What Should Be

Sanford Police Officers, specifically the three officers Detective Serino named that pressured him to file charges; Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona, also any officers belonging to NOBEL(National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) – Investigated for any misconduct resulting in the civil rights violation and right to a fair trial of George Zimmerman.

Chief Bill Lee – Reinstated, public apology from City Manager Norton Bonaparte, apology to the public for running away like a coward and hiding under a rock.

Norman Wolfinger – Disbarred and public apology for giving up the case, running away like a coward and hiding under a rock.

Norton Bonaparte – Ousted from office, public apology and, from his personal account, return of tax payer funds used to support “Justice for Trayvon” rallies.

Jeff Triplett – Ousted from office for being a coward.

Pam Bondi – Ousted from office for being a coward.

Rick Scott – Ousted from office for being a coward.

Angela Corey et al. – Disbarred, sued for malicious prosecution

Judges Lester and Nelson – Removed

Benjamin Crump et al. and Natalie Jackson – Disbarred, public apology and sued by George Zimmerman.

Ryan Julison – Sued by George Zimmerman, public apology

The Media – Take your pick and sue, sue them all I say.

Tracy Martin – Sued, public apology

Sybrina Fulton – Sued, public apology and return of the $50,000 to the State of Florida.

DeeDee – Gets a cake if she finally tells the truth about what she really heard if not then charged.

George Zimmerman – Charges dropped, five million dollars from the State of Florida.

Shellie Zimmerman – Charges dropped, $100,000 from the State of Florida.

George Zimmerman’s family – $100,000 from the State of Florida.

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division – Restructured or Dissolved

Hate Crime Legislation – Removed

NAPWP (National Association for the Protection of White People) – Instituted


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  1. Your punitive and compensation figures are low by about about a multiple of 5. Malice is a quadruple multiplier.

  2. IMHO, Crump, Parks, Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton along with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton should be publicly flogged for their attempts to incite race riots for financial gain.

    • You mean like the Zimmermans? Race has been subtly and not so subtly included in this case by both sides. Personally, I would just like to know what REALLY happened that night. I do not believe GZ’s story because it seems incomplete. I refuse to call names because I was not there and do not believe it helps anyone to call GZ names. No one on this site and the many others knew Trayvon nor do they know George.

      • “No one on this site and the many others knew Trayvon…”
        See, that is EXACTLY the problem. We would like to know more about Trayvon but when the fam instantaneously shuts down his social media and locks down his records posthaste it makes it very very difficult, which appears to be the plan.
        Snitches get stitches

      • “I do not believe GZ’s story because it seems incomplete.”

        If you fit all of the recorded phone calls to the police together like a puzzle, there’s only one small missing piece of barely a minute between George ending his call with the police to report a suspicious individual and the 911 calls beginning to report that George was now being beaten by that suspicious individual…

        We can presume, then, that George was confronted and attacked by ‘Trevon’ virtually as soon as he hung up with the police.

        We also have the officer’s photos taken at the scene depicting George’s injuries and know that it was George being beaten.

        If you believe that Wit 8 (Trevon’s supposed girlfriend) has even a shred of credibility left after perjuring herself under oath, even she puts Trevon as the one to initiate a verbal confrontation.

        If you don’t believe George’s claims that Trevon appeared to be ‘on something,’ then perhaps you’ll believe the tox report showing that Trevon had THC in his system.

        If you still don’t believe George’s assessment that Trevon was ‘suspicious,’ then perhaps you’ll believe the Miami-Dade Schools PD and the Miami Gardens PD… they both made the same assessment of Trevon’s behaviors in the months prior to the 2/26 incident, which is why he was suspended from school and in Sanford to begin with.

        The only reason that any confusion or doubt has crept into people’s minds about what happened… it’s because the media specialist hired by the family’s personal injury attorney has placed it there.

        • “If you fit all of the recorded phone calls to the police together like a puzzle, there’s only one small missing piece of barely a minute …”

          7:16:11 pm minus 7:13:39 pm (7:09:34 pm plus 4:05 ) is 2:32

          So more like two and a half minutes


          • The two and a half minutes are all important. They were the only period of time in which Zimmerman could have committed a crime which would have invalidated his self defense claim for what happened afterwards. For example, if the prosecution could establish beyond a reasonable doubt that he forcibly tried to detain Martin until the police arrived during the two and a half minutes, they would have something.

  3. What Should Be

    Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton spayed and/or neutered ASAP.

