Yellow Day, Dark Day, Day of Gratitude

March 22, 2012

Sanford, Fla. police chief Bill Lee steps down “temporarily” amid Trayvon Martin controversy

(CBS) SANFORD, Fla. – Bill Lee, the police chief at the center of a national firestorm over the investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, announced he was temporarily stepping down Thursday.

Dear Governor Scott:

In the interest of the public safety of the citizens of Seminole County and to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, I would respectfully request the executive assignment of another state attorney for the investigation and any prosecution arising from the circumstances surrounding the death of Trayvon B. Martin.

I am fully confident in the ability of my office to conduct a fair and impartial investigation; and, I have already committed experienced career prosecutors and investigators to this task who have been working diligently in conjunction with FDLE. This request is being made in light of the public good with the intent of toning down the rhetoric and preserving the integrity of this investigation.

We will cooperate fully with the appointed state attorney to assure a smooth transition of the investigation and the April 10, 2012 convening of the Seminole County Grand Jury. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact me.



April 11, 2012


“…After meeting with Trayvon’s parents that first Monday night after we got appointed in this case…the first thing we did was pray with them…” Ugh, did you extend that same courtesy to the Zimmerman family?

April 11, 2013

A Letter of Gratitude from Gladys Zimmerman


48 thoughts on “Yellow Day, Dark Day, Day of Gratitude

    • To the Zimmerman Family,

      I am so very sorry that you have found yourselves in this situation. If only Trayvon had made different choices. If only his parents were motivated to find the truth in this case, rather than a pay day.

      For whatever reason, your lives all changed the night of February 26th and its in your control on what comes out of it. I am very grateful for your strength in standing up to local, State and Federal investigations and not wavering beneath the pressure. Because you did, more and more people are aware of weaknesses in the justice system and the reason why voters need to do their homework on those they elect into power.

      I’m sorry you have spent this last year living in hiding and living in fear. Those who took to the airwaves and lied to get the public angry and motivated to rally have done a great disservice to civil rights. Ironically, most were civil rights leaders and civil rights lawyers. I still can’t get over that.

      Then we have the colossal failure of the media. Anyone who spends 30 minutes looking into the facts of the case will run into dozens of lies told as fact. The evidence just doesn’t support what the media reported. You are right, I recall reading in the papers about what snacks George ordered while incarcerated and didn’t see nearly the same amount of coverage when it was learned the most important witness in the State’s case lied. A number of the public are still unaware that about a dozen FBI agents investigated George’s life from top to bottom and interviewed 32 people and found no evidence of racism. Yet I noted Soledad O’Brien just this past month talked about Robert’s controversial tweet and mentioned the one and only family member who made the racism allegation on day 2. Ms. O’Brien didn’t tell the public about the FBI findings. And the media wonder why they are losing viewers and readers?

      I’ll pray that the love and strength within all of you continue to give you what you need to deal with this ordeal. I often think of George’s grandmother and wonder how she is doing. I know she had some health issues and that was an extra burden you carried as you began a life in hiding.

      The aftermath of people’s actions in the wake of this event has not been a good one for the media, the politicians or the justice system. Let’s hope the higher court will take back the farce that is going on Judge Nelson’s courtroom and ensure George Zimmerman gets a fair trial.

      If there is anything I can do to help you, please feel free to reach out. You can email me at

      Be Well.

  1. diwataman – thanks for the outstanding piece.

    Mrs. Z shared:
    The upcoming trial will not disappoint you. The truth will finally be revealed to many, but to some who have always seen through the narrative – the truth George always told will be
    “revealed,” but rather “confirmed.”
    It’s good to read Mrs. Z share “the trial will not disappoint,” I feel the family is confident in the case MOM/West will present as they know the evidence, ALL the evidence we have not seen, the “trove” of information garnered from TM’s cell phone that MOM spoke of, the social media we don’t know about. TM’s family may too know the evidence at this point, maybe even more incentive for them to have settled the case of wrongful death.

