The GZ Open Thread

For months I have tried to find a solution to the problem of what is commonly known in the blogosphere as the “off-topic” comment but particularly when it comes to the George Zimmerman case it’s not so much that I get wholly off-topic comments, that rarely happens, it’s that I get anything related to the case comments on no matter what I post. So this is yet another attempt to find a solution.

This is a post I will keep at the top of my blog that you can consider a GZ Open Thread. Got some news about the case? Post it here. Got some video you would like to share? Post it here. Just got some random off the wall crap to say about a Trayvonite? Post it here. Just want to talk about the case? Post it here.

Then from now on instead of me crying about your off topic posts I’ll just remove them and post them here.

Like the Nettles Open Thread I had I’ll add new pages when I can.

Enjoy. Examine. Find the Truth.


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      • ugh, I should just give him the satisfaction and really ban him then. He’ll then have the honor of being the only person ever banned from the DiwataMan site which he can carry like a little trophy to peoples blogs and complain.

          • Oh no I knew you were being sarcastic, that was just me kind of addressing the issue of me secretly banning and apparently as it would imply and necessarily follow that I have straight up been deceiving my readers with that post of mine regarding it. That really should get him banned for life. I mean who goes around saying shit like that and expects the blog owner to just accept it? I haven’t even seen Trayvonites say that kind of crap about me and they’ve said some nasty crap.

  1. Seriously, though, DMan, I really appreciate all of the work you’ve done on this case, and I hope that it ultimately helps George to get the fair trial he deserves. Actually, he doesn’t deserve any of this, but since he’s made the decision to move ahead with a trial instead of asking for immunity, he is ENTITLED to a trial that is transparently fair. He clearly hasn’t gotten any fairness from the state of Florida so far. It makes me ashamed to live here.

  2. Thanks DMan. Good idea. I always thought that O’Mara West planned to show the 7/11 video which shows not only Martin swaying and having difficulty finding his money, but clealy demonstates the height difference between the the clerk and Martin. “Little boy'”, “child” myth totally dispelled. I expect the defense to call the clerk to the stand and mange to have his stand next to George for an obivioux differences in physiqie to George’s disadvantage.

  3. Sounds like a plan. It may even be that some random post by someone will give you an idea for a more focused blog post and discussion.

  4. Lived like a gangster died like a gangster I guess. And that explains the conflicting stories about why he wasn’t living with his mom.

      • lol ok. I think its funny, because how the other media picks up, and hopefully will run it. Traybots are flipping out! LOVE IT! Oh and thanks again for taking on the task of you blog 🙂

  5. DM asked me, I think, to bring up Witness 25, Stephen aka Boobie Martin here. Two pictures of him are in today discovery. He looks bloody in one of them. Anybody have any speculations on what the defense will ask him if he is called to testify?

    • No I asked you arkansasmimi to post that tweet you posted that had nothing to do with the 3rd supp here then I removed the tweet.

      • If that’s true, and I have no reason to believe Ms. Stutzman, it cuts against the defense filing for a continuance, or at least against the court granting one. The judge is giving the Tursday and Friday before jury selection starts to hear argument on whatever is undecided.

        • If the DCA comes back with a good ruling, there WILL be a continuance. DCA: “You can depo Crump. Nelson was wrong.” Nelson: “Fine, depo Crump all you want, but the trial starts the 10th.” Umm… I don’t think that’ll fly too well with the DCA.

  6. I’m reminded of the debate with that youtube goofball ‘Pyhrro’ and his ‘proof’ that these photos were not Trayvon. I wonder if he will admit he was wrong and apologize for claiming anyone who thought these were actual photos of Trayvon were racists who think all black people look the same?

    • Pyrrho was always telling people what a cool dad he was and that he was a friend to his kids, His 18 y/o daughter and her bf were addicted to methadone. His 14 y/o daughter was not yet addicted, did not have the tolerance, and OD’d and died. All under his roof. Cool dad my ass. From what I could tell, he was always drunk and self absorbed 24/7.

  7. If Martin had his earbuds in his pockets, then how likely is it that he was talking to DD prior to the altercation? I mean, the prosecution will have to argue that he put his earbuds in his pocket and then started talking on the phone like normal?

    If Martin arranged to buy blunts with the three stooges, then he did it by phone. It would be great if they could get the names of these guys using TM’s phone.

    It’s interesting that there are two early stories which talk about the shooting on the porch or on the way to the 7-11.

    -Mark Martinson

    • All fair observations but over time I have come to accept that Trayvon was Talking to dd, hence no earbuds in the pocket.

