O’Mara v Bloggers- the AP dinner stuff(in comments)

omara got dis - Copy

If the media wasn’t believable then how did George get to where he is and how did us bias bloggers get here? What an ass.

[EDIT: 11:58pm April 28, 2013 Just a note. This post was made to discuss the AP Dinner, the tweets made from the people there and the Q&A video. I decided rather than blogging about it all I would do it in the comments. That’s what this post is about. If you want to make it merely about one single aspect of O’Mara then by all means go ahead, but you’ll be missing stuff. So if you rather talk about other stuff regarding these matters than I encourage you to do so. Also when I ask that off-topic comments should go on the Nettles thread I mean that to be taken that this as well as my other posts on my blog should NOT be considered an open thread. You’re free to discuss and I’m forgiving of discussion that naturally tends to go somewhat off topic but what I’m against is dropping comments out of nowhere merely because you might have some sort of gripe about someone or some thing that really has nothing to do with the topics at hand or some new thing that happened in the case. It’s really that simple. END EDIT]


59 thoughts on “O’Mara v Bloggers- the AP dinner stuff(in comments)

  1. Thanks nettles for your comment here:

    Here is raw video of the question/answer period the two lawyers took part in at 6:30pm before they gave their presentation at 7:30pm.


    Note at the 19:51 mark, Mr. Crump advises that attorney Modarres is on the legal team and he was part of a “conscious decision” to move back after there was an arrest. He strangely, doesn’t mention Mr. Parks. Nor is Mr. Parks on the recent submission made to the court. Is there trouble between the two?

    Of course, that’s not the way I remember it. The media moved back and Crump continued to fight for attention after the arrest. Sybrina Fulton went to one hearing and reminded people not to forget about her son.

    At 7:30pm, Crump gave a speech, then Mr. O’Mara gave a speech and Crump was given 2 minutes to rebut. Then reporters asked questions. The whole thing took about an hour. You can read the reporters live tweets at #FAPB. As Mr. Crump was giving his 7:30 speech, a reporter tweeted out his picture of Mr. O’Mara taking notes, lol.

    Right after the 6:30pm question/answer period, a reporter asked them to pose for a picture and she was surprised they did. Here’s a link to the facebook discussion we had last night sharing what information we could get of the 7:30pm speeches from various reporters’ tweets. Starting with the picture after the 6:30 presser. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=566648690041320&id=558436937529162&comment_id=6191990&offset=200&total_comments=69


    There’s lots I want to talk about with all this but just didn’t feel like bias blogging about it so I’ll just bias comment instead lol.

    I like looking at those tweets as well, fun stuff, so thanks for letting us know about the hashtag, video, etc.

    Kiss and Thank You

    • Parks was arrested ( I think it was 2003) for carrying concealed weapon without a permit, that could be part of the reason for a lower profile.

    • bigbio and crowd tweet harassing comments to OMara constantly. Leatherman is as biased as the come, he was used as a source by Robles, Miami Herald early on.
      Your blog has a much lower profile than the CTH, and somehow I do not beleive Talk Left would ever be linked to the CTH, even though many there source Merritt analysis on this case.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments on the institution of black victim-hood and its damaging impacts, and how this is a driving force in this case. I have been very reassured to see how many news blog comments across the political spectrum on this case express knowledge and awareness of this powerful dynamic, with the exception of TalkLeft, which is how I got a few extremist righteous angry at me for making the connection.
      I think it is impossible to discuss or understand this case without fully defining the political motivation, which is why I found the CTH so refreshing.

      I have said it before, I know hundreds of so called progs who fully comprehend and have publicly admonished the lies and manipulations used by the racial grievance.

      This case for me, it about honoring the rule of law and dis-empowering riot ideology. The Los Angeles judge in the Oscar Grant case wrote a superb decision despite the insane masses demanding the cop be charged with murder. The jury verdict included contradictory logic which the judge corrected.

  2. I don’t think he intended that statement as high praise of the various news media with regard to how they’ve reported this case so far.

