Crump Gets Paid

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Crump gets paid and this is just one lawsuit:

Trayvon Martin’s parents settle wrongful death claim…

Homeowners association is believed to have paid more than $1 million.,0,6893976.story

“A civil lawyer with a vested interest in the outcome of the case should not be allowed to keep evidence from law enforcement; potentially influence significant witnesses; speak on national television about evidence he claims to exist and witnesses he has spoken with; accuse several law enforcement agencies of dishonesty; otherwise play a central role in the media persecution; and then gather evidence to further the prosecution of the Petitioner and, as a result, significantly threaten Mr. Zimmerman’s chance of having a fair trial, yet claim he is not subject to a deposition regarding non-privileged matters.” -p40 O’Mara

Standards for Lawyer Sanctions:


376 thoughts on “Crump Gets Paid

    • More money for the Zimmerman’s. It should be sequestered by NBC to help pay the claims. They will surely crossclaim the recipients.

  1. The only reason they are revealing this now is to shore up the argument that Crump is opposing counsel. Otherwise they would have stayed silent on the settlement while asking others to donate. Self-serving as always.

    • I disagree Nettles. If anything, this proves that Crump is the atty. for the Martin family, with respect to the civil cases, and has nothing to do with the Criminal case against GZ. Crump already said that he doesn’t represent DD, and that he could not give her any legal advice. The defense motions to depose Crump, because he was the one that manufactured her, in order to get an arress, makes him even less opposing counsel, and even more a conspirator in the Scheme. As the defense has argued, he created the atmosphere to get GZ arrested in the first place, because he had an ulterior motive to push for GZ’s arress, as it would help him gain financial benefits for his only clients, Tracy and Sybrina.

      IMO this really isn’t any great gain for Crump and his clients, it was go away now money from the HOA. As someone pointed out, it was pretty darn hard to sell any condos in the RTL when there was a lawsuit that could have increased the HOA fees substantially while it was unresolved. I do hope that the settlement was the smallest that it could be. I agree that Crump and the Scheme probably settled for the least amount, as Crump is not looking too good at this point with his lying azzed manufactured persecution of GZ. They probably took what they could get and ran with something that was better than nothing. I think DD has been gold for the defense.

        • Nettles you ask a very good question. This is a Crump tactic. The settlement states that they do not accept any responsibility so it is “go away and stop annoying me, money”. It has the appearance of a “win-win” but in fact it is a no-win and appeasement.

        • Nettles- I still think it goes more to the fact that Crump is only trying to show his bona fides that he is a successful shakedown artist. It’s likely, IMO, a statement saying “see how important and successful I am with getting shakedown money for my clients.” It still has nothing to do with the criminal case. Crump is only rattling sabers so to speak, because he knows he is on the hot seat with the Writ. Take whatever money you can get while you can still get it. Crump has never been challenged by anyone on the defense as far as I can tell. He was given state taxpayer money by the former Gov. Crist, really for no reason, none at all, as he and Bondi lost the Anderson case. Did Crist pay him money to not create riots then? Will Gov. Scott give him taxpayer money now to make him go away yet again? I would be willing to bet if Scott gave him enough money now, the charges would be dropped against GZ in a second. We all know it’s all about the $$$.

        • I agree with you, Nettles. I was thinking that the timing was to deflect attention away from the writ and make the public think that Team Skittles is winning, but after reading your post I do believe you’re right, that it was to bolster Nelson’s claim that Crump is opposing counsel.

  2. I hope someone begins revealing the real Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton – the parents who did not care one little bit about their son.

    I am shocked that this was settled because they should not have received one single cent from that Association. It was a set-up. It was a very wrong decision when they decided to settle.

    • I agree. I can’t believe the HOA didn’t wait to settle until the case was finished. The whole point of the court case is to prove what happened – ie, if there even WAS a “wrongful death”. So they’re going to end up realizing that they paid big bucks to the family of the person who was committing felony assault against George, actions which led to his own demise. The error was TM’s. Seems silly to pay money to the family of the criminal.

      • I am in total agreement with your comments. You are correct. TM made the error that led to his demise. He had choices and he exercised those choices the wrong way. Why should his greedy parents receive anything for his death?

  3. I am disappointed that there was not more of a fight. I thought I had read at one point this suit had no chance.

    • Which tells me the insurance company settled for an amount less than what they calculated they would spend on legal fees defending this.
      They are “bottom line” people. They aren’t in the public perception battle, they are in the accountability to shareholders battle. The fact that they dropped their suit against the Trashcan team tells me the Trashcan team whored themselves out for cents on the dollar. Based on prior experience, I am pretty sure that the amount disbursed is less than legal fees they would have paid. Even if you win in court, the amount awarded as legal fees is a mere fraction of what was actually spent in defense.

      Crump needed a “win” in the public perception battle. It is to his advantage that he can whisper and hint that it was a big $$ payout, when it is sealed under non-disclosure. The insurance company made it clear they were willing to battle – ergo – a small sum so the file can be closed, and Crump can declare “victory”.

      It just reinforces the knowledge that the Scheme Team are pathetic bottom feeders, and this was always about scamming as much money from “wherever”.

      Pathetic and disgusting.

      • I agree Karen. Crump only released the info because he is so on the hot seat with the defense Cert. He is doing nothing more than the media always does, he is trying to take the attention away from his recently released complicity in a shakedown. Isn’t it the media propagandists that always try to take your eye off the ball when they are in trouble? That is all this is about.

  4. I seriously doubt that they reached anything near $1 Million in settlement money. They were most likely paid a pittance as “go away” money.
    It is to Crump’s benefit to give the illusion that it was a big settlement for “wrongful death”.
    My guess is the non-disclosure is to protect Crump from embarrassment more than the insurance company, which never likes to make public knowledge what they will settle for.

    Tempest in a teapot. Plus – when GZ sues them, that will become public knowledge.

    Crump and the Scheme Team are losing the public relations war on this – big time. They have taken hit after hit recently. They desperately need something to give credence to the concept that St Skittles was a “victim” (I threw up in my mouth a little when I typed that …..) This suits this end, and is playing to the perpetually aggrieved BGI crowd.

    And my money is on far, far less than $1 Mill.

      • Who is George going to sue.. other than NBC??? He will likely lose that, but if he does get a settlement.. the Martin family will get that money too.

        The notion that George will collect some sort of windfall for this crime is wrong headed.

        • George can sue Crump, et al for slander for starters. George’s life was taken away from him by Crump going on TV with his lies. The term “wrong headed” sounds sooo judgemental.

    • Ye! I am thinking that when Crump had to hire a competent attorney, Blackwell , to cover his butt, he needed cash now. Since he didn’t have an annuity to sell to J C Wentworth, he had to settle with the HOA fast at a discount.

      • Jello, where are you?

        We need you on the Treehouse! Some things about this settlement are very disturbing. Never thought I’d say this, but some optimist wisdom is required. Kid you not!

          • Everything over there is twisted so that MOM isn’t a good guy. Everything. Personally, I would withhold judgment until actual information to that effect is shown. IMO, if you take a step back, it all starts looking like the bitter words of a jilted lover.

            • A personal vendetta against O’Mara seems to be the order of the day at TH. GZ and his dad are not dummies and GZ has kept O”Mara as his attorney, so it is none of my business until he does something against the law. Omara is GZ’s attorney of choice and from what I can see so far, he is doing an excellent job for his client.

  5. A million $ won’t go very far once the layers and get their cut. There won’t be a heck of a lot left for the rest of trash can brigade. The scheme team probably owes more than that to cerditors.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s less than a million dollars. And if the HOA had of been more patient, today it would have been even less.

      • I was thinking this is a good deal for the condo owners. They are innocent victims of the race pirate’s. They paid the premiums and the Traveler’s made them go away. That is why you buy insurance. To protect against flood’s, storm,s termites, race pirates, and other disasters.

          • I would buy my policy from Traveler’s after this. They pay. Ya need race pirate rider nowadays. I bet every HOA in Floriduh….and there are lots of em. Is calling.

        • Asa a Florida homeowner, I realize more and more everyday how crooks are responsible for my insurance rates being so outrageous.

          • Very revealing isn’t it? I’d have an issue with the insurance company if I paid premiums to them. There was no need to settle until after a full airing of the facts and the trial date is set. Their premiums may go up because someone was a nuisance.

    • What was happening 2 months ago when they settled? Trayvon’s Birthday. The lack luster crowd at the courthouse. The preparations for the 1 year anniversary that was falling flat. The $cheme Team decided to accept an offer of some amount. We know through mediation they were offered more than a million dollars and turned it down but about 2 months ago they came to a settlement where the HOA admitted no liability and settled the nuisance suit.

      Yesterday on the heals of the writ, Crump decides to make the settlement known to the court. This court has already ruled in his favor. Perhaps he needs it on the record in the lower court to use it in his argument in responding to the writ if the higher court agrees to hear the writ. All we can do is watch and wait (please stay in your cars).

      • My friend on facebook pointed out to me that it was likely in November 2012 this settlement was reached. Mr. O’Mara told Rene in February that the settlement was reached several months ago. As Travellers insurance suit against HOA/Fulton was dropped in November this is likely when everything got resolved.

        So what was going on in this early stage that made the team settle? At the hearing on October 19th, Mr. Crump was made a witness of the court and ordered to take a deposition with the defense team. It was the last time the family was to enter the courtroom. Mr. Crump came back once on Feb. 5th with his lawyer to produce the sworn affidavit and get out of his scheduled deposition. Check mate as Ms. Jackson tweeted.

        Did the prospect of having Crump’s deposition taken and the information that could flow from it compel the family and their lawyers to take the money and run? Time will tell. Mr. Crump’s desire to get the settlement into the criminal record may reveal the answers.

  6. This is how Sharpton made his money. This is all Crump wanted. Now we just have to hope he gets stabbed to death and the rest of those con artists are left to fend for themselves when George gets out. Man, what a great way to live – lose a kid you don’t care about and cash in because he put dem bangaz to a cracka:

    Ah, the good life. These white corporations with no balls deserves to lose everything if they let these hungry mutt pitbull ‘lawyers’ dupe ’em out of other people’s hard earned money. Waiting for somebody to do to them what they do to others.

    • I agree nomorebsplease. Try telling a modern day progressive that their ideas have already been tried and failed. Gotta love em, they think they finally have the solutions and plans of just how well it will work with their ideas, because they are just so much smarter.

  7. I assume the HOA had insurance. The insurance company didn’t want to be criticized by the black grievance industry.

  8. Do I understand that the state of florida victim’s fund also piad Sybrina a $50,000 payout? It would seem to me that the state of Florida is scrambling to pay Sybrina everything they can to stop the onslaught of the BGI. They did it with the Martin Lee Anderson case, why not now? Florida seems to have a history of just paying big bucks to stop rioting in the state. Someone somewhere has to put a stop to the hijacking of taxpayer money. Do the taxpayers even care?

    • I’m so sick of our leaders (spending our money) to pay off these blackmailers. When I was younger, people were hijacking airlines, and the presidents always said, “we don’t bargain with hijackers” – because if you do, more people would start hijacking. No different than giving a kid candy to shut them up whenever they have a tantrum – you’re just guaranteeing more tantrums.

      Just start saying “NO!”, have the National Guard prepared, and soon enough the BGI will deflate. There’s no longer any reason to fear the label “racist” – since 2007 it means whatever they want it to mean, thus has no meaning at all anymore.

      • This is true.

        But our government is lazy. The path of least resistance is every decade or so to bend over backwards and give them what they want no matter if there case is legitimate or not.

        The proponents of the BGI and Trayvonites are aware of this. And they like it this way. Right or wrong doesn’t matter. Power, or perceived power does.

      • Rick Madigan – I mostly just read at the CTH now since I’m not interested on Sundance’s take on MOM. The article in which Nettles voiced her opinion before being BANNED, I wholeheartedly AGREED with everything she stated in response to Sundance.. OF COURSE Sundance COULDN’T RESPECTFULLY let her comment stand, he had to RESPOND and argue on every paragraph which was distracting to the reader and unneccessary. It was disrespectful to Nettles imo who is always respectful and an asset to any blog she decides to contribute and share. Sundance made a comment BEFORE Nettle’s comment that stated he had “decided” to allow her comment but was responding to it.” WHY didn’t Sundance just let Nettle’s comment stand as she stated it INSTEAD of arguing, interjecting his opinion between every paragraph trying to validate his opinion in which we ALL had already read, jmho.

        Blogs are not as good as a blog owner, a blog is as good as those that share information and contribute there.

  9. It may be possible that the insured homeowners requested the settlement. If the insured recommends settlement be made, and the insurance company refuses, later facing a judgment greater than the policy limited, the insurance company may then be held liable for any judgment greater than the insured requested they pay before the judgment. Also, to sell (or refinance) their property, the homeowners probably wanted the case closed.

    • “Crump asked that the agreement remain confidential. However, the court has decided that there is no reason for the agreement to remain confidential, and is giving Crump 10 days to appeal that decision.

      We have learned, that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.”

      So if the insurance company didn’t pay who did? Or was there amount agreed to? We may find out soon, the court isn’t going to keep it confidential.

        • I was bid farewell by the owner of the blog. My last post never saw the light of day and my second last post was riddled with the owner’s commentary throughout. I’m done with the CTH. I do wish them well.

          As for this latest dustup, I did read the link you left here. Again I see accusations and no evidence. How else can Mark O’Mara possibly know about the settlement and when it settled if he wasn’t a party to it? Hmmm, could the lawyers who were tasked with dealing with the suit, have done their homework and asked the defense attorney in the criminal case, his opinion on the merits of the claim of wrongful death? If they didn’t they aren’t doing their jobs.

          Could the attorneys who then settled the claim have given the defense attorney a heads up as a courtesy? I read the amount was agreed to be kept confidential but that there was a settlement may have been disclosed to Mr. O’Mara at the time it occurred. Very likely. By all accounts we are hearing this was a business decision not a decision made because they (HOA) think guilt is likely. Mr. Crump made it known yesterday there was a settlement but sticking to the agreement redacted the confidential parts. Who is to say the HOA attorneys didn’t do the same in telling Mr. O’Mara about it months ago?

          I’m done defending George’s advocate. Talk to me about the case and the evidence against him (George). There are 65 days left until trial.

          • From one of my facebook friends: “one of the legal minds that I read has suggested that Crump may have erred in filing the settlement with Judge Nelson. He states that in doing so, Crump likely voided the clauses for confidentiality and a suit could be filed against him if such a clause was violated”

            • Nettles;
              I hope what your friend says is right, as I was wondering about that myself, what the use of having a confidential agreement if your are going to share it around. On another subject, I am like you, tired of the attacks on MOM. At this point it serves absolutely no purpose. Even if you accept the premise that MOM was an adviser on the settlement brought in by the insurance company, and even if MOM did advise for a settlement, that does not mean that MOM is biased against GZ.

