George Zimmerman Case: Continuance?

So I’ve read O’Mara will be asking for a continuance and naturally people speculate as will I.

Will it be granted?

My opinion?


I think he’ll ask only for a month rather than the long period of time he asked for before which was denied. As far as I understand a judge can grant continuances for as long as they want, I don’t think there are any rules governing it and it can potentially be continued on a monthly basis for years.

But why will it be granted? Ahh, the ever illusive why. Why would this judge who has been hostile to the defense and favorable to the state and even Crump, who has already denied a continuance, who is fanatical about her scheduling, suddenly be so kind to the defense now?

My opinion?

Because if the atmosphere is too passionate and level of hate too great in the masses determined by the USDOJ/CRD&CRS and other entities then they will stretch this thing out as long as they feel necessary.

Court administrators prepared for protestors at George Zimmerman trial
Author: Louis Bolden, Reporter,
Published On: May 20 2013 11:53:22 AM EDT

Sanford residents say George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case more than a trial
by WKMG local 6
Published On: May 16 2013 05:43:10 PM EDT Updated On: May 17 2013 03:29:14 PM EDT

Quite a bit has been going on in Sanford and there are a lot of people that are angry about things that have been going on in the city,” said Faye Henderson of the Sanford Museum and Welcome Center.

@0:32 in the video “I think it has come to the point ‘this is it'”

What is “this”? “Trayvon Martin for many represents all of the unsolved murders in Sanford where residents feel police didn’t do enough.”

At the memorial in the center of Sanford, the names of the victims of unresolved murders are prominently displayed, with Martin’s at the top.

TM Unresolved murder memeorial with Trayvon's name at the top - Copy

Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death: A time of waiting
February 25, 2013|By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

She’ll be at that Department of Justice meeting Tuesday, she said, in part because local pastors are part of an ongoing effort “so we can try to make sure there are no riots” if Zimmerman is cleared following a “stand your ground” hearing or acquitted at trial.

And if history is any guide then the year that has passed is not long enough, just ask L.A.. And I don’t even think they had Twitter back then, lolz.


63 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Case: Continuance?

  1. Why would trayvon martin represent all of the unsolved murders in Sanford? That doesn’t make any sense. The police knew who killed him within minutes of his death. In fact they knew who killed him even before they knew who HE was. I don’t know why that comment annoyed me so much, but it did. The police seemed to be unsure of how to proceed so they asked the lawyers what to do and the lawyers said there wasn’t enough to charge him. It’s not really that complicated. The police did exactly what they should have done in that situation. .
    But but but! If it was a black person who shot him then he would have been arrested right away!! Maybe so, but it would have been the wrong move then too. I hate that argument so much. The correct answer is that the black man shouldn’t be arrested, not that the whitish man should be arrested. Stop thinking that the way to correct injustice is to frivolously arrest both men. The way to equal justice is to end injustice, not redistribute it.

      • The purpose and meaning make perfect sense to me actually.

        I was trying to find information about that memorial and I almost had the impression at first, perhaps because the names of the others were in the case, as if they have been there at some time past, while Trayvon’s was awaiting outside the case as if he were a new addition to the memorial that would be added if George were not found guilty, but then I happened across a photo showing it being built specifically for this case.

        • A couple little points. First, it’s presumptuous to assign “murder” to this case, because, at this point, that question is legally unresolved. Not only is it presumptuous, it is prejudicial. Second, once the case has been decided, it is no longer unresolved. If Zimmerman is acquitted, the case is resolved, and there is no murder. If that occurs, how do the proponents handle their presumptuous monument to an unresolved murder?

          • You’re just being logical n stuff, you have to be emotional. It’s quite simple; if a black is killed by a non black, especially a white, and they are not charged with murder right away and sentenced to death then it is “unresolved”. It speaks to the larger issue of the black victim-hood regarding the perceived racial injustice which also remains unresolved. Those names represent that. That is their purpose. They are there because racist white America put them there.

            • Ahh, yes. I see. By that standard, everything Corey and Bernardo are doing makes sense too. Toss logic and the law to the side, they are impediments!

      • The quote in the quotation marks says unsolved. I think the reporter corrected it as unresolved in the next sentence.

  2. A consideration for Nelson may be whether or not the DCA overrules her and what they say if they do. She might try and seem a bit less biased/incompetent if she gets her hand slapped and/or thinks she’s being watched..