      I would also think the phone could be a good route in identifying the three stooges but I wouldn’t frame it that way myself. If I had to guess Trayvon didn’t call those guys up beforehand specifically to purchase those items for him but I do think he knows them to some degree. Regardless, O’Mara subpoenaed for the 711 credit/debit records to identify them as one of them used a card, it’s unknown at this time if anything came of that.

      I agree the way Tracy and Sybrina framed the incident early on is interesting. I’ve always thought there had to be some little thing that made them think Trayvon was on the back porch but they lie and manipulate so much it’s difficult to know what the truth is with them.

  8. Does anyone know what the state’s theory of the case will be?

    Will they dispute that GZ was on the losing side of the fight?

    Will they argue that TM made it close to Brandi’s house but couldn’t get in because of GZ?


    • Brandi said he was shot on the porch. Only person nearby who heard nothing was sweet little chad who wanted his skittles.

      Who first saw the nba all star game with Trayvon even though he would be dead by then and magically heard nothing. Folks, can we at least consider that chad was never there? Kids do not misremember things like he did and older teens do not walk in the rain near a mile for some ladys son while getting “nothing” for himslef other than a cold drink on a cold day.

      He was there for drugs and they covered him with a bs story just as they covered his texts with dd and his potential bus adventure. Enough of their lies.

      • Or tray was a lean junkie and they are hiding it with that bs 711 skittles story. Who knows, but i wish we would learn the truth someday.

      • At this point the objective factual evidence is prima facia proof that the information put forth by the family and their attorneys was a total fabrication. I wonder how they got their information? This information may have been used to help an insurance claim of millions of dollars. I wonder if it was? There is no way the Special Prosecutor could have had this information until now. No ethical State Attorney would proceed on that basis. A SA would have had to comb through all the evidence and pull out what they thought might be used for an arrest and hide information that would negate and arrest for Murder 2. Nope the Special Prosecutor would have had to have been bamboozled.

        • That fox tv interview. Local affiliate. She said something like “hes over here” (pointing near porch I thought) “and this man shoots him. Are yiu serious?!” Was odd. So i apologize if i recall it poorly but i would live to see it again.

          • No, don’t feel bad, you’re not the first person to interpret it to mean (she thought) he was on the porch when shot. “He was there on the porch… and this man, he kills him?!” But the main reason it’s obvious that can’t really be what she’s trying to say is that she KNOWS where the shooting occurred, and it sure wasn’t near the porch. So I think what she’s trying to say is more like, “He was sitting there on the porch, minding his own business, and then this man comes and chases him, and ends up killing him.”

            • I assume she knows where he died and that it wasn’t the porch. But it may reflect something that Chad told her. For instance he heard TM on the porch. Remember Chad wouldn’t have known that there was any interaction between them. He may have thought TM was about to starting walking into the house and then the thing started.

              • If TM did make it back to the porch and was planning to confront GZ, why not leave the juice and skittles there?


            • Sorry, yeah maybe I misunderstood her? What did she mean, then? I guess that theory makes sense but they lie so damn much. Remember, if they knew where his body was and if they knew (the cousin, 2 days later) that ‘cracka got mad ’cause he got dem bangaz put to him’ and the friends knew, a day later (twitter confirmed it) it was a ‘fight’ –> and then 3 weeks later it was a 5 year old in footy pj’s being chased by a tank – I trust nothing.

              I would like to have her questioned and chad because I just feel something is missing – I just don’t trust them and why should I? How the hell does chad watch a game that was airing when the person he was watching it was dead? But maybe she meant it differently, like you said – that’s fair. But her quote caught my attention because it sounded like the crap we were sold later on “Helpless kid, not fighting – quite the opposite – now let’s delete all his tweets/facebook posts while we’re at it’. They would have deleted Stephen’s tweets if they knew they were floating around probably. I also feel that his text on 2-21-12 to DeeDee showing how he hid his stash before he could take the bus fits with what he’d do that not. You don’t bash a man’s skull in if you feel he is no threat to report you to the police or your parents who already know you are trouble. I’d be shocked if he didn’t hide it but maybe he didn’t. Maybe he was on a lollypop with a smiley face. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

              • I would be quite surprised to learn that Martin actually got back as far as the patio.

                It makes no sense that he would not leave the juice and skittles there if he knew he was going to fight

                • It has always been my theory that TM thought that GZ was LE. If that was the case his going home to the porch to drop his stash would make sense. Why would he not leave the drink at the patio, actually there is a very simple explanation for that. We need to go back to the NEN call, remember that when GZ saw he had something on his hands. If he returns without that something on his hands and GZ had been LE, then he would know right away that TM stashed something. This is also explains why he went back, he was putting distance between his stash and himself. Once he got close enough to see that GZ was not LE, but in essence an snitch calling the police his anger would have been multiplied.

