O’Mara – The Legacy of Trayvon Martin Maintained

People say O’Mara has one single purpose in the George Zimmerman case. To be the consultation for George Zimmerman in his criminal case. Those people who say that are flatly wrong. That is but one purpose O’Mara chose to take on in this case. The other purpose I will show you in his own words from the very beginning of this case.

authoritarianism - Copy


Didn’t want the judge to attend to the bail issue because there would be a demand to present evidence thereby supposedly increasing the fervor around the case. So O’Mara feels it’s his job to keep evidence out of view of the public to “calm this case down”.

Why did you ask for everything to be sealed?

“My concern was…this matter was being handled in a piecemeal fashion…we don’t need to let it out piecemeal because you’re going to misinterpret it and I [have to waste my time responding to your incompetence because no one can handle this like me, I am, after all, The O’Mara].

Notice O’Mara does not mention these concerns to the judge. He just asks, as reminded by Corey, to seal the record.


“There’s a lot of issues and there’s a lot of emotions, and we need to calm this down,” O’Mara said. “It needs to be tried in a courtroom, which is the only place it’s supposed to be tried, and that’s what I’m going to try help get done.”

“Part of our presence online is to discourage public speculation about the facts of the case.”

“If I could do away with all media including social media that I would not have it involved in a criminal case…”


O’Mara agreed from the first bond hearing on out that discovery would be purposefully slow rolled to the defense for the very purpose O’Mara chose to be the main player in. You can see Bernie doing his part about how discovery goes out later and believe me if they had it their way discovery wouldn’t go through the court at all because then it’s public record so they have to slow roll it instead.


This has nothing to do with the criminal case itself. This has to do with YOU the public. THAT is O’Mara’s purpose. THAT is what he has been trying to do in this case.

It gets worse.

In an effort to maintain the legacy of Trayvon, Crump et al. have worked so hard to create, O’Mara has also played a part of that.

Completely lacking in the discovery is anything regarding the M-DSPD. We all can understand why the State never bothered looking into Trayvon, because Corey considered him the victim from day one so why bother looking. But what about O’Mara? Is he? You wouldn’t know it from the discovery but I guarantee you it’s there. So why don’t we know it then? Because that’s just the way O’Mara wants it. He’s fulfilling his purpose.

If not for Bernie bringing it up at the hearing we would never know that more than likely it was the principle at Krop that has recently been deposed. M-DSPD Officer Daryl Dunn was more than likely deposed as well. Other M-DSPD officers were probably as well.

“This alleged criminal activity turned out to be for naught is that correct sir? Because we just deposed those witnesses in Miami and isn’t it true that the school board members said it was not a crime. This allegation about a weapon was not a weapon under their criteria isn’t that true?”

But you wouldn’t know that from O’Mara. Why? Because he has apparently chosen to take the category of M-DSPD and use Civilian in its stead.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Instead of listing public servants under their appropriate category O’Mara has chose to list them as “Civilians” for the sole purpose to redact their names so you would not see them.

exm 1

exa 2

O’Mara has done the same tactic on his witness list. No M-DSPD category there. No Krop personnel listed. Nothing.

Also just about everyone including myself missed something at the very end of the hearing. It occurred at the very end after them talking about going to lunch and you would think business was done. Oh, no, just one little thing we got to sneak in. An order granting O’Mara’s motion titled Defendant’s Motion to Inspect and Photograph. What motion to Inspect and Photograph? There is no such motion on O’Mara’s site. Inspect and photograph what? OHHHH, I see now why this motion is not on O’Mara’s site nor was it listed as something to be heard at the hearing, silly me, it’s M-DSPD stuff, of course, makes perfect sense now.

mdspd order

 photo thetray.jpg

I Want a Legacy


Don’t worry Sybrina, O’Mara’s doing his best.

I don’t know about you but this authoritarianism streak that runs through O’Mara in that he thinks he can control people and discussion by hiding even the names of public officials on witness lists is downright scarey. If O’Mara is so hesitant to even list names on the witness list to the public, how much is he even interested in looking into Trayvon? You think with the ideology below and the authoritarianism above he even wants to look? No, he only has to look but he don’t like it one bit.



53 thoughts on “O’Mara – The Legacy of Trayvon Martin Maintained

  1. I decided a while ago to stay out of this but I clearly see your points. What I hope is that the corruption in Miami is exposed to the public. SD at CTH has done a lot of investigative work on his own and only hope it will be revealed so it can end, if that’s even possible.