    As for the noun “bias”, and the resultant adjective “biased”, any number of people greater than one wishing to discuss the topic with each other should establish an agreement on the definition of the word before proceeding further.

  3. So I’ll go in the media everyday and inflame racial passions and incite my black brother to riot.

  4. But Mark, if George were black[and Trayvon white] he would be arrested right away. You should know this i.e.

  5. Mainstream media FIGHTS to be in the “forefront,” O’Mara — that’s why so many inaccuracies are reported as news is breaking. And for the love of God, “believable” is not the same as “honest.” Sickening.

    • I’m not sure what you mean. People are quite welcome to come on here and disagree with me and I can keep my hubris in check. I think you meant O’Mara, lolz, he’s the one that thinks he can control the conversation. Leatheman, doth, dogpound, etc. they just regurgitate the same narrative Julison and Cump et al. spewed on the world, all they are is basically an extension of the media.

      Divorce granted, geez we only just got married, lolz. Breaking heart That’s just a joke by the way, I hope you stick around to comment, provide us updates like you do, oh, and of course defend O’Mara to the bitter end, lol.

      • Dman-

        I suspect that MOM knows that he cannot control the conversation. What he can do is have an effect on the negative narrative that was implanted on (almost) day 1 by the Crump/Julison team as the opportunities present themselves.

        Here was an opportunity to speak before a room full of Crump/Julison-narrative sympathizers, if not believers. This was a room full of individuals who can and will affect the initial reportage of further developments in this case.

        This was a room full of individuals who instinctively believe that it is not justifiable for an armed individual to kill an unarmed individual regardless of the circumstances. He reminded them of what the law is and what the issues are.

        He could have passed on this meeting, avoided the picture taking and Mr. Crump. And who else would have been there to represent GZ’s side of the story? Why give Mr. Crump another free pass in the media battle?

        • Exactly. He had to make the appearance, and disarming the huck and jive Crumpster when asked by a black journalist for a photo was just one moment among many which challenged precepts.

      • I contacted Mr. O’Mara today. I want him to represent me in our divorce. Turns out he’s busy with a case. So I’m going to hang around until he can deal with it. ♥

  6. I’ll admit that I’m going to have my little private laugh when O’Mara shreds this half-assed cock up that the state is putting on. “Foaming at the mouth” is not O’Mara’s role here. Crump & Co. is playing in the deep end now and they’re just waking up to that fact.

    • “Foaming at the mouth” may not be his role, but neither should “Fondling his client’s primary persecutor” for a media photo opp be his role. O’Mara needs to walk the talk of his last few motions. Crump has publicly called GZ everything but the Grand Wizard of the KKK. O’Mara doesn’t have to foam at the mouth in Crump’s direction, but the least he could do in support of his client is keep his hands off that piece of lying filth.

  7. I made this post at CTH and it’s what I think. It’s also why I stay out of this MOM debate.

    jordan2222 says:
    April 28, 2013 at 8:06 pm
    I would be most interested to hear the private conversations George has with Robert and his parents about O’Mara.

    Is it possible they are mocking us for mocking MOM?

    I remember that the father responded to a post here and seemed to take exception to some things that SD had said or implied.

    If the family is reading AND taking to heart, all of the negative comments about MOM that have been posted here, then I would think they are “confused” regarding a solution.

    His situation is already dire enough without being in the position of wondering if his own damn attorney is truly acting in his best interest. Can you even imagine how he feels when he reads this blog?

    Surely, he knows that we all support his innocence and is thankful that we speak up for him but I bet he does ponder, maybe even worry, about what is said here.

    For the record, I mean no offense to anyone and am not looking for a fight but I am truly concerned about his state of mind after trying to visualize myself in his position.

    If this should be in another thread, Dman, then please move it.