    The members of the Black Panther Party should be charged with issuing a $10,000. bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, wanted dead or alive.

    Bernie DeLaRionda- Disbarred and charged with malicious prosecution.

  4. Is there anything we can do to make What Should Be list a remedy to what is happening now? Or it is hopeless?

  5. As a Florida taxpayer, this case sickens me, because it’s such a terrible injustice and such a waste of taxpayer resources. That said, I will be perfectly satisfied if George Zimmerman walks away with $50 million from the state for wrongful prosecution.

  6. https://www.facebook.com/jaleesa.t.martin?sk=wall Diwata or anyone else with talent… Can you do some screen shots of this FB page. There are some curious statements on it.

    Jaleesa Tasha Martin
    March 26, 2012 near Miramar, FL via mobile.

    They so busy try a make tray look like a bad person they are forgetting that he still was a innocent kid doing nothin when he was shot…forget what happened in Miami and remember what happened in Sanford and arrest Zimmerman

    Jaleesa Tasha Martin
    March 9, 2012 near Miami, FL.

    While visiting the Orlando area, my cousin was walking to the store when he noticed a man following him. He asked the man “why are you following me?” the man replied “I’m not” and rolled his window up. The man then got out his car & continued to follow him. My cousin asked him the same question & the man gave him the same answer. (S/N: The man never identified himself as crime watch & was carrying a pistol. You ask how do I know because the account I’m sharing is the account he (the killer) gave to police. Oh and the first officer on the scene had the same name as the killer.) OK, so the man then reaches in his pocket. This is when my cousin struck the man, taking him to the ground and continuing to beat on him. The killer now calling for help got hold of his gun firing 1 fatale shot. This man was not arrested or even processed. No charges are being filed and the state is withholding evidence. Why did this man single him out, why did he lie & tell my cousin that he wasn’t following him, why did he continue to follow him, why did he get out his car, why didn’t he identify himself as the local crime watch? These questions were never asked or answered.

    The link is coming from Ricky over at TL but I think it will take about a NYMinute for Jeralyn to delete it. She doesn’t play that way.

    • Deb accurately predicted the fate of the posting, Facebook postings by relatives of Trayvon Martin cannot be quoted on Talkleft Forums. Jaleesa was apparently relating what Tracy Martin related to her of what Serino told him. The contents are similar to a report on Tracy’s recollections given here http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/03/us-usa-florida-shooting-trayvon-idUSBRE8320UK20120403?feedType=RSS&feedName=everything&virtualBrandChannel=11563 The comment on Zimmerman not identifying himself is something not in the Reuter’s article but brought up several times by Serino while interviewing Zimmerman and in his capias. Despite speculation in some places, there is no strong reason to believe that Jaleesa’s and DeeDee’s accounts are directly connected

      • there is no strong reason to believe that Jaleesa’s and DeeDee’s accounts are directly connected

        Yes there is. Jaleesa and DeeDee likely received their information from the same source.

        • No. Jaleesa is garbled Serino after being passed through Tracy to her. DeeDee has completely non Serino stuff like the mail thingy, other complex and Martin turning around to ask Zimmerman why he is following him.

        • Jaleesa also gets it wrong because what she wrote is that TM was walking to the store when he was shot. This was not in the slightest bit accurate.

          I do think that she got the story from Tracy Martin though.

      • I am itching to know what the real story is down in Miami. First, Tracy and Sybrina report that Trayvon went to Sanford on Weds. A few days later Tracy corrects it to Tues? If anyone would know the last time they saw their son in Miami, it be Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

        Smells alibi-ish….and I am willing to bet any reports on “swinging on a bus driver” have been scrubbed.

        • You know… that has always been one of the more curious lingering questions: Why did they originally lie about when and under what circumstances ‘Trevon’ was actually shipped off to Sanford?

          Tracy first claimed that ‘Trevon’ was with him all week for some discipline and one-on-one parenting and had accompanied him to Sanford… then out of nowhere, the new narrative was that Brandy came and got him on Tuesday and took him back with her to Sanford.

        • Only if Trayvon had been staying with his mother. It is more likely that the last to see him in Miami were his uncle and aunt…. definitely not Sybrina.

        • It is significant to me because on 3/09/12, the only person who had listened to the NEN and the 911’s was Tracy Martin. He was also working with the narrative that Serino had given him over the first few days. I don’t know how much contact Tracy Martin would have had with LE after he refused to cooperate with regards to that phone so that would have ended potentially around March 3, 2012..

