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Wow. Just wow. Believe it or not I am actually surprised. If you’ve ever noticed I’ve never called Trayvon a thug or anything like that but now, my god. Simple fact is at least for me Trayvon was worse than I thought, a lot worse. George was lucky he didn’t get shot and killed that night just for looking at the “child” because apparently Trayvon didn’t get his gun yet. So much for that Crumpafied image of Trayvon. And this is just from what we can see, what else is in there that we can’t see and what else is yet to be known?

Given the volume of his daily texting why so few on the 24th, 25th and only 1 in the 26th?

Why all the redactions that are clearly more than just names or personal info redacted?


Tracy lied to investigators:

Trayvon took a bus to Sanford:

Oh and I suppose it could just be a wild coincidence but gee maybe O’Mara et al. should go talk to that bus driver just in case cuz like you never know, lolz;

 photo trayvonbusdrivertweet-Copy.jpg


Here’s another guess but something else besides just weed is going on as to why Trayvon was suspended, the texts around that conversation are redacted:



DeeDee? Yet another lie?

Dee Dee: He would never fight, that’s the problem.

BDLR: He was not one of those people?

Dee Dee: Hmm-mmm [No].





Sybrina’s Christmas present to Trayvon



A) Four videos of W14 deposition (redacted)
B) Photolog of evidence from Miami Dade Schools Police Department Case Number: 201111477 (redacted)
C) Five videos of Miami Dade Schools Police evidence (redacted)
D) report1
E) report2
F) report3
G) report4
H) report5
I) report6a
J) report7
K) report8
L) trayvon_photos
M) Trayvon Martin full school records (redacted)
N) trespass_warning
O) feb_3_email
P) feb_7_email
Q) feb_20_email
R) w8_letter
S) naacp_letter
T) animal_control_reports
U) tweet_twin_lakes
V) George Zimmerman medical report from February 27, 2012 (redacted)
W) Property Appraiser Valuation (redacted)
X) General release and settlement regarding Trayvon Martin (redacted)
Y) Two videos from Trayvon Martin’s phone (redacted)
Z)One video from Trayvon Martin’s YouTube channel (redacted)
AA) PBS video of Angela Corey announcement of charges against George Zimmerman
BB) w25_photos



    • I am curious as to where you posted previously and/or what blogs you read. Rarely do “newbies” as we call them come to a site and jump in like you have and also show depth of knowledge.

      Great job.

      • I’ve posted at other random forums previously, but have lurked here, TalkLeft, CTH, Nettles blog, RandomTopics; quite a few spots. I learn from reading, and have great teachers with all you guys posting so much stuff! 😀

    • Otherwise known to gun enthusiasts as aSmith and Wesson Smegma. Not a well respected first attempt in the Double Action Only semiautomatic market.

      With any luck, Trayvon would have shot himself with it.

        • Saw this at Leatherheads.. so is it a gun or amount of dope 🙂 asking not judging

          colin black says:
          May 23, 2013 at 8:24 pm
          Yup .380 is dope an ounce is 28 grams.
          Half ounce is 14 grams.
          qtr ounce is 7 grams
          16th is 3. 5 grams

          In metric its slightly digrent kilos ect an its .280 milligrams or killigrams an not sure metric an me dont compute.
          Any way a 16th bag of weed metric works out as .380 millgrams
          Basicly the smallest deal you could buy before your dealer punches you.
          An the fact he wanted to share it half it with a freind means he was a very casual toker

          • Is that written in English? Wow. 1/16th of an ounce is 1.78 grams. 1/8th of an ounce is 3.54 grams. Not sure how that converts to ‘.380 millgrams’ [sic]. The ‘.380’ being discussed is most likely a gun.

            And is this misguided mathematician profiling drug dealers as prone to punching? I thought profiling was illegal? lol

            • How the bar is lowered, by trying to project the gun talk into drug talk, because it just seem better that way. Regardless that they are both illegal, and problematic for a 16 yr old to be conducting such dealings. The fight talk is not fight talk but really debates, the talk about her mother kicking him out is really about his mother asking him to clean his room.

