McCann and Martin: A Match to be Sure

The advertising agency, McCann NY, that helped brand companies like Coca-Cola and Mastercard in your brains to make you buy those products:

It’s in this New York agency where some of the most famous brand-building advertising has been developed, whether “I’d like to teach the world to sing” and “Mean Joe Greene” for Coca-Cola, or “I’m Worth It” for L’Oréal, or “It’s everything you always wanted in a beer. And less.” for Miller Lite, or “Priceless” for MasterCard, or “Army Strong” for the U.S. Army.

Now wants you to vote to make the farce of the George Zimmerman case to be “Truth Well Told”, a phrase which they brand themselves with on their website(, and vote in the Webby Awards for their “A Million Hoodies For Travyon Martin” campaign they threw together:

The nominating information:

links to this video:

which is made up of a collage of videos and audio filled of course with the typical crap we’ve all have seen ad nauseum and even uses the same editing technique that NBC is being sued for to make it appear the NEN call George made that makes it seem like George is the one making race an issue.

You can thank “Daniel Maree at McCann Social Central” and the “team” for the genesis of the million hoodie thing and helping to “sell” the “hoodie” as being significant to the George Zimmerman case as “Truth Well Told”:

“Our co-worker Daniel Maree at McCann Social Central started a partition for Trayvon Martin case on Facebook, linked to, asking for a million signatures to encourage police action in the case. The team came up with the tag “#millionhoodies” to encourage people to submit their photos of hoodies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as supports. Also, they organized a rally on March 21 at Union square to get the attentions from the media.

We got the request to build the site 6 hours before the rally started. The idea was to aggregate images, which were tagged with “#millionhoodies”, from different social networks into one place and encourage more people to submit their hoodie photos. Each social media platform has its own APIs and tricks. The challenge was to get the images from different platforms and consolidate them in our database. Our team did a great job, collaborated very well and built site in 12 hours.

Looking at Maree’s twitter it appears he didn’t start in on the case until March 19 with a retweet followed by this tweet:

Unsurprisingly Maree writes in his article “In Florida They Shoot Negroes”, again the same typical race based bullshit we’ve again all have heard ad nauseum in George’s case, even telling us how the words from the movie The Great Debaters; “With violence or civil disobedience. You should pray I choose the latter.” ring in his head and how, of course, the “hoodie” played an important role, got to get that branding in there ay?

Of course Maree “knows” George should have been charged writing; “The authorities must take action and charge Trayvon Martin’s killer. Until then, I won’t be able to stop thinking “in Florida they shoot Negroes.” How does he know? He doesn’t say, nope, not a piece of evidence mentioned aside from the supposed screams of Trayvon; oh and of course that Trayvon was black, was wearing a hoodie, clearly the shooter was not black and George wasn’t charged yet(24 days into the investigation), what more does a black man need to know?

That is the person, Daniel Maree, the company, McCann NY and its “team” who helped inflame the passions of black folks that caused the white folks to run like cowards and ultimately charge George Zimmerman and now supported by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences through its Webby Awards.

So let’s add them all to the list of the many players who got us where we are today so we do not forget how we got here and who to watch in the future when another “black” is the “victim” of a “white”.

Here’s a list of some of the players we’ve come to know in George’s case:

Where’s “our” “Maree” to fight this crap? Where’s “our” “McCann”? “Our” “Julison”?


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35 thoughts on “McCann and Martin: A Match to be Sure

  1. It is going to be a very loooong hot summer in the cities.

    I wonder who it was exactly that hired this outfit to do the advertising campaign. And yes, where is someone like this working for the George Zimmerman side. Self defense is illegal- just lay there and take your beating like a real man.

    • Looks like they did it for free:

      “Daniel decided to start a petition on Facebook, linked to, asking for a million signatures to encourage police action in the case. Out of that, a viral campaign grew quickly, and people around the world began uploading a picture of themselves wearing hoodies, many of them asking the question, “Do I look suspicious?”

      As the campaign viralized, a group of Daniel’s friends, including Kandace Hudspeth, Director of McCann Social Central, and Daniel’s Social Central colleagues, used their free time and their skills to support Daniel, and build a campaign focused on the rally at Union Square last night. The team, experts in all areas of social — brand storytelling, content strategy and simplification, event activation, PR, creative and technology — created the Twitter hashtag #millionhoodies to spread the word, and also a gorgeous poster that was distributed online and printed for the rally as well. After Trayvon Martin’s parents announced they would come to NY and speak at the 6 p.m. rally on Union Square, media attention poured in.”