    In the end, however, I am not so sure Nelson would allow Martin’s criminal past to be aired in court, and even if she did, I am also not so sure that would really have a major impact on a jury but I am just guessing about that.

    Nice job though of putting all of this together so thanks for that.

  2. This article makes a case for how O’Mara prejudices a political agenda, not Zimmerman’s defense. O’Mara is clearly building his case around Trayvon Martin’s background, his actions that led to his own death and a political prosecution. Part of that is tamping down the media firestorm. There’s a reason the state continues to refer to a certain website in open court – it’s not to help Zimmerman.

    • There is no “clearly” about it. You have no idea what the defense is doing outside what it presents. And CLEARLY there is much hidden from your view because you need to be calmed down and can’t handle information about this case, not even a name on a list. That is from O’Mara to you.

      Bernie uses http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ to try to support his bullshit claim they are a threat to witnesses somehow and if you want to give credence to that then by all means, join the state in their cause of manipulating the case further.

      • What do you think the purpose of both side’s media strategy is at this point?

        They are both trying to influence public opinion in hopes that the influence will reach potential jurors – directly or indirectly. They are also trying to expose information that they want in the public eye and preserve information they want to hide from public view. They also are bound by the law of the case – such as information deemed protected by the court.

        BDLR is not mentioning that website primarily to further a claim of threats – that issue has been mainly decided by the court – he’s doing it to bind Zimmerman to a media narrative. That part is about appearance – not truth. It’s working among certain circles – as even the most cursory view of the #Zimmerman hashtag will reveal.

        I’ve read many of your posts and you’re a really smart guy. It boggles my mind that you seemingly don’t see the benefit at trial of a moderate, intellectual and fact-based narrative to offset the state’s faoming-at-the-mouth pity party they’re about to put on.

        Thinking that CNN will ever run the headline “O’Mara Exposes Race-Baiting Money Scheme in Trayvon Martin Shooting” is delusional. They’re gonna twist that little headline around a bit, aren’t they?

        • Nobody in their right mind watching CNN anyway. I don’t need a bleeding heart liberal control junkie trying to tell me that I can’t handle the truth
          He may be clever but it is just beginning to dawn on me that Omara is an immoral and amoral man. he has just aided and abetted the soft racism

          of lowered expectations. Omara is supposed to be passionately defending his client not preparing himself to run for a government position on the Democratic ticket.
          There are none so blind as a that will not see

          • I have just used every cliche in the book. but right now I’m so angry I could bite something. call Mara has been given this case on a platter. and he is out there being Mr super Democrat. this stupid bastard doesn’t have a social conscience he has a political agenda.
            Remember Free Willy? well we need to f ing free George. it may very well still happen because of a preponderance of evidence but it’s going to be in spite of having a jackass for an attorney and I don’t mean Mr Don West.

        • “I’ve read many of your posts and you’re a really smart guy. It boggles my mind that you seemingly don’t see the benefit at trial of a moderate, intellectual and fact-based narrative to offset the state’s faoming-at-the-mouth pity party they’re about to put on.”

          I’ve chosen that portion of your comment to address since it’s about the closest thing that addresses the issue at hand.

          There is nothing “moderate, intellectual and fact-based” in hiding public official’s names on a witness list or notice of deposition. That is what I’m talking about here. That is the aspect of O’Mara that I’m talking about. This is not a media, or criminal case strategy, this is O’Mara trying to fulfill what he thinks is his other duty in this case which I outlined above. And all it’s doing in the end is to allow the scheme team to continue with its bullshit narrative. O’Mara in effect is helping them because god forbid if there’s any hint of criminality of Trayvon by listing a M-DSPD officer on the list someone might attack the legacy of Trayvon. So O’Mara rather than advancing the truth keeps it hidden instead.

          The main point of all this is how effective is counsel given the facts above? How do we know? As I said, if O’Mara is so worried about even putting a name on a list for the public to see how much is he even putting an effort in to begin with in this regard? That’s something people who donate to the defense of George Zimmerman may want to know and have an interest in.

          And to the larger point. Is this how it’s going to be for every defendant where the other side is of a black person? That somehow we have to give extra concern over that of the defendant, this hesitancy to offend, perhaps maybe even a hesitancy to even look at the cost of the defense merely because they are black? That’s the judicial system you want?

        • “It boggles my mind that you seemingly don’t see the benefit at trial of a moderate, intellectual and fact-based narrative to offset the state’s foaming-at-the-mouth pity party they’re about to put on.”
          Great line!

    • yes, CTH is being used by BDLR against gz; so how can you say you are supporting gz?
      Actually, i think danny warrior has a lot of very good ideas about this case. I think he sees the agenda, not only of the mysterious forces at work here, but also of the radical blogs which are racist in nature.