          Of course by that stage Ben Crump and Ryan Julison would have been in deep with their corresponding narrative. All of that started happening on the 8th.

        • I agree with Tara about the significance that some are claiming it was on the way to the store.

          The real evidence shows that he was at the store and that he was on his way back to the unit when he was seen by GZ.

  7. That’s a good start re. the penalties that need to be handed down. But there also need to be a number of people CRIMINALLY INDICTED for their parts in this. I think we can all pretty much guess who those would be. And a few others who need to be sued big time… like Roseanne Arnold/Barr and Spike Lee. And when it’s time to go after the media, don’t just sue the companies/entities. Also sue specific individuals. Of course NBPP needs to be sued into bankruptcy, and some of its members indicted. And when the lawsuits start flying, I hope Beasley will attach other people on the plaintiff side. I’m mainly thinking of the people around the country who were hurt in “justice for Trayvon” attacks.

    • Terrific blog Diwataman and I appreciate all of your work here.
      I’m still aghast at what has been allowed to happen to George. It’s beyond imagination what he and his family are having to endure. George is the kind of concerned and warchful neighbor I WISH i had~~and what do you know!–he was CORRECT in his assessment of the “suspicious guy” he spotted that night!!
      It just infuriates me to no end when I happen upon pro-Tray/pro-BGI blogs that proclaim “Justice for Tray~It’s not about black and white….”. Umm…..HELLO?!? THEY (the BGI and minions) have made it black and white! The rayyyycissss mantra is their bread and butter. I have to be careful about reading too much of those idiot black racist blogs
      though….or I start doing idiotic things like SHAKING MY HEAD and such. 😉
      If I may add a few names to the roster above…..please include the Leatherneck himself (Fred Leatherman, the failed/non-practicing lawyer and fake “professor” lol) as well as some of his more ghastly, abhorrent “crew” who can’t go a day (hour) without spreading outright lies and libeling the Zimmermans. Just off the top of my head I’m thinking of the worst of the worse like LLMPapa, Xena, Malisha, Ladyst.Claire, and the LeatherWife (whatshername the ex-con).
      They should be included in civil suits as well….as their vile diatribes are well documented.
      Keep up the great work D!! 🙂

    • Jello, you are correct. I agree that those people should be indicted for inciting riots and unrest, including the placing of a price on the head of GZ. Those responsible should be charged with criminal offences.

  8. Trayvon did “swing on a bus driver”. The BGI and Scheme Team has been SCRAMBLING to suppress this fact and the REAL write-up about Tray’s last school suspension. Tracy and $ybrina have actually told school officials flat out not to “disrespect” their poor dead child’s memory by revealing the bus violence incident. Yes—-that’s right—–they have both USED Tray’s early death and their own grieving as a form of LEVERAGE against those who know what happened re: Tray’s increasing use of violence and thuggery during the last months of his life. His parents are NOT beneath using their “grief” as a shield. You can take that to the bank!!! Just think about it!!!! Imagine the cry-cry-weep-oh poor me! pressure $ybrina is using on folks in Miami Gardens. Hell ya of COURSE she’s USING HER “PAIN” to keep mouths closed. But she can’t do that forever can she???? GZ’s lawyers have the right to investigate T’s past propensity toward violence. It WILL ALL COME OUT. Oops sorry $ybrina—you can’t play on people’s emotions anymore. Everyone in M. Gardens and at Carol City and especially at Krop know damn well what your “baby” was playin’ at. He sure as hell weren’t no peaceful teenager. Everyone knows it. They’ve just been feeling sorry for Miss $ybrina. No more. No more now. Get ready ya’ll.

        • The claim is not wholly without merit. Stephen tweeted about the bus driver incident the same day Tracy shipped Trayvon off hours away from Miami Gardens to Tracy’s girlfriends, Brandy, house, while he’s married to Alicia mind you, in the middle of a school week. The family also lied and let continued lies about that suspension go without correcting the record despite their heavy media presence. Also the tremendous efforts to paint Trayvon as “Saint” speaks to the opposite as more than likely true. Then all one has to do is look at his tweets and Facebook to see he had that “not give a shit” attitude. I believe he was probably, for most of his life, more than likely a good kid, something changed in the last couple of years of his life and he clearly went down the wrong path, no pun intended.