              MOM’s advice may be the most legally sound at the time, given the unpredictability of Civil Court judgements, and how a jury might be looking for a scapegoat if GZ is acquitted. This latest theory does not make sense, and it is financially detrimental to MOM if he was a paid adviser, as it would end his part on the negotiations and any fees he might be earning from the Insurance company.

              Now if your friend is correct, MOM has forced Crump into an error, that could dissolve any previous agreement and settlement, sweet!

              • Natalie Jackson was tweeting yesterday hinting the defense leaked confidential information. I laughed at it because at the same time, the lawyer firm was tweeting publicly the confidential filing to the court was filed by them. Anyway, it appears the court (and it wasn’t Nelson b/c she’s on vacation) ruled against Crump in keeping it confidential and made the 5 pages public with redactions.

                It’s unclear if the court was given a redacted version or a complete version. If Crump shared the complete version he may have violated the confidentiality clause in the agreement with the other parties.

                Also curious is the reporting (link below) that the HOA’s insurance company did not have to pay a claim out. Does that mean, they didn’t have to but chose to for business reasons or does that mean the claim has been settled for zero dollars and the settlement amount is to remain confidential. We may find out in 10 days time when they make the filing public if Crump is unsuccessful in his appeal.

                Rene wrote in her article yesterday, the 5 page submission was made public. I checked the pleadings link page and there was nothing there. I did see the confidential filing notice on the case docket site. I’m not sure how Rene got access to it but it appears the public can see at least the redacted version. It was the source of Rene’s story yesterday.

                “In the five pages of the settlement that were available for public review, the settlement amount had been marked out. Lower in the agreement, the parties specified that they would keep that amount confidential.”


                Does anyone know where the public can review the redacted document?

                • I don’t think it would be visible until the appeal from Crump is heard. Rene might have seen a copy of the document before it was sealed, or a source revealed the contents, is my best guess.

            • I was asked as a fan of Mr. O’Mara’s to go the CTH to defend him. I’m so tired of this subject. I’m done defending Mr. O’Mara (George’s advocate).

              I want to concentrate on the strategies now of winning this case. I want to help Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and Ms. Truett win this case. I want to make it impossible for Mr. Crump, Mr. Parks or Ms. Jackson to do this to another person. Now let’s hope the higher court agrees to hear the Writ. Fingers crossed.

              • “I was asked as a fan of Mr. O’Mara’s to go the CTH to defend him.”

                Nettles, I did not ask you like that. I never thought of you as a “fan” of O’Mara, nor did I want you to come to defend him. I do not make the titles on that thread.

                I asked you as someone who I know is very well liked, on CTH, and I honestly did not know why you left.

                I guess I am going to have to go back and look at the posts you mentioned, but I am sure its some misunderstanding, that happens in written formats. Anyway, I do understand how you must feel, based on what you said.

                I don’t speak for anyone else, nor do I believe anything said by anyone else. But studying and interpreting the facts on my own, I was amazed how right on Sundance was. He definitely has had good sources and research going on. But its also his interpretation and focus on unpopular facts which is important in so many ways.

                And, with the most recent thread, if you read the article alone, not the comments underneath, you will see how SD responded to Danny’s comment, is quite reasonable. It is not “berating,” as you said, but maybe some frustration with the same arguments over the year.

                Its sad that all of us want freedom and justice for George, yet its come down to O’Mara being a dividing factor between us, and that should not be.

                • When I read how Sundance responded to Danny, I thought he got “Nettled” Sundance did the same thing to my post but I was lucky enough not to have it made into it’s own thread and ridiculed by others.

                  While I know some like to dump on Mr. O’Mara, make no mistake, it is NOT Mr. O’Mara who is dividing us. No, we are doing that ourselves.

                  • “No, we are doing that ourselves.”

                    I agree on that. Don’t know what can be done. I agree with Sundance on everything he’s said about O’Mara, however, I know its not easy for others to see things like that.

                    I’ve argued much against Jello’s constant optimism about O’Mara. But optimism may be the road of faith, when no other road is available.

                    Yet, I do not want Sundance to stop shining his light on the connections that he is noticing. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, and truth like that is not easy to do.

                    I will come post here sometimes to you, if you don’t come there. As that famous saying goes, “If Moses will not come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Moses.”

                    • It’s not optimism that hasn’t swayed me. It’s not a desire to not face the truth. Keep telling yourself that and it doesn’t change the truth.

                      What Sundance has given is allegations without evidence. He tells us he can’t provide the evidence. It’s insider information. I’ve seen some of that insider information and trust me, it’s not based on evidence either but a belief that O’Mara is bad.

                      You need more than that. You need proof. Stop slandering this lawyer unless you can back it up. Until you can, the subject should be dropped.

        • My head is spinning from reading so many opinions. I am not commenting since I prefer to wait until ALL of the details are released. I see no point in it unless it helps George and so far, I have seen nothing like that. I do find it disconcerting that O’Mara would be involved in any way but I still need to see more information. I could be that his ulterior motive helps George. IDK.

          Let’s see how he handles this in the media and on his website. Maybe there is a lot more to it that we have not considered.

      • I think you’re naïve about O’Mara on many things, Nettles, including the pro bono bit, which has long since been over!

        I can understand how you must feel disrespected and I don’t know what to say except that I myself lose it if someone says, George was dishonest and O’Mara is the icon of all that is good. Good grief, O’Mara is a lawyer class entity!

        In America, freedom of speech allow us to say what we think, especially about celebrities who want the public spotlight, as O’Mara very does.

        Anyway, what Sundance was looking for from O’Mara “fans,” was an intelligently articulated positive perspective, not the CTH bashing that “Danny” had going on. Hence the jokes in the comments on that thread.

        If you don’t believe me, look at these two threads. These are intelligent arguments for O’Mara, and Sundance holds a great deal of respect for such articulations (I had earlier hoped you would have posted something like this, Nettles):

        • Rick:

          With respect, why can’t we just stop this bickering about the CTH?

          Nothing is going to be accomplished and it’s why I usually sit on the sidelines after asking my questions. I have friends at all of the sites that support George and I think George”s innocence should be our focus.

          • Jordan, I am responding to someone’s reply to me from yesterday. Where do you see bickering in my comment?

            • I have always read all of your logical comments at the TH, and find it unusual for you engage in any of the current conversation about the TH. While your defense is admirable, I honestly do not think you are going to change anyone’s mind. I am also concerned, that DMan is going to shut this down if it continues and I like this place a lot. Peace

              • All these lengthy 2000 word comments bashing Sundance and the CTH, but DMan is going to shut down his blog because of my five sentences. NICE logic you have going there, Jordan!

                • Rick: I am sorry and did not mean so single you out. I was not referring to the 5 sentences, by any means. My post should have been to the entire board so again I am sorry.

                  • No problem, Jordan, but do relax, let your hair down and get in the water sometimes and play, okay?

                    • We have “known” each other for long time and have always been friendly. Let’s keep it that way but DMan’s comments have concerned me.

        • Just making sure, we were having a slight disagreement in regards to MOM, that was all. All is well then, I really appreciate your input and skills.

          • I don’t get mad at people who disagree with me. IIRC, we agreed to disagree. To me that means, we set that issue aside and concentrate on the issues we do think alike, like GZ’s innocence. I’m not going to change your mind on Mr. O’Mara and you won’t change mine about that instance. So we’ll put it aside and talk about the rest of the case. Deal?

    • I have yet to see any evidence of this. We only have some evidence that the Martin family wanted $1 million or more. I have yet to see any evidence that they even got that much. Without any evidence, it’s possible that they got less, far less.

  10. The big pay out went to Crump, not Sybrina and Tracy. In the wrongful death of my sister, the lawyers received more money than our family. My sister died due to the result of a surgery performed on her by an impaired physician high on loratabs and cocaine that had to be physically removed and fired from the hospital. We won the maximum for our State BUT the CAP in La. is $ 500,000.00. I think Fla. is one of the States that doesn’t have a CAP on Civil Cases, I think it can be into the millions. If that is indeed the case, it may be the HOA got a good deal instead of risking a sympathetic jury, the bar is lower in Civil Cases, 50%, most Civil Cases are successful for the plaintiffs.

    In a Civil Suit, the family PAYS 30 to 40% off the top immediately of the awarded amount to the Attorney’s as their fee.. In our case, it was 40%. IN ADDITION to the 40% in Civil Suits, ALL of the expenses of the lawyer are paid, that includes: air fare, travel expenses, in this case, the PR firm Crump hired, Julison will have to be paid, office expenses, secretarial cost, CELL PHONES ith recording devices, hand held audio recorders, copies, in this case, Crump no doubt entertained anyone that he thought might promote the agenda, the list is endless of expenses Crump has in this case and is going to GOUGE Sybrina/Tracy for every bit of the cost. Crump could claim EXPENSES for as much as $ 200,000.00 IN ADDITION to the 30 to 40 % taken off the top. Crump has had a team working this case since its inception.

    imo, Sybrina/Tracy will be shocked to see how much money Crump legally takes of the settlement.

    • I have trial lawyer (plaintiff’s attorney) buddies who start at 40% plus expenses and have floated a few at 45% plus expenses. Art is correct when he alludes to the idea that staples will be billed out at $0.08 each. And they’ll be billed for each one…

  11. Saw this posted over at CTH

    Trayvon Martin’s parents settled a wrongful-death claim Friday against the homeowners association of the Sanford subdivision where their teenage son was killed.

    Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, filed the suit against the Retreat at Twin Lakes subdivision.

    Crump asked that the agreement remain confidential. However, the court has decided that there is no reason for the agreement to remain confidential, and is giving Crump 10 days to appeal that decision.

    We have learned, that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.

    Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by then-neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman during a confrontation in the subdivision a year ago. George Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. His trial is set for June.

    A month-and-a-half delay in Zimmerman’s arrest led to nationwide protests.

    • Looks like O’Mara represented the HOA and advised them to settle. The amount was almost 2 million. This is too bizarre for me. There are several links at the CTH about this.

      • The only thing I can think is a “deal” has been made. If not it is going to even get worse. This mess needs to be put to bed. And a mess it is. Truly bizzare is the right word.

      • What is your evidence OMara represented the HOA and that is the reason they settled.

        I am going to go out on a limb (not really) and say that sounds preposterous.

            • I want to be on any limb that Nettles is on. MOM knows more about this case than any of us.

            • Me too! Ridiculous! SD has definitely gone off the deep end.

              Kind of strange that he would desperately try to call back all the banned ones, including me, and then insult them right back. This guy is missing a screw or two.

              I would never return there and I am happy to see Chip here. Just waiting for John Galt to post here, he has a good working knowledge of the law.

        • I’m with you Jack, if for no other reason than because the efforts have been really great to make O’Mara out to be a liar, a scoundrel, working against his client’s best interests, and colluding with the wrong people for some unknown reason. Something had to have happened between some parties, and the effort for retaliation has been reflected. With that in mind, I put any and all accusations in that perspective.

          If I am not mistaken there is an owner of RTL, and there is a board. I would think that the decision to settle would have fallen on their shoulders. Even if the settlement is for $2 million, that is likely still far less than a lengthy lawsuit and litigation. I’m sure the HOA wanted all this behind them. It is not a reflection on the innosence or guilt of GZ. I hate that Crump will be getting anything, but the $2 million is small beans if it means GZ walks a free man, with no further legal actions hanging over him. Maybe the judge is not sealing the settlement in order to make clear that the settlement does not mean that the HOA is accepting liability or acting in any way as a party to the criminal charges and/or any outcome. In other words we all just want to move on, and to be able to sell some condos.

          • PS- Don’t I remember reading long ago that if their wasn’t enough insurance money to pay what Crump may have been awarded in a lawsuit that the Condo owners themselves would be responsible for the amount after the insurance max? If that is the case, then did Crump settle for whatever he could get before he is further exposed as the corrupt crook shakedown artist that he is? The worse Crump looks, the less likely a jury would have been very sympathetic with any large award.

    • Ahhh ha~ this Modarres Law Firm and Natjack are fellow attnys as in worked with her on Danielle Sampson… reading his tweets

  12. Here is one theory- I’ve read an article in recent days, I believe it was from a Sanford source, that there is preparation going on in the area to handle what ever problems may arise from GZ being acquitted. A trial by jury isn’t the only way GZ could be acquitted, the judge can do it. The defense has most definitely uncovered some very incriminating evidence about the Scheme Team, likely from the DD depo., even in addition to what we know. I truly believe that the walls are closing in on the whole Scheme Team. Everyone knows this entire case came about because of Crump/Tracy/Sybrina’s quest for $$$$$$. That’s why they needed an arress. Crump shouted from the beginning that he was going to sue everything that walked or breathed in civil lawsuits. I don’t know what role O’Mara played with the HOA, but even if he did advise them to settle, and for who knows how much, it gives Crump/Tracy/Sybrina some cash in their pocket which was the goal from the beginning, though maybe not the trillions they had hoped for. I read somewhere, don’t remember where, that the settlement documents contained language stating that the settlement does not admit any liability on their part. In other words it was payoff money to satisfy the Crumpetts, and shut them up. The DOJ has always been about reparations, and the Crumpetts got some reparations. Maybe O’Mara agreed to the settlement, if he was even involved, just to appease Crump et al. Crump comes out and spreads the news that they got cash, which would please some of the Travonites. Many of them would agree that it’s all about the $$$. The $ makes it appear that Crump won, but in exchange GZ gets acquitted, and hopefully is not open to civil suits. Should the Schemers get even a dime, no, but I’m more concerned with GZ not sitting in prison, or being sued out the azz. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Bondi convince Scott to give Crump a few million, just as Crist did. The HOA closes the books on any future lawsuits, and can try to sell some condos without future payouts threatening any future buyers. The downside, Crump lives to do it all over again with the next sucker, the BGI survives. Beasley then goes to work and sues the pants off the various news networks that played a role in the defamation of GZ. I hope that made some kind of sense.

    One other thing. I still don’t think the settlement has anything to do with proving that Crump was opposing council. O’Mara wanted to depose him because of his role with DD, and his witness tampering and obstruction of justice. DD is not his client. DD was the means he had to manufacture to get to the $$. O’Mara knows that Crump et al are not about justice for Trayvon, it was always about the shakedowns. O’Mara says drop all of this crap now, or the nation will see even more damning evidence against TM such as his school records, his arrest (or legal interventions) records, the full tox report, his fighting videos, and everything else you have tried to keep secret Crumpy. IMHO, O’Mara has Crump and Bernie by the short hairs, and he just yanked on them.

    • The HOA may be spineless, but this is peanuts for the insurance that paid it out. It is probably worth it for them for it to just go away…(and not get the lawyers involved).

      I don’t care too much about Trayvons parents getting cash. They had a dead child and millions of dollars dangling in front of them was too much to overcome. So they had no problem at all instigating racial hatred when the BGI called.

