Trayvon the Weed Smoker

I don’t know how where the link originated because I don’t see it on the GZwebiste, GZtwitter or court site but this comes from Nettles blog, so thanks to them.

I don’t care that he smoked weed. But it’s interesting to note he had higher levels than what people made a big deal about last time in how it was nothing with the other number we had at the time. Everyone suddenly became an expert in toxicology levels, lolz. So it’s also important to the racist claims because George said “he looks like he’s on drugs or something” which we all know is racist.


19 thoughts on “Trayvon the Weed Smoker

  1. Can’t we all just get a bong? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Well, it certainly goes to show that GZ was a good profiler. Maybe the FBI will hire him when this is all over.

  2. I just hope O’Mara has a full tox report to check for other “influences” Trayvon might have been under. Maybe there’s no there there, but the presence of weed in his system doesn’t rule out the presence of “drank” and/or some other substance.

    • I hope so as well but I was thinking more along the lines of something slipped in that weed he might not have know was there, like maybe he got the weed from the three stooges and they did it to him and that’s partly why he attacked George and wouldn’t stop despite W6 yelling he is calling the police and despite George screaming for help and despite the fact that he clearly had the advantage on George yet despite all this he persisted in the beat down. What you looking at white boy is a good enough explanation for me, that’s like stepping on their Jordan’s, but who knows, there might be more.

      • Someone tell me why a person would buy a drink and hold it for over 40 minutes and not open it. Let’s say he did get the cigar from the guys at the 711 and made a blunt to smoke somewhere on the way back to Brandi’s. Wouldn’t he open his fresh drink to take a swig? I’m really thinking there must be more evidence that was found or possibly not found on his route back to Twin Lakes.
        Being he did not open either of his “treats” in over 40 minutes of time, has got to tell something…..and I doubt the real story has anything to do with saving it for his little brother.

          • In a lawyer’s words…. We have nothing to prove any of that but it does raise the question and it suggests something…. Now, let’s add together this, with everything else we know about this young man. Let’s add that together with “he looks like he’s on drugs or something”.
            I’m sure a lawyer would have some better lawyer-like lingo to go with that.

            • This gets away from the topic a bit but why not ask questions about everything TM had on him, or didn’t have on him. Why a lighter? Why no keys? Why no wallet or driver’s license? His parents could afford him to drive, why did they not allow him to obtain a license? He was obviously afforded and allowed to have tattoos and responsible to have $100 cash for the weekend. Why not a license or a vehicle? Maybe because he wasn’t majoring in cheerfulness.

              • Not sure about Fl, but in my state, if a student is absent, truent, has suspensions, etc, he/she are not allowed to obtain a permit to drive. Must have been frustrating for Tracey to have to haul Traynut’s butt all over FL because Traynut couldn’t fly straight long enough to get a license and drive his ownself. I’m just speculating, though.

  3. Yep, I’ve been saying since way back when some guy noticed the 3 Stooges and their “blunt” deal, that even if we find out Trayvon had some weed, it’s only important as to whether he was under the influence of it or something else that night. The reason I harped on that, was because at first there were a couple of pro-George people who seemed to want to turn this into a debate on the “morality” of smoking weed. For one thing, I don’t think whether a person smokes or not says anything about whether he’s a good or bad person overall. And for another thing, we (on the right side of this case) should be careful not to alienate allies. Some who might be willing to agree with us on Trayvon being at fault on that night, may be much less willing to use his weed-smoking to paint him in a negative light. (Heh… so this was just my long-winded way of saying I agree with DMan, “I don’t care that he smoked weed.”)

    • I found it interesting that he smoked weed just because his parents at first insisted he didn’t. It either meant they were willing to lie or they didn’t really know their son as well as they said they did.

      • The probability that Tracy smoked or did stronger drugs, seeing where he grew up, I would put at 100%. ANYONE who was a habitual smoker knows what one looks like when they are stoned. AND they know what they smell like.

        Disclosure: I smoked for 20 years.

        Tracy knew. Can’t say for the rest, but he knew.

  4. Interesting that West doesn’t just mention how Trayvon acted while in 7-11, but he announces that they intend to use that video in court on the 28th. Up till now, isn’t it just one single freeze-frame they’ve used. So this may very well be the first time many people have ever seen that video. I’d love to see their reactions.

    • Reaction: Not him. Photoshopped. Too tall, ME said under 6′. Does look anything like the same little boy in the Hollister shirt. Should not be allowed because it was someone else. Swaying due to that fact that he had to pee.

      How’s that for reaction?

      • I can see the state objecting on the basis of lack of foundation – defense has to PROVE it was Martin, before the defense can show the picture. Bernardo is going to make this as difficult as he knows how. He does not want a search for truth, his mission is to create as much smoke and confusion as possible, around the facts in evidence.

        • It’s a good thing that there is a MUCH clearer picture of him shortly after he enters. Also, there is the EXTREMELY UNIQUE button on his hoodie. It shouldn’t be that hard.

          But with Nelson, who knows.

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