    Mrs. Z’s letter is so heartfelt, an unimaginable nightmare the family can’t escape. Although it has been a year, imo, a lot of public opinion has changed, there are the misinformed blogger’s that continue to spew Crump’s narrative but even Nationally, I read comments by people that have followed the case, the discovery, and defend GZ.

  2. I cannot imagine how torturous it has been for George, Shellie, and their families to be the victims of this BGI-sponsored state-sponsored media-sponsored idiot-sponsored lynching attempt. Hell, it’s been life changing for ME, an anonymous person with no connections to the case! I cannot imagine being one of the targets. I wonder how many times the family members had to prop each other up just to get through this horrible horrible mess.

    It’s frightening to think about the justice process in states which don’t have “sunshine” laws. No wonder there are so many wrongful convictions. I used to think such laws were harmful, but I certainly don’t feel that way now.

    • I agree Tara, it makes me wonder about a lot of other cases, some of which got overturned on appeal. Would any them have even gotten that far, if the Sunshine Laws were available?

      It is scary to think, that a person could go to jail based on the unproven accusations of an unknown witness, who is collaborating with the lawyers of the opposite party and who stand to gain financially. How many just accepted a plea deal, because they lacked the resources to fight the system?

      This case does need to be remembered for years to come, and I know it is a two-edged sword but I hope the trial gets lots of Media attention, the more the better, so that they won’t be any doubt about the miscarriage of justice.

  3. boricuafudd – In reference to the Sunshine Laws, following and watching 2 trials in Fla. in the last 3 yrs., I am shocked that so much information has been held back in this case DESPITE the Sunshine Law allowing very little to be held back. Names/phone/ addresses were redacted in some of the information in both previous cases but everything was released except the pictures of Caylee’s skull and skeletal remains, eventually they were obtained by media and shown on HLN/FOX/ & other TV Media.

    The only reason I can think of as to WHY we haven’t seen everything is because of TM’s age. There is so much unknown information the public doesn’t know in this case, I remain surprised.

    • It can’t be TM’s age, any more than it could have been Caylee’s age. The secrecy is due to the threat of riots by the entitled class.

          • Funny that. My dog a source of my anxiety. Cricket is kind of rotten, like terrorist rotten, but she is my girl. I love her to pieces and she lets me live in the house so… 😎

      • cboldt – thanks for that comment, I couldn’t understand the differences in the cases but that makes sense. I too remember MOM/West agreed w/Prosecutor’s for some information to be with held.

        Enquiring minds want to know especially about the Ping Logs.

        • Art-I agree that despite the Sunshine Laws we have not been privy to some information. My point was geared to most of the country where the information would stay secret until a Hearing or Trial. In those cases there would be nothing to counter the Narrative, almost right until the trial started. How would GZ be perceived now, if it had happened in a place like that?

          I agree with Cboldt, arrangements were made because of the sensitivity of the BGI and the threat of riots. My thoughts on the Ping Logs is that they are inconclusive so neither side is bothering to release them or it might have to do with the Order Judge Lester made about the phone early in the case, in that case they can’t release them.

          • Too many special things were done because of the BGI and threat of riots. Obviously it needs to stop. Now which of our leaders are going to have the b*lls to do it?

            • Tara, I think the problem is two-fold whenever someone does say something, during the ensuing backlash, rather that support that person, we are conditioned to shunned them. Nobody wants to be call racist, is the kiss of death for politicians. Even when they do say something it is in measured tones and almost apologetic for having to say it. It is worse is your are AA, not only do they get call names, but they have their lives and those of their families threatened. IDK of a solution but, I do know that we need to support those that do say something no matter which side of the aisle it is coming from in order to effect any meaningful change.

          • boricuafudd – I agree w/your thoughts, in La., we have the “Sunshine Law” ONE WEEK per year.

            I remain outraged at the treatment of GZ & family, as you all have pointed out, if GZ had not lived in Fla. when this occurred he would have never overcome the lies and the BGI agenda. The release of information has discounted most the propaganda, but there has been so much damage done, some will never consider the evidence and remain ignorant.

