Manufactured Drama – please ignore, this is not important to you I’m sure

This is a list of people I have banned:

banned list - Copy (2)

A commenter is creating some drama for god knows what reason, attention I suppose. He’s crying because I complained about his off-topic posts then lied about being banned. I’ve never banned anybody. If anyone needs to grow a thicker skin it’s that cry baby. If there’s any sign I have thick skin it’s that I don’t ban people, unless of course someone goes off the rails and causes nothing but trouble threatening people or some crap or just straight up trolling and of course stupid ad/spam, none of which I’ve ever received in my comments on WordPress hence why the blacklist box is empty. If CLS is unable to post over here then it’s not anything I’m doing on my end.


10 thoughts on “Manufactured Drama – please ignore, this is not important to you I’m sure

  1. I just don’t get why people can’t grasp the concept of off-topic posts. Is it really that difficult to comprehend? It’s common practice everywhere to avoid doing that, it’s not like some crap I just made up. There’s also a difference between off-topic posts and conversation that veers off-topic, the latter I do not mind. And what people don’t realize is it’s not necessarily about me, it’s about the readers. They click on a post because they want to read about that post, if they wanted to read about some off-topic crap you’re posting they would go do that. It’s disruptive to the readers dumbasses! And how many times do I have to say that anyway? It’s also really considered spamming. You want to advertise something you like or think is important? Then go do that on your own blog, why hijack my blog to post what you want? If I wanted a Daily GZ open thread I would post a Daily GZ open thread, but I don’t so don’t just hammer my blog into what you want, go make your own.

  2. You had actually already addressed the issue of off topic posts in the thread where he posted his off topic comments. He should have expected that you would complain, and it is your blog, after all.

    • I found that amusing actually, lolz. Here I am talking about it and bam. He probably didn’t even read the blog post muchless the comment and went straight to posting what he wants. What does that say about a commenter?

    • And it was particularly tacky that the offending off-topic post wasn’t anything any more important than a plug for some video he made that sounds as though it’s merely for “entertainment” purposes rather than a serious attempt at passing on knowledge and insight.

  3. I gate the sniping that goes on between the commentators of different blogs. I like following nettles, dman, and cth. I like that they have different styles and different ideas. I always cringe when I read someone bitching about one of the other blogs. We are all on the same side here.

  4. I wish I was given the consideration of Off Topic at TCTH. I guess the old saying goes that you can’t please everyone.
    This is OT where would we place OT topics? Is that the open thread? Just curious because ackbarsays accused me of being racist over at TCTH so I wanted to see why he would say that or alude to that. Thanks

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