  8. Im late to the discussion re: omara, I’ve seen some here & at CTH, what am I missing? What is Omaras agenda regarding this case? I keep seeing people talking about omara not being in this for zimmerman. I don’t know what the motive is though. I’m trying to catch up with the blog here & CTH but I’m missing the point I guess. Why would omara be working against zimmerman? Thanks if anyone can break this down for me! I honesty thought omara was really in this for George. I’m not savvy as far as lawyers & law, but i can’t figure the connection as to why omara took this case if not to win? Thanks !

    • j4gz

      You have to draw your own conclusions on this one.

      MOM’s agenda as regards the GZ case can be derived, at least in part, from his public statements and their sequencing over time, courtroom arguments, and filed pleadings.

      A goodly portion of the caution, if not outright consternation, exhibited over at CTH deals with the fact that MOM is not invested in a battle against the BGI, and is not going to be, and subscribes to part of the BGI agenda. In addition, there were screw-ups by MOM at the outset of his taking on this case that have raised suspicions, and Sundance possesses some other info that would cast a negative light.

      Because MOM is not reporting to the internet, and only revealing facts as they seem to fit his game plan, there is a lot to know that is still unknown in the public sphere, and this allows room for abundant speculation.

      Most frustrating is lack of knowledge as to the status of the ping logs and other cellphone data sought by the MOM/West team, for which only a few details have leaked out.

      Good luck.

      • Ty, I’m going through CTH & here to piece it together. I must say I was very disturbed about the pic if Omara & crump. Very odd in my opinion.

        • Think about it: someone asked the two to be in a picture together. What’s O’Mara going to do? Say no? That would make him look bad. In addition to protecting his own reputation, he is protecting George. It’s not going to help if he fans the flames created by the ignorant public. Those stupid people will use any excuse to crucify George.

      • Apologies if I posted off topic here, I follow ur blogs & videos diwataman, also at CTH. I rarely post anything, I’m just alarmed at what im reading re omara.

  9. re Crump in Q&A video, the notion that this was a grassroots movement is absurd, you know the story so no need to regurgitate it here. But one thing that hasn’t gotten enough attention is that “white guy” Crump mentioned, Kevin Cunningham, who started the petition. I got something about that posted on here


    First, I don’t believe Cunninham happenstanced across the article that he wrote about. And second, let’s not forget that article, he at first linked, was the first one to set the narrative we would all come to know and love.


    Something else funny, Cunningham states “For some reason the mainstream media is not reporting this story.” well no shit, it wasn’t a “story” until Barbara Liston gave Julison and Crump a platform to spin that bullshit. And isn’t it funny that’s also how Julison framed it:

    Now Crump and Jackson needed a media strategy. On March 5, Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases. After speaking with Tracy Martin, Julison said he also took the job for free and went to work pitching the story to national media…

    …At first, the media weren’t interested. Julison pitched the story to a long list of media contacts.

    Eventually, on March 7, Reuters published a story titled “Family of Florida Boy Killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest.”

    The very next day the “mainstream media”, I guess the AP is not the “mainstream media” now, carries the same narrative ad nauseum infinitum.

    So it goes from Julison to Liston to Cunningham and the “movement” is on.

    Of course it’s not hard to create a “grassroots movement” when you have nearly all of the media reporting on it and repeating the bullshit story.

    Crump also mentioned the million Hoodie march, sorry, that was professionally organized which I wrote about here;


    Although that guy says he did it for free I wonder if there was any back door dealing. Regardless, again, it’s not hard to create a “grassroots” movement when you have entities like that doing it for you, a completely sympathetic media to give you a platform and a populace who believes the tales of black victimhood in racist white America.

  10. Huh, here’s Julison using social media on March 8;


    And here’s Jackson on March 17 retweets of a reporter;

    oh and here’s Crump on March 9 retweeting this

    And if you look back at Jackson and Crumps tweeting history their accounts were virtually unused until this case and Jackson continues to this day to engage on social media with rabid George haters. Also if you look you’ll see them using this very same social media to promote other cases of theirs in the same fashion.

    So ah no, you engaged social media for the purpose to spread the bs narrative. “It” did not engage you first.