  4. For me this whole case really started with Wolfinger, not Corey, Bondi, Scott, or any of the Scheme Team.

    To Tara, absolutely;

    “Too many special things were done because of the BGI and threat of riots. Obviously it needs to stop. Now which of our leaders are going to have the b*lls to do it?” – Tara

    That’s exactly it. And it’s exactly where my frame of mind has been. That’s why everything, all of it, goes back to Wolfinger, Everything you said Wolfinger essentially said:

    “In the interest of the public safety of the citizens of Seminole County…”

    In the interest of public safety? But I thought the Scheme Team made it a point this was not about threats of riots and just wanted simple justice? If there was no threat to the citizens why fold? Even if there were, why fold? Are we to give up on our principles so easily?

    “…and to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest…”

    What might appear as a conflict? That Wolfinger is white?

    “This request is being made in light of the public good with the intent of toning down the rhetoric…”

    Oh noes, the rhetoric, not that, lol. And if you’ll recall that is exactly O’Mara’s position as well. But it is an absolutely flawed position in both regards. You can’t “tone down the rhetoric” by caving as Wolfinger did, and you can’t do it with O’Mara’s approach either. You can’t do it at all. You think they were all just going to stop and go away just because you quit? The only reaction should be to stand by your principles and fight. But instead ALL of them let themselves be steamrolled.

    “…and preserving the integrity of this investigation”

    The investigation can’t have “integrity”, people do. And that sentence is in absolute conflict with his other statements:

    “I am fully confident in the ability of my office to conduct a fair and impartial investigation; and, I have already committed experienced career prosecutors and investigators to this task who have been working diligently in conjunction with FDLE.”

    If that is the case, then he is saying HE and the other investigators already HAVE integrity. YOU CAN”T HAVE BOTH! Either you are of integrity and confident you will keep to that with the investigation or you don’t!

    So why the conflict there? He knows he can do the job, he knows he shouldn’t fold, and he can’t control nor “tone down” the rhetoric. So why cave?

    I don’t believe it was the public interest, appearance of conflict, toning down the rhetoric or integrity of the investigation, all of that appears to be an excuse and counter to Wolfingers character. I think he was pressured to give the case up. I think he was faced with an ultimatum to cancel the grand jury and charge George. How and who applied that pressure and what was said will never be know unless Wolfinger speaks out, but he won’t, he’s a coward.

    We don’t need leaders, we just need people with integrity, no matter who they are or what position they may be in.

    • D-Man I totally agree, if I may add, even as Wolfinger was announcing that a Grand Jury was going to be inpaneled, the Chief of Police was getting removed from the case. Then, after a phone call with Bondi and Scott, was when Wolfinger “decided” to stepped aside.

      It is my belief that the Defense has some evidence, that Crump pressured the officials to do those things. It is why Crump does not want to answer questions which can later be proven as lies, the Affidavit was bad enough.

      • It was not just Bondi and Scott, it was also Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy L. Austin Jr.

        “Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Florida, Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett and Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte met Tuesday with Justice Department officials: Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy L. Austin Jr.

        “The gentlemen we spoke with — they said they will not only look at what we’ve done, but they will also … I think his exact comment was there will be no stone that won’t be overturned,” Triplett said.”

        That was two days before Wolfingers letter and there is no way Perez and Austin did not also talk to Wolfinger to get the details of what was going on with the investigation/prosecution sometime after the meeting with Triplett and Bonaparte. Unless of course they did not want to be seen as being an influence then they could have simply gone to Bondi and Scott to assert that influence for them on Wolfinger.

        Crump has no power to pressure any of these people aside from help with the media and others like McCann, to inflame racial passions in black people to riot.

        That happy little world you wish for can’t exist with the USDOJ/CRD, that is the BGI institutionalized.

        • Ouch, D-Man, I am sure there exerted their pressure, but bottom line is Scott responds to the voters in Florida, DOJ-CRS or not, and Bondi responds to Scott. You are right the BGI is institutionalized in some places they run the show (Detroit, I am waving at you), The leadership in Florida caved, there is no other way to put, no matter the intentions.