    • Yep, that’s why I’ve been saying it’s so important that the DCA goes beyond just reversing her. Even though most people don’t seem to think they will, it would be GREAT if the DCA smacked Lazy Nelson down HARD.

    • Yes I do mind as the best place it could belong on my blog is either on the May 28 hearing thread or “Comments” tab. I really don’t like my blog posts treated as “Open Threads” no matter if they are related to the case, if you had a blog you wouldn’t want it treated that way either. And really it’s disruptive to readers who click on this post to read about what the topic is about only to find discussion not related.

  3. I continue to maintain my position. The trial will be delayed not just because George has no money but because he has said (via O’Mara) emphatically that he WILL NOT be ready. It is George’s right to stand up in court and personally say that. If he does it himself and says it convincingly, Nelson will be hard pressed to deny it. If Nelson can ask him if he understands that he has waived his rights to a pretrial immunity hearing, then MOM should insist that she quiz him to make sure he understands what might happen if he is not ready. Would she really tell him “I don’t care if YOU are ready or not. I have a damn schedule and I am not going to let you screw it up.”

    OTH, there may not even be a trial.

    • Agreed. Even someone as bad as Nelson would have a lot of explaining to do if she just ignored the Defense stating “You are forcing us to go to trial even though we’re NOT ready.” I also agree (as you know 😉 ) that I’m not at all convinced there WILL be a trial.

      • This case should have already been derailed. Only intervention will stop the TC from moving ahead I think. It will not stop itself I doubt. Maybe there is some sort of pre-trial writ that can get a stay. That is why the upcoming opinion is so important.

  4. Oh, lest we forget.. George and the defense can always call in sick.

    In fact, it might not be a bad idea for George to follow JJ’s lead and go into the hospital for a while. I would believe George is depressed a lot more than Junior’s story.

    • They way out is for the TC to grant the SA motions in limine. That will block the defense from needing a delay because all their evidence will be inadmissible at trial. So no need to delay. The first thing to find out is how the TC rules on these motions. Why should they stop now? The TC can force the defense to trial on the tenth if they want to. The one two punch would be a granting of the state motions and an unfavorable opinion from the DCA. Then the trial will start on schedule. The trains must run on time. Example the defense motion for sanctions regarding the rules of professional conduct by the SA. I do not think such a motion has ever been denied. In this instance the TCJ “delayed” until after trial. It could not be more evident. This might anger the DCA but ahhh dunno. The Bar and the FSC are very strict about these rules and clearly the SA violated them.

        • Do me a favor and go back to Nettles blog and correct the record regarding this:

          “Well banned from D-man’s blog for the comment “rolls the eyes” after getting chastised for posting off topic. It is blowhards like D-man and Sundance that make it extremely difficult to bring people who are “on the fence” over to conservatisms.”

          That is a lie. I’ve never banned anyone. I didn’t ban you.

          You blog don’t you? I recall you reblogging some of my stuff. Well apparently maybe you don’t really blog or you might have an idea on what “off-topic” means. Do I come over to your blog and post whatever the hell I want on any post I want? No, I don’t. Go to practically any other blog or forum and try doing that and they’ll tell you to fuck off or really ban you especially after you tell them “rolls eyes….whatever!”.

          Do you see me anywhere on this blog ever promoting conservatism? Here’s another tip on life; there’s assholes in every group, if that’s going to be your determining factor on whether or not to be part of some group then you are going to be continuously disappointed for the rest of your life.

          Grow up kid.

    • You don’t have to try to listen for voices other than the screams. It’s absurd to even think these 2 guys were having a conversation. I hear what is there… a desperate man yelling and hollering for help at the top of his lungs and wanting to stop whatever is hurting him. That’s all there is unless you are smoking some heavy dope.

      Voice hearers usually wind up on the crazy farm where they can get help and stop the damn music.

      Good God Almighty. What the hell are we going to do with people who have not one iota of common sense?

      How did you get permission to use the opening for all of your videos?

  5. Is the state even going to be ready for the trial to start? They can’t seem to find two experts that agree with each other about anything. Each one is goofier than the last. Which one are they going to pick to testify? They all seem terrible.

  6. Maybe O’Mara is sending (another) false signal. He said he was going to seek immunity, then didn’t. That seems to have thrown the state off balance. Now he says he is planning to ask for a continuance.