                  • We need to go back to the NEN call, remember that when GZ saw he had something on his hands. If he returns without that something on his hands and GZ had been LE, then he would know right away that TM stashed something.

                    Are you saying Martin overheard the comments about having something in his hands? If not, how would know?

                    • It had nothing to do with overhearing the comments, but because he got close enough to GZ, it would be a safe assumption that GZ saw something on his hands.

                      If GZ had turn out to be LE and had search TM all he would find would be the can and the skittles. Which makes me wonder what happened to his wallet, his uncle claims is missing. Did he stashed it to? So, he could not be identified?

                    • I doubt that he would have a can in his hands. There other options. What’s missing that he SHOULD have had but was not found?

                    • IDK. Is the bag relevant? I just do not see any need for him to keep the can on his person.

                    • But it would be if you think you are under surveillance by the police. If you are later caught without the bag on your hand minutes earlier, it would look suspicious.

                    • That sounds like extreme paranoia to me but IDK. I am not closing the door on anything yet.

                    • Not really, if we think about it. TM was acting paranoid otherwise how did he even notice that he was being observed, in the first place. All his actions from the moment GZ first saw him, to him coming to check GZ out and then running, all give the appearance of TM being paranoid that night.

                    • There are lots of things we do not know and we are all guessing because we want to solve this puzzle… the absence of a wallet and keys are two items that are also puzzling. I still wonder exactly WHY Martin attacked George. All we can do is speculate about that.

                      One more thought about the can: At some point, Martin decided to attack. At THAT moment, wouldn’t YOU have discarded the can?

                    • Of Course, there are some things that are we will be able to do is speculate. I was using deductive reasoning. In this case I was just sort answering what would I have done if it had been me.
                      It I thought I was being watched and I was carrying more than just juice and Skittles.

                    • Is it possible that he smoked both blunts in the time he left the store until he arrived there?: If not, where are they?

                      The most important thing that Martin lost was his cool and/or temper.

                  • I just want her to answer why she said ‘he is on the porch’…Something about her and Chad is really bugging me. And lord where they thrown to the gutter quickly.

                  • If we are reading that right, that demonstrates a sign of paranoia. So if he’s freaked out he’ll get searched on the bus, it explains his reaction when he realizes a guy in a car is talking on the phone.

                    I’m thinking he may have hid some dope at home outside and don’t worry it’s wrapped. He’ll sell it when he gets back home on Monday.

                    • Nettles, their is the difference between GZ side, and TM supporter. Our rationale is simple, very sensible, not extra actors or conspiracies needed to explain easily what could have happened.

                      Theirs is full of multiple conspiracies, boogeyman, plain lies to try to explain theirs.

              • The mad dash to the porch also figured in one or two of Gutman’s early stories.
                DD tells BDLR that TM was right near the house. In her “letter” DD implies that he was on the way to the 7-11 when he was shot. That’s what an uncle said.
                I’m not sure what to make of all this, but I think it all points to Chad or DD having seen/heard something about home/porch.
                -Mark Martinson

              • Oh yeah, I agree with you. “I just don’t trust them and why should I?” SAME HERE! Whenever one of them says something that rings true, I have to pinch myself. It’s so totally out of character for ANY truth to come from one of them. 😉

      • Chad is LYING. If he wasn’t really home, he’s lying when he says he was. If he WAS home, he’s lying about a LOT of stuff, IMO. Either way… LYING.

        • That’s the thing that gets me the most. It’s a blatant lie – blatant. It feels like a cover. Like they knew their drug addict problem child was doing something else. But I also know that if Chad was a witness to something he shouldn’t have witnessed, he would have been told to keep quiet and act stupid. I’m going to believe he was the only one nearby who heard/saw nothing? Give me a break. Teens are nosey as hell and would always know if something like this happened and they sure as hell don’t ask for a snack that they will wait 5 hours for and not think anything of it if it doesn’t come there way.

          And there ain’t no damn 17 year old going to the store for some other kid’s damn snack. Please.

      • All three of you make good points. As we get closer, we will see more of this and it will NOT be the same for anyone’s previous ideas. I would love to see how all of you will now evolve in your views.

        • After the discoveries of the past day, and as some things that we thought we are now confirmed the State’s strategy will depend on the decisions of Judge Nelson.

            • Sorry, did not mean to sound simplistic, but I’ll give you an example. Knowing what we know now, if I was in the I would not call anyone from TM’s family to the stand. They have prior knowledge even if limited of TM’s past problems and most have lied to conceal this.