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  4. What the hell is this, lol? From the pingback above dannywarrior writes:

    “You have LOST your mind. At this point, you ARE concerning as the days draw near to trial. At this point dependent upon the jury’s decision someone should have a straight jacket or a marshal at your door.

    My suggestion to ANYONE who does seek justice is to no longer engage these radicals and if you are concerned for the safety of private and innocent people contact the authorities. Including ANY counsel in this matter. Americans DO NOT seek justice this way. The fact is we are not aware who these people are. And at this point I take the displays and speak as threats.”

    Is this supposed to be some sort of reply to my post? What kind of idiocy is that? If anyone takes my use of display, which I guess is the use of the image of the movie The Dictator with O’Mara’s face superimposed on it, thought that was rather funny and apt myself, and the true and accurate criticisms I have of O’Mara regarding his other purpose in this case as “threats” well then they are just plain stupid. Get a grip. You aint special.

    • FWIW, I thought the photoshop with O’Mara was hilarious. O’Mara has been the object of criticism before, and he will be again. He has to be fairly thick-skinned and level-headed just to be in the business he is in, and it’s most likely that he finds the criticism to be off base for whatever reasons he’s developed to rationalize and justify his decisions. I haven’t seen even the barest suggestion or hint of threat in the posts I read here and at CTH. Plenty of cross criticism and name calling, sure, but so what?

      Thanks for the brief heads up re: Danny Warrior. He sounds like a hothead and a crank, and probably doesn’t have anything interesting to add to the analysis.

      • Thanks. I love the little boy scout solute there as well, I think it fits the charming persona O’Mara likes to put off sometimes as well, probably why so many act the way they do when O’Mara gets criticisms, they are in “love”, lol.

        No doubt O’Mara would dismiss anything I have to say, I’m just not on his “level”, lol. But I’m quite certain he can take it, he’s a big boy.

        • Omara Is the supreme academic and intellectual snob. He has to play his agenda to his own special crowd.
          The unwashed masses with their unwashed behinds just don’t get it ,he thinks. The big problem is we do get it.

          • Well said dbolt. I will say this about Omara. He has the hide of a rhinoceros , a good brain and the determination which comes from the arrogance of his kind. this just might hold him in good stead for what he has to do in Georges trial. George unfortunately has to play the hand he’s been dealt right now. this is going to be a long drawn out deal but it ain’t over till it’s over and it’s still ain’t over.

  5. Again, this is not helpful to gz’s cause. If gz, Robert and the family trust MOM, perhaps they shouldn’t be second-guessed. After all, they are the clients. This site is turning into CTH and will be exposed to the same ridicule. Or perhaps that is what you want? SHM.

    • Free, robust and open discussion is always helpful, especially if engaged in without invective and rancor.

      The facts and the law are on GZ’s side. There is everything to be gained by criticism and in critical examination of that criticism as regards this case.

      MOM/West defense of GZ seems reasonably effective, given the circumstances under which they labor.

      The criticisms directed at the MOM/West are helpful when they are on target; and are also helpful even when they are off target – because they offer protection to MOM/West against BGI charges that the defense is in the tank for right-wingers, BDLR’s dreams notwithstanding.

      • Agreed, good observations. As OMara admits it this case was truly about the 5 minute altercation it would be over by now. The case is about distorted racial politics and power.

        Laughed at the photo.
        Comfortable with criticizing OMara methods
        Recognize Danny Warrior as unreliable from personal interaction.
        Not offended by the candid discussion of race at CTH, actually find it refreshingly honest and therefore hopeful.

  6. Free, robust and open discussion is always helpful, especially if engaged in without invective and rancor.

    The facts and the law are on GZ’s side. There is everything to be gained by criticism and in critical examination of that criticism as regards this case.

    MOM/West defense of GZ seems reasonably effective, given the circumstances under which they labor.

    The criticisms directed at the MOM/West are helpful when they are on target; and are also helpful even when they are off target – because they offer protection to MOM/West against BGI charges that the defense is in the tank for right-wingers, BDLR’s dreams notwithstanding.

    • Interesting point. I am a senior citizen. My political opinion has not changed since the early 60’s. But I was a Democrat at the start. Then went Republican with Reagan. I was a Reagan Democrat. A nose holding republican since the first Bush. Now I am Far Right. But I have not changed my mind about anything at all. Amazing. I knew it was over for the Republican’s when Dole fell off the stage.