          • “…but bottom line is Scott responds to the voters in Florida, DOJ-CRS or not, and Bondi responds to Scott…”

            Right, but I would phrase it as they are “answerable” to the voters, they also need to do a serious check of their character. Why do you think I have them on the Scheme Team list and call them cowards?

            It was the CRD that went down there first, the CRS came in later.

            It’s the essence of the BGI that is institutionalized in the USDOJ/CRD. “BGI” is a loose concept anyway, it could mean different things to different people. And it’s institutionalized on the Federal level, not just in some places, they go where they want i.e. Sanford Florida in the case of George Zimmerman.

            Yes, we agree, they caved.

    • Wolfinger’s chain of command isn’t very long. Pam Bondi. And if you think she’s just following orders, then see the governor. Wolfinger likely figures that if the proviberal “you” can’t connect those dots, then you’re not very bright. Meanwhile, he’s protecting his personal interest in future jobs that involve approval from elected politicians.

      I’d cut him some slack, at least until after the Zimmerman persecution is concluded. Wolfinger publicly called Crump a liar, and if he is compelled to testify in the Zimmerman case (or in a case against Corey for malicious prosecution), I trust he’ll tell the truth.

      • Oh make no mistake Bondi and Scott fit right in as well, see the comment I was writing to boricuafudd as you wrote yours. It’s up to Wolfinger to come out with it, if he was pressured to charge or remove himself then only he can tell the world that, I wasn’t there. He could at least come out and say that didn’t happen, then even then I may not believe but I would have to accept it because there’s no way to prove it. Yeah, he’s protecting his personal interests alright, that much is clear.

        • D-Man I did say all organizations based race, etc., needed to be disbanded, I don’t make distinction because it is a government institutions, as far as I am concerned that is much worse, they are support to be serving us, all of us.

      • Here is an old article with a bunch of state legislators calling for a special prosecutor in the Martin case-

        Fl. legislator Siplin echoed the Crump claims that the SPD were corrupt, and therefore a special prosecuto needed to be appointed by the Gov. The title of the article says that the Gov. was considering the appointment of a special prosecutor. Wouldn’t that mean that even if Wolfinger didn’t step down, the Gov. had the ability to remove him?

        Siplin said “We’re not contesting the veracity of the current prosecutor (and here comes the “BUT” ) but through tradition he has a relationship with the Sherrif’s office, the police department in the city of Sanford.” Duh, isn’t it the police department’s across the country that arrest individuals for crimes committed, or not? Siplin went on to say that there was a “plantation mentality” in Sanford. He called Sanford a “bastion of racism.”

        Did Wolfinger have a history of only prosecuting blacks, but not whites in Sanford? Doubtful.

        Remember at that same time we had Bonaparte and Triplett in Washington, along with the Martin parents, and Frederika Wilson claiming that Zimmerman hunted Trayvon down like a rabid dog, and shot him in cold blood. There were meetings with Holder’s DOJ.

        There were “Justice for Trayvon” rallies in cities across the nation. There was one set up right here in my home state of VA. Of course there were people being beaten and/or killed in memory of Trayvon.

        I understand integrity, standing up for your principles, and holding tight to the rule of law. I do believe that there is a widely held sentiment that no one is willing to be the one to free GZ, or to even speak out loudly about the miscarriage of justice with our due process laws. Was Lester willing to uphold the rule of law when he was the judge? Is Nelson willing to uphold the rule of law in being a completely impartial decider? Have many believed that a jury needs to decide the fate of GZ so as to take the pressure of any one person in finding GZ innocent of the crime charged?

        Should Wolfinger have been stronger, not buckled to the demands of everyone up to and including the DOJ, and then forced to live in the same seclusion and hiding that the whole Zimmerman family has been forced to live with. There is little question that he would have been a pirrah (sp) in the community, and possibly the nation if he didn’t fold when he was forced to.