              OTH if any mention of TM past is out of bounds, then I would not have that issue to worry about and could call on them. W8 is another witness whose testimony is dependent on what the scope of the questioning will be.

              That is sort of what I meant, with my prior answer.

              • I see the necessity of a flexible strategy each day depending on Nelson’s whims and other potentially changing factors including testimony on the stand.

                No one can stick with one single game plan. This really will be a chess game with each new move dependent upon the previous move.

        • To jordan222 – Your Honor, (now that you have helped the Prosecution successfully suppress all witnesses and evidence) we are left with George Zimmerman (an armed W H I T E Hispanic) racially profiling and then getting out of his gas guzzling SUV to wantonly chase down a defenseless black chile. Yes, this enormous gun totting confessed cop wannabe confronted a completely innocent 110 pound honor student, then viciously pulled the victim down on top of him (causing grievous grass stains to the knees of Mr. Martin’s chinos, abrasions to his knuckles and marijuana in his lungs). Then tragically, fighting for his life (and clinging to his Skittles) Saint Trayvon (this product of 250 years of slavery and, I might add, future astronaut) was shot dead … in cold blood … while yes … pathetically screaming for help.
          The prosecution rests! Oh, and I personally would like to give a shout out and wish good luck to any black member of the jury.
          Now, I’m sorry I won’t have time to answer any questions, but I have a disbarment lunch date … and if I’m not mistaken … I believe Mr. Crump will be picking up the tab.

      • I only know that from having some serious charges against me nulle prossed. In Florida, they can take 6 months to do that and leave you, your family, your job, YOUR ENTIRE LIFE screwed.

        Forget about getting compensation or even an apology.

    • After the trial, the full depositions become public under Florida sunshine law. That will affect how team Martin/Crump decides to proceed with a civil suit, assuming the defense does not move for an immunity ruling from Nelson.

      I’d like to see a suit by the HOA insurer too. That depends on the confidential agreement being made public, as Nelson ordered from the bench. Right now, the unveiling of the agreement is awaiting a written order by O’Mara, for Nelson to sign.

  9. Report 4 of the texts from 5-23-13. Trayvon to deedee on 2-21-12 “you shoulda been on the bus ;)” and sure eniugh booby screams on twitter “u no tell me u swung on bus driver”

    Deedee told stephan? I also see he told deedee before getting on bus he hid hus stash afraid he would get caught. Sounds like a good reason to be invisible from a man in the car and his witness deedee may have presented that option to him. Ditch the stash. Maybe chad saw that ans is why brandi went on about him being sho on porch and is why chad eventually “knew nothing”. Just a thought. Makes more sense than the crap out there. Bu i find it interesting how he made that text for deedee after the bus. Seems he wanted to always impress her. Maybe he tried to do just that on 2-26 since we see he texted week before he likes to please others/make ppl feel better. Chad and dee dee or bust…

  10. On Feb 23rd TM received the following test:

    $D i{“AplwE’ ;S: p*wlP kz r7t 2kzNA{ma4
    sK4NW” ]2 ‘p*O] NM p? i ^74 Ot S7 +
    :wi G ‘ ;S:

    Does *ANYONE* have a clue what THAT is all about?

    • If had to guess I would say it’s just a pseudo angry response to whoever Trayvon is telling to not “knock his hustle”. So instead of a genuine response they “text angry” if you will but jokingly; “sefj56nsfe efpf ;pef hpwe fhp ufhfu5 0349 4a f”

      or it could be something gone wrong in translation with either the text or reading of the text by the software

      or it could be some super secret street code

      • It MIGHT be an angry reply, like you suggest, but (looking at a smartphone keypad) the amount of effort involved in making it seems rather involved for someone to say something to the effect of “whateva—F U” so I thought it might be the text equivalent of a “pocket dial” or a problem with the deciphering of that one particular text by cellebrite (or Perry Kuhl)

        Now, the idea that only ONE text would cause the deciphering issue seems very remote, so that leaves the issue of a “pocket text”, or a code. Which is why I asked if anyone had ever considered if it IS some sort of code. IF it is a code, that would mean that there is something very serious in that message, considering that other messages openly discuss some other very incriminating things.

        • That nonsense text was in his inbox. I don’t see anything to indicate whoever sent it to him was on a smartphone. They could have been on a regular computer or laptop. Also, if they had a means to encrypt communications I think they would have done so in other texts or just encrypted everything.

          Just my thoughts.

              • c there.

                There is no exact and/or correct way to say or write anything in “that” language.