              Just another one trying to pull the wool over the eyes of some who are to invested, and afraid to see the truth. The same truth that has been stating back at them for months and they have been trying to avoid.

              • Hilarious! I’ve seen several comments at other sites badgering people who think a .380 is a gun: ‘It’s drugs!’ Not according to the Urban Dictionary – all entries reference guns.

                You make a great point – they’ve moved past TM not having anything to do with drugs, violence, guns, etc., to arguing the meaning of each incriminating text.

                • Denial is a powerful thing, for almost a year they had the luxury of imagining TM as a cute young chile. Truth is not so forgiving, so now they must minimize everything. The illusion is gone forever, they can’t imagine TM as that angel, but at least they can try to excuse him.

                  • There’s no reasoning with some folks. If it came out tomorrow that TM did have a .380, they’d say ‘That’s not a very powerful weapon, at least he didn’t have a .45’

                    It’s only going to get worse for them, I believe. And some of them (the ALL CAPS brigade) don’t appear to have the acuity to absorb the blow. I fear for those around them as this case ultimately implodes against their fanciful meme.

                    • “There’s no reasoning with some folks. If it came out tomorrow that TM did have a .380, they’d say ‘That’s not a very powerful weapon, at least he didn’t have a .45′”
                      Or an AK-47 or any other “assault type” weapon. I agree to some this will get worse, and some will lash out with self-righteous indignity, hopefully the State is ready this time.

  1. There are MULTIPLE instances in the cell phone extraction reports where Trayvon is attempting to purchase a handgun. Once he wants a .380 and another time a .22.

  2. Oh, and the first extraction report seems to indicate that Sybrina had such a good relationship with Trayvon that she told him by text message that she was kicking him out to go live with his dad.

    • Was it Sybrina or Alicia who was kicking him out? I lost my scorecard, and there are lots of players in this production. I know it wasn’t Brandi kicking him out.

      Who is W14? That person better watch out, snitches get stitches.

          • It appears Trayvon took the bus to Brandy’s house on Feb. 21st. His dad texted him to adjust to his lady and be a brother to Chad and not a DONKEY. Show he’s a good kid.

              • Quelle surprise!

                Nettles has a good thought below, that maybe Tracy was trying to steer investigators away from contact with a certain bus driver.

              • Riding the bus to Sanford, and the tweet about “swinging on a bus driver”…. both on the same day? I’ve been pretty skeptical about the tweet amounting to anything, but now….? (Then again, though, how do you do that and not wind up in jail?)

                • You take a swing at the bus driver, then you get off the bus and run for may be 1/2 block. The police will not do diddly squat. Then you call daddy and ask him to call his new whore to pick you up.

                  There are some interesting messages about “her” allowing Trayvon to hold “her” gun. Brandy Green was a juvenile detention officer. Did Brandy Greeen allow Trayvon access to her service weapon? Was that weapon missing from Brandy Green’s condo? Did Trayvon steal it and sell it? This speculation might explain the instant lawyering up.

                  I just had a thought. Have they done DNA paternity tests on Brandy Green’s new baby? Is Tracy really the father or was it Trayvon or someone else?

                  • If you look at report 4, those texts are W8 discussing the firearm. Notice the “Read” “Sent” notations.

      • What? I didn’t get too far yet, where is the ref to W14 that are you talking about?That’s Austin, the black kid walking his dog that saw and heard a bit of it.

          • Oh, by the way Cboldt said that I thought he was talking about something with Trayvon and W14. We clearly have no idea what W14’s deposition contains aside from what he’s already publically talked about. To imply as cboldt has that he has anything else to do with Trayvon is presumptuous at this point.

            • I didn’t mean to imply he was anything more than a witness. A snitch can be a stranger, casual acquaintance (maybe W14 is one of the kids that played backyard football with Martin), or close friend. All I meant by my remark was that if what W14 has to say is helpful to the defense, then he’s going to be persona non grata with a certain demographic.