    I think it would be a hoot (but in all seriousness, unlikely) if it ends up being the state that asks for a continuance.

    • I doubt it will be granted. What will they do with the 500 jurors they have lined up to cherry pick? This is full speed ahead I think. The only thing that can derail it is a higher court.

      • The 500 juror pool is routine. The pool is for all the cases, not just the Zimmerman case. Once jury selection starts it is probably too late to get a continuance.

        If the only timing issue O’Mara has (and it’s the only one he’s spoken of, that I know of) is to respond to Reich, the judge can exclude Reich, which would handle O’Mara’s stated reason for need of a continuance.

        If DCA reverses Nelson’s order that precludes the defense from deposing Crump (and rules that the deposition must happen before the first trial), then a defense motion for continuance would certainly be granted. If DCA upholds Nelson’s order, or half-reverses (finds that Crump can be deposed, but the issue isn’t ripe), I think it is to defense advantage to have the trial sooner rather than later.

        I can’t think of a good legal reason for the state to move for a continuance.

          • “Five hundred of those summoned will eventually be asked to report for jury duty on June 10 for Zimmerman’s trial. Jury selection will then dwindle that down to six people that will decide the case.”

            • “Seminole County Clerk of Courts Maryanne Morse today sent out jury summonses to 4,300 people, enough to cover the needs of all six judges who plan trials in June.”

              So I’ll take back that 500 was to cover all the trials planned for June, and I’ll agree that 500 of that 4,300 are to cover Zimmerman. Still, sending a summons is a fairly easy and inexpensive task, and I don’t see this “investment” as being one that creates pressure to hold to the June 10 trial date. I also don’t see 500 potential jurors congregating in one room at the same time, to feed the jury selection process. The court will call as many as it thinks it can process that day, plus a few extra. Once the selection process starts, there will be significant pressure to stick to the process until the jury has been discharged from its duty.

              • If O’Mara asks every potential juror the questions he thought would be necessary in that hearing that included the OS survey that 72 percent said that George could not get a fire trial, this will be the longest voir dire in history and he is certainly entitled to ask those questions. Who wants a juror who believes that?

        • I think in the motion he’ll ask for it vaguely and generally but then at the hearing he’ll bring up all kinds of specific issues. Bernie will bitch and the judge will just grant it without explanation so we’ll never know the reason why she grants it if she does.

          Still I wonder though, 14 business days left including today to get things done and so much we don’t know if ever has been done. O’Mara’s own discovery is nearly a complete mystery so we can’t even really gauge it. We’ll have to wait until after trial and ask “why didn’t O’Mara do this…?” and be left forever wondering if it could have helped.

          • I’ve read many theories and seen many questions posed on this blog and others. So many that I have a feeling that quite a few are going to be left unanswered even after the trial is over. I suspect I’m going to feel vaguely unsatisfied even if/when GZ is acquitted.

            Anyway, I still think a lot of what happens next, including if a continuance is granted, is likely hinged on the DCA response. I’m hopeful that the response will be in the defense’s favor (surely the defense can use the delay in Crump’s deposition as a good argument for a continuance) and will be very critical of both Nelson and Crump. I think such a response from the DCA will be very useful to the defense outside of just being able to depose Crump for the trial. If the DCA is very critical of Crump’s behavior its decision might be used in other actions involving Crump. i.e. Civil suits filed by or against Crump and his team and/or bar discipline of Crump and his team. But, IANAL and such a response from the DCA is just a hope of mine..

            • What we need is someone who is well funded and willing to go out there and get the story. That’s what I’m really interested in anyway. I don’t think George is going to sue anyone but maybe continue with that NBC suit. Maybe he’ll write a book and ask for our questions first that he can incorporate into the book, who knows maybe he’ll start blogging, lol and answer all our silly little questions.

              But still we’ll be left with other stuff. Like I would like to hear definitively from Wolfinger that he was not pressured in any way to charge or step aside, stuff like that. O’Mara talked about it being a political case once but I doubt he ever looked into it, that would require stepping on too many toes. Who knows maybe we’ll all be surprised and Wolfinger will freak out on the stand and say “Bondi made me do it!” lol. That would be fun but I don’t think there’s going to be any explosive moments in this case, maybe a few minor shockers to us who have payed close attention but to the general public it would come off as probably nothing of significance. But yeah I think it’s going to be like a lot of stuff we know that wont ever come up and then the stuff we don’t know that they know that doesn’t come up either. Sucks.

