Make No Mistake: This Is About Black People

Put the identifier “black” before every use of “children/child” and you will know what she’s talking about.

Oh to be sure they’ll present to you as if this “philosophy” is applied generally across race, though mention the understanding that blacks are overrepresented, but the truth is this is about black people.


The true “philosophy”, that is being perpetrated in all areas of society today, is that blacks are born victims by virtue of the color of their skin and the soil they were born on and so from that day forward they must be coddled in every step through life and measures must be taken in order to correct or “balance” that victimization and if they can do that at the expense of whites then all the better since whites are the perpetrators. And if the pendulum swings too far in the favor of blacks at the expensive of whites, so what, they deserve it.

It really is just that simple.

“Society can and does execute its own mandates and if it issues wrong mandates instead of right, or any mandates at all in things with which it ought not meddle, it practices a social tyranny more formidable than many kinds of political oppression…” -John Stuart Mill, On liberty


25 thoughts on “Make No Mistake: This Is About Black People

  1. Imagine that, the Schemers have been crying for Justice for Trayvon.

    Because of his skin color, and the warped philosophies of Chief Hurley, Trayvon was given so much justice that it lead to his demise.

    • Those warped philosophies are widespread institutional practices in our nations school system. Not to get too far from the TM case, I have been deep in this matter locally for a decade. Two years ago after a series of gun incidents on the high school campus, we forced reforms with the district agreeing to refer all felony school incidents to police for investigation. We are talking weapons violations, rapes, aggravated assaults, strong and armed robberies. Would you be surprised the high school is back to their old tricks? I have a good part of this week taking officials to task following a gun incident. The parent was told by the admin they could not refer the incident to police because of timing, since it happened the Friday before spring break. Mind you there is a SRO, cop on campus.
      I have been sick to my stomach all week. I can understand what kind of adult can chose protecting the school’s record over the responsibility to protect students.

      • edit “cannot understand what kind of adult”, just thinking about how perverse the practices are makes my head dizzy.

    • Ironic, and yet it happens over and over. One of the black teens my son grew up with explained to me that he jumped about 40 white boys in the park across from the high school before he was finally sent to youth conservation camp just before turning the magic age 18, adult offender.

    • “Trayvon was given so much justice that it lead to his demise.”

      Hotdamn, Minpin, that should be a headline of a news article!

      Social justice like Hurley was trying to create, has to do with the idea of self concept and self esteem. They think that if the teens are in trouble with the law, and recognized as such, it will become how they see themselves, they will not have enough self esteem to be productive members of society, so that self fulfilling prophecy is to be prevented!

      As D’Souza put it in his article, “Education’s Self Esteem Hoax:”

      “Throughout America’s schools, educators are busy trying to foster a sense of self-esteem among young people, especially minority students. The basic premise is that racism and discrimination cause minorities to feel bad about themselves …
      But does a stronger self-esteem make students learn better? This seems dubious. I am the product of a Jesuit education, and institutions like the Jesuits and the Marines have for generations produced impressive intellectual and motivational results by undermining the self- esteem of recruits. …
      a state-funded group called the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem conducted a study …
      The study found, to task force members’ own evident chagrin, that higher self-esteem does not produce better intellectual performance. Nor does it produce more desirable social outcomes, such as lower teen pregnancy or reduced delinquency. …
      several studies have shown that, within the US, black males have the highest self-esteem of any group, yet on academic measures they score the lowest. The reason is that self-esteem in some cases is generated by factors unrelated to studies, such as the ability to beat up other students or a high estimation of one’s sexual prowess. …
      Self-esteem doesn’t produce enhanced achievement, but achievement produces enhanced self-esteem. In other words, feeling good about myself doesn’t make me smarter. But when I study hard, discover the meaning of a poem, find the amoeba under the microscope, see my way through a difficult math problem, then I feel exhilarated, and my self-esteem is justly strengthened.”