          • “I believe he was probably, for most of his life, more than likely a good kid, something changed in the last couple of years of his life and he clearly went down the wrong path, no pun intended.”

            Yes, there was a major change in the last couple of years in his life. Tracy changed. He met a new love in his life and that’s when he abandoned Trayvon. You can bet that spending time with Brandi meant that he spent less time with his son. I doubt he would have spent less time with Alicia as that would have raised suspicion. Soooo…. the time had to come from the time he would have spent with his son.

            I’ve made NO qualms about the fact that Tracy is SCUM! HE’S the reason his son turned out like he did. HE’S the reason Trayvon changed and HE’S the reason Trayvon is dead.

            • Harsh but I agree for the most part though ultimately it was Trayvon’s decision to act out. It really puts the photos of him fishing with his dad and dad kissing him into perspective doesn’t it. The loving relationship Tracy speaks of that he had with Trayvon was one that probably existed pre-Brandy and as time went on that relationship began to fade as Tracy forsake his time spent with Trayvon for Brandy so Trayvon began acting out to seek his attention. This has a lot of explanatory power, a good observation my friend.

          • Stephen (that is Boobie, right?) has been interviewed by Esquire, FDLE and maybe by now the defense. And he has never been asked about this?

          • dbfrmhell makes an interesting point above…

            The “He’s been in Sanford since Tuesday” narrative was not the original claim being made by the family.

            Initially, Tracy stated that his son had been with him all week.

            Why lie on this point… and was he lying then, or is he lying now?

            My first impression was that he lied to make himself look like a wonderful caring father to the media (lying then)… but dbfrmhell’s suggestion that it feels alibi-ish is worth consideration (lying now)

          • “Stephen tweeted about the bus driver incident …”

            But did he say he actually saw it happen or was it more like “Hey, Trey, I heard that you…”

            Has an actual eyewitness to the alleged event come forward?

            Or just people who heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody…


    • I guess that’s something that should have also been, ahh but to no avail. I’m sure the defense could request a hearing, after all the judge said they could if they ever needed to but given her behavior to date I really don’t see the point other than to get on record yet another little piece of information that may be useful one day.

      • Judge Nelson should have ALWAYS been in Civil Court, as, imo, she isn’t qualified to conduct this case.

        My question is: IF Judge Nelson’s canceling of the April 2nd Court date due to her vacation, HOW can Judge Nelson DENY the Defense answers to needed questions for them to proceed to prepare the case, answers to Motions or Sanctions? THEN! She will DENY them more time if they request it. GZ gets a fair trial whether Judge Nelson or the Prosecutor’s think he deserves it, screw them, the Defense doesn’t have to go to trial WITHOUT ALL the information they need to defend GZ beause a flippant Judge cancels hearings without notifying the defense, imo, this is a blatant appealable defense, OR, is that what Judge Nelson wants? MOM can “hope” all he wants for a sooner Court Hearing but shout out to MOM: GOOD LUCK with that!

        Judge Perry had a Court Hearing NEARLY every Friday in Casey’s case 8 weeks before her trial and he held MANY EMERGENCY hearings on matters that couln’t wait or held things up, the Friday hearings were to clear up outstanding Motions in which he stated would be answered and heard in 10 days, he listened fairly to both the Defense and Prosecution and allowed at times, more time if there was good reason. Judge Perry always reminded the Prosecution, “Casey Anthony is on trial for her life.” In other words, Judge Perry bent over backwards to protect his record of only having one appeal and he too thought the Defense should have all they needed to defend Casey although he chewed Baez/Mason’s butt out routinely, Judge Nelson seems to have given the Defense MANY reasons for an appeal and the trial hasn’t started. I am so mad about this I could spit.

        • I know it seems like there is something important to discuss in court, but in reality there isn’t, the Motions for Sanctions are almost certainly a loser, and at this time in the trial when it is winding down and there may not be another discovery done by the prosecution, useless. The one important motion was the Reconsideration and the Judge already has rendered her judgement on that. There is nothing else pending that can not wait.

          These Sanctions motions could have been helpful is done earlier, at this time, their only good will be at an Appeal and then even if MOM can prove that it affected his case by the delay.

        • There really are no similarities between the players in the Anthony case, and the GZ case. The players, and the circumstances are like night and day. The Zimmerman/Martin case is much more similar to the Duke LaCrosse case, especially with respect to the actions of the prosecution, and the efforts to hide exculpatory evidence.