      More important than Daddy and Mommy trademark getting paid are GZ being acquitted and the BGI being exposed and defeated. If the BGI wants to burn and destroy stuff because they couldn’t lynch and innocent man….so be it.

      • I agree Jack completely that the BGI needs to be exposed and defeated. Amen to that however, the BGI should have been squelched from the very beginning. Crump called in his buddy Al Sharpton. Sharpton called his good buddy Eric Holder. They threatened boycotts, riots and mayhem if GZ wasn’t arrested immediately. Bondi, being a lawyer and former prosecutor had to know that this was turning the state of florida legal system into third world, or a kangaroo system of justice. The police investigation had been done, she had access to the details. Gov. Scott is the one who has been the cause of this whole thing, as he listened to Crump’s good friend Pam Bondi, and he folded like a cheap suit. If Scott had a pair, he would have called in the national guard if need be, and in fact have had the rioters arrested. As Gov. he could have contacted those in Sanford and demanded that they cool their jets, and to allow the legal system to work the way it was meant to. He could have done the same with Fredericka Wilson and Corine Brown. Scott is no Rick Perry, he has no willingness to tell the feds, or anyone for that matter, to stick it when they interfer in a state or local matter. Rather Scott watched the snowball being made, and then kicked it downhill by his actions. IMO it has been Scott and Bondi that have put every judge on this case in an untenable position, which they have willingly accepted without doubt. If nothing else comes out of this, the Florida legal system has been exposed for the corrupt machine that it is. Scott had the school back down, and the professor canned that demanded a student stamp on a paper with the name Jesus on it. He could put an end to this nightmare in a second if he wanted to. Scott and Bondi are up for re-election next year and I hope and pray that they both go down in flames.

    • Brandy moved out of the complex and had a baby, Tyler B. Martin, on January 1, 2013. I think Tracy and her are still together. They were when the baby was born.

      • Thanks. Have to wonder if you are engaged and have a baby why not marry. She’s only 34 y.o. She looks much older than her age

        • Maybe Tracy doesn’t want to “settle down”. How many different women have given birth to his children? Something like 5 now? That whole clan loves to change partners frequently. I’ve never seen such a thing before, it’s certainly nothing like my family tree.

          • Looks like Tracy is in competition with Shoddy Low. His claim to fame is that he has 12 kids with 10 different mothers.

  13. The headlines are reading there was a settlement in a wrongful death suit because Sybrina Fulton filed a claim with the HOA’s sometime after March 30th claiming damages for wrongful death. The HOA was obligated to reveal any potential insurers in case of such a claim and they identified Liberty Mutual and Travellers Insurance. We all became aware of the claim that Sybrina filed during the first week of August because Travellers insurance filed a suit against HOA and Sybrina Fulton. Their argument is here:

    Sometime in November of 2012 the parties agreed to go through mediation. It was revealed that an amount in excess of a million dollars was offered and rejected by the parents of TM. About two months ago (around Trayvon’s Birthday) a settlement was reached for an undisclosed amount.

    So the newspapers are reading that a Wrongful Death Claim has been settled. While that is accurate, the insurance company is clear, they admit no liability and felt it would cost more to litigate the matter and settle for the sum it did. The parties are under agreement to keep parts of the settlement confidential.

    It appears that the fact there was a settlement is not confidential. Somehow Mr. O’Mara is aware it was settled several months ago and he told a reporter as much. Mr. Crump advised the court, the Prosecutor and the Defense there was a settlement in his confidential filing on April 4th. Some think Crump may have violated the terms of the confidentiality clause IF he gave unredacted copies to the court.

    I’ll also be interesting in watching the Judge’s reaction to this filing. Is Mr. Crump trying to persuade the court in advising a settlement to a wrongful death claim? Is he trying to pollute the jury pool? Mr. O’Mara now has more ammunition that the State’s surrogates continue to fight to ensure George Zimmerman does not receive a fair trial.

    In Mr. Crump’s desire to appear as opposing counsel, he just make have put himself in even more hot water with what the information of the settlement is to have on jurors (including the Judge) so close to trial.

    Stay tuned….

    • It will also give MOM/West one more question to ask a potential juror. “Does the awarding of insurance money prejudice your believe that George is guilty?”

      • ejarra – an excellent question for prospective jurors. I have read many comments about the settlement & there is a consistent theme w/TM supporters, “The insurance company SETTLED because they know GZ is guilty.” Outrageous, I have to only read the comments is short spurts because it makes my blood boil, BUT, if some TM supporters are so inept that think that it is the reason for a settlement, it is reasonable to assume some that show up for voir dire may feel the same way.

        • I agree and I wonder if Mr. Crump didn’t put himself in more hot water here putting this on record in the criminal case. He better have a good reason for it. It could be construed as jury tampering I think or trying to influence the Judge.

  14. As with so much in this case, there is so much that we do not know for sure about this latest twist, the HOA settlement, that is eventually knowable.

    I consider very carefully Sundance’s assertions, assertions which in more than a few instances are based on knowledge that we do not have, but which he has. But we can only draw conclusions based on what has been exhibited to be factual and in the public domain.

    So I go back to what has been filed in court by MOM, and by his public pronouncements, and my conclusion so far is that MOM/West are doing a very good job based on the circumstances as I see them and are effectively representing George Zimmerman. It may be that Sundance is completely correct in his emphasis. But I have not seen, nor do I know enough, to draw a similar conclusion with any conviction.

    As for the HOA settlement, it seems to be a “cost of doing business” decision.

    As for Crump’s filing with the court, who knows? Crump has shown the propensity to make unfounded assertions, exaggerations, and untruthful statements when not under oath. It seems that the whole W8 taping by Crump was a big mistake on his part. This HOA settlement filing may well be another misstep by Mr. Crump.

    But remember, Mr. Crump cannot lose, no matter how this case turns out. Mr. Crump will continue to lawyer on in his chose field of endeavor, the BGI universe.

    Tawana Brawley did not slow Rev Al, neither will the GZ/TM tragedy slow Mr. Crump.

    • Unless I see evidence, I am not going to believe that O’Mara was involved in the settlement process. If he had been, and if he has knowledge that the criminal case will end soon, why would he continue to do so much work to defend George? Why would he and West have filed their writ to the DCA? I think O’Mara and West have been doing a great job since day 1, and I have no reason right now to change my mind about them.

  15. According to what I’ve read, Sybrina alone initially filed a lawsuit against Traveler’s insurance in Aug 2012. But the news about the settlement indicates that both Sybrina and Tracy had filed a lawsuit against the Retreats’ HOA. Were there two lawsuits?

    News reports are alluding to a $1 million settlement. CTH is stating $2 million. I have yet to see any evidence of either claim.

    Are Crump and Julison pumping misinformation to the media again?

    • “Are Crump and Julison pumping misinformation to the media again?”

      If that were the case O’Mara certainly had the chance to say otherwise but all we get is:

      “During an interview in February, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said Trayvon’s parents had tried to settle through mediation and the association or its insurer had offered $1 million, but Trayvon’s parents had rejected that amount.

      O’Mara said the two parties then renewed talks and agreed to settle several months ago.”

      I’m sure we’ll find out the details soon enough, one way or the other.

      • O’Mara apparently cannot disclose the settlement amount so he’s unable to refute or confirm the media speculation. IMO, the mere fact that he was aware of the lawsuit and settlement negotiations doesn’t mean that he was involved in the negotations. It’s possible that blabbermouth Crump told O’Mara about the negotiations in order to boast about rejecting $1 million. Crump has already threatened to sue Zimmerman directly.

        • I didn’t say anything about O’Mara being involved in anything. It seems like an obvious thing that Rene would ask O’Mara how much it was, yet there is nothing there like “O’Mara declined to answer, blah, blah, blah.”

    • Tara, if you remember the information about Sybrina was that she filed a claim against the Insurer. In other words not lawsuit was filed but a direct claim, with the threat of a lawsuit if not settled. It was the Insurer that filed to get confirmation as to their liability.

      A lawsuit, is public record, but a direct claim on the insurer is not, at that time Sybrina and them were touring with the trashcans, asking for donations.

      • Thank you for correcting my misinformation. News reports state that Sybrina AND Tracy filed/settled a “suit” against the “HOA”. So this is totally incorrect, once again the media f’d up.

        Sybrina filed a claim with Traveler’s. And then Traveler’s filed a lawsuit so that a court would establish that Traveler’s was not responsible for paying the claim because they were not the insurer at the time of the shooting. Orlando Sentinel reported that Traveler’s has officially stated they were not a party to the settlement.

        According to the OS, O’Mara said “Trayvon’s parents had tried to settle through mediation and the association or its insurer”, so apparently Sybrina went after the HOA and/or the insurer at the time of the shooting. Again, not a lawsuit. CTH seems to have knowledge that the prior insurer was Liberty Mutual, that’s fine. I’m not yet buying O’Mara’s involvement or the figure of $2 million though.

        • Tara,
          I will repeat this, it does not matter. If MOM was an adviser, he was one of many. If he pushed for a settlement, again he was not alone. Pushing for a settlement was actually contrary to MOM, financially, once a settlement is arrived at, his role is done, no more fees.

          Again we are being distracted from what should be the news of the day, the writ. It was something that was done over and over at the beginning of the case, anytime any information that was positive to GZ, something negative would overtake the conversation.

          This settlement whatever it was, was a business decision, to get the monkey off their backs. It, from what I read, provides closure for them. Considering what it would take to fight a potential lawsuit, with no clear ending in sight, it was what the HOA thought was best.

  16. Diwataman, I think you should add questions marks after those dollar signs unless you know with certainty that there was a big payout.

    • Ditto. Until we see some proof, everything said about the “settlement” is little more than gossip. The devil is always in the details and we do not have the details. Just my my 2 cents worth (dreaming of course) of what might be- Maybe the agreement was they (Scheme Team) will only be paid if GZ is found guilty by a jury. My favorite “what if” is something Tara mentioned elsewhere that GZ would win his criminal case and be able to sue the Scheme Team for the money they get from the HOA settlement. Now that would be <justice!

      • What’s preventing any of us from asking O’Mara directly? “Were you invovled in the settlement?” If he says “No”, then we can drop the conspiracy theories.

  17. Hot dam, Tara. You are sooo smart and sooo right! I nominate Nettles to ask him- whadda ya all think? Nettles knows Mark’s webmaster so she seems like #1 choice to go directly to the source (especially since she got banned fro CTH because of faith in O’Mara). 😆

    • I’ll email an inquiry in on Monday. I hope I don’t come across an ungrateful to this attorney who is working for free and taking public abuse and suspicion as a thank you. I hope he has had time to read some of my posts on how grateful I am for his service to bring justice in this case. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so ask I shall. I’ll let you know if I get an answer.

      • Thx, Nettles! You will know how to word it so he knows we trust his judgement about doing what is best for his client. I am just so glad that D-Man is maintaining this site for us to communicate and study the facts. I’m sooo glad that so many of us with no ax to grind ended up on this site.

        • Flattery works! I’m not going to write directly to Mr. O’Mara. With 63 days to trial on Monday, I’m not getting in the man’s way. I owe George at least that! I’ll email his spokesperson, Shawn and see if I can get a response. I’ll let you know if I do.

          You are an amazing writer yourself Tara. I enjoy reading your posts and I am very grateful for your research. It was the missing audio clip that gave the defense enough ammunition for a motion to reconsider. It gives the defense a fighting chance with the Writ.

          There are so many people’s efforts that have combined to give George a fighting chance. I hope together we are successful in getting him out from under this charge and making changes to the system that won’t allow for a repeat with another citizen.

          Where would George be if you have of decided to play video games the night you searched for information?

          • I often wonder where this case would be if everyone hadn’t pitched in. It’s scary, really. I give a great deal of credit to the people who provided the sites where we could learn, share, and discuss. I might not be on board with Sundance’s latest assessment of O’Mara, but he has been a tireless researcher and analyzer and he has published some truly amazing information. The same is true of the CTH admins, Diwataman, Rumpole on RTL, Mike McDaniel, and others. And then there are the countless forum participants. It’s a really tremendous effort, one of the best uses of the internet I’ve ever seen. I have to think that it has at least provided George, Shellie, and their families some comfort knowing that there are so many people out here who are on their side. And I hope that some of the info produced on these sites have helped the Defense.

            • I agree 1000%. Without Sundance and his administrators so much information would be unknown. Diwataman’s organizational skills and his ability to tell the story so succinctly in videos has been awesome! Talk Left, Rumpole, Mike McDaniel, Wagist and others have been invaluable in providing a place for people who saw the main stream media dropping the ball. The facebook pages have been administered by those wanting to provide a place for people to talk about the case daily; a thankless job for sure!

              Honestly, you spend one half hour on this case and you run into a several lies in the case.

              You heard Mr. O’Mara describe the help in the October 26th hearing in which the State tried to Gag the defense, there is a torrent of information flowing. Good luck to anyone who tries to let a case stand on lies in the future. Honesty and Transparency are a must in the new age of social media.

              • It has been amazing to see how social media has helped to overcome the Julison/Crump false narrative created in MSM.

  18. On 2nd thought, you are the one that found that ABC video, Tara, so you might have more favor in O’Mara office to get an answer????

    • I’m sure Tara is highly appreciated by the defense team. That was a key piece of evidence in this case.

      On that subject, I don’t believe for one second the only part of the 25 minute taping ABC preserved is posted on their site. What is on the tape that could hurt ABC and perhaps Matt Gutman to cause the destruction of the rest of the tape? Would ABC be putting themselves up for lawsuits if the Defense heard the full version?

      We are to believe the part of the recording that Mr. Crump chose not to put on his recorder is the only part left? I have some swamp-land in Florida to sell you if you believe that to be true.

      • I totally agree. That little weasel Matt Gutman bragged early on about having the only copy.

      • The funny thing is that by doing that it may have open a door for a larger claim. Juries don’t like destruction of evidence, it gives the appearance of wrongdoing that maintaining the tape, could assuage.

  19. I can not comment on the gossip that Mr. OMara had advised anyone on the HOA settlement. There is no proof. I am sure many will agree Sundance has been consistent with diverting away from important issues involving this case. In fact this may be the nail in the coffin for many who were teetering on whether or not SD is a reliable advocate. This does not mean people should not be grateful, but face it SD has made an enemy out of the wrong person. It makes me question his character and his motive.

    Besides SD has not mentioned one thing about the HOA case since last year. You better believe if SD knew MOM was advising on this civil case we would have known about it. But now SD hides behind inside info.

    Nothing is stopping anyone from personally questioning the defense about this rumor. Besides SD is not our spokesperson. In fact I have other questions relative to who is offering SD insider information concerning his client.

    • “I am sure many will agree Sundance has been consistent with diverting away from important issues involving this case.”