                I am still curious to know more about DeeDee’s depo, like WHO all was there. Was there a “translator” there and was the court certified to take this kind of deposition? I have read that some states actually regulate this and have standards and certification. In fact, didn’t you get into that discussion long ago at CTH? If not. sorry for my memory.

                • Wossamotta U. is from Rocky and Bullwinkle, the year was 1963 or so.

                  It wasn’t me involved in a discussion of court recorders/reporters. AFAIK, all states regulate court recorders. Similar for interpreters (translators), but I don’t know about any need of interpreters from ‘hood lingo to the Kings English. I can imaging de la Rionda going ballistic. It’s bad enough to show up with a videographer, now you insult the witness by bringing in an intepreter?

                  • I do not think it is offensive if it cannot be precisely understood. Think of all of the “mistranslations” as I call them in the transcripts of things that Crump has said. One of the Sharpton/Crump interviews made no sense in the transcription. So maybe they should have hired a specialist to do that. I would also say that their conversation was “foreign” to me.

                    While you may understand their lingo. the jury may not. Should that be a requirement?

    • It appears someone is advising Tray to throw a card away. He wants to keep it. The person advises says I’m not your parent, but you should throw it away. Tray says why you got to bother me about this, if you don’t agree, you deal with it. Then this message you ask about above gets sent. I think to demonstrate the person’s frustration on Tray not taking the advise he is being given on disposing the card.

      • I wonder if Stephen Martin is the one Trayvon is texting with at that point. Hopefully the defense inquired about that card and the “SHE HAS MY HEAR(T)” thing.

        • I wonder what that card is. The one side thinks its dangerous for Tray to keep it and he thinks it valuable and wants it. Maybe someone else’s credit card?

            • Texts numbered 32, 36, 68, 93, 95 end in $ (redacted) $ except for number 82 which ends in $ B.B/C.H $. I can’t find any strongs leads on that. Also in 82 a “Mrs. Cerna” is referenced.

                • In reading that text about the teacher, I’m not certain that Trayvon was saying that a teacher said that he hit the teacher. It could be taken to say that Trayvon is saying he was watching a fight between two other people, and a teacher (who was observing the fighting) said that Trayvon hit one or both of those two other people.

                  That then makes me wonder if this Ms. Cerna is the teacher who saw the fight and saw Trayvon hit someone, and then she was telling DeeDee that she was going to talk to DeeDee’s mother about Trayvon’s violent nature.

                  Interestingly, I’m not going to dox Mrs. Cerna, but I believe I found her on a major social media site and thought I might send her a message, but then thought better of it because I’m certain she won’t respond. It would be interesting if she would, though, and would be honest about the Trayvon Martin she knew.

            • I totally agree that it is a credit card they are referring to. I am likewise inclined to agree that it is a stolen credit card. Could it have been part of the haul (found property)? Perhaps it was an item he had kept in a separate place, for safe keeping, and therefore didn’t get bagged with the other “found property”.

        • The defense just got this information from the phone. It’s possible they didn’t have these texts in hand when deposing family in March.

          • Did they find the missing texts that DeeDee mentioned? Do you know what was the last actual thing (and time) that occurred on Martin’s phone?

              • Great catch, Nettles! I bet this is why witness 8 told the defense that there are text messages missing. They probably caught her in her lie based on this text message issue, so she tried to cover that up by saying that there were other text messages after the one at 7:09PM. So, in telling the judge that the phone must have contained more text messages that the defense wasn’t made aware of, they may actually be firing yet another shot across the bow of the prosecution to tell them “we’re onto the scheme and we can prove it is all a lie.”

              • And Tracy Martin’s phone bill supposedly shows this phone involved in a voice connection after 7:08. The Phone-Log that Crump published concurrently with unveiling Witness 8 shows a connection from 7:12, for 4 minutes. That log does not show a text coming in at 7:08. The last text shown on that log is 4:08pm.

                Assuming Matrin was preoccupied with Zimmerman at 7:08, it makes sense that he didn’t take time to read or reply to that 7:08 text. The phone should also have a log of calls received and sent. We haven’t seen those yet, but they exist. Those logs should cross reference to billing records, and it will be clear that what Crump produced is at best incomplete.

              • The phone hung up several times. Did she actually say after she heard the confrontation? She doesn’t specifically say she texted him after the last time the phone just hung up in the BDLR.

                BDLR: Did you ever text him….during this time?
                Dee Dee: Like when the phone just hung up?
                BDLR: Yeah.
                Dee Dee: Yeah.

                • Perhaps the defense got clarity on that in her deposition. In reviewing the transcript of the March 19th interview she tells Mr. Crump that she called him back after the phone went dead and got no answer. Clip 3.
                  [audio src="" /]

                • I thought she did in BDLR’s interview. But you are right. Not sure if the text was meant for the last time the phone went dead.

