Trayvon Martin’s Final Hour

By Jack Cashill

Thank You Jack Cashill for writing about this case and even incorporating the DiawtaMan! lol, good stuff, like that style of writing to, sort of reminds me of….hmmm, ah, yes, me! lol okay now.

Enjoy. Examine. Find the Truth.


26 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Final Hour

  1. You made a great case and backed it up with video clips and solid reasoning. The thing with theories is that the theorists often get some things right and other things wrong. I think you’re enough of a realist to not be offended by my saying that. New information changes theories or creates new ones. I hope we get to find out for sure to what extent TM interacted (if at all) with the 3 stooges and how before this is over.

    • Umm… $2 in Trayvon’s hand, and a minute later some other guy walks in with $2 in HIS hand. If that wasn’t because of some “interaction” between that guy and Trayvon, it is some AMAZING coincidence.

      • Maybe so, and I like Diwataman’s analysis and theory. But dollar bills are ubiquitous. My point was that we don’t know yet so shouldn’t assume it as fact and build on it. Open mind. Modify the theory or create a new one as analysis of new information requires.

        Queue complaints about defense not releasing information that we can test theories against. 😉

        • If it is raining tray would put his cash in his pocket as he did with his change. He also had the clerk look behind him towards the blunts and the clerk visibly denies trayvon/makes clear he cannot get them.

          Trayvon looks behind him, puts the change away and holds his cash and then stays there for three plus minutes. Immediately three masked stooges come in and one is frantically knocking on the table with a similar wad of cash and tray leaves after the purchase. Nobody on a rainy day puts change in their pocket but not cash and nobody waits outside in the rain for no reason esp somebody “on his way home for his brother”. some things are common sense. You can tell chads bs story was scripted before this video was released which, to me, shows crump made up deedee on the limited data as many have suggested.

          Omara needs to show the common sense human aspect that is always overlooked. Teens walk in the rain for pot or sex, not skittles. Which is why this story was crafted. But it was not for justice for trayvon.

          All of this was based on george and the civil suit. From the funeral director focusing on no signs of a fight to deedee blowing georges testimony out if the water. Trayvon had to be 12…but evidence and common sense need to rule and crump needs to pay otherwise 442 more crumps will do the same thing.

  2. It was overall a really good article and we need more of them like that out there.

    I do disagree with two points. One the button was originally found on his hoodie and not in his pockets and that TM was 7 inches taller not 4 inches.

  3. Woohoo! DMan is da Man!

    That’s a good article, and is overall pretty accurate. We could help him out with a few details (like fixing, “[George] was four inches shorter than Martin and fifty pounds heavier”), but yeah… overall really good, especially compared with 95% of the other media out there. Anyone know that guy’s circulation (or page visits, or whatever the equivalent is now)? We need DMan to get as much exposure as we can, especially now that he’s agreed to hire me as his agent.

      • After he hit Ian in the face (for the 2nd time!) with that cake awhile back, my team of attorneys contacted DMan and gave him an ultimatum. If he signs me on as his literary agent, Ian and I won’t sue him for the damage that cake caused.

            • Now u b funny

              Hey, this madness is enough to drive anyone….. well… mad.

              There is damn good reason the DCA is taking its time. In reality there is very little to consider. Notice how each of the defense documents all said basically the same thing so there’s not even a lot to read.

              Yes, indeed, this time something really is afoot and they gotta know a bad decision will have negative consequences on our judicial system in the future in more ways than one, some of which you have mentioned in the past.

              They also know there is a Supreme Court and other higher courts including the USSC. I hardly think they want the truth of this case to be aired so publicly.

              The state of Florida has royally effed up and when that is exposed, lots of bad things can happen. Lots of folks in high positions are scrambling, I suspect. Loss of the public trust cannot be easily or quickly restored.

              No judges want their decision to be overruled by the USSC. In a case like this the written decision would be a scathing indictment of more than two powerful people.

  4. The US Supreme Court wouldn’t get involved in whether the defense can depose Trump. Years ago the SCT ruled in Younger that federal courts should not get involved in state criminal trials before they are over.

    Why would TM take off his button before the fight?

    -Mark Martinson

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