Blog Update

Allow me to apologize to my followers. I have been periodically, though quite a bit as well in a short time, changing the layout of my blog to try to accommodate for many factors and find with some difficulty any one layout to satisfy all those factors. I am using the free version of WordPress therefore restricted by what free layouts are available, I can not do CSS on here.

Also, please take note of and keep in mind the new menu button in Nettles18 honor and be sure to check it out.

That’s it for now, peace. Dman.


25 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I don’t post here I just read. could someone please post a picture of daryl parks mugshot when showing pictures of the scheme team.

    thank you.


  2. hi diwataman:

    thanks for your blog. IMHO, your first rendition with the light yellow and brown highlights was by far the most appealing. it was calming, and God knows we can use that!

    as for the nettles thread, i think it will be useful if it is actually a new thread when there is new material. i think that is what readers want….to be able to discuss the latest news. yes, there are going to be outliers and people who can’t seem to stay on topic. when something new comes along, it makes sense to have it in a separate thread.

    i know, i know….start my own blog! just suggestions.

    • Aesthetics is really my last concern with the layout.

      The thing is I really have no interest in blogging every piece of news that comes out. I don’t have the time. I may go a week without blogging about anything. This is a blog so there aren’t really separate threads so to speak like a forum. People want different things. If they want an “up to date news oriented” blog they can find that or make it because it aint going to be this blog. Some people are interested in the legalese, they won’t find that here either except the links to TalkLeft. This blog is titled DiwataMan, it’s a personal thing, it’s me, hence I blog what I want when I want, really that simple.

  3. Hi Dman, I like some of the changes πŸ™‚ but keep looking for that theme which will be just right. Yes, I know how hard that can be and I have been messing with the themes as well. I like to have a look at the new themes πŸ™‚

    • Easy to read at what screen resolution and zoom level? I go up two magnifications before getting a horizontal scroll bar on the window. The version just before this one was better IMO. Maybe optimize display for a lower screen pixel count which will make the print larger. This version has an overly wide right margin and column for shortcuts which was also a problem on the first version, it takes a third of the page width. An optimum display screen resolution change and an off white background could help if those settings are in the free version. Also maybe narrow the page margins and the shortcuts column width if those can be set.

      • Oh man, I just put in IE to see what it looks like, lol, my goodness. I use firefox and I don’t know what magnification level I have it at as I just use Ctrl+scroll but at %100 on IE and my god the font looks like it’s at 4 pt. WTF?

          • What I was saying there is that in IE it has the % bar at the bottom to show you what mag you’re at, I don’t know how to do that for Firefox so I don’t know what % level I’m looking at this in.

            • I checked it in both IE and Firefox and the issue is the same in both. The magnification steps are 25% and I can go up two easily from the default view, which means the screen resolution is set too high for the web page and it isn’t automatically resetting for best display on the users machine.

    • Also the gravatar should be immediately beside, probably left of the user name IMO, like between the post 3 and the username.

      • Maybe when I learn CSS and pay for WordPress I can do all that, I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon though, lolz. As it is now I’m stuck with free versions.

        • The version just before this was easier to read at +1 on Firefox. If there is an optimize page display for lower screen resolution, pixel count height and width, then try that setting to get the text size larger. I liked the version just before, except for the shortcuts column being on the left side. Otherwise it looked fine and did not truncate descending message replies too narrow.

          • There’s nothing I can do without paying. That one made the front page a bitch to read with all the hyperlinks blaring out everywhere and when you went to reply to some comments it would drop the reply box to the bottom so you could read the comment you were responding to as you were writing. Also I couldn’t have the “search” widget on that one for some reason.

            As I said “…changing the layout of my blog to try to accommodate for many factors and find with some difficulty any one layout to satisfy all those factors.”

            When you find one that satisfies something you want you find it gives you something you don’t want. So since I have the free version I have to settle somewhere in between.

            • This current version looks good, but something you could try as a tweak if it allows. The page is three vertical columns now, so I wonder if the left column for shortcuts can be merged with the right column for shortcuts, so there is more space for the blog entries, and all the shortcuts and links are in one column on the right, while the column for the blog entries gains that width now occupied by the column on the left side. Make the 3 column page into a 2 column page and see how that works.

    • Yeah this layout does look better to me too, probably the best one yet. I’m test driving it a little and it seems a lot more like it, and responds well to zoom in for the “large print edition” when the eyes get tired. I especially like that feature LOL since otherwise I need about three pairs of different strength reading glasses πŸ˜€ I was up two levels magnification before but this is back to normal. Style is great but legibility is biggie for my old eyes.

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