      Agree Danny. There has been a flurry of activity over the last week or two with the filings of the defense in response to their depo. of DD, and citing important information gained in that short depo. The Writ, at this time, IMO is the tantamount issue. We don’t know if the 5th District Appellate court will take it up or not. Crump and the judge’s ruling to not allow any deposition of Crump is a key factor for the defense to uncover.

      So, as I understand it, Rene Stutzman posted an article about Crump winning some kind of settlement against the HOA, or whoever. Now the entire conversation has moved like flowing lava to the settlement issue. If I understand correctly, no one really has any solid information about the settlement, but everyone’s attention has been diverted in that direction, mainly from the series of postings on the settlement issue at the CTH.

      I keep going back in my mind at a post by SD, several months ago about how easily people can be manipulated into thinking/believing certain things that someone leads them into believing. In other words people are easily lkead like Sheeple, or Pavlov’s dogs. I took the article at the time to mean all of the Travonites that have been so easily swayed by the onslaught of the narrative brought out in the media. I also honestly considered at the time of the article, which included some statement by SD that he had done some sort of experiment himself, that he may have believed that he also has an equal ability to sway people and their thinking and focus.

      I agree with those that believe that Rene Stutzman has some kind of in with the state and/or Crump. It seems that she has been awarded the “exclusive” status in posting info. before anyone else has that info. She has been a strong and vocal advocate for TM and the prosecution, over and over. Why would she change now and not yet again try to “change the subject when the heat is on the prosecution side”? And now that same diversion has happened at the CTH. It seems to me that no matter what MOM/West have done, they cannot be given any credit. He’s damned if he does, and he’s damned if he doesn’t. In the end, the only one who is hurt by these efforts is GZ. Perhaps because he didn’t listen to, and take the advice of SD, they don’t deserve much advocacy. They are all “comfortably clueless” ! For all of the fantastic work that was done for many months, the CTH is getting harder and harder to read.

      • Excellent post, minpin. I especially love your comment about “comfortably clueless”. Sadly the majority (sheeple) of our society today are “comfortably clueless” and look to someone they think is in a power position to lead them & do their thinking for them. The CTH is a typical textbook case of group dynamics and brings to mind an excellent old book ‘The Art Of Loving” which covers Eric Fromm’s theory of herd conformity. Pavlov feeds his pack and at the sound of the bell and they come running (and trusting the master to feed them ) 😉

        Yep, Rene at the Sentinal does seem to have the inside track for “exclusives”. What I took away from her latest article was that the sleezy lawyers will be paid by the insurance company just to go away. Rene said, “Under the terms of the settlement, Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and his estate agreed to set aside their wrongful-death claim and claims for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and expenses”. Maybe I am wrong, but doesn’t that only eave Fulton & Martin’s attorney fees?

      • After spending a year on CTH I have a great deal of respect for Sundance. He has published so many things which we initially did not know to be true but were later confirmed to be true. 100%? No, but definitely a high percentage. So I’m giving Sundance some benefit of the doubt. I know he’s been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and I accept the possibility that he indeed has evidence to back up his latest claims. I don’t have a problem if people want to accept his claims as true because of his track record. I do have a problem though when any of those people criticize me and others for choosing to wait for published evidence. It’s that same skepticism which caused us to reject the Trademark fables and drove us to find factual information.

        • Tara, that is an excellent point and it is a problem sometimes at the CTH, either you are with them or you are against them, no middle ground or room to maneuver. Skepticism is view as treason, its hard to understand.

  20. I want to know specifically if this source is reliable. I do not need to know the source specifically. I just want to know how they know and if they are legally involved in the criminal case. I do not take SD s word on anything concerning MOM considering he has continued to attack him.

  21. Settlement or not, I’m trying to figure on what basis Martin’s family got this settlement. A very short review. Tracy and son come to visit Brandi. The son has PROBLEMS. Just was suspended. They leave a troubled MINOR chile alone with another minor chile and take off. When they returned is up to whose story you believe. So where exactly is the Association responsible for a troubled minor chile that was left alone getting killed? Anyone?

    • Is a nuisance payoff (extortion), for instance, McDonald’s had a policy of paying nuisance lawsuit an average of $14,000, word got around with the lawyers and it became a flood of this type of lawsuit. Now they will fight most of these so they stopped. Same thing was happening to the Kroger Supermarket chain, until they changed the policy.

      In this case there is a death involved, and the exposure is greater, not because they have done something wrong, but because it happened on their property. The same thing that happens to homeowners who have to pay for people that fell on the sidewalk in front of their homes, through no fault of their own, but just owning the property.

      This is why some lawmakers want to change the tort laws to loser pays, and the Lawyers lobby, manages to defeat the measures. Loser pays laws will stop the frivolous fillings since if they lose they would pay both the judgement and the costs.

    • Nobody likes Corey yet she runs unopposed, all these lawyers in the world and no one steps up to run against her so I guess that’s sort of like a little lesson in one gets what one asks for.

      • Isn’t either Corrine Brown or Frederica Wilson the Rep from Corey’s district. Yes, they get what they voted for, but, Corey has the ability to completely change people’s lives for the better or worse. I guess the Hispanics that were outraged at Corey for charging the 12 year old Christan Fernandez weren’t that upset after all.

          • Bori- I keep remembering that Jason Chafetz won election with only spending $500. grand. It can be done if more would pay attention.

            • It’s possible but difficult, it help that he was a Conservative in a very Conservative district, and he had a good message at a time when people are tired of all the waste in Washington.

              • THat’s true Bori. I remember reading that Chafets bought a cot to sleep in his office, rather than spend high dollars on a very expensive rental in DC. I am very much in favor of a limit in spending on the various campaigns. Wouldn’t it be a good test for candidates to have the same amount of money to spend, and to see how and where they spend those dollars? Term limits must be instituted IMHO.

    • Hmmm……wonder if these unusual resignations have anything to do with the Zimmerman prosecution? Prosecutors with a conscience that doesn’t allow them to continue to work for a woman who is clearly engaged in an unfair and malicious prosecution, maybe?

      The executive director of the State Attorney’s Office is leaving the employment of Angela Corey. Richard Komando resigned his position Thursday. In his three-sentence resignation letter, Komando said his last day in the office would be that day, but he will be taking leave through April 19 when he will officially depart. Komondo declined to comment on his departure Friday.

      This is the fourth high-profile employee to depart the State Attorney’s Office in the last year. Chief Assistant State Attorney Dan McCarthy, former executive director Mike Weinstein and Nassau County chief Wes White also resigned.

  22. This is directed at no particular individual.

    You know the Tryvonits love this infighting stuff. I mean good grief, it’s one thing to disagree with Sundance it’s wholly another to essentially become no different than the Tryvonits themselves to the point where I don’t know if I’m reading my blog or Fred Leatherman’s.

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    • At the great risk of getting in a lot of trouble here, I believe that many of the posters are griping that it is Sundance himself that is feeding the Travonites with his continual posts against O’Mara. Yes, yes, the Travonites feed on every little thing that can be construed as against GZ, or the lawyers representing him.

      • I agree. He isn’t going to stop. I don’t think it helps George so I won’t participate in it. Let him and other like-minded individuals carry on and those of us who want to work with the defense team will. It’s all we can do.

        I couldn’t believe what I was reading about how continually talking about the bond hearing, the pay pal and the passport error somehow took away the power of the State to manipulate O’Mara into railroading George. You know, the glance.

        The fodder others are talking about found it way into BDLR’s rant and somehow that freed O’Mara because light was shone upon it. We’ve known about it since April. It isn’t a secret. Never letting it go is not shining a light upon it. Always talking about it is beating your own side up.

        I’m getting the impression that Diwataman isn’t all too thrilled with the role he’s been forced into. I think it may be best to find another home.

        It’s been great talking with you guys. I’m sure we’ll run into each other at other sites. Until then, may we see justice in this case.

        • Overall, I think the site is self regulating. The “bad guys” don’t hang around long after making their statements. I am hoping we do not have to move.

        • Nettles- I hope that you are not saying that you will not be posting here anymore. I agree with you that some people have their minds made up on certain things, and they will not change. I remember seeing posts, first thing right off the bat, on the GZ open threads that brought over what JQ or Leatherman and his guests had to say about the case. No one was going to change their minds about anything. They only dug their heels in deeper when they saw what was posted about them. What reason on earth is there to giving people with made up minds a bigger microphone. I personally don’t think it does any good at all. Just as with “troll’s” if you ignore them and don’t respond, they wither and slink away from lack of attention and/or interest in what they have to say. There have been a few here but, from lack of attention pooooof and they are gone.

          I have been very thankful for Diawataman allowing everyone to come here and post about the GZ case. I’m not sure that he doesn’t want us to discuss all the ins and outs of the case, and the players but, I kinda don’t blame him for not wanting the site to turn into a place where some vent their animosities and angers at someone(s) who are not a part of the defense, the prosecution and the Scheme Team. There are many good and smart people here that add largely to the discussion of the evidence/information about the case. We’ve all had our turn, myself included, in expressing our displeasure at being uninvited at the CTH, but then we have moved on to much more important topics. This case will not be won or lost because of what anyone says on blogs or in comments. I’m confident that the defense is proceeding on the path of their own making/choosing. BDLR is a nutball and his spaceship lands when he is required to go into the courtroom to provide entertainment to the masses.

          I would like to make a suggestion. If you have gripes about SD and/or anyone at the TH, send them an email through the contact page. I would hate more than anything to force Diawataman to close down the comment sections. I gain so much from reading the latest and greatest from those as addicted to this case as I have been. The exoneration of GZ is the ball we must keep our eyes focused on.

            • Nettles:

              Your posts are always insightful and non-polemical. I don’t have the time to keep track of each little twist and turn in this case and have imperfect recall of what has already been disclosed/and or uncovered. Thus your cataloging ability has been of immense help to me and has allowed me to throw in my two bits of speculation as the issues present themselves. btw that goes for D-man and Rumpole and others, waltherppk on the pings, chip on the law etc etc. Keep on in here if you can.

        • Please don’t feel that way Nettles. Diwataman does not seem to engage in censoring and he may be caught between a rock and hard place. But I am sure he is flattered by the intelligent discussion going on here and the lack of racial vitriol.

          But knowing the craziness of SD, would he ban Diwataman because Dman doesn’t censor comments critical of SD? Anything is possible from that nutjob.

  23. I am not an lawyer. But I did read alot about Crump going after the HOA last year. What lawyers were saying then is because GZ was the watch captain, and residents were told to contact GZ,which was proven by an HOA flier, and GZ admitted to shooting even in self defenese the HOA endorsed his behavior which caused a death,pain and suffering, and loss of money. This is what lawyers were saying.
    This settlement has no bearing on the criminal case. GZ was not even named in the suit so MOM would not have been any part of the settlement discussions or advisory.
    The parents could have tried to sue the HOA regardless of the outcome of the criminal or immunity case.
    Since it is the HOAs insurance who decides and pays the settlement MOM would have not be part of discussions. The settlement has no bearing on the criminal case and vice versa. This decison was a go away settlement specifically for the HOA issue. IMO, the fact the parents settled with tbe HOA shows me they are aware GZ may win immunity which then makes him immune to a civil suit.

    • and in other news this week, Co-counsel for the defense wrote a stunning and easy to understand Writ asking the higher court to overturn the lower court’s order about deposing Benjamin Crump. 4 working days after the judge cancelled the April 2nd court date without explanation to the defense and 4 working days after she denied the motion to reconsider again without giving explanation or hearing to the defense, the defense put together a 43 page writ that laid out the argument beautifully. To support the writing, 271 pages of Appendix was attached.

      In reading blogs it might appear this was unappreciated by some and in fact it was. But this commenter has high hopes for this move. I dream the higher court whispered in Co-counsel ears to reach out to them, they will help save the beloved justice system.

      So we wait to hear if the higher court will hear the Writ. If they do, there is hope that the injustice perpetrated by a civil lawyer out to sue others without evidence or supporting facts will be stopped in his tracks. Does anyone care about the citizen who pay insurance premiums in Florida or the taxes? Does anyone care about a defendant not getting a fair trial? When will the insanity stop?

      • “I dream the higher court whispered in Co-counsel ears to reach out to them, they will help save the beloved justice system.” Nettles, this is also what I hope (beyond hope). I said as much at Mike McDaniel’s place.

        • Oh man, I hope it’s true. The higher court must cringe at what is going on here. Also in my dreams, the Judge canceled the hearing on April 2nd and denied the motion to reconsider because she’s ready to toss this out of court on discovery violations. It’s more a fantasy than a dream but there’s power is positive thinking. 😉

          I loved Mike’s last update. He summarized the latest developments extremely well. He also attracts some great commenters. I’ll have to go back and catch up on the comments.

      • I am curious if you read all of the 271 pages of Appendix. I did not do that you yet and am asking if you think it’s worth the time.

  24. My apologies diwataman. But I am unsure how Sundance became leader off the house in the first place. We only have one belief in common and that is GZ is being truthful and honest.

      • “Who said Sundance was the leader of anything?”

        Not I but his sheeple think he is a leader 😆 😆 His little sheeple sure did attack me today when I posted over there for the first time in ages, only to ask a question. I have always enjoyed being a black sheep- Black sheep have more freedom and do not conform to the herd. Guess that makes me baaaaad.

  25. My point is nothing more then saying that every man is the head of his own house. I do not believe by my disagreeing with Sundance divides anything. In fact a majority can disagree with Sundance, he does not affect those who support GZ. After all that is what brought us together not Sundance. His actions are doing the opposite IMO. If Sundance choses to be critical and divert from the cause then who is dividing the house? It is not me. It is my humble opinion that if someone wants to be a leader they bring the house together respectfully. I feel like a child of divorced parents where I can never speak my mind about things that affect me. Surely we can disagree respectfully without facing ridicule?

  26. Nettles I would not myself goes a far to speculate that the cancelled hearing had anything to do with knowing about the possibility of settlement. I will however speculate that since it was the State who requested it be cancelled they anticipated the Writ and matters before the court were not of imprortance. Of course the Defense would beg to differ. Lol. The fact that the next scheduled date is the 30th may mean the Writ matter will be decided by then or at least hoped to be solved by then. I do see the schedule delay to actually be helpful. By trial MOM will have all the ducks in a row which the State and Crump have with held this whole time.

    • I was dreaming the canceled hearing had to do with the discovery problems but honestly, the more practical me thinks the Judge looked at the motions and decided for herself it didn’t warrant her coming in on her vacation. She cancelled it at the end of the 48 hour deadline to submit motions and responses. The one pressing matter was the motion to reconsider and she knew she wouldn’t allow it so if she told the defense that, and they could use this time to proceed accordingly. And did they! They wrote a writ!

      In your travels around, have you seen any mention of a deadline for the higher court to say if they will take the matter up? Could we expect something next week? I recall the Judge Lester one went quickly. Within days of getting it, the court was order to give a reply in 10 days or something like that. I think they filed it around August 5th and had a decision by the court by the end of August.