  2. Opposition to Unseal has been filed


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  3. Hi D-Man, I am “neutral” about race. Because I was in the D.C. National Guard, I was on the “Mall” when M.L.K. spoke. But he was fair minded about “race”. I have so-called “black friends” who I value (from other countries). But what we have is a violent “Culture”, can commits massive crimes. I am “against” that culture, but I am not “anti-black”. But as soon as I point this out – I am called a “racist”. It seems that anyone, (except blacks in that culture) call ANYONE, Asian, Indian, South-amercan, “Hispanic”, “racist” to advance this “BGI” for their own “purposes” – which is NOT “social” or “racial justice”. I am disgusted with this “culture” – as I thing you are. But “racial” is not part of this problem.

    • MLK wanted equality for all. The BGI and their enablers want reparations, handouts, grade raises, soft treatment, race-based promotions, free sh*t, etc. Is this what YOU want? I don’t. I want what MLK wanted. Equality.

    • In the current administration, social and racial justice is all they have. If they couldn’t promote racial warfare, and class warfare, what else is left. Social and race issues incite and inflame the masses, especially when you cannot be honest about anything. Do you think that Ryan wanted to push grandma off the cliff? Do you think that Romney killed a woman with cancer? Do you think that Romney had a literal binder full of women screaming to escape that binder? Do you think that Adam Lanza didn’t break every law when he did what he did, and that he could have been prevented? Do you think that it is OK to promote taxpayed funded abortions, and then watch the Kermit Gosnell trial and believe late term abortion is OK? Do you think that Obama saying that Trayvon Martin looked like him was OK? Do you think that test scores should be dependent on a students race? Do you think that someone disrespecting the tomb of the unknown solfdier is OK? Do you think the military should be radicalized as the Obama admin. id doing? Do you think that Benghazi has been explained by the administration adequately? Do you think it is OK to have border agents killed in Fast and Furious, and then refuse to own up to any of it? Do you think that it is OK for Eric Holder to talk about protecting “his people”? Do you thinkk that it is OK to have the DOJ only to investigate white on black crime, but none other? Do you think it is OK to drop a case against the BPP for voter intimidation, when the intimidation was videoed? Do you think it is OK for no punishment for the BPP putting out a bounty on George’s head? Do you think that Obama telling his supporters to get in the faces of those that don’t support him?

      There is much more, I’ll end it there. Uh, seems like a little myopia to me.

    • Amen!

      When people like me refer to behaviors and crime rates of “Black” people, we are referring to African-Americans who are members of the welfare dependent, Black Grievance Industry dependent class.

      I had a chemistry professor who was a coal Black complexioned immigrant from Africa. He spoke far better English than I do and with a very British accent.

      The problem is how to reform African American culture when the vast majority of the current generation of Blacks were born to single mothers without responsible fathers?

  4. Gov. Rick Scott appointed the lady in the video above, Wansley Walters, as the state Juvenile Justice officer, because of her great reduction of juvenile arrests in Miami Dade. He hoped she would take that same reform approach across the state.

    It is stated right in the article that she lowered incarceration rates, “mostly for minorities” in Miami Dade. The focus has been on the Miami Dade situation because of TM. Is this going on now across the state? Was Hurley instructed by Walters to lower the arrests of African Americans?

    Put in your search Pam Bondi-Wansley Walters and see all the events/forums that come up with Bondi and Walters. Did Scott also appoint Walters on Bondi’s recomendation? We know how well that worked out with her suggestion of Corey.

    • I read this earlier this evening. I would like to know what you think of it, Minpin.

      I am probably going in another direction than how you meant it, but I am shaking my head. Why in the world do we go looking for the sins of the past, worrying about embalming bodies of those who’ve already moved on. Its madness! The school is closed, sad that it took them so long, yes, but by bringing all of this rot into the light, it further validates the racial activists, although there were whites along with blacks at the school.