              • I think his mama already tried to help him with that saying he was manipulated by Serino or some crap. That goes way back though. I’m sure his people corrected him before he got to deposition.

                • I don’t know how all that “manipulated by Serino” stuff will come out in the end, and it probably doesn’t matter because of independent W6. The fact that O’Mara has video that he plans to show to the jury stood out in my mind – although this could just be that he doesn’t want to put W14 (a minor) on the stand.

                • Can his mom be there for his depo? Maybe he said something different without her there looking over his shoulder. Maybe they explained perjury to him and he decided to tell the truth. Hell, maybe he has forgotten what the truth is. He is just a kid

                • Do you know if a “minor” is allowed to have a parent present during a depo? If so, I don’t think I like that. I’m fine with some kind of a temp. court-appointed “guardian” or something, solely for that purpose… but a parent? Seems wrong.

  3. This is AMAZING stuff here. I love the fight texts. Like the one where he says he lost the first round, but won the next two. This shows that the fights were organized.

    I also enjoyed the MJ pics. And that gun picture was obviously taken on his bed. So that meant that he had it home.

    Is it possible that he did see GZ’s gun? Maybe while GZ was sitting in the truck as TM walked around it. I guess it was possible that the attack was just to get his gun and that was why it was so vicious.

    Makes as much sense as anything else does.

  4. ROFLMBO! How does Nasty Nat know? 😉

    • It’s nice to know she recognizes transparency when she sees it. I doubt she has much experience with it. Oh she meant motives, not lying and covering up! Cause the martins sides motives are very transparent.

    • When did she know is more important. They may not be able to discover when she knew the truth about Mr. Martin until Mr. West conducts her deposition. I sure hope she did not know the “Truth About Trayvon” at the start of her involvement. If she did she might be in hot water.

      • When Tracy first called the police, a voice in the background said TM was wearing red Jordans. When Tracy first talked on TV, he said he was told TM came in the back gate. When Tracy talked to the police, he said TM was never at his cousin’s apartment. When Tracy talked on TV, somehow he knew TM had $22 in his (not found at the scene) wallet.
        And now we find out: during the week before his death, TM received texts telling him to get rid of the HEART (phone?) card. TM texted someone (who liked to shadow box and get high?) as to how he hid his stash on the bus. TM’s T-Mobile text messages ended (after someone else started using his phone in Sanford?). (After TM was missing for 30 minutes), at 7:06 PM, the phone (he hasn’t used in days) is suddenly used by someone to receive a text message … (and then ends up with Tracy)?
        Still wonder why MOM wants the world to see how much TM’s cousin looks like St. Skittles … in the dark, at the cut-thru, running away, and toward a recently expelled, evicted, and abandoned illegal gun loving thug … who Brandy somehow knows was on her porch?

        • Speculation only, Feb 21 is also the day that TM supposedly hit a bus driver. Maybe, Brandy did have to pick him up half way as he got kick out of the bus on the way. Forcing Brandy to pick him up. To cover it up, they said that Tracy took him halfway. Just a thought.

        • Now that is some interesting stuff. I need to think on it because I had never seriously considered that the cousin might somehow be involved. You also added to even more speculation about the cell phone. Keep on posting. I am following because you are breathing fresh air on issues and also making sense.

      • Well he does not what is best for us, ya know.

        How can I make sarcasm in small bold print and elevate it like Rumpole has done. Is it a trade secret?

        Other sarc symbols cost $1.99 and no one would know what they are anyway. I would use it in about half of my posts. Not using it causes some folks to go ballistic and never talk to me again. That is a fact that you may have noticed at more than one site. That said, I post what I think and the way I talk.

        This is a serious request for sarcasm made easy. You are indeed da’ Man so please help me find a solution so I don’t get my feelings hurt so much.

  5. In his 911 call GZ described the suspect wearing a “button on his shirt”. Your saying the cousin was the one GZ called 911 on and he had a button too?