      • Nettles- How do you think she viewed the defense motion for sanctions against the state? Do you think she also considered that to be not worth her time to rule on? How long does she have to rule on that motion, if she decides to? Do you have a feel for how she might address that motion?

        • Honestly, I get the vibe this Judge is pissed with the defense. She cancels a hearing without telling them. She denies an important motion without explanation.

          I’ve watched her take the word of officers of the court on the state side (we’ve given all the discovery from FDLE Judge) but tell the officers of the court on the defense side they can’t be trusted with a witness address.

          We seen her refuse to consider responses from Mr. West because they were filed after the 48 hour deadline and in the very next court hearing, take an affidavit and accept it on the very morning of the hearing (Feb. 5th).

          The motion to sanction the State is likely what set her off in the first place. I hope I’m wrong but if past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior, we may be seeing a Writ to get rid of this Judge too.

          • No way will she be fair to George or even Shellie after this. Then there is the NBC matter. Oh, boy.

          • “Honestly, I get the vibe this Judge is pissed with the defense.”

            That is a fantastic observation, Nettles. What I want to know is why? Why did Lester go crazy, and say the most unthinkable things, and disrespect Defense completely, in all matters? Why is Nelson doing that? Is it simply politics or could it be their opinion of the Defense player?

            • Again the bashing of O’Mara continues.

              In bond hearing number 1 (yes we are talking about an event that happened a year ago b/c people from my own side can’t let it go) the Judge and the Prosecutor were on record, in open court, calling GZ a liar and saying they knew that Mr. O’Mara was misled too by his client.

              If you paid attention then, we talked about how it was likely a ploy to divide GZ from his lawyer. What the State and the Judge didn’t know was it wasn’t needed. Some members who support the innocence of GZ would try to do that for a FREAKING YEAR!

              • “Again the bashing of O’Mara continues.”

                See, you are expressing the same frustration from your side, as Sundance does from his. I apologize if you’ve talked about this through the months.

                So, you think it was a ploy to divide GZ from his lawyer. A ploy by the State and the Judge. Interesting. I will have to think on that.

              • I agree. He’s really turned into a nut job. yes yes yes there has been good things come out of the tree house. BUT and I do Say BUT he’s drunk from his on KOOL AID. Anyone with any since knows you can not drop an attorney this far in the case. Any one with any and I do say any knowledge from being involved in a high stakes case ( yes this is Life) you have to stick it out. He knows good and well that this kind of crap causes harm to the very cause he took up.! The tree has turned into a clique and not a happy one. I think in the long run the settlement will help because all the signed paperwork and statements will be part of the recorded and we know they lie. As we all know any kind of legal paperwork you have to sign saying your statement’s are true. if not it’s fraud. It’s the cover up that always get’s people caught.!!

        • Minpin, I don’t think that the Judge does not consider the Motions for Sanctions not worth her time, but that they are not a priority in the case. They can wait until the next Hearing, as they do not affect the determination of the case. The Prosecution are on notice not to try any Hanky-Panky and Judge will rule on the Motions eventually.

  27. Diwataman ok. I do not want to misrepresent what you are saying. Let us just drop talking Sundance. After all this is your blog.

  28. I have not commented over there I lurk. But todays post and his and some adminstrators comments are fuged up and got me hot.
    Some people are asking for proof that MOM was in on this settlement and stell and SD are basically calling GZ supporters Trayvonites because they will not take his word on it. Like give me a fudging break, is SD EVER wrong?
    And diwataman I take offense to your whole “house divided” comment. Danny was right who died and made SD house leader? If you have issues with anyone it should the POTCH(president of the treehouse) He puts many supporters at public ridicule for the $h*# he spews and cant back it up. They have right to defend them selfs in what they do not agree with the POTCH on. HE made strong statements and is not backing them up. Then wants to call us “the other side” & Trayvonites. JHC. Put down the koolaid!
    After all his post called back MOM supporters. Seems he did so to bash them for supporting MOM. Such BS. That is one dirty SOB.

  29. Since Crump was given 10 days to respond as to WHY the settlement couldn’t be released, I bet his panties are in a wad tonight trying to think of a believable reason to prevent the release.. To think of the TM supporters that probably donated $ 5.00, 10.00 or 15.00, a large settlement will, imo, terminate those monies of some supporters that could barely afford to donate in the first place.

    I just have to wonder what EXCUSE Crump is going to come up with, he certainly can’t be honest. Crump, Tracy, & Sybrina want those trash can contributions to continue.

    • Yes, the set-up the text number to donate $10 while not revealing that got over a million in a settlement.

      He may have overplayed his hand with the Judge too. Will she think he is trying to unduly influence her or the jury. Now that he has submitted it and it’s been accepted by the criminal court, can he withdraw it or is he forced to appeal making it public now?

      It’s going to be an interesting week. The whole exercise may have been for nothing and cost him future donations. The judge may admonish him for trying to insert influence on the trial, if he did submit it to get it on record he’s opposing counsel it fails the test and as it wasn’t on the record when Nelson made her two decisions to deny, it can’t be considered by the court of appeal anyway. Is there another reason why he turned this in? Like I said, it’s going to be an interesting week.

      Crump is not going to like the press and their questions this week, if they care to ask any.

      • I was told that if the intention of Crump was to establish that he was indeed an opposing counsel by introducing the settlement, now, it will fail because it will not be considered as it happened after the fact. The writ was already written and delivered so it is not part of the record at the time of the writ. I hope he is right.

        • boricuafudd -That’s something I haven’t thought of, the writ being written BEFORE Crump’s trying to establish opposing counsel. SCORE one for the good guys. I am a big supporter of MOM/West, while many TM supporters complained they have had a year to do the depositions on Tracy/Sybrina/DD, what the TM supporters can’t grasp is that MOM/West are using the ole legal agenda, “don’t ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” MOM/West had the answers to many of their questions especially on Sybrina/Tracy and where TM was living etc., but the unraveling of DD has taken the team a year just to get answers from the Prosecution, in DD’s case, I think MOM/West knew most of the answers to their questions, but had to have it on record. I PRAY the writ is granted and Crump is deposed, THEN DD’s second part of her deposition to confirm the lies Crump told in his.

          Nettles – yes indeed, this should be an interesting week. I was really surprised by the settlement but in light of the lack of momentum that Crump/Handler’s/Tracy/Sybrina garner at their latest announced gatherings, DD imploding, and most of the Media has moved on, I guess it isn’t surprising. Once MOM/West share in Court the findings of the social media, school records there will be less sympathy for the family.

          • Art, I think the tide started turning when Crump officially and for the record testified that he was hired for the expressed purpose of seeking lawsuits. That crap about Justice and equality was just that, a lot of manure. For the first time people knew for sure, that even before TM was buried, the family was looking for a financial settlement. This is why it is important to deposed Crump as he was the engineer in the scheme to create enough pressure on the local authorities and force and arrest which in turn would allowed him to file for damages. I agree it will be an interesting week, looking forward to reading the up to 3 ways they will try to explain why Crump should not be deposed.

            • I agree with that Bori. People tend to get very turned off when some use a tragedy for financial gain. When I read Crump’s statements that he was hired to bring civil lawsuits as a result of the death of TM, It made me sick, not that most didn’t already know that that was his intention, motive, and why he manipulated things in the way that he did. But to see it in writing was sickening. Back to when Sybrina was saying we just want an arress, that’s all we want is an aress, you knew what she meant by that as well.

              Yes, it is going to be an interesting week. I doubt we will hear much if anything from Nelson, at least until we see if the Appeals Court takes up the writ. Her role as an impartial judge has been questioned, and it’s about time, even though I don’t think her rulings are her own. I agree with Jello that it is beyond time to hold a Richardson hearing, and to get all of the discovery violations on the record, if for no other reason than to preserve it for a later appeal. I do think Nelson has been told to try to avoid that at all costs, as it would highlight the manipulations by the prosecution. It would be interesting to hear what excuses the Prosecution has for the many many violations. I know that you believe that the motion for sanctions is not important right now but, if the defense is still continually deprived of important discovery, it does harm their attempt at a strategy for trial. For example, the state won’t own up to how it came upon DD, which I believe is a critical factor. If the Writ is denied by the Appeals court, then Nelson’s ruling that Crump is not to be deposed stands, how do they get that most basic information?

              Anyway, I don’t think we will be seeing DD walk into a courtroom, to testify to anything. The state can’t take that chance. Look at what her short depo. did to the prosecution already, and we don’t know what else she may have said. I am still of the belief that a trial will not be happening in June, if ever. I really do believe that BDLR is losing it as he knows he cannot bluff his way to a win, no matter what Nelson does or doesn’t do. I can’t stop thinking about the entire Sanford area prepping for a GZ acquittal.

      • Think of Mr. Crump as a wildcat oil driller.

        Instead of surveying promising geological formations, Mr. Crump surveys promising cases offered in the legal terrain.
        The wildcatter will hit dry holes from time to time. No big deal, he goes on to the next prospect.
        Mr. Crump has hit a pay zone evidently in the HOA settlement. Whether he will connect with other pay zones in this prospect such as his promised action against GZ personally remains to be seen.
        Whatever the outcome, he will move on to the next prospect.

        • Crump has already found other pay zones. Didn’t he take the cases of the two students who died of heat exhaustion at football camp somewhere in the south? I believe he also took the case of the skateboarder who was attacked by the police in CA. Crump’s pay zones only involve areas where he can shakedown for the largest payouts like police departments, cities, states, HOA’s institutions and anyone else with an insurance policy. I doubt he would ever waste his time in trying to shakedown individuals, that is unless he knows they are billionaires and are heavily insured. I wonder why he has never hit Chicago with the massive amount of black on black crime there? LOL

          • No escape from the “commusocialecti justusouras” a newly discovered form of termite. So far even Orkin has not found a pesticide that works.

        • And he has, looking for prospects in California, in Arkansas and North Carolina that I know of. An oil prospector is a great metaphor, remember also that even if the black gold is not found the whole in the ground is still there.

  30. I have my own thread now at TCH. Little Ol’ me? The Liberal N00b, Travyonite. Can you make it known to your cult that you pulled my words from another wordpress. And tell them I am a GZ supporter.
    For some reason they think otherwise.

    Here is my response:

    ” Really, does this person actually believe there is some malicious agenda to divert attention? Has this person not seen the thousands of hours of research that have specifically focused attention into the most important aspect of this case. The big picture of how this is all constructed, who constructed it, and why it was assembled.”

    I would not expect you to understand me considering you hide behind a computer screen anonymously insulting people who do not agree with you and your conspiracy theories. What am I the democratic underground attempting to ruin your life? You assume I am a liberal. I can at have proof you are wrong in this instance!

    Should I ask for forgiveness that YOU took it upon yourself to “investigate” a criminal case I don’t think anyone but yourself took on. Spare me your tears. Umkay? George would actally have done much better without your terrible PI skills. Lets not mention the two DD’s you doxed INCORRECTLY that Omara went on in court! We will just sweep it under the rug and forget that silly little embarrassment in March.

    “What could be more important, at this moment, than the fact-based knowledge that Mark O’Mara gave opinion and advice to settle a claim against the RTL, and has been a party to such since last year? -Against the backdrop of a Writ To compel and override a lower court ruling-
    Doesn’t this help to explain or understand what the position of Blackwell is? Doesn’t this newly discovered information help to understand what *might* have been in the mind of Judge Nelson regarding one of the most important depositions in the case? That is a distraction?”

    You are asking me what is more important? I made VERY clear what is important. In one small blog posting. I don’t need a year of conspiracy theories and black crime comparisons to lead anyone to the truth. Facts and truth are just fine.

    I didn’t write your post today making claims you have inside information that MOM was involved in a HOA settlement. YOU DID! Don’t shift blame. I am not one of YOUR posters.
    Did I miss something here. I thought there was a discklaimer somewhere that you are NOT AND Attorney.
    You sure think you do. But all little boys dream don’t they?

    “I have made an enemy out of the wrong person? Whom have I made an enemy? Mark O’Mara?… is that the implication? If so, who exactly is Danny to know that Mark O’Mara considers me his enemy? Additionally, if O’Mara does consider ME an enemy then wow, what does that speak to his objective.

    Question my motive? My motive is exactly what it has been from the outset of research and discussion in this case – The TRUTH. If that pains people, so-be-it, but it stands alone.”

    Truthfully, I don’t think Mark Omara gives a flying hoot about you Sundance. Neither does the State of Florida. Nobody made you or hired you to investigate ANYTHING. Do you get that?
    You are nobody. I think you think because you donate a few bucks you can bully MOM
    In your mind and even some of your cult followers without you GZ would be in jail. Really?
    Does DUE PROCESS ring a bell? I even saw you post how you could do a better job the MOM. PULEESE. MOM could run circles of law around you in his sleep.
    What is your motive? Do you want to know what I think? You are afraid you wasted your time on this case.
    If GZ loses and ends up in jail you will blame his representation. BASHING MOM IS YOUR plan B.
    You care about you and your image. Nothing more that is why you always are in the spin zone. If you wanted truth you would not have to spin a damn thing!

    “I am not a spokesperson for anyone except myself – and to a smaller extent this blog and the admin team who do exceptional hosting. Nor would I ever accept a consideration to advocate for anyone.”

    This is your claim? AH so you owe nothing to your followers right? As long as they agree with you.
    Have you not on a few occasions in this past year demonstrated to your followers that you have inside information? And when individuals go on your inside information and it fails to pan out what do you do? You blame Trayvonites and the Scheme Team. I have never once seen you apologize for having a wrong lead or lead wrong.
    I have never once seen you demonstrate that you have found your sources to be reliable, or in fact proven have a lead at all with anything that matters to freeing GZ.
    And being the fact that you have demonstrated on this very page that you have had connect with members of the Zimmerman family and GZ’s attorney don’t you think people could wrongly be mislead to believe these are your sources?

    The fact is you have not had anything available to you that the rest of us have not. This isn’t rocket science.
    There have you attack some very good GZ supporters. I have seen on your very blog because they are drawing the light away from you. Questioning you. Look, I question you and I must have hit a nerve.
    Fact is you DO NOT represent all GZ supporters and your motive has been just that. Do you have to come right out and say it? Nah. I am not the only one who feels it. I can’t sit by and see you bully MOM supporters and then when they disagree you bash them.

    “No-one would know Ryan Julison without our research. No-one would know the extent of how the scheme was organized, who connects to whom, how varied interests all reconcile within each social circle, etc. etc. All of that is considered good or valuable – but widen that spotlight and whoooaaah.. not-so-much!”

    Why must you insult the intelligence of others all the time? Are you that insecure with yourself?
    All well and good in how you pursued GZ’s public imagine. You would be an average of a publicist. What do you want a cookie?

    Oh, and Sundance I am a Conservative. Always been one. Always will be one. I really really think you are a speck of dust to any liberal agenda out there truly. Misery loves company. You seem cozy. Why would anyone need to waste time on you?