        I also don’t see Wolfinger as having the major role in the railroading of GZ. That role fell solely on Gov. Scott for buckling to the BGI in order to not have the state he was presiding over at the time to fall to ruins because of the riots that were promised from so many quarters including the BPP. Hell, the Gov. never even got a raised hair on the back of his neck when they put out a bounty on GZ, wanted dead or alive.

        With respect Dman, this all was enabled by a weak, pansy arsed Gov., who hid under the skirt of his Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi. The good friend of the biggest shakedown artist in Fla. history, Benjamin Crump.

        Wolfinger is on the defense witness list. He still has a chance to stand up for Justice for George.

        • To answer your question about the special prosecutor, yes the governor has that ability to name a special prosecutor whether Wolfinger stepped down or not. But, it looks so much better if a letter is written, even if it is late at night. It appears legitimate for those looking to be fooled.

          • Hi Bori – I have seen this before. The subtle message is this, “…do you want a pleasant retirement…?” Why “fight it”. Just write a letter and “bow out” – and give it to *my* special prosecutor. Just write a short letter – and EVERYONE will be happy. ( Except, perhaps George Zimmerman.)

        • Soctt is on my list as a Schemer and a coward. It was Wolfinger that supposedly went to him remember?

          I don’t think Wolfinger railroaded George, I think he just stepped to the side and let the train on through.

          It’s been over a year, he’s had his chance. He may have had a long and distinguished career and have been a man of strong character his entire life, he gave all that up on March 22, 2012. If he were in fact pressured to charge or get out of the way and exposes that at sometime and it results in starting to put right to all that is wrong then fine, all is forgiven but I seriously don’t see that happening, ever. If he was not pressured then he’s still just as bad because he did it for bs reasons he gave in the letter.

          • I concur, maybe there is some redemption for him if he testifies truthfully, the harm can’t be undone but at least he can stop the bleeding and begin the healing.

            • o do. It will not get better in Fla. Scott will likely be on his way out Bori- With all respect, how in the heck can Wolfinger stop the bleeding, and begin the healing? Isn’t Wolfinger being put under a microscope for not having stood up and held his ground? He is being shown, as far as I can tell, to have folded to the race baiters, who folded to those that wanted a healing process of some sort. He was the one that was attacked for wanting to slow stuff up against the attacks on the SPD, who has been accused of being a “plantation of racism.” How many of us believe that the Grand Jury was the way to go? Wolfinger announced a date that the Grand Jury would take up the Martin case, he was pressured out by so very many, and then Corey said she would not use a grand jury to decide on the fate of GZ? Remember the day it was released that Corey said she wouldn’t use a grand jury? Corey couldn’t go to a grand jury, as now all this time later, with the discovery that has been released, the state has no there there. Likely a grand jury, with what the state has, would also likely have found no there there.

              Tell me please, if you have state legislators, the Gov., the state Atty. Gen., the Fla. DC reps, the attty Gen. Holder, the president saying Trayvon looked like the son he would have had, and the I’ma gonna riot crowd, that you would have put yourself in a position where you would have had to hide, or have realistic death threats against you, that you would have made any other choice. Would you stand up there in the public square, and say, hey from the investigation that was completed by the SPD, I believe that Zimmerman acted with proper self defense. Couple that with no one, and I mean no one, willing to take it on themselves to exonerate GZ, no one. No one wants to stand up and take the principled position and yell from the rooftops that GZ has been railroaded. No one wants to take that risk, no one. A jury pool who may exonerate GZ is at similar risk. The jurors names are released at some point. Does any potential juror want to vote in favor of no there there with the ste’s case? Doubtful.

              I sure don’t want to be in trouble here at your site Dman. I am only posting my own personal opinion. I truly believe that Gov. Scott had every ability to stop the railroading, by the BGI, in it’s infancy. Scott is the pansy arsed idiot that just couldn’t risk riots and mayhem in his state. Politically that looks pretty bad. Can’t have that. It’s similar to him screaming that he would never do the Ocare medicaid deal in his state, until he did. Scott is a sickening panderer to everyone who can’t possibly make him look like a man.