    • The first time that button showed up is in the 7/11 security footage when the 3 Stooges identified it as being worn by their new drug connection (TM tweeted that he brought his stash to Sanford). They left and smoked TM’s sample (then satisfied) made the 7:06 (unidentified) call to complete the deal … on the street next to the cut-thru. TM left the 7/11 in Boobie’s car (that’s why there is no security footage of him walking to or from the 7/11), doled out some of is stash in the missing 30 minutes (documented by the police map showing his phone left the area) and sent his cousin as the (now buttoned) currier. But, in his stone washed blue (not TM’s tan pants), red Jordans (not TM’s tan sneakers), Boobie ran away when his almost identical figure (see MOM’s pictures) was spotted by GZ. Then, meeting back at Brandy’s porch, the “swung on a bus driver” TM went back to attack GZ.
      It’s only a theory, but the timeline works and all the facts (especially Tracy’s pre-Crump story) fit. Time will tell.

        • This is why i have wondered if we have proof booby left sanford that day and would make me wonder why traydad over emphasized how responsible his big booby is. Why say that in the first place. Felt like over compensation when listening to it.

        • There’s nothing wrong with theorizing. I don’t think the 2Tray or 2dd theory are woth putting too much thought into myself, it’s fine to consider them from time to time but that’s about it really. It’s 1 Tray 1 DeeDee for me.

          • Makes sense. I guess the one thing i have always been stubborn about is chad. Teens do not forget what sporting events they watch or give up waiting for snacks they want. How that bs story is believed.

            Before i read the treehouse, i read an interesting theory about tray hiding his stash before assaulting george. It was suggested this is why brandi thought he was shot on the porch.

            For a year it stuck with me but nothing screamed “this is why we should believe it. ”

            Then i read report #4 released on thurs regarding cell phone texts. 2-21-12. I saw 2 things. One, i think tray teases w8 about his swinging on a bus driver or whatever he did “you shoulda been on the bus ;)”. Booby then tweets his famous message that night regarding that bus driver.

            The second is how be hid his stash to avoid trouble as he waited for the bus as he tells deedee. That nights texts shows us a lot about he acted with his weed and also with world famous deedee on the phone and the impact she had on him psycholigically.

            I am not much for conspiracy, though. Rather, common sense and human behavior. Parents lie to protect their kids as tracy and maybe brandi did (another story) Kids do dumb stuff – esp with parents out of town and hide weed if spotted by an adult.

            Tray also admitted a need to fight a snitch a while before 2-26. George was a snitch, as trayvon saw, had deedee on the phone, loved fights, loved to impress her and hated snitches. That discovery answers so damn much about that fateful night and who tray was. Frustrated, immature, impressionable and determined to prove his toughness to the few that paid him attention.

            Curious to see what others get out if it. Anyway, ty for the time and for teaching us so much.

  6. What is the HOA documents? Two were there when I first checked.. redacted, .. then showed up in black and could not be viewed or downloaded. Then they vanished. Was I dreaming? Will someone PLEASE tell me that they saw the same thing before I go mad/?

  7. Crump is on HLN talking about the defense’s desperate attempt to taint the jurwy poo wif “irrelevant” text messages. Crump says all that is relevant is what Travyon did the night of 2.26, so I sure hope we soon see discovery that shows MOM/West has the goods on what the innocent chile Trayvon was up to the night of 2.26 before he encountered GZ. I hope they’ve connected the dots with the 7-Eleven trip, the 3 stooges, where TM was before and after his appearance at 7-Eleven, and what he was most likely up to.

    Now O’Mara’s on and Ryan Smith is asking him if he’s trying to bias the jury with these revelations about Saint Skittles. I kid you not.

  8. I think arguing about this and that and this little bit and that little bit is fine. But now. The newly released objective evidence is prima facia evidence of a criminal conspiracy. Unrelated to the trial. It is proof. PROOF. (proof) That the family and their lawyers have lied (not told the truth) (decieved) (pervaricated) for financial gain. This is a conspiracy of factually proven lies.

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