      • Nobody deserves SD’s obnoxious comments. As i stated before, his arguments must be extremely weak if they cannot withstand the least amount of criticism. He is like the spoiled little boy who, if he doesn’t get his way, takes his toys and goes home.

        Nettles, i sincerely hope that, with your vast knowledge of this case, the defense is smart enough to contact you as an adviser during trial, if there is one. Would you consider doing it if asked? I sure there is a way we can sneak you into the country! jk on that last part of course.

        • No one knows this case better than Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West and from what I can they have a small wonderful dedicated support staff assisting them.

          If the defense in any way should need my help, you bet I would help them. I’ll do whatever I can to help George fight the mountains in front of him.

          I am considering attending the trial. Just for support of the Zimmermans. I’m saddened the family is too frightened to enter the courtroom in support of George and in their place, I’m thinking of sitting on his side of the courtroom. I still hold out hope there won’t be a trial. The case shouldn’t have gotten this far if Corey, BDLR and their investigators did their job.

          • Full disclosure, my trying to help the defense in the past caused grief for them. I outed an email they sent to another supporter and Frances Robles wrote a story about the defense using internet supporters to do their work.

            No one does everything perfectly. If you are doing something, you will make mistakes. It’s part of life. I hope we can all keep that in mind when those from our own side make mistakes and try not to call each other names.

            • An honest mistake done with the best intentions. My very first blog post was about Ms.Robles who is from my neck of the woods. The irony is that she uses Leatherman and Bigboi and the rest as sources and has even quoted them in stories.

            • Nettles….I have been reading your posts for quite some time and you have ALWAYS impressed me with your insightful opinions as well as your truthful and forthright demeanor. I live near Tallahassee,Fl and have also SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED attending the trial. I know I’m not a direct party to this case, per se, but the way MY STATE has treated George is a shameful display of our legal and political figures that I do feel partially responsible for as a citizen.
              I am in the process of acquiring a Press Pass in hopes that it will make access somewhat easier. Should you decide to attend, I would TRULY APPRECIATE having someone there with me on behalf of George. I won’t lie, I am somewhat afraid of going it alone and facing possible backlash because of my support of George, especially outside the courtroom. If you are interested in attending court with me…PLEASE let me know.


              • Yes I am interested. Let’s keep a close eye on the developments and decide which day(s) would be best to be there. Jury selection, maybe not so much but then again, our better chance to get a seat. Who knows?

                Feel free to email me privately at to make arrangements or weight the pros and cons as the time gets closer.

                Thanks so much for your kind comments.

          • that’s so cool! You might be surprised. It looks like they have a few new interns and I really hope you get to attend the trial, and maybe even work behind the scenes for the defense.

          • Nettles, are you a Canadian? I am so impressed with your advocacy for the falsely accused, but especially for citizens of a different nation.

            • Yes, I live just west of Toronto in Ontario Canada.

              I’m an advocate for the hungry, poor and homeless in my City and have become somewhat sidetracked by the injustice in the Zimmerman case. So many lies told and the press stayed largely silent on it. I got a call from the Executive Director at our local soup kitchen reminding me the clients need my help too. I’m working on something for them today.

              While the internet has its problems, it’s also made the world a much smaller place.

              Not sure what it is about the Zimmerman Case but quite a number of Canadians are interested in the injustice being played out before our eyes.

              • This case will go down in history, it is fascinating from so many angles. Thanks for your measured approach, it is refreshing.

              • Nettle- My 4 legged creatures vet is from Saskatoon Saskatchewan. She is the very best there is. She said she doesn’t think there is any colder place on earth than Saskatoon. Here in Virginia she must think she is living in the tropics.

                • I can attest. I have family who live just south of Saskatoon. It’s cold!

                  Here near Toronto, I live more south than some Americans.

  31. Sundance,
    Again you add to a post. I will reply to your summary on 4/7. Here. I can not post to your comment section. You BANNED me when a comment of mine was moderated just recently. I will give examples of how you confuse fact with opinion. I will be very through. I need time so I can be very clear.

  32. Thanks Nettles. But I can hold my own. Some warriors do better on their own anyway. I appreciate it though. There is one thing I did learn even if it was not it was not followed by CTH. Truth has no agenda. Maybe I should start an extreepers sancuary? Lol.

  33. During the course of investigating this case, GZ’s interaction with the management and HOA of his residence while living there and especially his work as a Neighborhood Watch leader would have been necessary. While accomplishing this O’Mara would have become aware of the intent of Crump to sue. Both GZ and the HOA would have been under similar circumstances with the machinations of Crump. Agreeing to share information while under legal assault from the same entity would have been common sense. Why this is seen as a nefarious action on the part of GZ’s legal team is odd. GZ would have agreed to it and so would the HOA as they have common cause. Any settlement reached would have had primarily financial considerations by the insurance carrier. If, and it appears the carrier did in fact leave out the confidentiality clause as Crump has filed to have one inserted post agreement, it may have been left out as a suggestion by O’Mara and as a special little gift to Crump by the legal team of the carrier. The fact that Crump and the Martin family NOW wants the amount hidden shows incompetence by Crump and just how big of a hurry the Martin family were in accepting it. Did they read anything in it but the zero’s?

  34. Diwataman,
    I attempted to apologize and I tried to move away from the SD convo. But somehow my comment was grabbed from your blog and displayed on another blog. Very dirty but again I apologize in advance, this will be my final response as SD added a summary asking me for an example. As I explained before for some reason it will not allow me to post to a specific reply. I will try again

    As I stated before you seem to have some belief that without you nobody would have figured out how GZ was being lambasted by racebaiters.
    I can assure in I was probably one of many who supported GZ from the time he set up his initial website. So you do not need to lecture me on what was, and is begin done.
    But, First things first.

    Not all of us have an unhealthy obessesion with black crime, & what you call the “BGI,” but this attacking O’Mara and West got way out of hand.
    Nothing is wrong with discussing those racial issues, but I won’t beg to find out why it is relevant to an man’s innocence.
    Many of your viewers have been waiting for that answer. Many of those you banned wonder why when they have question you refuse to answer them.
    All of the PR done to save Gerorge Zimmerman’s reputaion against racebaiters is irrelevant and unnecessary.
    Unless you are advocating soley for a public trial and not due process? If your advocacy was geared towards public relations, then sure, I give you full credit on all your opinions being valid.
    Not worth an Oscar but acknowledgement. But it has nothing with facts. It has nothing to do with a self defense claim. It has nothing to do with what occurred Aug. 26, 2012.
    That was deteremined during bond hearing. So you are just filing up space on your blog. Really. That’s is all you are doing by integrating hyperbole.

    I believe many Administrators this past year which were BANNED( and helped pout with research) now started their own blogs (you told your posters they left to start their own blogs when that was not the case),
    and many posters who also have been banned, when they refused to see what you refer to patronize them, as “the light” have pretty much already gone over how your opinion is not based on fact,
    and how your hyperbole is very bad for GZ and other supporters.
    Those who have left do not completely agree with MOM decisions, or every facet of the case.
    They don’t have to completely agree on everything to be able to have a voice and support GZ.
    They engage those who post to their blogs with questions not by patronizing them but by enlightening them.
    So where you newer crew thinks people are gone for good cause. That simply is not true.

    “Go ahead Danny, give me an example…….. I’ll wait.”

    This pay pal fiasco Sundance.
    After an attorney consults and decides to take a case, they begin disgussing fees. Upon detremining the possibility if there is
    going to be an indingent filing, a clinet must dicuss his/her fincaes with their attorney. The attorney goes on the word of the client.
    And if a client does not divuldge all his finaces and it is later found he/she witheld any type of liquidable funds they pretty much lied to their attorney.

    Logically if GZ had disclosed the pay pal account to his new attorney, this Attorney would have no reason to put his licence on the line and lie to the Court for indigent filing for his
    client that he was reperesenting pro bono. And still to this day not taken a dime. Neither has West or anyone working on the case including paralegals.
    Unless GZ signed away his client/attorney confidentiality your claims MOM as the negligent one is a matter of opinion. Not fact.
    Somehow you have interjected statements that MOM made to press about what his client and his wife were they not disclose, is proof of MOM throwing his client under the bus.
    Now, if MOM had not shown that his client was aware what he did was wrong after he did attempt to object and ask for a continuance, during the bail revoke,
    then his client would have never had the mercy of the court in the #2 bond hearing. GZ would still be in jail awaiting trial.

    Any Attorney would not risk consequences to claim indigency and it were not true.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    I simply take GZ as witholdinig that information from his Attorney because he was mistruisting, rightfully so, (Another statement MOM made about his client’s decsions to with-hold the info) considering what he has already been through, and the fact GZ was considering his families needs.

    “It is both disappointing and odd that many people do not want the same disinfecting sunlight applied to the defense they do want shining on the prosecution.
    Indeed the very definition of “attack” appears to be based on who is being researched and discussed.”

    Don’t be disappointed. You can not possibly assume how I process anything through the limited discussion we have had.

    Either there is fact or fiction Sundance. Regardless of who is begin researched doesn’t change it.
    How it is begin discussed does.

    This critique of me coming from a blog poster who makes outlandish, bizzare posting such as this:

    July 10, 2012
    “Like I said before, If I were GZ I would do everything right out there in front of God and everyone. No hiding. Tell the media where you are living –
    Instant Security detail on your doorstep 24/7. Then wear t-shirts saying “I am George Zimmerman” (big letters)… No standing in line for you at the Acme mart.

    The paparazzi would be your guides and record your every scintilla of a move thereby providing you assurance that the prosecution could not accuse you of trying to escape etc etc.

    You just gotta out think these progs….. And not buy into their game…. Play it on your terms with your rules.

    You think I’m kidding. I can assure you I’m not.

    Every morning I would make fresh coffee for the crew outside, and take them donuts and stuff. Order a couple of pizzas for them each evening, and I would be most friendly.

    I would not answer questions about my case, or anything to do with the shooting. But I would get to know their names, their families, who has kids,
    their special quirks and how they like their coffe made just special. Again, you think I’m kidding. I can assure you I’m not.”

    “And finally, what information and research have we EVER provided to you that has been false?”

    I never proclaimed information you gave was false. I stated that you confuse fact with opinion.

    “But then, according to your logic, for some unknown reason, we would all of a sudden selectively choose to pivot and engage in some theretofore unknown agenda.?”

    I think you are very clear of your motive and agenda. It has nothing to do with GZ.

    • I was out of touch during most of this. But Counteranalysis is a good idea when working on any legal case. Here, it looks to be occurring in public. Right now I am most interested in the writ in front of the 5th DCA. What effect all this settlement and trial court wrangling might have on it and so forth. I think it is most important.

  35. I just read an article at one of the Breitbart sites about the Martin HOA settlement. It included this paragraph-

    “Under the terms of the settlement, Trayvon Martin’s parents and his estate agreed to set aside their wrongful-death claim and claims for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and expenses, the Sentinel reported.”

    Can someone please explain to me what that means. They agreed to set aside their wrongful death claim and claims for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and expenses. What exactly was it then that they were paid money for? It wasn’t for wrongful death? Loss of earnings????????????? Hell they have traveled the country, trashcans in hand, and got many bucks to make up for any lost earnings. Also, didn’t Sybrina get donated vacation time for several months? Lost wages????????????

    Wouldn’t releasing these terms of the agreement be the part of the agreement that was to remain confidential? If Crump set aside any wrongful death claim, how is his filing this document with Nelson supposed to help him or anyone in claiming that TM was wrongfully killed? Maybe it’s just me but, that only helps GZ in his argument for self defense. Crump didn’t win anything except putting on display his quest for greed.

      • Howie- I most definitely absolutely positively agree. I do think it is funny that Crump and his cronies are trying to spin it as some big win for the wrongful death of an innocent sweet little chile who was walking with skittles and tea. I wonder what will happen to Crump if it is disclosed that he did in fact break the confidentiality agreement. Can they take the money back, or sue him for breaking the contract? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

        • Who knows. But I wonder how much Obama and the MSM would charge for a go away fee? As far as getting money back from a lawyer???? Would you please repeat that? 🙂

          • Has the money already been paid out to Crump? If Crump was ordered by a court to pay money to someone, and he failed to do so, his bank accounts could be attached, even those in the Cayman Islands.

            • John Galt said something at the CTH that is worth considering. First of all, why did Crump released the details of the settlement and add to the record of the criminal trial? This is obviously an attempt to foster his opposing counsel argument, there is no other reason for him to do it. It would have remained a secret otherwise. So here is JG’s take, which does make sense:

              “Isn’t this just Crump shooting himself in the foot? He apparently wants to use the settlement to argue that he is opposing counsel because MOM advised the opposing party on the settlement agreement. But the work product issue is already up to the DCA on petition for cert based upon the record before Nelson when she denied the motion to depose Crump. Since the settlement agreement wasn’t of record when Nelson made her decision, it won’t be considered if the DCA accepts cert and reviews the matter. The settlement agreement also does not resolve the glaring problem ignored by both Nelson and Blackwell: Crump waived privilege.”

              Now, this assumes MOM’s involvement in the HOA settlement, as an adviser, but it does explain why Crump would released confidential information of a settlement. As I said before even if MOM had been an adviser in for the HOA or the insurers, the decision to settle is not his but his client, his advice would be just that advice and from a legal standpoint, perhaps the correct advised.

              • Bori- I understand what JG is saying however, I keep going back to my original agreement that Crump cannot be opposing council with respect to being deposed by the defense as to his role with DD. I think the defense made strong arguments in showing that they have no interest in his role as the Martin attorney, nor whatever civil suits he may think he is going to file at whatever time. Obviously he would have his atty. present in a depo., and the defense already said that if they asked something that was considered protected info., his atty. could interject. He told DD that he could not advise her legally, or act as her attorney. Wouldn’t that be cute if the family attorney, looking for lawsuit money, also finds and represents the only witness the state referred to in the PCA, and can use for anything? I’m not being naive there, just looking at the basics.

                I am not going anywhere with whatever role O’Mara may have played in the HOA settlement until his role, if there was one, is fully disclosed with some kind of proof. Wasn’t someone here going to contact MOM’s office tomorrow and ask that question? And if MOM did have an advisory role at all, he may have worked it out that the HOA didn’t admit to liability, that it wasn’t a settlement for Wrongful death, and the amount likely is less than what a full blown lawsuit would cost. I guarantee that the minute the RTL board heard Crump’s name as the atty. for the parents, they knew he would be knocking on their door sooner rather than later. They knew he was coming from the get go.

                Some are so upset that Crump got any money. Does anyone realize that the legal shakedown industry is alive and well across the country, with bankrupting the little guys from frivilous lawsuits, bankrupting people with frivilous lawsuits, and trying to bankrupt even drug companies if the pill didn’t take your headache away in 20 minutes as promised. Until the legal shakedown artists are corraled and controlled somehow, it will continue to flourish. Texas has it exactly right with medical malpractice caps, and loser pays laws, as you indicated earlier. Crump is just one guy who knows how to play the system, but is use of racial incitment makes him all the more evil.

