The Jello Bows to My Greatness

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23 thoughts on “The Jello Bows to My Greatness

  1. If anyone is wondering, this was for the Dee Dee Depo (or whatever part of that we’ve had, at least). Enjoy it while you can, DMan. You’re still gonna lose the Trial Bet. No trial in June… no trial evah!

    (And Ian says this is the last straw… he’s confiscating all your Tull records.)

    • Oh our lil Jello Jiggler, lol a man of his word 🙂 You 2 make me giggle 🙂 . But I do enjoy your thoughts and insights on stuff!

    • Ha ha I dont see it, but I am sure there is a “rabbit hole” there somewhere, thats why its sucha big ole cake 🙂 so many people have went down the rabbit hole 🙂

  2. So the cake being thrown in the avatar – is one thrown for each time Jello has been wrong??

    Sorry, Jello, just had to get a dig in.

    • Yeah, what’s up with that? I’ve only been wrong once so far. The other time DMan slimed Ian was fair, I suppose, since we had just gotten proof of the Dee Dee depo. But tonight? Why’s he gotta hit him again?!!!! 😦

      We’ve got three bets. One on whether or not Dee Dee would ever be questioned under oath… so the partial depo wins that one for DMan. (Of course we still aren’t certain there’s only one Dee Dee, but that wasn’t part of the bet.) Another is whether ABC or Gutman have cooperated with MOM/West in some way behind the scenes. That one is gonna be hard to determine, mainly because we never defined how MUCH cooperation counts. I still think there has been some; I think DMan still says none. And of course the bet over whether or not there’s gonna be a trial. So, only one has been settled so far.

      • One for losing, one for bunny cake!

        Whoa now, I thought that other bet was getting the tapes through working it out behind the scenes and I said no way in hell Matt would ever give up them tapes and such. So um, yeah, that looks like another cake! Well, if it’s true all there was left was that five minute clip.

        Oh you can rest assure my friend this will be going to trial.

      • The ABC/Matt Gutman bet will be tough. The 5 minute clip was released, but there is no way to know if it was done to cooperate or CYA mode. It is powerful in that it is proof the defense needed that Crump committed perjury in his affidavit/pseudo-deposition. Based on the tweets going on between Gutman and RZjr, my guess is it didn’t come from Gutman. I agree with you that the clip counts as cooperation. I don’t think we’ll ever find out what took place behind the scenes. Did ABC approach MOM with the evidence, but it was suggested they release it so it wouldn’t look like they had cooperated (which would be close to admitting liability/concealing evidence?).

        • I’d have to go back and look but it was I think jellos position, could have been other he was agreeing with or something, but the point essentially was that there would be a backroom agreement to get the tapes, I said something like an ass like Matt would never give those tapes up and the bet was on.

          I won this one because of this:

          Now it’s clear there was something going on behind the scenes with O’Mara and ABC but just them simply talking was not the bet, it was the actual giving up of the goods. That didn’t happen and apparently never will, so….CAKE PLEASE! lol

          However, as you say, perhaps Matt snuck that 5 min clip on the net for a deal made, I would accept that as a loss BUT since Jello can not show me the document or it mentioned anywhere in any document or article by the parties involved, like I can with DD, it should not be counted.

          • I won’t take sides because I have great respect for both of you, but isn’t just the release of the “new, never knew it existed, proof of perjury tape” evidence that someone cooperated? Was the condition that it needed to be cooperation in writing and documented part of the original bet? I think the problem stems from lumping ABC/Gutman in together. Gutman would take the info to his grave, and ABC is likely to cave.

            • It could be but you would still have to show it. We don’t know anything about who did it or why the clip was put on there as no explanation or reporting came with it.

              Gutman/ABC, it’s essentially the same to me, I would say the same about them, unless they were forced by a judge they wouldn’t give them up.

              • I’m not saying your logic is flawed, but you do know who did it. The clip wasn’t released by Crump, or by MOM, or by NBC. Who had possession of the clip? Only ABC/Gutman could be responsible (even if it was a lowly tech who made a mistake and posted it, it would still be an ABC employee). While there may not be proof that they intentionally cooperated with MOM, do you have any proof that they did not?

          • 😉 😉 Ok, we’re gonna have to lawyer up for this one, I see. I’ll take MOM and West to represent me. So that means you get the Dream Team of Crump & NatJack!

            • There is a current case about a Fox reporter who refuses to divulge information about her/his source in the Aurora shooting.

  3. I like the choice of cake. Let’s just see what else happens.

    I am still thinking that there is a slim chance this case will not go to trial. I know it is coming close but what could cause delays? 🙂

    • “Convinced” as in, would I bet a lot of money on it? No. But I’m still pretty confident. The reason being the “fear factor” where Bernie, Corey, and others are concerned. I really think that they are terrified of the thought of the whole Scheme being exposed. So on the one hand, if they could go ahead with a trial, and (win or lose) if they would be SAFE — I mean on a career and personal level — then yeah, they’d push ahead. But I think all of us here feel that the further this goes, the more the criminals are gonna be exposed. And if Bernie and Corey feel the same way, then I can easily imagine them saying, STOP! Let’s all just go home and forget about this.

      • I hope you are correct but am curious as to how they would announce that decision publicly without pissing off the BGI and a lot of other folks.

  4. Jello- I think THIS may be more of what Dman had in mind to bow to his greatness, because he is such a haute dude. Get with the program already. Show proper respect. LOL

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