      • Here is another article from a year ago that also mentions Maree, and many of the other players. You can see with these people, their is no rule of law, it is now rule by the mob. Just throw the bastage in jail, throw away the key, don’t waste your time with trials. We intend to get our “due process” the way we want it. They literally say that this is how citizens should react to injustices, just as long as the injustices can be spun to favor their own.

        Black on black crime is so rampant, especially in Chicago, but that isn’t worthy of their attention. Soon they will have eliminated so many of their own they won’t even register a blip on the population radar.

        I thought I read a while ago that it was the red headed irish guy, Kevin Cummings (I think that’s his name) who was the token white law school graduate of Howard Univ., that started the first petition on to get GZ arrested.

        The race war being perpetrated in this country, and with the help of a complicit media is astounding, terrifying and will not end well for anyone. I’ll turn this quote around to who deserves it, I’d like to coc% punch every one of these race baiters in the nut sack.

        Ha, “Truth Well Told.” By who, DD?

  2. This is so ridiculous. Just like GZ was ASKED is he white, black or hispanic, GZ was also ASKED what TM was wearing. They continue with the false narrative that it was BECAUSE he was wearing a hoodie that he “looked suspicious”. I say file another suit before it gets outta control with that crap. GZ only answered questions. He didn’t offer up anything on his own. When GZ later said on the NEN .. “he’s black”, that was just to confirm in case his first answer might have been in error. It was dark outside fer cripes sake.

    The filed suit re: “black” they should file on all for using the “hoodie” narrative too.

    • ottawa- That was one of my first thoughts also. Beasley needs to start filing lawsuits against the lying azzed media very soon. I wonder if there is such a thing as cease and desist orders that can be filed against these people for incitment to violence and riots.

      Crump is on the hot seat with the DCA (hopefully). DD, and the state have admitted that she lied. It’s not been a good time for them lately. They race baiters have to go on the warpath again because that evil white/hispanic dude might walk free.

      There are many people who need some harsh punishments for this railroad express against GZ, and anyone they do it against in the future, but the two that enabled this to get off the ground to begin with was Scott and Bondi. They could have nipped the whole thing in the bud, and they certainly have the ability to stop it now.

      • I would. When you are going to have all these ppl and the media doing the “hoodie” thing … it’s just wrong. Cease and Desist would be a good start.

  3. Dman did that original statement really have “partition” instead of petition?

    If so, I would never use that ad agency in a pink fit!!

    Yes I am still a stickler when it comes to some forms of spelling especially when words mean different things!!

  4. BOYCOTT. Boycott all products with advertisements created by McCann. Inform the product companies why you are boycotting their products.

    I’m quite sure there are more of us than there are traynuts.

    • Clients include leading global brands such as American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Coca-Cola, General Motors, General Mills, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, L’Oreal, MasterCard, Maybelline, Nestlé, Sony and Unilever.

      Anyone want to write a nice letter to send to McCann and these companies? I will assist.

      • FYI, Maybelline and L’Oreal are both owned by the same company, for what its worth. My mother retired from Maybelline 🙂 I also wouldnt doubt some of these others are owned the same way. JMHO.

      • I hate Holden cars 🙂 I do not fly if that can be avoided :). I am only concerned with a few of those brands: Johnson and Johnson, Kraft Foods and perhaps Unilever and Intel is in my computer 😦

      • I’ll bet the companies listed above are not aware of what McCann is doing. And I’ll bet they wouldn’t like it if they found out. They don’t like to offend anyone, you know.

        • I disagree Tara, with all the howling that was going on at the time, and the Narrative in full force, I bet all of those companies would have supported their efforts. None of those companies would want to be seen as “RACIST”, by objecting.

          • I think I agree with Tara’s point. A lot of companies would never touch such a polarizing and public case and especially because they made it racial.

            But where I disagree with Tara is the general notion she’s making. Those companies have the obligation to check into who they do business with, not me. But more importantly, as I said, someone like McCann can do this stuff and support Louis Farrakhan and Khallid Abdul Muhammad for all I care, I’d much rather have something FOR ‘My” side, so to speak.

            It’s the same idea as a white version of the NAACP. My interest is in protecting the next “George Zimmerman” from the BGI and counter their efforts.