                • I am so with you, loser pays or caps on these types of lawsuits should be look at and implemented. As for MOM I agree, I can’t believe that he would be involved with the HOA or Insurer in any way. I thought that JG had a possible scenario and reasoning.

                  There is another reason I don’t see MOM having a role with the HOA, I don’t think that Crump would allow it. Why would Crump give MOM any inside information on someone he plans to sue? Even if Crump was stupid enough to allow it, would MOM give Crump information that could get his other client convicted? Then there is the issue of waiver that GZ, would have to give MOM in order for him to represent the HOA.

                  I guess I will have to wait, to see if something definite comes in, in the mean time I will remain skeptical.

                  • Bori- Please forgive me but, I would like to go on a road trip today to get out and about so to speak. I’m looking at my GPS, and I didn’t save your website to travel to. Please will you be so kind as to provide this old fool with your web link once again? I’d very much appreciate it kind sir.

    • The loss of earnings refers to Trayvon’s potential earnings throughout his life if he had lived. They estimate his earning capacity (say 100,000 a year) times his life expectancy and award a sum equal to that amount. At least that is the way it works in personal injury cases. Why they were actually paid any money, I couldn’t begin to guess.

      • Thank you for that explanation nonnie. I wonder how they would come up with an estimate of how much drug dealers can earn in a lifetime. No wonder Crump came out from the get go and said that TM wanted to become an astronaut. This guy had it planned all the way down to the earnings potential. Too bad he missed more school days than he likely attended.

        • You can say that again, it is also why school records were sealed, You don’t want the person your are extorting to know that your future astronaut was more likely to be a future drop-out and convict.

  36. I learned you never leave one of your own behind. This is for you Danny Warrior! Jump The Shark! Onward Soliders!

    SD’s : FACT – Mark O’Mara discussed the case with Mark Najame who recommended him to the Zimmerman family on April 9th.

    Truth: Actually Najame was contacted by George Zimmerman and Najame refused to take the case because he did not have the time. Najame recommended 4 other attorneys, besides MOM. Remember GZ was not keeping in contact with his other legal advisors also in this time. This was the day before GZ turned himself in. GZ contacted MOM.

    SD’s : FACT – Mark O’Mara was aware of on Tuesday April 10th.

    Truth: April 10th 2012
    -State Attorney Angela Corey announces George Zimmerman will be charged with second-degree murder in death of Trayvon Martin.
    -George Zimmerman turns himself in, and is booked into the Seminole County Jail.
    -Mark O’Mara announces that he is Zimmerman’s new attorney.

    Logic would tell anyone, this was not the day client and Atty. Discussed anything other then turning himself in safely, and the charges he faced.

    SD: FACT – In the time period between April 11th and April 23rd (When George left jail on bond) Mark O’Mara conducted 68 media interviews, held 5 pressers, and appeared on TV 42 different times. Yet did not have enough time to discuss the PayPal Defense Account with his client?

    You are making an assumption that he did not discuss his financial assets with his client.
    And you are assuming his client informed him of the pay pal account in the tune of $200,000
    …. how many people have $200,000 sitting in a paypal account that an attorney would specifically ask about Dufus! It makes sense general questions would prompt a client to divulge any liquid assets.
    I believe if MOM knew about the account considering the shabby job GZ and SG did in moving it, they never would have spoken about it on recorded phone calls. Face it “wolverines” GZ and SZ LIED. GASP. They mistrusted they system. We forgave them.

    SD’s FACT – According to Mark O’Mara himself, every time Mark O’Mara has asked George Zimmerman a question he has been honest, direct and forthcoming in all his responses. So are we to accept that Mark O’Mara just didn’t ask the right questions, and still consider him….competent?

    Truth: Up until the pay pal issue GZ was forthcoming and honest as far as MOM knew.

    SD’s FACT – Mark O’Mara was responsible for prepping his client for the bond hearing. Including financial disclosure testimony. He is the attorney, he’s the professional. It’s his job. Yet, everyone blames George who never spoke a word about it.
    That’s right Sundance and if his client and his wife never disclosed the pay pal account there is no prepping on that discussion now is there.
    Partial Fact/Rest Opinion:
    A responsible atty does prep their client.. GZ did not speak a word out it.
    However, if the client is completely forth coming and speaks to their atty. The attorney could advise them.
    GZ did speak. Over the phone to his wife while waiting for his bond hearing. Everything you say can and will be used against you. They were aware the calls were being recorded.

    SD’s FACT – Mark O’Mara was responsible for prepping his client’s wife for discussions of finances for the bond hearing and “indigent status,” Mark O’Mara was responsible to walk her through any conversation and assist her in answering questions. Yet, everyone blames Shellie.

    Truth: She moved the money and discussed where and how to move it prior to the bond hearing. You forgetting that fact?
    As far as being prepped she had ample time to discuss her knowledge of the money to be prepped for a hearing and to tell MOM about the money.

    SD’s FACT – After finding out about the PayPal money on April 26th (day after GZ bonded out) O’Mara could have filed an update/corrective motion with the court to notify and correct prior testimony and avoid perjury charge. He didn’t.

    This contradicts you previous # 2. If Omara new of the website then he knew of the paypay on April 10th. Which is it? . I don’t know where you get he could have filed a motion to correct someones testimony.

    April 26th 2012: O’Mara informs Judge Lester about $200,000 raised through George Zimmerman’s website. He said he was not aware of that money at the bond hearing, (which shows neither GZ or SZ informed him about the account) as his client only told him about the money two days ago 4/24. Zimmerman’s website is now down.

    SD’s FACT – Mark O’Mara could have told Judge Lester right away about the discovered money. Instead he chose to go on CNN and tell Anderson Cooper 4/26. Lester found out from TV, and then O’Mara told him the following day 4/27. Priorities?

    Fact: Sundance has no clue what he is saying here. 4/26 MOM informed the court that his client told him about the money on 4/24 12 days AFTER GZ was granted bond. SZ even testified they had limited funds.

    SD’s FACT – Mark O’Mara received the passport from GZ on April 26th, placed it in his briefcase planning to give to the prosecution along with the notification motion. He didn’t. Instead he kept custody of the Passport from April 26th through to June 1st and only notified the court of the issue after the prosecution used the passport to create the deceptive intent conspiracy theory, on the date of the bond revocation hearing June 1. Competent?

    FACT: Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr. dismissed arguments over Zimmerman’s passport. So why do you even raise them tool?

    SD’s FACT – The media ran with the passport conspiracy theory 24/7 fueled by Scheme Team. O’Mara did what to diffuse? One, count it, o.n.e TV interview where he described the problem he created (see video).

    Fact: Sundance still runs with the passport conspiracy almost 1 year later!

    SD’d FACT – Mark O’Mara never brought up his mistake at the second bond hearing and the deceptive passport issue was again considered by Judge Lester during his deliberations and ultimately his $1 million bond decision stemming from the 2nd bond hearing? Competent?

    Fact: There was no issue to raise about the passport. BDLR was told by Judge those issues were dismissed.
    All issues BDLR raised concerning the revoke and the reveal got Lester recused. So what are you complaining about?

    Sd’s FACT – Mark O’Mara is a defense attorney representing a client claiming justified self-defense, yet he goes on TV and says that Stand Your Ground laws are “absurd”. If I am the prosecution I just wait ’til he has presented his case and then lead off my rebuttal with the video of him saying Stand Your Ground is Absurd ! That’s “Competent”?

    Fact: Extrajudicial communications have no bearing nor can it be used in any criminal proceeding.
    Attorney doesn’t have to give change his personal views to his clients. He just needs to represent them under the applicable laws.

    SD’s FACT – On April 16th Mark O’Mara released the following media statement: “I look forward to having a conversation with [Trayvon Martin’s mother] to see exactly what her feelings are on it. Obviously it was a horrible intersection of two young men’s lives and it ended in tragedy. We have to figure out how it happened, why it happened, and who might be responsible for it.” Advocate?

    Fact: This statement by MOM was in response to a comment made after Sybrina went on NBC’s “Today” show on April 12, 2012 and said, “ I believe the shooting was an accident and things got out of control.”

    SD’s FACT – Mark O’Mara publicly tells the media that Shellie Zimmerman “lied“, and George “misrepresented himself to the court,” and now needs to have his “credibility rehabilitated.” The very credibility he is charged with guarding. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    Fact: Truth has no Agenda Sundance.

    SD’s FACT – On the day of the Bond Revocation Hearing the first O’Mara heard of the Jailhouse tapes was in the motion he received that morning. Legally he could have requested a continuance or delay in hearing due to prosecutions last-minute defense notification. He did not. He chose to put his clients at risk by being unprepared.

    Opinion and Fact.
    Legally, true, MOM could have but at this point what would a continuance have done? What would it have done strategically? Legally a continuance would have allowed the Scheme to to scheme some more.

    FACT – Mark O’Mara waived George’s right to a speedy trial.
    Yeah so.
    Very very few times does a murder case NOT waive a speedy trial Sherlock. It is called trial preparation, including discovery which still MOM has yet to receive everything.
    A speedy trial obviously would not have benefited GZ any. I suppose hindsight you still would agree with your “Fact” ?

    Anyway. This is all I can bear to point out.

  37. TM’s Estate: I am wondering IF TM’s countless half siblings are ENTITLED to any of his estate?

    I too dread the next Civil Suit that will surely come when GZ is acquitted or found NOT GUILTY as GZ’s Team will ratchet up the suit against NBC.. My prediction of what will happen should that be the case WHEN the NBC suit is settled:

    1. MOM/West will be in line with a whooping legal fee, Baez’s bill was $ 500,000.00, Since GZ has 2 attorney’s, that may double in this case.
    2. The expert’s and other’s that agreed to reduce their rate or delay their payment, will be in line to be paid.
    3. The Beasley Firm will be due a BIG portion of any NBC settlement, as they should and their monies come off the settlement immediately. They too are on a contingency as Crump is.
    4. Monies GZ/SZ can be paid to those they borrowed from to sustain during this nightmare, although the PayPal account has helped sustain them, they have probably incurred other debts.

    This case will be interesting as, imo, when GZ is acquitted/not guilty, MOM/West WILL NOT negotiate with Crump on a settlement, they will challenge the POS and make him WORK for his money, not roll over as in this Civil Suit he just settled, imo, Crump isn’t sharp enough to challenge MOM/West though MM/West may pass the Civil Suit off to Civil Attorney’s. I feel confident that MOM/West will help GZ make the best possible choices in preparing for the Civil Suit and protection of his assets, though the bar is lower in Civil Suits, the case STILL has to be proven by the Plaintiff’s attorney and a jury decides.

    The bad news for the Crump Civil suit against GZ, is that it can ONLY be collected upon JUDGEMENT, Civil Suits drag through the legal system, my sister’s case took 5 years to get to Court, upon entering the Court Room, the physician’s insurance company wrote a check for the maximum amount a Judgement would bring, but it took 5 yrs. for them to pay. WHY? Because Civil Suits don’t seem to be a priority for the Court System, and to be fair, probably over burdened in law suits.

    While GZ’s Civil Suit is dragging through the system, GZ/SZ could purchase: a home & 2 cars and pay in full, PAY off all their outstanding debt and any potential debt such as future schooling. Those assets are protected from Judgement. There may be other assets that are PROTECTED from a Civil Judgement, I don’t recall what else is protected.

    WHY did OJ move to Florida to avoid the 30 million dollar Civil Judgement awarded to the Goldman’s? BECAUSE in FLa., they have more asset protection than other States, I googled “asset protection in Fla.,” and LOL, it’s a speciality for many attorney’s. The Goldman’s haven’t been successful in getting much out of OJ, they were able to seize the book deal OJ’s made AFTER the Judgement.

    My HOPE: That BEFORE Crump can ratchet up his agenda to try to get any monies from any settlement GZ gets, MOM/WEST sue that POS and keep him so tied up legally for the slander and damage to GZ’s reputation that Crump/Handler’s/Sybrina/Tracy orchestrated to destroy GZ. COUNTLESS videos of the trio doing the MEDIA Blitz slandering GZ are easily available. I hope MOM/West sue other’s that contributed to the LIES promoted in the MEDIA and their networks.

    • Umm… I got halfway through your comment before I realized I was reading it wrong. I thought you were talking about George suing Crump… but it was the other way around. I just gotta tell you: Don’t spend even another minute worrying about that. By the time this is over, Crump will NOT be suing George. Crump will be the one GETTING sued. The scumbag will be bankrupt in no time. And of course if there’s any justice in this world, he’ll not only be bankrupt, but also disbarred, and maybe even locked up. So no, even though George, Shellie, and the family’s lives will never be the same, one thing they will NOT ever again have to worry about is money. The lawsuits will be flying fast and furious, against conspirators large and small…. and you better believe that’s gonna include one Benjamin Crump, “Esquire”.

      • jello333 – whether Crump continues to represent Sybrina & Tracy or not in their next Civil Suit remains to be seen, Sybrina & Tracy will file a wrongful death suit against GZ and that’s a given, they can always use another Civil Attorney to represent them. I don’t think MOM/West will sue Sybrina & Tracy but Crump is going to get a suit rammed down his throat. I too hope Nat Jack/Julison/other handler’s calling GZ “a racist murderer that racially profiled TM and shot him down like a dog.”

        The thing about Sybrina/Tracy suing GZ is that they will be ask HOW much money they rec’d from the HOA, but also from speaking engagements, perks from National Media such as air fare, hotels, spending money, how much in licensing fees they got for all those pictures of TM when he was 14. Who paid their Media Tour to London? You can ask just about anything in a Civil Suit UNLIKE questions that can be ask in a Criminal Trial. Sybrina & Tracy will find they too have defend their decisions, the burden will be on Sybrina/Tracy in their Civil Suit against GZ.

    • Until SD provides any concrete data, i would ignore anything there. He keeps promising things but he never delivers. He refuses to provide proof of ANY of his ridiculous allegations. Going on the MOM attack is a huge waste of time. Our focus should be on gz and the impending trial. Yet I think there will be at least one delay before any trial. I hope SD is happy that BDLR used SD’s arguments against MOM in his latest filings. Obviously, SD provided BDLR with that ammunition, so SD is actually hurting GZ. Most intelligent people have left the CTH, with its obvious racial bias and attempts to denigrate blacks. Poor SD is now begging people to come back. But if they do, and they don’t bow down to him, they are immediately banned.

