Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Discovery


(If the GZ site isn’t working and such here is an alternative. (Thanks AJ at TalkLeft GZ Forum),2401.msg109699.html#msg109699 Discovery:

Well it may have taken over a year but yes, we finally know, the truth finally revealed….



That’s just a little inside thing as I have used that as an example in the past to say why something so simple has not been known given everything that has been released as if it were some national defense secret. But it also speaks to my continual crying about the defense and their handling of discovery. Finally it also speaks to the question of the Purple Drank thing as I always kind of figured Wild Berry Skittles would support that more but it’s not contingent upon it though. All kinds of little things like that which have come up over this past year.

This particular round of discovery was mentioned by the Defense back on March 13, 2013 as coming soon(edit: but didn’t get released until last night).

There’s nothing that is a big reveal in this discovery but certainly some things of interest. A minor thing but one thing that has come up from time to time is Trayvon’s pants. Between the witnesses, cops and video there were varying descriptions of what he was wearing, some even saying they were shorts, from what I recall I think W13 and maybe a cop as well said “shorts” and maybe blue jean type shorts as well. Well as we can clearly see they are the pants he was wearing at the 711.


We also got a view of the other items found on Trayvon we have not seen before or clearly seen before in the case of the photo button; photo button, lighter and head phones;


[Edit: Blackberry 3.5mm Cell Phone Handsfree Headset Earbuds with Answer and End Button]


The treepers have worked on the fella on the photo button as Sybrina was shady about talking about who he was and the significance of who he was and why Trayvon was wearing it. Good job on that one Treepers keep up that search for truth because god knows you can’t get any from the Scheme Team.

Here is a repost of the photo button thing(I forget now when that was first discussed, a long time ago.)

There has been disagreement on the headphones and button. I believe am quite sure he was wearing the button

button - Copy

and had the headphones still connected to him in some fashion; perhaps run up through his shirt connected at the bottom one end to the phone and out the neck to the ear and during the unarmed, black, 17 year old’s assault on George it somewhat extricated itself to be simultaneously attached to him and partially on the ground. Based on descriptions in police reports

hsfghgfh - Copy

others have speculated these items were removed and put into his pockets before the unarmed, black, 17 year old’s assault on George. Unfortunately the defense has redacted the very photos that would settle the matter so I suppose we’ll have to wait for the trial. But I’ll bet an e-cake on this one. I think it was just an error on the part of whoever entered the information into the evidence information in the police reports. Here’s another from the evidence bag itself:

djdjdfjydjytj - Copy

From the photo’s the Defense focuses a lot on the town-home community next to the Retreat at Twin Lakes and no doubt speculation will come from that. Between that and many of the other items presented in this supplemental as with all discovery though we can’t be certain how either the Defense or State will present whatever piece of the story it may be to the jury and there still remains what will be admissible so with that I’ll leave the rest to comments.

Enjoy. Examine. Find the Truth.

Edit: This may also be a good time to revisit the missing Discovery


84 thoughts on “Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Discovery

    • Have you been hacked or are you posting waaaay off-topic in your own thread?

      Or is there some crayon (or muffin) connection to this case of which I’ve been unaware?

      • I just wanted to beat people to it, lol but I like your last option. Maybe this is what Trayvon was doing with his loving “brother” Chad before running off to fetch him some Skittles for him.

  1. I wonder if the defense has had an investigator interviewing people in the next neighborhood over and found someone who saw TM casing the neighborhood that night.

    • I think the Trayvonites had some theory going about George’s sister or something from that area and that George really followed Trayvon from there or some crap. Maybe they were right? nah. But they’ll say they were right because there’s photos of the area in here.

    • It was formally filed with the Court on May 21, 2013.

      O’Mara made it public on his website late last night, I think.

      • That’s right. Nettles let me know about it on my Comments board around midnight but I don’t know the exact time it was released and I didn’t see it until 5 this morning.

        • yes, it was late, I think I saw the first pants pix on Twitter from Coreshift, around 1130 or midnight. LOL I somehow downloaded in error trying to look 🙂 Was up til about 2 am looking at the stuff

  2. I think one of the most noticeable aspects are the stains on the pants in the knee/shin area. Leads more credence that Martin was kneeling on top of Zimmerman, rather than Zimmerman was kneeling on top of Martin.

    • Yeah but you have to think like Bernie and the Trayvonites, Trayvon was being held on top of George by George so he could get a good close shot on him.

    • I of course had the vulgar idea that TM was kneeling in front of a still standing Zimmerman to emulate Monica Lwwinsky. I can’t wait for the Leatherheads to cite this as irrefutable proof the GZ sexually assaulted TM and demand to see photos of GZ’s genitalia to see if there are scares that correspond to TM’s dentition.

      • No doubt because it plays into the W9 thing. The Trayvonites have so demonized and vilified George on a level I don’t think I’ve ever seen done to just some ordinary Schmo involved in a very local case. They got his ass right up there with Satan and Hitler. And then they turn around and say he has a right to a fair trial.