  11. Good grief, it’s taking forever to wade through all the bs, lol, here’s another:


  12. Really? Gee, I wonder why O’Mara? Could it have any relation to this:

    • Oh thank heavens for that, for a second there I really thought Crump was telling the truth. I guess we can do away with this now then ay O’Mara?

  13. See folks this is another absurd aspect of O’Mara. I realize O’Mara gets it in this case i.e.


    Okay, no problem. The absurd part is he doesn’t realize what he’s looking at because for the first time he is seeing it. Not only is he seeing it for the first time, he’s getting it as first hand experience. Strangely it’s the same for George(let us not forget he was the one to organize against the SPD in the Ware case not so differently than how those who have organized against him). It’s the same for a lot of people actually. That is the importance of this case.

    For the first time many are seeing the absurdity and the levels to which the institution of black victim-hood has risen.

    It’s what makes O’Mara’s notion that we need to have a conversation on race, oh but not “that” conversation, and how he would be on the same side of the podium with Crump, all so absurd.

    If this case teaches you one thing it should be to question the black victim-hood legacy that’s so readily pushed in the media, state institutions, academia, law, churches, family dinner tables, commercials, movies, etc, etc. It should make you at least give pause to the next case you hear in the news about a black person being victimized in some way, be it by the police, some institution or just some random guy that will play the role of the blue eyed white devil even though he’s something else; all that are supposedly racist. It should make you think back to all the other cases which you may have thought to be genuine and question, “were they really, or was I just told that? Did I just ‘believe’ that?”.

    If this case has not done that for you then you are not really interested in this case, at least not to any significant degree because really, the other injustices in this case are really just a result of it. You can not fully understand the injustice in this case without understanding that. Oh, which reminds to reiterate, that is also why stuff like the M-DSPD stuff is not only relevant but extremely relevant.

    • Lets say MOM is as naive as you suggests and is just now begging to understand the much larger and import issues you write about. How would you recommend he use that knowledge in his singular goal of defending George against the murder 2 charge?

      • You assume wrongly he has had some singular goal. I think that’s part of the problem so many are having with criticisms of O’Mara, they think all he’s doing is trying the legal case and they try to pigeonhole everything into that. Well, that just ain’t the case and anyone who thinks otherwise just isn’t paying attention or just has been flatly ignoring the obvious I guess.

        I don’t know if O’Mara is “just now begging to understand the much larger and import issues” as you state. I know he gets it in the case he has. How he’s dealing with that I can only assume but I’m betting it’s causing quite a lot of pain with the cognitive dissonance. O’Mara is very conflicted. You can’t defend the worlds worst black boy killer and expect to remain in the good graces of the likes of Crump and everyone else that I’m sure O’Mara hangs with that think like that as well.

        • Yes, he gets it in the case he has which is what his focus is on. The racial issues and political issues like gun control and SYG are what got his client arrested and charged. They created and sustain the political influence. Those highly emotionally charged issues are what jeopardize his client’s chances of being a free man. Maybe his interest in those issues is of such a narrow focus as to make it seem he’s ignorant of the larger issues. Maybe he’s simply addressing those issues to the extent they are relevant to defending his client and in a way that might decrease the influence those issues have on his ability to defend his client..

          He gets it, but he can’t realistically take on all of the larger issues that brought his client to the place he’s at. Maybe he wouldn’t be inclined to even if he could. After all, he never signed on to try and fix the country. All he can realistically do is try and reduce the effect of those larger issues on his client by having a much narrower focus where he can have some influence. “Sure, these are important issues. They just don’t apply in this case.” (not a real quote)

          – He stresses that the shooting wasn’t racially motivated. He corrects those (Capehart, Scheme Team, etc) that insist on making it racial. But sure, he can have that convo, but it just doesn’t apply in his client’s case. Nobody is going to take him up on actually having that convo. Which only makes his assertion seem more valid.
          – He re-enforces it’s “self-defense immunity” and that SYG (‘right to kill’) doesn’t apply..You can’t be standing your ground if you don’t even have the option of retreating. “It’s a completely irrelevant, even stupid law.” (not a real quote)
          – There’s not much he can do about the right to bear arms issue except assert his client acted in self defense. The good kind of use of a gun.