          • Pinecone- I compared the Judges in the cases, NOT the player’s. The point I was making was the difference in professionalism and fairness Chief Judge Belvin Perry displayed and the flippant attitude Judge Nelson displays with the constant threat of NOT giving more time if needed to the Defense, etc.. Judge Perry would have never allowed evidence to be hidden without repercussions, Baez did get a fine of $ 500.00 at one point. Judge Nelson clearly has allowed BDLR to get away with behaviors other Fla. Judges wouldn’t allow. Does it matter? imo, it does.

            The good news is this should be Judge Nelson’s last Criminal Case as she is reassigned to Civil Cases, including GZ’s Civil Suit against NBC.

            I agree the case is similar to the Duke LaCrosse case with respect to the prosecutor’s.

        • Hi Art – There is indeed no reason to believe that Judge Nelson will not also cancel the April 30 th date.

          I would think that it is critical in this case to hold that hearing. For these reasons:

          1) If necessary, delay for one week – then WHY? Does the judge need that, “vacation”? Has she explained, “why”?

          2) If a delay is even necessary – then EXPLAIN TO THE DEFENSE WHY IT IS NECESSARY.

          The failure of Judge Nelson to do EITHER OF THESE TWO THINGS – suggest incredible incompetence – or worse. What is wrong with the Judges in the Florida Judicial System. Or do we all KNOW the correct answer?

          • Righto. We are full speed for trial no matter what. We have 500 jurors to choose from. These pesky pre-trial motions are annoying. We are going to try and avoid a hung jury. That is all that can happen because it will all be about race and politics. Unless they can somehow find 6 of the right kine people out of the 500.

          • Myopiafree – I agree with your comment, I still can’t understand WHY so much information has been with held in this case from the public even though the Sunshine Law has very few exceptions.

            Are we to assume: MOM/West have received all the information from ABC/Gutman, did MOM just give up on information from the FBI? Did the Defense receive ALL the information on the Social media and school records, the last I read, there were 2 schools that the defense had not rec’d TM’s records although they had rec’d records from one school? Does MOM/West have all the phone data and whatever became of the missing date on the phone records? I guess it’s possible the defense has all the information they have requested from everyone but we have no way of knowing whether they have rec’d the information for the case. If the Defense hadn’t rec’d this information, wouldn’t there be more MOTIONS demanding the information?

            • That’s one reason I think there’s gonna be a Richardson hearing. Unless they DO already have everything (which I highly doubt), it would take a lot more motions and a lot more time to try to get everything. A Richardson hearing, if I understand it correctly, is like wrapping questions, demands, motions regarding ALL outstanding discovery into one. And of course once such a hearing is taking place, and more and more demands for missing/withheld discovery is on the record, there’s gonna be a demand for a continuance. Yes, this judge can probably just ignore all that, deny everything that’s asked for in the hearing, and refuse a continuance. But if that happens I’d expect to hear from the DCA real quick.

        • “GZ gets a fair trial whether Judge Nelson or the Prosecutor’s think he deserves it, screw them, the Defense doesn’t have to go to trial WITHOUT ALL the information they need to defend GZ”

          True. It’s rare, but lawyers HAVE been known to just say NO! TIME OUT! Tell the judge they are not moving until something is done to correct problems. Throw me in jail, whatever… I will NOT go to trial until we’re ready. I don’t think MOM and West will need to do that, though. Fortunately the law provides for a remedy, in the form of a Richardson hearing. 90% of the delay in this case has been caused by the prosecution’s discovery violations, and the judge’s looking the other way. But now that at least one violation has been formally alleged, a Richardson hearing is required. Actually I believe that’s why yesterday’s hearing was cancelled in such an odd way by the judge. I think she now realizes a full-fledged discovery hearing is gonna happen, and part of that will be another continuance demand. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: There won’t be a trial in June.

  9. jello333 – your comment has made me feel better, I;m afraid MOM should step back and sit down and let a man w/a backbone take the lead, let West STEP FORWARD as MOM playing Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t work with the Judge or Prosecutor’s OR the MEDIA, LET West lead this argument, somethings gotta give, & I trust you are right. Let West DO the MEDIA interviews for a change too!

    • Now. Remember Baez said it will come down to jury selection. They ordered 500. Now. How many can the defense challenge? How many can the state challenge? Not 500. How many can the judge toss????? Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up.