        • One of the pics of George standing with his back to the camera is pretty telling. You can zoom in on his back and see all kinds of little marks or stains across his shoulders and back.

        • I would like them to point to just ONE posting where we demonized Trayvon. Not including his drug taking. I wouldn’t call that demonizing. Yet there are merciless on George and his family.

  3. stalking….. um I mean following 🙂 Traybots going looney! Hopefully today the DCA will top it off with good news!

  4. I don’t think this is the reciprocal discovery that was mentioned on March 12th as coming soon.

    I believe the list that was going to be posted at the Reciprocal Discovery page is laid out here:'s%20Supplemental%20Notice%20of%20Reciprocal%20Discovery.pdf

    You may recall the tapes were blank and they aren’t a part of this post.

    What was posted last night was the 2ND Supplemental Discovery. We haven’t seen the 1st yet.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of that. So what is the January 18th Notice of Reciprocal Discovery? Shouldn’t that be #2 and this be #3?

    This was all stuff found at the FDLE files. So does it count as State’s discovery?

    • I agree they may have been meaning to put something there and this may not have been it. They still have broken links and stuff too, just messy messy tsk tsk over there, lol.

      What you posted was the supplemental to the first discovery (that’s probably not right what I’m saying there, lolz, good grief O’Mara’s got me all messed up) I just wanted to get the first page in there as well.

      I wouldn’t get too hung up on it, it’s just discovery hanging around the office, O’Mara will organize it when he can, lolz, sorry just can’t help myself.

          • Maybe it’s us who can’t count. The first one (June 2012) is called Reciprocal Discovery. Then to that they have added a supplemental (Jan, 18th) and now they’ve added their 2nd supplemental.

            We haven’t seen the supporting docuements to the first supplemental yet.

                • Oh by the way can you tell that guy to stop spreading crap about me on your blog? He has never been banned from here, no one has ever been banned. I checked the spam folder to and he’s not in it so he’s lying or something is broken on his end or something if he says he’s commenting here and it’s not going through.

                    • This isn’t the first time I’ve heard he’s been banned from somewhere to find out he’s not.

                      I’ll talk with him. I think if he hears he did something wrong, he takes it that he is banned. Thereby banning himself.

                      He’s a smart guy. I think he spends too much time fighting people who project being Trayvon Martin supporters who if Tracy and Sybrina saw them, they’d ask them to stop using their son’s name to justify their behavior. Captain forgets sometimes when he comes back to people fighting for George and gets caught up in the moment.

                      I’m very sorry for the trouble. I would love to get us all back to concentrating on stopping the Scheme Team and the injustice the State is heaping upon George.

                    • Yes, peace.. 😀

                      Sometimes open Yahoo email and there is always at least 100 sometimes 300 notifications of comments on the blogs I follow and that is after stopping those at CTH. I did that as an experiment.

                      Yes, this is an official complaint. When so many comments are devoted to bickering, even though I consider myself to be friends with them, it is VERY difficult for me to catch up. I have seen others who are days behind. PLEASE help me catch up or I am going to tell my Momma.

                    • I have told him twice now (and someone else did as well) to post screenshots of whatever he says proves that you banned him after he claimed that if someone could just see his account dashboard they’d see where you banned him. I also suggested that he send you a private note apologizing for the misunderstanding and stop airing his dirty laundry over there. I just can’t stand when GZ supporters spend more time sniping at each other than they do engaged in positive advocacy for justice. 🙂

                      And Captain Long, if you read this, I have no beef with you, so don’t roll your eyes at me, please.

                  • Don’t let it get to you. Like I said to him life’s too short and it’s such a silly thing to get upset over. If he thinks you’re a dick then he can spare himself some stress and frustration by not posting on your blog. If you feel similar then you can spare yourself the same by not caring what he posts on other blogs. It’s really that easy.

  6. On the picture of the phone, you can see that there are missed calls and text messages. I’d love to know what those contained. Wonder if that will be part of the discovery info at some point.

  7. So, evidence newbie here; can someone explain all of the cut out areas in the clothes under evidence? Do those deal with stains that were subsequently tested? TIA

  8. I took a chance and went to read some media. I lasted about 30 seconds and was done;

    “The new batch of photos include pictures of…Skittles and bottle of ice tea he had just bought[40 minutes before the assault on George from the unarmed black 17 year old] at a local 7/11…”

    Then they use the old photo of the “Iced Tea” from the scene rather than the new ones released. YOU GOT THE PHOTO RIGHT THERE YOU DUMB-ASSES! This isn’t a mistake either, they are so wrapped in the original narrative not even that stupid fact can be fixed.

    oh, and “just bought” too, pfft, skipping over the 40 minutes and assault on George from the unarmed black 17 year old. Right from Skittles to being shot executed I’m sure.

  9. Did anyone notice that Rene at OS corrected the iced tea but still refused to use the word racist word, watermelon? I think someone in OUR crowd contacted her about the iced tea crap.

    I bought two more watermelons today. Does that qualify me to be a racist?

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