            • I agree with D-Man, and I think I was misunderstood when I said they companies would support, what McCan was doing. What I meant is that those companies, even quietly would not object to what he was doing at the time, even quietly, as it could get out and cause huge problems for the companies.

              While I think your idea of a white NAACP is very interesting, I feel that it perhaps will add to the polarisation that is going on now a days. I believe perhaps, naively, that less exclusion is needed not exclusion.

              At the same time a creation of a white NAACP is what might be needed to stop the current divisiveness that is going on. For me there are no hyphenated Americans, either they American or not, regardless or race, ethnicity,political or sexual preference.

              • “…less exclusion is needed…”

                Lol, I don’t mean to laugh but tell that to all the black organizations out there.

                Your beliefs aside, the reality is what it is, this, what we have seen in the example of George’s case, is what is upon us whether we like or not, so you can either lay down and take it or do something. You can try it your way I just don’t think for a second you’ll convince any of them to disband.

                • I agree, I think all organizations based on those terms should be disbanded as unconstitutional because they are discriminatory to others who are a non-member.

                  Okay, I can dream can’t I?

                  • Sure if that’s what you want, but surely you wouldn’t do the same to individual choices, I mean I still can talk and date only white people if I wanted couldn’t I?

                    • Of course. Your personal choice should always be your own, I don’t see nothing wrong with dating or marrying outside one’s race, heck my wife of 22 years is black.
                      I just feel that, just as the KKK would not have a black or jew as a member, any organization that sole purpose is discriminatory to other should be banned. if an organization wants to help people then it should help everyone.
                      I have the same problem with carving out electorial districts along the same lines. Who represents those that are of a different ethnicity on those districts? This also creates the perpetually elected, regardless of how they do their jobs. Like Serrano, Velaquez, Corrine Brown, etc.

            • “It’s the same idea as a white version of the NAACP.”

              OMG can you ever imagine organizations such as the white law enforcement organization, a white version of the chiefs of police in the nation, a white version of the white journalists in the nation, a white version of lawyers association, anything representing the white population really? That went away with the Affirmative Action laws. Now the most endangered animal in this country is the white male.

              Back in the 60’s I was very close with someone who was hired, from on campus recruiting results, to work for Bell Labs. That was before Ma Bell was broken up. He complained constantly about how much slack he and some others in their department had to carry the load of the requirements of the department. He said that there were some blacks hired, and they came in in the morning and put their feet up on the desk, and read the newspaper. They took numerous breaks. They were not go getters by any means. They did the minimum. They knew they could not be fired for any reason, as they were a part of the “quota” system.

              There are many students that cannot get into the collages and universities of their choices because of the “quota” requirements. There are many that are not hired for jobs because of their “quota” requirements. There is no challenge now with the younger generation, they all deserve gold stars. When does this equality for all begin to recognize that there are many that are just plain losers?

              • Is funny I was having this conversation today, I told an acquantance that the US does not have an equal society, he argued and even mentioned set asides and quotas as how the US was achieving equality. Then I reminded him of the time a slot for a promotion opened up, how he applied and was the most likely candidate, everyone told him the job was his, until a co-worker who did not have half his qualifications applied, but he was given extra points for being a minority, both ended up with the same score, but he was white, so he did not get the promotion. It was a that time that he told me that he did not want to talk about any longer, and dropped the subject.

                • Nothing like bringing up a personal example of how someone was harmed to shut down the firing synapses of those that seem always to be on the wrong side of an issue, where they themselves suffered the consequences.

                  Wasn’t there a case brought forward where potential police promotions were being judged on testing scores? Some whites excelled on the test, while some minorities failed. The argument was that the test questions didn’t address the understanding of the minorities in the right way. Do you remember that story? My recollections are fuzzy.

                  • You might be recalling the Fireman from New Haven, Ct. After the testing only white firemen did well on the test, so all the white firemen’s test were tossed out. Our “wise latina” Supreme Court Justice, had sided with the City, and the Supremes overturned her, right as her confirmation was in the Senate.
                    Of course you could be taking about the Sergeant’s exam in NYC, that was called racist, and had to be retooled. Some of the exam questions that were used to demonstrate bias were so freaking simple, that if someone did not get that right, they did not deserve the promotion IMO.

    • Count me in, good idea. I sent informed emails challenging Maree in the past after reading his propaganda, he did not respond.

      • Cassandra, I would like to compose a letter that can be sent to all of the companies listed above. I’m going to work on it this weekend. I think there’s some petition web site I can use, I will post the letter there.

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