      Danny hit the nail on the head when he showed SD that the paypal fiasco was gz’s fault for not disclosing everything. Hardly a condemnation of MOM. There is no way MOM would keep fighting for gz if he were in cahoots with the state. That is simply a ridiculous and crazy allegation. This is the second time that MOM has appealed an adverse court ruling. Going to the appellate court is no simple matter. If MOM were truly corrupt, he would never file an appeal. He is working all this time with no pay, simply because he believes that his client is being unfairly and unjustly railroaded. This case is a travesty in the history of American, and specifically, Floridian law. The powers that be should all be ashamed.

        • Hi Stevie,

          From above: “Danny hit the nail on the head when he showed SD that the paypal fiasco was gz’s fault for not disclosing everything.”

          How do we know what exactly GZ disclosed to MOM about the PayPal account? We have the jail audio recordings of GZ speaking to SZ about PayPal and MOM. What other evidence is there regarding what what GZ disclosed to MOM about PayPal? Thanks!

      • I don’t know where you all are getting that O’Mara is not getting paid. He is getting paid, both from our tax funds when he declares GZ indigent, from George’s funds at present, upcoming income from lawsuits, and all the fame, fortune and future opportunities, created by this case.

        As for work, no, everyone else has done the work the research and work for O’Mara. Some of you are so reluctant to write him, like he doesn’t have time. That’s what he most does, respond to everyone’s emails and read blogs, hold press interviews and do talks on how black men are being unjustly treated by the system. Tell Nettles to go ahead and write the man, already, no need to be shy, and tell me if he doesn’t respond to her like, right lickety-split!

        Look at my response above also:

        “In America, freedom of speech allow us to say what we think, especially about celebrities who want the public spotlight, as O’Mara very does.

        Anyway, what Sundance was looking for from O’Mara “fans,” was an intelligently articulated positive perspective, not the CTH bashing that “Danny” had going on. Hence the jokes in the comments on that thread.

        If you don’t believe me, look at these two threads. These are intelligent arguments for O’Mara, and Sundance holds a great deal of respect for such articulations

        • Rick, MOM is not getting paid, as you ascribe, he stands to make money in the future but at the moment, he is not. If GZ is declared indigent, MOM will still not get paid, instead any experts and some cost of the litigation will be covered by the State, but not his fees or West.

          I really don’t understand why it is hard to understand when some are skeptical if SD reveals that, 1) MOM was representing the HOA or the Insurers and, 2)that MOM made the decision, the definite decision for them to settle with Crump and company. In the manner that SD said it he wanted to leave little doubt that MOM’s determination was the one that sealed the deal.

          Yet, there is no proof, either written or recorded that he can present that even point to MOM’s involvement with the HOA, and he has a history of being hyper-critical of MOM, as matter of fact he has plain out accused him of conspiring with the Prosecution. So if some would find his accusations hard to swallow, how is that wrong. I think it is prudent, just as we keep maintaining that GZ is innocent until proven guilty, so should MOM.

          Those that have read my post from the past will know that I have been a vocal critic of MOM, for reasons that are well known, some have been shared by SD others, not. I found it disappointing for SD to invite people into his living room, as Sharon calls it, only to derive them if they did not agree with him or were skeptical. I would not invite someone into my house, to give an opportunity to berate, belittle, mock them for not falling in step. SD since I know you will read this, I hope you see and understand, it was not the finest moment at the Treehouse.

          • I guess we interpret facts differently Bori. But, I’ve enjoyed your skepticism and questions very much. You always put things very nicely. Thanks for the conversations.

      • Why is so much of the conversation about Sundance? If he doesn’t mean anything to y’all why do you expend so much energy on it? So much of what you say in just this comment is in plain error.

      • “the paypal fiasco was gz’s fault for not disclosing everything”

        No, please, you’re coming in on this without factual knowledge, first, about the lawyer’s professional and ethical responsibility; second, several of the phone calls show that George absolutely revealed the information to O’Mara, who insisted on having him declared indigent anyway. Third, O’Mara did not bother to get all the financial stats before the hearing, and fourth, he did not do his due diligence by picking up on Shellie’s request to call the brother in law who knew the exact amount in pay pal. So, please interpret the facts logically, so you can understand truth.

        • Rick, it appears RUDE TO ME that you come into D-Man’s comfortable home he warmly shares with bloggers and CONTINUE to POST links to the CTH, WHO CARES? There isn’t anyone that comments on this blog that doesn’t know how to go to the CTH to read if they are interested. You CONTINUE to INVITE former bloggers that used to BLOG at the CTH back there to contribute to the conversation the conversation at the CTH strikes me as shallow and embarrassing. It seems you are acting like a trouble maker going between each blog, just a suggestion: try to keep discussions going to at the TH there, there have been some great conversations going on here but every day you CONTINUE to bring LINKS here promoting articles SD has written.

          Time to MOVE ON! Most have already done so but still passionately support GZ. Can you go just one day WITHOUT posting links to the CTH? The drama has gotten tiresome. jmho.

          • I meant to say you bringing conversation FROM the CTH HERE appears shallow and embarrassing on your part.

    • It’s possible, but I don’t think so. SD has his hands full at the CTH. The writing seems to be different than the way the SD articulates matters.

    • Are you serious? Just in terms of time, I can discount that easily, at least in my mind, that it would be damn near impossible to put up all of these things he does on the site AND also make posts. I do not know how he does it.

      I am curious as to what inspired your question?

        • Nettles; You know I greatly respect you but this seems over the top to me. Why would he do that?

          • I don’t need to convince you. I posted it because I needed to let Rick know what I suspect and he will know why. I’ve been watching Rick since the day after I got banned and got the tip.

            It’s something we have to guard against. Sometimes to show support for a position online commenters will make more than one account and make it look like they are having a conversation with each other. Those watching witness like-minded people talking when all the while, it’s the same person.

            • OK .. It just seems like a silly waste to time to me as does the whole “troll” thing.

              • It can serve a purpose too. If he wants to protect his source yet get the information out, using a different name to post the information can and would protect his source.

                Sometimes you can look at the information and the person who holds it and figure out the source.

              • With all respect, and hoping your medical issues are resolved soon Jordan, I have a question for you. Isn’t your butt getting a little sore, or at least indented sitting up there on the fence, scared to death that if you waver this way or that, you might be seen as someone who supports this side or that. Forgive me if I am mistaken but, you are this way this time, but that way that time. No one is perfect but with someone who has so many questions about absolute proof, you tend to go off that reservation at least a time or two.

                • I am an observer. I listen to both sides and make comments when I think they are appropriate. I have a strong opinion that George is innocent and this is a malicious prosecution and I say so but beyond that, I will wait and see. I do not want to involve myself in the MOM controversy. I did that before and it did not turn out well. I also try to follow the rules at any site I visit.

                  I know nothing about trolls.

                  Not sure what prompted you to say this.

        • Nettles, I am so afraid that D-Man will get tired of the whole mess and shut down his Blog. Most of us (even folks on other blogs) depend on you and the D-Man to post the facts in this case. Please tell us how to find you on FaceBook just in case D-Man shuts down this blog, which imo, is the best blog on the Internet. Truth Has No Agenda

            • Good to know! I have the utmost respect for you both. I have both sites saved to my desk top. I thought about inviting you to stay with me if you come to Fl for the trail (hopefully there won’t be one), but it would be too far to drive each day. Rick might invite you to stay at his house- he lives closer to Sanford than I 😯

              • Never say never! Thanks that’s kind.

                Realistically there will likely be no seating in the courtroom. You recall Nelson asking O’Mara about how many staff he needed inside the courtroom and couldn’t some sit in the room down the hall? If I did go, I might have to stand outside the courthouse but I think I might be ready to do that. I could talk to the reporters and give them a supporter’s point of view. We’ll see.

                • As such a strong advocate for George and the family, why not see if they could get you a seat. I am actually wondering if the family will even be there. Aren’t they entitled to seats for their supporters?

                • I just reread my post- these ol’ fingers just won’t hit the right keys- I doubt you would come to FL for a trAil, but glad you know that I meant trIal. I had forgotten about my favorite(NOT) judge clearing the courtroom and sending everyone “down the hall.” Who knows what will happen before this is all over!

                • I hadn’t even thought about the possibility that George’s immediate family (and any friends of his who have been named and/or appeared on TV) would not be safe attending the trial. Maybe a security/bodyguard company might offer their services free of charge to escort the Zimmermans, at least, to and from the courthouse during the proceedings. I still have a hard time absorbing all the damage done to the Z’s by the Scheme Team, various politicians and the media. In my country, ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty. Sad and infuriating all at the same time.

            • Nettles- I think many of us need to give a little respect to Bori even if Dman doesn’t shut down this blog. There are many that just want to discuss the case and the players, and don’t appreciate the fighting back and forth. Bori has proven to be a fair player in the case and comments. As a local radio host often says, if you are on the same page, and agree with someone all of the time, one of those is unnecessary. How about us giving Bori a little attention.

                • Nettles- That wasn’t fair or necessary. I wasn’t suggesting that you do better, I was simply saying that Bori has a website also, and that even if Dman shuts down this site or not, there is yet another alternative site. I appreciate every site that comes on line that advocates for due process laws, and especially ones that recognize that GZ has been railroaded by the same system that supposedly advocates for fair treatment of all American citizens. I could give two damn shits about what SD or Frances Robles have to say about the case. They obviously have some kind of agendas. If your advocacy has turned to defending those attacked by SD, that’s another whole ball game, and one I suspect not many want to be a part of. Who the hell cares what SD or the media has to say about GZ or the entire case. They have set in stone positions, and no one is going to change their minds. NO ONE. Who cares. It is such a major distraction from what is the most important. and that is getting GZ free from the legal battles against him. What the hell does SD have to do with anything. If he is posting on this site, so be it. Whatever he says on his own site, so be it. Let it go. Who gives a lousy crap anyway. LET IT GO ALREADY. If you don’t, and those that are still crying about being banned from the CTH, you have been distracted from what is the most important goal, getting GZ free. Who the hell cares what the CTH thinks, posts, says, does, or advocates for. Not the people who are the strongest advocates for GZ, and what he has had done to him. SundanceCracker is the little fish in the big pond. MOM/West are the big fish in the little pond that will eat SD, the prosecution, the Scheme Team, and the lying azzed media.

                    • *shrugs* ~ I’m very hopeful all kinds of news on the case will be coming out next week and get us back on track..

                      Watch the pleading page for the court to posted the redacted 5 page submission that Rene used for her Friday article about Crump’s settlement.

                      The case docket site posted that a letter was sent to Crump and that’s likely the decision to not keep it confidential and giving him 10 days to appeal. That court decision was obviously not Nelson as she was on vacation (so we did catch a break)

                      As the discovery deadline is approaching, I’m hopeful we start seeing some reciprocal discovery and hopefully we’ll hear some news on whether the higher court will hear the Writ.

              • Minpin, I am flattered by your comments and will let you know that Nettles, does help me all the time, she e-mails me updates, helps me with research when I am doing another GZ story, perhaps she does not comment there as often but we communicate daily and help each other. We both see this injustice and want to rectify it. I do have quite a few followers though few that comment, but the goal is the same.

            • It certainly wouldn’t bother me if all the Sundance bashing went elsewhere that’s for sure. I don’t even want to blog for fear that when the next time comes that Sundance posts something everyone will disregard anything that I’m blogging about and turn it into and Sundance bash fest. If Bori wants that then let em have it I say.

              • How do you feel about your blog being used yesterday to invite commenters to give an opinion at the treehouse? I wouldn’t even have known about it if not for news being posted here. Is that alright?

                The commenters here didn’t start the conversation, someone else did. I sense you’re frustrated with us. We are banned from posting there. How else can there be a response?

                I get it shouldn’t be here; but who sent us here? He who shall not be named. There was a link leading to here and everything. 😉

                Your blog, your rules. I shall behave.

                • That wasn’t necessarily directed at you per say so “you” don’t necessarily have to “behave” as if you’re the sole one or something.

                  Regardless of how it all started the fact remains that Sundance did not make this comment section the way it is, the commentators did, you make it what you want. I said it wouldn’t bother me if all the Sundance bashing went somewhere else not that people couldn’t post links to the treehouse or disagree with Sundance.

                  How else can one respond? How about writing about it on their own blogs. There they can bash Sundance to their heart’s desire and basque in it for all I give a shit or maybe they can visit the numerous anti GZ sites that do the same. Can they do that here? Sure, until I get sick of it that is then maybe I’ll start banning people too.

                  “I get it shouldn’t be here; but who sent us here? He who shall not be named. There was a link leading to here and everything.”

                  I don’t get that comment at all. My blog was here long before Sundance closed down the GZ Daily Open Threads, and so just because he recommended my blog, albeit a mischaracterization of it, you feel that it should turn into a SD bash fest?

              • I understand your position, and agree with it. That is why I had suggested that if someone has a problem with SD, send him an email. It is beyond me why anyone would use another site to slam away at a blog site owner who they disagree with, and then some. It’s really becoming a problem like mosquitos attracted to a light fixture. Personally, I could care less what Sundance posts or says, he is not on my radar. There is no question that some are using this site to take their griviences out on someone they don’t agree with. I could care less what Sundance has to say. I am only focused on what is happening with the legal manuverings (sp). There is nothing else beyond that. Getting pretty sick of it all. Getting pretty sick of those that come here to keep that argument going.

              • Hey Diwataman, it looks like everyone has had their say about SD and CTH, it’s your blog here, maybe you can just delete this thread and start over. 🙂

    • If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck—-yes siree !!! It’s SDC

      Madigan makes the same arguments in almost the exact same words. If it is not SDC, it is a close relative.

      • Thanks for the attention, guys, but as Jordan said to me up thread, I better stop posting here, cause DMan’s going to shut down his blog because of my comments. ROFL!

    • “I posted it because I needed to let Rick know what I suspect and he will know why. I’ve been watching Rick since the day after I got banned and got the tip.”

      Nettles, I saw your post a few minutes ago, I thought you were simply having fun with me, I had no idea you actually thought this. Okay, fair enough, but it AIN’T so!

      I did show up around the time you left, but that had nothing to do with you. Others left then also, because they don’t like O’Mara discussions on CTH. If you look back a year ago, lots of people left over the O’Mara issue. Sundance actually asked them to leave, in a thread, simply because this was too important an issue to compromise on!

      Some who were asked to leave, stayed anyway, and yet others came in singing high praises of O’Mara, so Sundance didn’t say anymore on the subject.

      Its simply that it was after such a long time that Sundance did one of his sunlight on O’Mara threads, that I wanted to jump in and say, YES! Thank God!

      I don’t know Sundance personally, I am not related to him, and I am NOT him!

      I wanted to help you understand your conclusion was incorrect, but your reasoning is justified, based on what you thought you were seeing.

      (Btw, I know you from O’Mara’s Facebook page, Annette. We had a couple of nice exchanges. I didn’t post much, but I always enjoyed reading your posts). 🙂

  38. If i was a criminal s.b. lawyer who wanted to creat race wars and lie my way to millions, the best thing for me would be for the two most devestating sources of sunlight to expose each other instead of me.

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