      It also gets all the Prog educators riled up to feel justified about how this is a racist society, raising their indoctrination curriculum to programme the of the next batch of Jullisons and Jacksons to carry on their prog agendas of white is bad, and black is good.

      Or maybe make more like these academic fools, who created the RACE TEST, which will show if you are a racist or not. Go ahead, take the test, its anonymous, and tell me if you pass:

      We cannot live in the past. Bondi needs to get a clue, American society has never been about animism or worship of dead ancestors. The more you get misty eyed over past wrongs, the less you can live in today. Of course we remember and learn from the past, but we don’t seek retribution from those who weren’t living then.

      And that’s really what is wrong with all of this justice seeking. Look at the Native Americans, have they ever behaved like vile savages, recklessly destroying their neighbors and society in which they live? For all that was done to them: They lost their lands, their women, children, elders died through all the removals, they were given the worst lands to live on, their religions and culture were thoroughly disparaged and denigrated, their languages were silenced as obscene or beat out of their children, their names were demeaned as pagan, their contributions deemed worthless, and they continue to suffer prejudices, but do you see them behave like black people do?

      Anyway, I wanna say more, but maybe less is more, here. I would like to know what your take is on Bondi’s decision on this, Minpin, thanks

      • My take on Bondi in this particular action is clouded by a dislike of her for many reasons. I think Bondi is an opportunist, willing to say and/or do anything that makes her feel powerful, and to further her political career. As a state attorney general she doesn’t seem to have the ability to remain impartial, and runs in the direction of where she thinks she can gain more votes/power. Remember where she met Crump and Parks, in a case involving a youth detention camp. She was from the prosecutors office, and the prosecution lost the case against the camp workers. Crump said he would never “allow” that to happen again, and apparently Bondi agrees. Pam Jasmine Rand Bondi, a crusader for the plight of the black man, and all the injustices committed against them. She is up for re-election next year.

        I agree that learning from the past is valuable, but rehashing injustices that happened all the way back in 1900 is feeding what I see as the Pigford syndrome. It is unlikely that many of the victims and/or their immediate family members are still alive. Yes there were whites and blacks at the school, but they were “segregated.” It appears to be a fishing expedition in order to find a reason to pay reparations, just as those that had ancestors that were slaves are demanding today. My grandparents immigrated to this country from an eastern european country back in the early 1900’s. They never owned slaves, and neither has anyone else in my family tree that I am aware of. That the son should not be responsible for the sins of the father applies here.

        No one will ever erase racism in any race. There will always be those that will throw a blanker over another race/religion/ethnicity etc. and feel some sort of contempt for those they don’t like, including black racism against whites. From my perch, the most endangered species in this country today appears to be white males. You can thank the youth, the women and the minorities for that one, but don’t include me, I didn’t vote for him.

        • Thanks Minpin. Nicely put.

          And also, the US is the first country in the world to declare it illegal to own another human being. And the Civil War was fought, with slavery being one of its major issues. So people have given their lives for the freedoms, blacks have here. Their own ancestors would turn over in their graves if they knew how they are using the freedom and opportunities they have.

  5. GAH, when she says there might be different circumstances that led those children to commit those acts, that they should not be held responsible for their behavior. Unreal!

    I do feel sorry for Trayvon’s home life and the unjust and callous way he was treated by his parents, which led him down the path it did. He was acting out, and trying to get mom and dad’s attention, to say the least. But how is it, that “children” like Trayvon do not act out at home. Why is it that they need to go unleash their anger and brutality at innocent people in the world?

    At least, his friend Kit unleashed his anger on his own mother, not to say that that is right, or justifiable to say the least, but black parenting methods leave a lot to be desired. All the normal things we associate with family, seem subverted in many AA homes, and whether or not that ignorance is thrust upon society during a person’s teen years, or later in their careers, their understanding of what is moral and just, right and wrong, is vastly different from whites and other minorities who live in the US!

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