          And of course there’s the ‘true’ motivation (financial, primarily) of the Scheme Team (inciters) that he is aggressively attacking and trying to expose. Specifically focusing on Crump as well as Trayvon’s parents.

          He’s not fighting the larger issues which I think makes some think he’s weak or naive or his alleged prog loyalties are making him inclined to throw his client under the bus. MOM is addressing those issues in a way and to the extent that they affect his client. That’s his singular focus.. That’s his job.

        • This is probably MOM’s first case where he is lined up against the interests of the BGI. Before that, the cases he had, where the BGI had an interest, were probably on the same side.

          At a minimum, there is a learning curve involved in here.

          • hooson- Do you have any info. or links to any of O’Mara or West’s prior cases? I know that West came from the public defenders office, and I’d have to think he saw every angel in his representations. Do you have any links to any former cases for either? That would be an interesting study.

  14. I admit that O’Mara baffles me at times. When he brought on the Beasley firm I knew that he understood parts of the mechanics of how GZ was railroaded but not necessarily the why. I still get that feeling. The BGI boiled down to its essence is about money and how to get it. Scammers and frauds are all the same. If you have ever had the misfortune of talking to con artist about why they did it you will find they have serious personality issues. They are lazy, entitled, and do not care what they do to anyone else. They want what they want and twist their rationalizations into fantastical lunacy. They leave a trail of ruin behind them. When I saw Julison’s name on Pigford I knew he was in on the scams and when I saw his family background I knew he learned it in childhood.

  15. A few thoughts-

    As I said in another thread, O’Mara/West have no ability or responsibility to change the media narrative with this case. They can’t exactly fight Obama when he made the very public statement, for the nation to hear, that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. The president enabled the BGI into making this a racial issue. O’Mara/West had no ability to stop the Congressional Black Caucus from inviting the Martin parents, Crump, Parks, Fredericka Wilson, the other female black Fla. rep. (forget her name), Triplett, Bonaparte from going on national TV to proclaim that Trayvon was hunted like a rabid dog, and was shot in cold blood. O’Mara/West had no ability to write a letter to Holder/DOJ to ask them to please back off and to let the investigation go forward between the SPD and the FDLE before those investigations were even completed. Even they at that point did not know exactly what evidence would be uncovered. They had no ability to even ask the Martin parents and their lawyers to please stop going on TV and elsewhere in the media proclaiming that their son was an innocent little child who was profiled, chased and shot in cold blood, all he wanted to do was become an astronaught (sp). They had no ability to stop Jeb Bush, who signed the SYG laws, from publically saying that the law did not give license to shoot someone in the back of the head, long before he knew anything about the case. I believe that most can agree that this is much much bigger than O’Mara/West and George Zimmerman, however, they can only represent GZ in his criminal case. They were not hired to fight the media, the false narratives, the BGI industry etc. Hopefully that will happen with the Beasley firm, hopefully after GZ is exonerated, and hopefully that is where the complicit media and Crump will pay the price for their incitement that got many people severely injured and/or killed. It is Beasley’s speciality to fight the media, and they are not exactly small time back country hicks.

    I am disappointed that O’Mara made remarks about how black males are treated by the police. I wish he would have said nothing. Go back to Crump and Sharpton’s original remarks at protest rallies early on. Go back to Sharpton’s agenda for decades. It is all about how blacks are treated by police. He has claimed forever that blacks are unfairly profiled and have longer and harder prison sentences than whites, and they are arrested more often. Look at Nat Jacs early tweets about blacks being very scary, or whatever she said. It was in the same vein as what Sharpton and Crump were proclaiming, blacks are always the victims, and damnit they want justice. Before that Holder said that he was looking out for his people, meaning the black race. Obama’s comment about Trayvon was clearly about race. Kevin Cunningham, mentioned by Dman, was the token white law school graduate of the historic black college, Brown Univ., who started the petition online to get GZ arrested. Jasmine Rand, the token white attorney from Crumps law firm, was instrumental in getting some of her students, mostly black, incited enough to take to social media outlets, to further “the cause” and the pathetic plight of the poor poor black folk. Weren’t they the same ones that marched to Sanford for one of the first rallies?

