Reciprocal Discovery Coming Soon


8 thoughts on “Reciprocal Discovery Coming Soon

  1. D,
    I’ve missed quite a few of your posts because my yahoo account stuffed you into spam for some unknown reason.


    Last I heard about this was “when the time is right” – that was early April I think.

    It’s got to be soon. The trial is about to start!

    • As anxious as we are to see it, can you imagine how much the State wants to see it? They have to put on the case and go first. Tick tock, tick tock.

      • I still expect at least two major developments in the next week or so. One will be the DCA ruling. Another will be a continuance request (demand!) to Nelson. By the way, as for the Defense’s “Motion for Extension of Time” to file their reply with the DCA, is that posted anywhere? Because I’m curious to see WHY they asked for more time. I assume it has something to do with Crump filing his thing, but the wording of the request might be interesting.

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