  7. I try to look at it from the perspective that the defense simply doesn’t share the same level of immunity that has been and will be afforded the prosecution and the ambulance chaser when all is said and done…

    When Shellie gets charged with perjury over questionable statements while Wit 8 blatantly lies under oath and gets a free pass, it has to concern MOM that (despite GZ’s own FERPA rights being violated by the state) if he were to step even one questionable toe over the FERPA line himself all heck would break loose.

    That said, I worry that some folks might be unrealistically expecting and perhaps even demanding that O’Mara put any concerns for his own career to the side and make a martyr of himself for the sake of his client.

    • Hey good for her. I consider it constructive criticism really but by all means bury your heads in the sand and call it “slamming”, lol, at least O’Mara will have a place to go where he’s comfortable with a bunch of yes men, lolz, I got a million of em.

    • Refusing to see the obvious doesn’t help anyone. IMHO, I think MOM knows GZ is innocent legally, but I get the feeling, he thinks GZ is morally guilty and that bothers me and I think it stinks. How do you defend someone against something that you support. Again, JMHO, I’m not in MOM’s head, just going with my gut feeling.

      • I don’t think O’Mara feels that Zimmerman is morally guilty. I think both he and Zimmerman feel bad that Martin was dead, and that both he and Zimmerman think the culpability for that falls on Martin. There are many ways it could have ended different. Cops got there 30 seconds sooner, shot trajectory 3 inches to the left, Zimmerman runs when confronted by Martin, and on and on. But given what happened, it’s not Zimmerman’s fault he was put in the predicament of fearing for his life.

        I think O’Mara’s milquetoast approach is a mixture of not wanting to offend his peers (some of whom are in the BGI); playing along with the “tamp it down” crowd in public affairs (lots of overlap in those two groups); avoiding loss of a significant part of his current and hopefully future revenue stream (black offenders); and a personal buy-in to the liberal’s belief that social ills can be cured by the law. What was it he said in a remark? Something about preserving the sanctity of the law. That’s over the top, in my book.

        Within those parameters, I think he is working hard on a case that he believes in. I don’t think he subscribes to Serino’s theory. Definitely not in this case, and also not as what the rule of law should be, if he could have whatever law he wanted. Whatever distance he keeps from Zimmerman is, just a guess on my part, out of a sense of superiority and social station – not out of a sense of Zimmerman being in the wrong.

          • Agreed. And I think O’Mara sees it the same way too. One big difference is that he is tasked with laying out bona fide evidence before a hostile judge, so I’ll give him the benefit of some discovery before he reaches that conclusion. I suspect he was at that point by about July last year.

      • Another point in how O’Mara strikes me. In a word, “politician.” Some of his assertions of law and procedure are flat out wrong, or weasel-worded for the public, in an effort to deliberately give a false impression of what or why he is doing something. He pulled that style out at the very beginning, when discovery was being slow walked, publicly stating an incorrect deadline for the state’s response to his demand for discovery. I view that sort of action as playing the public for chumps. Now, the public is a bunch of chumps, and the press and the politicians use that fact to great advantage. But I take away a sense of distrust when I catch an intelligent person taking advantage of the public’s ignorance and stupidity.

        • “Some of his assertions of law and procedure are flat out wrong”

          I prefer to characterize his language as deliberatively deceptive.

  8. Regarding the deposing of “whoever” in/from Miami:

    Maybe they have them listed as witnesses in case things are going in a way at trial that makes them think there would be benefit to calling them to the stand, at which point everyone will know who they are, but aren’t revealing who they are now to avoid unnecessary “side issues” now.

    Like being accused of trying to smear the reputation of the victim, or being inundated with press questions about “why do you need to depose these particular people”?

    And if they do wind up putting any of those people on the stand, better not to have earned their enmity first by making them targets of the press and anyone else who can find their phone number.

    Unless they come up with jurors and alternates who’ve been living in a cave for the last 18 months, they aren’t going to be able to empanel 6 people who haven’t heard something about this case, and perhaps they feel that the fewer moving parts in the public perception the better.

    • Yep. Do all possible to delay the Crump fabricated outrage of “smearing the victim” to happen during the trial, when the jury is sequestered out of Crump’s reach.

    • Makes sense. and if the burglary does get tied to TM it will interesting to learn if the parents were ever informed about the incident by Kropp. That would be a failure of the school to inform the parents, which might a reason for school official presence in court Tuesday.

      • Isn’t there grounds then for Crump to sue the school? If the parents were better informed about Trayvon’s misdeeds, Tracy would have kept closer eye on him and would not have left him roaming around looking for trouble?

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