    The entire disgusting and pathetic agenda of Crump, and including everyone I mentioned above was to get GZ arrested, and hung at noon, if not burned at the stake because he shot a black guy. Therefore he should be charged with Fed. hate crimes. Forget the self defense claim, that doesn’t matter, although it would be the only thing that mattered if the roles were reversed, and it was TM who shot and killed GZ, or if he successfully killed GZ by slaming his head on the concrete. This case wouldn’t even be in the news if the roles were reversed.

    From what Mike McDaniel has said, even if GZ is aquited at trial of the second degree murder charge, he can still be charged with Fed. hate crimes. Other than us who follow the case closely, how many even know that the FBI cleared GZ as not being a racist? Does anyone trust the Holder admin., who threw out the already won case against the Black Panthers?

    Suppose O’Mara engaged in race speak, and shouted about the case being only about race, and that GZ was only arrested because he killed a black boy. Suppose O’Mara/West engaged the black reparations industry in calling them out as black racists, who only want money for all their “suffering” because they are so trampled on and disrespected. Suppose George Zimmerman’s attorneys engaged themselves in the middle of racial issues that are currently on fire across the country, even aside from the GZ case. Suppose O’Mara proclaimed that it is not GZ that is the 600 lb. elephant in the room, it is Crump who holds that title. What chance would George Zimmerman have with two lawyers fighting all those I mentioned above, even if they wanted to, who believe they have skin in the game, and they are taking their show on the road? They have a lot of money to make off this dead black boy, and that doesn’t only include the degenerate parents and their shyster lawyer. Can you imagine if the attorney’s representing the “most hated man in the country” involved themselves in an issue, race, that could swallow them like a bite sized snack?

    In summary- What chance would George Zimmerman have of being completely set free from all and any charges, current and future, if his own attorney’s, two local guys from Fla., took on the entire nationwide BGI? Maybe letting the public know that they are not anti-black is more helpful for GZ in the long run.

      • You are right Howie. Sucks to be them that actually commit the most violent crimes. That comes straight from the national statistics. Sucks to be those that exploit that culture, and that keeps all those on the plantation and down. TM lived on that plantation by the choice of his sucky parents.

        It also sucks to be a sucky lawyer who gets on his suing suit and settles for big dollars even before the trial has been completed. Sucks to be the idiot who then tries to play a trick with filing that agreement with the criminal court, for game playing purposes, and then gets caught red handed in his own sucky scheme. And it really sucks to be Bernie, the pimp to his Corey political ho.

  16. Like Jordan, I’m staying out of this one. But I just wanna say there’s some really thoughtful comments in here (on all sides), and I appreciate that.

    But a question, if anyone knows: A couple days ago, Crump made some comment at an NAACP event regarding how important this case is from a “civil rights” standpoint. He said how this case turns out will be important to how far we’ve come in that regard. My question is, does anyone know if that specific point (Crump’s NAACP comment) came up at the banquet last night?

    • Crump is clearly talking about the blacks civil rights, the hell with George Zimmerman’s or anyone else that defends there own life and is forced to kill a black person. Civil rights apply to everyone, in all races, not just to the blacks. Due process applies to everyone, in every race, not to be withheld from some just because of an agenda.

      In all truthfulness and honesty, our racial relations in this country have been set back decades since the election of the first “post racial” black president. No nation will ever ever rid itself of all discrimination and those that are bigots and racists. Unfortunately it is a part of human nature, and a free thinking population.

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