, but then Sharon apologized for being a “prude,” and it made no sense. If you are focused on intelligent discussion, then ad hominem fallacies would naturally not be on the menu. Ad hominem attacks on females, in authority, are far too prevalent among people who don’t care to use logical guidelines.

    And the same is true for the false construct building that goes on when people are too focused on complimenting and building relationships with posters, rather than discussing the content and significance of their ideas. I thought MuayTyson, made some really good points with what he said. But since the blog posters had no relationship with the individual, his ideas were chucked out the window. This too, is another fallacy, in western thought, that you should consider the source, their background and agenda, rather than the content of what the person is saying in any given situation.

    Hopefully, D-Man will stay focused on the ideas people bring to the table, which so far has been your blog’s strong point. I wish you all the best!

  2. the cultural creation of a White Guy is so Faux
    which we were warned about it on Fox
    makes us out to be Guy Fawkes
    we have heard their spokes-men
    like Matthews, Biden and Olber-mann
    describes us as ruling, with chains as uber-man

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