          • Yeah, that’s what I’m assuming: They didn’t yet have most of this info when they deposed certain family members. So that obviously means they’ll need follow-up depos, which means a continuance. (As I’ve been saying for months: Trial won’t start June 10th)

      • Lawdy, lawdy. They have gotten to you. Now you can understand and think like they do. WOW! whowudathunk ?

  11. I’ve seen a lot of responses by the media and Trayvonites trying to portray Trayvon as “typical”. Funny how one side can point to the same things about the same person yet one side is considered as racist for doing so. I also find it disturbing to say the least that the black community accepts such a person as typical. At best, in the white world, someone like Trayvon would be called a “troubled teen”, in the black world he’s typical.

  12. Pretty sad that everyone wants to help Trayvon after death. Mama and papa Trayvon also trying to make up for their failings regarding Trayon by giving him a legacy he would never have; the honor roll student who never got into any real trouble that just experimented with marijuana, would never fight, puppy love relations, everything Trayvon was not, they live in a complete and total delusion.

  13. DMan, It is sad that in his(Trayvons’) community he is “typical” the illegitimacy rate is well over 70% the incarceration is for black males is what 1 in 3? The game was they tried to portray Trayvon as a typical White teen. The mistake is that as bad as the divorce rate and poor behavior of the majority of Americans Black Americans live a very foreign existence. Father Tracy’s life and the lives of his various women are what most would concider alien and irresposible. It is a very tangled web that was weaved. I still can’t understand all the relationships and the players in the Trayvon saga.
    This case has actually forced a microscope on the “typical” Black family in America and what it has revealed is not good at all. The Libs and Progs still can’t figure out way there is so much dysfunction in the Black community particulary young Black males. With a father like Tracy and all the various females, the aimlessness, shuttling children from home to home half brothers/sisters, “step” brothers/sisters there really is not much hope.

    • The folks over at the Conservative Tree House were quite hostile to MuayTson’s apparent racism, but he raises some valid issues. I would refer everyone to this book:

      The politically correct presumption that the only genetic differences in humans affect only minor, inconsequential characteristics such as skin color is unfounded. There are significant differences in major characteristics including average intelligence. Ashkenzenzi Jews consistently higher on various intelligence tests with East Asians scoring nearly as high, then caucasions with Blacks averaging one standard deviation below the mean.

      The caricature of the dysfunctional, Black family which is the Fulton-Martin reality that they tried so hard to conceal is based on racial reality. The illegitimacy rate for Blacks is now 70%, and even the minority of Black children born to married mothers are like to have a chaotic home. Genetic fingerprinting studies reveal that 1/3 of the children born to married Black women Were Not sired by the women’s husbands. Theuncertain paternity of Black children explains why young, black children are five times as likely to be beaten, bludgeoned, burned, strangled and stabbed by their mothers, putative fathers, step parents, and mothers’s boyfriends than whites.

      I blame the above statistics on the progressives’ welfare state which has had the effect if not the original intent of undermining the stability of Black families. The indications that whites are following the lead of Blacks in this trend terrifies me. However; there are hints that there might be genetic differences that make Blacks more vulnerable to the seductive influence of the welfare state. Aside from demonstrably lower intelligence (for every SCOTUS Judge Clarence Thomas there are 1,000 Benjamin Crump’s), Blacks seem to have sexual proclivities that make it less likely that they can remain in putatively monogamous marriages than Whites or Asians. Hip Hop culture celebrates and glorifies a hyper sexuality in which the females and males are less committed. Humans are unique in that women are not only conceal valuation, on average they remain receptive during all phases of their cycle. While all men joke about women being irritable during a certain time of the month, the sky high rate at which Black women kill Black men suggests that this cyclic mood change is far more pronounced for Blacks than for other races.

      • I just checked the FBI-SHR homicide statistics here:

        Not only are domestic homicides far more prevalent in the African American community than in the White community, while white men are far more likely to kill white women than white women are to kill white men ( by a 5:2 ratio), Black women kill Black men at the same rate that Black men kill Black women.

        I guess my joke about the photo of Sabrina Fulton wearing the dress with the plunging neckline that flaunts her tattooed cleavage reminding me of the Durass sisters (Klingons in Star Trek), Black women appear to be as vicious and dangerous as Klingon women.

    • This case has actually forced a microscope on the “typical” Black family in America and what it has revealed is not good at all.

      The rest of your paragraph sums it up. IMO, NO ONE really wants a solution.

