Some leftover thoughts on the M-DSPD stuff

Going over the interviews again.

Fox-Williams seems sketchy to me. She says on March 21 in the meeting with Kitchell that he freaks out upon viewing information on Trayvon. This conflicts with Tagle it seems to me. Who the next day tells Kitchell of the same report and how it looks bad with how it’s being labeled and all and Kitchell essentially says it’s no big deal. Perhaps Kitchell was just playing it down to Tagle. However there is another problem here. Fox-Williams also stated it was the “Found Property” report that Kitchell was freaking out over. However, when Hadley ran Trayvons name it only came back with one report which was the partial report titled “Criminal Mischief”. The “Found Property” one does not come up when putting Trayvon’s name in the system. So how could it have come up when Kitchell looked? You have to put in a case number to get the “Found Property” report. Although Tagle doesn’t mention it, he must have gotten the case number from when he talked to Dunn, that is also how Hadley retrieved the “Found Property” report, he got it later by getting the case number from Dunn.

I took a bit of interest in what the treehouse was doing regarding the jewelry but I think there may be a bit of confusion here. My reading of Hadley is that he was contacted by a Detective Malrifa(reporter notes the name as phonetically typed) of the Miami Dade Police Department who wanted to retrieve the jewelry. The reason why the MDPD wanted the actual evidence is not exactly clear. Hadley says that Dunn told him the reason was because superintendent Alberto Carvalho went on the news, which I found by the way and was angry about the leaks of the reports. Apparently this motivated the MDPD into action. Hadley says of the MDPD “Oh, we better do something now because they said — the school police said they sent it to us.” Hadley, reading the narrative of the report, says pictures were sent to the MDPD specifically Malrifa. This is in part confirmed by the Robles article “School police impounded the jewelry and sent photos of the items to detectives at Miami-Dade police for further investigation.”

So the only reason it seems Malrifa was interested in the evidence was to cover his and perhaps the departments ass. I wonder if Malrifa ended up getting the evidence if it were to have ever been seen again. So I suppose it’s actually a good thing Lt Rodak stopped Hadley from giving Malrifa the jewelry.

I also wondered why Dunn inquired the county police and sent them pictures. You would think he would start with local police, the Miami Gardens Police Department since he found the jewelry on Trayvon at Krop and then move outward from there. If he did that it could be a more likely possibility the jewelry came from somewhere outside the MGPD district. I also wonder why they didn’t tell Trayvon to call his friend to get his property back, lolz.

I also think back to what Smith said. He told Hadley on Feb 29 that Trayvon was suspended from Miami Carol for the baggie with weed residue and pipe and that was why he was up in Sanford with his father. But from these testimony’s it is said that Trayvon was attending Krop. It would seem to me the only way Smith could know what he knew at that time was what he heard from what Tracy told him/Serino. But why would Tracy tell the cops Trayvon went to Miami Carol? Could this also indicate some deception around the reason for the suspension as well? And why did that report on the weed not come up when Hadley looked? Was it added later? Perhaps the school kept that one in house so to speak and Dunn didn’t forward the report to the M-DSPD office until the media was blowing up about this case and Dunn thought to himself he also better cover his ass by forwarding reports he should have. Yet another tactic I’m sure to help the black folk. If that’s true what else was withheld from the main office? And lower tier, what did the school hold back from Dunn in fear that he might report to the main office? Somehow I get the feeling, especially with O’Mara at the helm, we will never know.


3 thoughts on “Some leftover thoughts on the M-DSPD stuff

  1. Dman, those are great questions and your dissection is easy to understand.

    I keep reminding myself that MOM is juggling a bunch of balls, among them being how much precious time, resources and attention should be devoted to different elements of the case. We can only guess, because the MOM/West team has been very tight lipped about when, how, and why they are doing what it seems they are doing.

    First of all he has to keep focused on his major goal – getting the case tossed/or getting GZ acquitted.

    In doing so he posits his theory of the defense case which is that GZ is innocent of the Murder 2 rap because he is innocent of the Murder 2 rap.

    Under the rules of the criminal justice system, the burden of proof is on the prosecution and not on the defense.

    If MOM spends all his time try to prove that TM was a thug-extraodinaire in the making, he plays into the prosecution’s trap. Such emphasis would suggest that GZ is innocent, not because he is innocent, but because TM was a badder dude who deserved what he got. Plus it flips the burden of proof considerations in the minds of the jury.

    So MOM must thread a fine line.

    The physical evidence at the homicide scene shows that GZ was getting battered, and that battering was halted by bullet that GZ admitted from the outset firing.

    From what we can see from the public domain, the indictment should never have been filed, and all publicly available evidence supports GZ’s statements to the SPD.

    TM’s prior conduct is a valid avenue to pursue in trying to determine what kind of teenager confronted GZ that evening. But it is not dispositive nor necessary.

    The most helpful (to GZ) element in TM’s recent background, has not been proven nor expanded on, yet by the CTH/FOI documents received from MD-SPD – the alleged TM/bus driver incident which surfaced via social media.

  2. I believe we still don’t know the full story on why Trayvon was suspended in February. Tracy always says he was in an authorized area. Julison said he was found with a pipe and baggie with marijuana residue.

    Crump advised that whatever the incident involved, another student was also involved and was suspended too. That tells me it wasn’t about a pipe and baggie in Trayvon’s backpack. That alone wouldn’t have involved another student.

    “Saying that the issue had become a distraction, Mr. Crump announced that Trayvon had been suspended from his Miami high school after school officials found in his bookbag a plastic bag with traces of marijuana inside. Mr. Crump said that he believed at least one other student was suspended in the episode.”

    • I’m curious why the order to inspect and photograph evidence was limited to only the one incident involving the jewelry…???

      Surely if he had been caught with drugs and drug paraphernalia (the reason given for his most recent suspension), these items would also have been confiscated and would be in evidence at the MDSPD… and knowing what we know now about it being SOP to downgrade and reclassify the crimes as something minor to keep these students out of the criminal justice system, the actual amount could be substantially more than the ‘trace’ amount that is being claimed. As Dee Dee would say, MOM should ‘want that, too!”

      It may not be the reason why the MDSPD even looked in his backpack to begin with, either… they found the jewelry and screwdriver while looking for the marker he had used to vandalise the school lockers, so did they find the pot and pipe while investigating something else entirely as well (say, an assault on a bus driver, for instance).

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