              • I do understand what you are saying, my thinking was if given the opportunity to testify, and he can attest to being pushed-out by the BGI elements. It would help get GZ not only exonerated by would help with the people that are fence sitting. It would illustrate how the BGI use it’s political pressure to circumvent the Justice system, right now anytime we say this to some people, they look at us as, another conspiracy nut, Wolfinger has the power to open peoples eyes as to the control the BGI wields over the rest of society, sure not everyone will be convinced but it is a start, and like I said it will help GZ.

          • Surely you are not talking about Rick Scott being a man of “strong character”? IMO, He is worse than a carpet bagger. Check his history and lawsuits- Your tax money at work through Medicare. I couldn’t bring myself to vote in the last election for Gov. because I thought both candidates for Gov.were crooks. I did vote for Pam Bondi, but would vote for Mickey Mouse before I would ever vote for her again.

              • It is in reply to me. I was talking about Wolfinger and really it’s just in the sake for argument sense anyway so it could apply to any of the just as well.

              • Bori- You are confusing me with your comments. You seemed to back Dma’s opinions, but now it seems that you are denigrating them, if I read you correctly. I could be very wrong however, I’ve never seen Dman as claiming that Wolfinger to be a part of the Scheme Team. A coward sure, but I’m looking for where Dman considered Wolfinger a part of the scheme team. Please will you explain that?

                Bori- You can’t have it both ways.

            • A few years ago I was in contact with a so called “blue hair” in Fla. She bragged to me one day that she had just had her toenails cut by a podiatrist. I asked if she couldn’t have the same service done by a pedicure and manicure outfit. She said that if she went to the podiatrist, it was covered by medicare. I asked if toe nail clips were covered by medicare. She said that the podiatrist charges were submitted by her doctor as a fungus treatment service. She said that they all do it. I was sickened. Were there many doctors in Fla. that committed fraud, with claiming other services were done, yes. Fla. has a very large retirement crowd.

  5. Trayvon Martin’s family fires back after mother of George Zimmerman’s letter!

    This response sounds as if were written by Crump or Nat Jack. It has made me so angry I can’t pee, I think I got the high blood pressure, and may need to go to the hospita, and I am confused as to my age.

    If this has been posted somewhere else, I apologize, it is in response to Mrs. Zimmerman’s letter.

  6. I agree with Talk Left that Mrs. Zimmerman’s letter will probably change no one’s mind about this case. It also could do more harm than good since it was clearly not written by her, but probably by Robert in a further attempt to influence the media. IMHO, Robert is quite good a spokesman for the family, yet he has his moments of wackiness (the recent racist rant comes to mind.) He is learning the media tricks of manipulation, yet honesty is very important in this case, since it will come down to credibility.
    It would have been better to state that it was written by Robert or whomever, but it reflects the feelings of Mrs. Zimmerman and it is attested to by her, just simply edited by someone else.
    The degree of scheming and treachery going on in this case is truly amazing. I am starting to understand House’s claim that “everyone lies.” As a further example, no way did BDLR write the latest diatribe to which he signed his name in objection to the Motion for Sanctions. That BDLR would even know who Shakespeare and Machiavelli were stretches the imagination!

  7. I regret Norm Wolfinger’s decision to resign under extreme pressure. I would have hoped that they would have allowed him to conduct the Grand Jury. But that his where this became a “pure political” problem. This is indeed a product of BGI, and Crump’s lies.

  8. One of the most important goal of a prosecutor is to do INDEPENDENT prosecution – to not be affected by EITHER PARTY. This included Crump, Tracy and Sybrina. To do this, is to be un-ethical, and very biased:

    Corey>…the first thing we did was pray with them…” Ugh, did you extend that same courtesy to the Zimmerman family

    That is exactly it. Corey might have been required to prosecute. But she COULD have continued with the Grand Jury (no reason to block it), and avoiding having “love ins” or “pray ins” with ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. That is the real disaster of Corey (and the same for Nifong) They NEVER CHECKED the lies of “their” presumed witness. Now we KNOW for a fact that DeeDee will lie under oath.

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