    • Muay you raise some very good points, especially referring to how Tracy shuffled Trayvon around to different homes with half siblings, step siblings etc.

      From Trayvon’s texts where he talks about his MOM kicking him out of the house because she was afraid that he was going to get into more trouble, and thought he would be better off with his dad, I don’t know if he was referring to Alicia or Sybrina. I believe that Alicia said that Trayvon was living with her since he was a a little kid, and up until a few weeks before he was shot. Sybrina seemed to not know much about the personal info with Trayvon, even including what his favorite dinner was. DD had to have been aware of his family situation, and where he was living and when. She claimed that he went to the store to get his little “brother” some food and drink. She had to know that Trayvon was going to Tracy’s girlfriend’s house, and that Chad was not Trayvon’s little brother, yet anyway. I thought Trayvon was living with the aunt and uncle, and cousin Stephen in the weeks before the shooting. Stephen called himself Taryvon’s “big brut” or whatever he called himself. Then you have the daughter of Tracy who I have no idea who the mother was, but it obviously wasn’t Sybrina or Alicia.

      Other than TM saying that his MOM was kicking him out, does anyone know for sure if it was Alicia or Sybrina sending him the text messages. Didn’t Sybrina say she was unaware of much of TM’s social media?

  14. OK, a miscellaneous comment I made at the CTH and am reposting here, concerning the tweets, TM being picked up by Brandy, and the “Swung on a bus driver” tweet:

    I have been reviewing his texts, and the Greyhound bus schedule. )Note, when you use the Greyhound Website trip planner you cannot get a schedule for a trip from Miami to Sanford, but there is a station in Orlando.)

    Early on the morning (6:09 am) of Tuesday 2/21/12 Trayvon sends the text:

    “I’m on the bus na” (meaning either “now” or typo for “ma”)

    and then at 12:21pm he texts:

    “I got picked up, ma” (from the bus station-by Brandy)

    and at 1:08pm sends the text

    “Im in da o” (Orlando).

    This means he took the bus from Miami to Orlando, and got picked up at the bus station there. The Greyhound Bus schedule says that the one way trip from Miami to Orlando on a Tuesday (5/28) takes 5 hr 50 minutes, departs Miami at 5:15 and arrives in Orlando at 11:05. The timing of his texts fits, so, I don’t believe that TM got kicked off the bus during THAT trip,

    BUT, on MONDAY 2/20 at 3:11 PM he sent the text:

    “gettin ready 2 leave”

    and is asked

    “Where you goin”

    and at 3:34PM answers


    Now, later on the 20th (5:34pm) he texted:

    “Its wrappd…. I neva caught da bus nd I thought dey was gon check nd dats da safest place”

    SO, he was originally scheduled to leave on Monday 2/20, (probably on the 4:20 bus–no joke) but for SOME reason did not catch that bus, and was afraid he was going to be searched (searched by WHOM-his Mom, Dad, Uncle Stephen and Aunt Miriam, or the cops?) so he stashed his weed.

    Needless to say, this ends speculation that Brandy had to pick Trayvon up at some half-way point because of a “punching a bus driver incident on 2/21, because it appears he made that trip OK. So, if such an incident occurred on a GREYHOUND bus, it had to happen at the Miami station, and on 2/20, not 2/21, and probably would have happened in the station, and not after he had actually boarded a bus, since there is NO WAY that Greyhound Bus Lines would have just “given him a pass” after assaulting one of their drivers. It would have been way to easy for them to figure out who he was if he punched a driver and ran off the bus prior to departure.

      • Here’s an addendum, which I credit to Arkansasmimi, in regards to the “stashing of the stash”.
        TM, being the dumb kid that he was, thought that they would check him for dope when he got on the bus, like the way they screen you at an airport. So, when he thought he was taking the bus on 2/20 he “stashed his stash” in what he thought was the safest place… his rectum. Which explains this exchange with DeeDee(?):

        TM: “I hid m weed (redacted- probably said ‘in my ass’)

        DD(?): “Bae why u put the weed (redacted-probably said ‘in ur ass’)?”

        and why he answered that “…I neva caught da bus…” AND “…nd I thought dey was gonna check nd dats da safest place” ALL in the SAME text.

        OCCAM’S RAZOR. It makes more sense than thinking his family was going to search him for drugs, or that he would stop to do the dirty deed AFTER punching someone. He did it BEFORE he ever went to the bus station. (Further evidence that no, he was NEVER going to be an astronaut)..

        BUT (no pun intended so stop giggling) you are right… it would be a great thing to find out if there was an unsolved assault reported at the Greyhound Bus station in Miami on 2/20. BUT (!) we all assume the tweet was right, that it was a DRIVER. For all we know, it could have been anyone else wearing a Greyhound uniform, or just someone else who was at the station.