              • In spite of how most of us feel, I doubt that any of the true criminals… Scott, Bondi, Corey, BLDR and his comrades or Crump and his scheme team.. will ever face consequences. The only chance of that happening will be what you say you want. Someone with clout will have to get the true story and “prove” criminal misconduct in such a way that demands an independent and fair investigation.

                There are several good folks that could do that. My choice would be Judge Andrew Napolitano but Greta seems to be fair and balanced even if she is a Scientologist.

                I also firmly believe that there is some explosive things that happened going back to Scott’s intervention. Long ago, I posted quite a lot about some issues that someone related to me about how and why he made such a decision and who else was involved. Of course, I had no proof that I could post but nevertheless, the story sounded completely plausible to me and I believe it. I will only say that it was not an independent decision by Scott and I think everyone knows that much.

                Did you ever consider that Bondi did not know that her call and conversation with Trayvon’s parents in Crump’s car was being recorded? They whitewashed it to make it look that way and even included it in a BET documentary along with MOM’s seemingly traitorous comments.

                If she did not know, and I believe that is possible,, it shows the power that Crump has over Bondi. I find it amazing that Pam would boast about their friendship and that was proud that she helped him screw the taxpayers out of millions. Holy Mother of Sweet Jesus.

                Yet our taxpayers seem to be perfectly OK with that kind of blatant corruption in the system.

                Yup, eventually we will find out some “explosive” details but you are probably correct in that it will not happen during the trial but I guess explosive means different things to us all.

                BTW, I checked to see if I could find a record of any bar complaints against Crump or others and found nothing. Aren’t those supposed to be public?

            • You said:
              I’ve read many theories and seen many questions posed on this blog and others. So many that I have a feeling that quite a few are going to be left unanswered even after the trial is over. I suspect I’m going to feel vaguely unsatisfied even if/when GZ is acquitted.

              Isn’t that always true? It is why books are written and documentaries are made to show us what we missed. There is enough accurate on these blogs to easily write a factual book. I think the CTH has probably touched on every conceivable realistic idea. SD will not do it but any one of many others could Chip Bennnet and John Galt among others including our very own bori and Nettles and maybe even minpin. Sorry if I left anyone out but there are many of us who know thus case.

          • Well, you have to admit that O’Mara is following his game plan and not releasing what he thinks you and me would not understand or should not know. Didn’t he say at the start in so many words, that if it were left up to him, we would be left out in the dark. And didn’t he agree to slow rolling out the discovery by the state?

            For those who are skeptical about the slow rolling deal that was made, just show me ONE motion in which MOM cites the 15 day rule for not discovery on time. Just ONE, please. Why is that? Simple answer is that both sides agreed that there would be no deadlines or time lines. I have mentioned this FOREVER, or at least from the beginning but don’t believe that I made my point very well since I received few, if any, responses.

            Again, show me some examples of the state missing deadlines that were agreed to. I am still wondering if their agreement to ignore deadlines was made in writing.

            I usually stay on the sidelines of the MOM arguments but I will make criticisms when they are warranted. I am not criticizing him from withholding discovery for one simple reason. It’s what he said/implied he would do and it could be a brilliant strategy if West is on board with it, too.

            I really does sound to me like he does not agree with many of our laws including SYG and Sunshine statutes.

            That aside, he does know the law and the facts of this case as well as anyone and has shown how fiercely he can advocate for George as he did in one of the bond hearings.

            Sorry for getting on a roll but wanted to say what I have observed about what you said here:
            Still I wonder though, 14 business days left including today to get things done and so much we don’t know if ever has been done. O’Mara’s own discovery is nearly a complete mystery so we can’t even really gauge it. We’ll have to wait until after trial and ask “why didn’t O’Mara do this…?” and be left forever wondering if it could have helped.


            I think we might be shocked when we see what he has kept hidden from common “non thinking” riffraff who are nothing more than unqualified, uninformed “know it all” armchair wanna be lawyers with an attitude like you and me who are also incapable of digesting the evidence and applying it to current applicable law.

            Holy cow. Did I say that to describe you and me? Are we soooooo damn dumb? LMAO.

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