        • I always travel Greyhound. Love the scenery, quiet, sleeping and reading at will. Have made numerous trips. My experience is that any altercation with the driver or disturbance, the police are called immediately and the person dealt by them. No way would they let anyone get away with throwing a punch in the real world. A minor infraction of the bus rules might have the driver putting the person off the bus, frequently in the middle of nowhere, USA.n t

    • LetJusticePrevail

      This is damn good detective/research work. Thanks a lot. You solved one little mystery so we can move on from there .

      • Yeah, but that is as far as I got. I know the address for the bus station (16000 Northwest 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33169, but cannot find any searchable databases for Feb 2012 crimes at that location. Any ideas, short of calling the MDPD?

  15. Amazing what an open atmospher and a little digging can reveal. I didn’t know the stat about married black females. The bus information is very interesting and good work in linking the schedule along with the texts.

  16. What has infuriated me from the beginning is the supposedly “normal” teenager Trayvon and his supposedly “normal” extended family of multiple mother figures and half-, step- and not-really-siblings, is obviously not viewed as “normal” at all by the Scheme Team — otherwise, why would they have made so many embellishments to “normalize” this dysfunctional bunch for public consumption? Why didn’t they just present this lovely, absolutely “normal” example of an African American family as-is?

      • D-Man, why does it keep removing the blank lines I’m putting between paragraphs. They were there at first, but then I used the WordPress Edit function and now they won’t come back.

        • When you are in “Visual” mode and press Enter it applies a HTML line that will give the separation. If you switch back to “Text” mode you’ll see the code for it.

          When in Text mode something happens when you have a photo then press enter a couple of times then add text then when you view it the text gets pushed back up to where the photo is so you have to manually add the HTML to separate it or go into Visual mode.

            • I’ve never had to do that. The only time I have trouble is when I add photos and stuff between paragraphs like you have. Just a straight text post with paragraphs shouldn’t require that or the HTML code to have separate paragraphs.

  17. The last time the defense was almost broke, O’Mara asked to depose Crump and the money flowed in but not much else was accomplished. Now the fund is almost broke again and O’Mara claims to have the goods on Bernie. I think you can see where this is going.

    • No, I am not that clever and don’t see where this is going. I did send in a donation to help. Anyone know anything about DeeDee and Martin arguing on the phone? I can’t find a link for that.

  18. I first put this post on TLForums and a couple of other places I frequent, yesterday. So far nobody has pointed out errors so I am placing it here. The idea is to explain as simply and accurately as possible, exactly what the prosecution must do to get a conviction for at least manslaughter. I think it important that the defense, in order that the prosecution not flood the jurors’ minds with irrelevancies, keep bringing up exactly what the prosecution’s burden is.
    Here is an attempt to distill down from the redundancies and inapplicable portions of FL 776, exactly what the prosecution must do to get a conviction for at least manslaughter, in other words, defeat Zimmerman’s self defense claim. Unless they have a plausible case here, I don’t think it is worth getting into what in addition must be proven to get a Murder2 conviction.

    At least one of the following must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt:

    1. Zimmerman was committing a forcible felony at the start of the physical conflict with Martin. For example, trying to forcibly detain him.
    2. Zimmerman did not have a reasonable fear of great bodily harm at the time he shot Martin.
    3. Both a) and b) below must be proven BRD.
    a) Zimmerman was the initial provoker of the conflict with Martin.
    b) Zimmerman could have safely withdrawn from the fight but chose not to do so.

    My impression is that the defense can refute any evidence the prosecution has for 1, 2. or 3 without calling Zimmerman to the stand, unless the prosecution has dynamite GPS evidence to establish 1. Under Florida law, can O’Mara read such a list as above to the jury in his opening statement?
    Some further remarks coming from the discussions I had about this yesterday. The prosecution will have to add an additional charge before or during during the trial if they plan to try to establish 1. For 3.a) they can try to prove it using the arguments of Serino’s Capias: Zimmerman was provocative, with an implied threat, because he annoyed Martin by staring at him, following with his car, getting out of the car, failing to identify himself as NW when he and Martin met up and started to get something out of his pocket. For 3.b), they can claim that statements of Zimmerman and Osterman show that GZ had Martin’s hand or arm pinned while he had his gun out and could have forced Martin to back off. Also if they can get Dr. Reich’s testimony in they might be able to use Martin’s “begging” to try to establish 3.(b and perhaps 2.

    I think this makes it clear how hard a case the prosecution has, if they play fair.

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