      • Howie – the jury questionnaire will be haggled over for days. It’s always a pain in these trials, but in this case, I think it might be worse. Voir Dire is always one of most important determining factors, Baez said it came down to “jury selection/voir dire” BECAUSE Baez had a Jury consultant for Casey Anthony and during the trial, members of Casey’s team scanned the internet for those the bloggers disliked in the case, such as George Anthony, and the Defense used it to their advantage, GA took a beating in that case and there wasn’t a single bit of evidence to back up Baez’s accusations of GA. imo, the Jury Consultant won the case for the defense, when a few jurors were interviewed they didn’t understand circumstantial evidence nor connecting the dots, of course there was a lot of DNA/forensic evidence in that case but I would have bet my house on the State winning Casey’s case, voir dire AGAIN shows us that it doesn’t matter what the evidence is, it’s how the jury perceives it & a smart Jury Consultant makes a difference. National Legal Analyst in Casey’s case said there was more than enough evidence to convict Casey, the jury was not going to convict her.

        I am concerned about Voir Dire in this case, Casey had 12 jurors, GZ will have 6, I pray MOM/West have a jury consultant in this case. OJ’s jury had 9 black, 2 white, and 1 Hispanic, depending on the racial division in this case, it may play for a hung jury.

        • Right. But 500. That was Judge Perry. The case was not racial PC. 500 to get six. I think the SA can toss about 10 and the defense about 10. That leaves 480 for the court to select from. I am just wondering about why they order 500. The court can dismiss unlimited for cause I think. A jury of the average population would hang.

          • As far as I know, there’s no limit on the number that can be excused “for cause”. The limit is only for “without cause” (I don’t know what the actual term is). Where basically either the Defense or the Prosecution can say, “You’re excused”, without having to give any reason. There’s a limit on that. But if it’s “for cause”, then both the Defense and the Prosecution can get rid of as many as they want… but they have to JUSTIFY it.

            • Now I think, but not positive, the judge can dump em at will. I will try to find out. I just wonder why the 500. In to the valley of PC rode the 500.

              • Howie – referring to the 500 called to jury duty vetting, there is a lot that would seem to disqualify many in this case. Example: are you afraid of young black youths in hoodies at night? Have you ever been followed by a young Hispanic man? Have you ever been beaten physically or observed someone else beaten by another race for doing nothing but walking down the street or minding your own business? Do you think hoodies represent gangs? Have you been the victim of a crime?

                In addition: it would seem some older jurors might be set in their opinions of young black males or white Hispanics and correlate them with criminal activity. Could some be as prejudice to GZ for being a white Hispanic as they may associate him with illegal Hispanics? The same could be a problem for TM because he is black, I don’t see how a questionnaire can truly vet the prejudices some of the jurors may possess. As ludicrous as this sounds, its a factor. There are going to be endless questions on the questionnaire prepared by both the State and Defense, and they will argue endlessly about the questions.

                What would be the perfect juror for GZ? I truly don’t know.

    • Wait a minute! I thought George was Hispanic, or at least half. I know at first everyone said white, but we know better. Now you tell me he’s part Chinese, too? And he’s been using a phony name all along?!! “GEORGE IS AL YING” This case gets weirder by the day!

      • Jello, hispanic is an ethnicity, just as Irish is, or Swedish.

        Race is either white, black, or asian.

        People are made up of races AND ethnicities. There is no contradiction to someone being white and hispanic, or even in George’s case, white race/hispanic ethnicity (and whatever else ethnicities we have not heard yet) with black race several generations back.

        • Lorac – before this case, I had not heard o “white hispanic” or “black hispanic” but the term “bi-racial” is common when referring to children/adults who had one black parent and one white parent, such as Halle Berry.

        • “People are made up of races AND ethnicities. There is no contradiction to someone being white and hispanic, or even in George’s case, white race/hispanic ethnicity (and whatever else ethnicities we have not heard yet) with black race several generations back.”

          Hi Lorac,

          Yes, race and ethnicity are two different things which I think many people do not understand. Many hispancis (ethnicity) identify as white (race). So they would be white so far as race is concerned but hispanic so far as ethnicity is concerned.

          Ethnicity Vs. Race definition

          “The traditional definition of race and ethnicity is related to biological and sociological factors respectively. Race refers to a person’s physical appearance, such as skin color, eye color, hair color, bone/jaw structure etc. Ethnicity, on the other hand, relates to cultural factors such as nationality, culture, ancestry, language and beliefs.”


          “However, there are many ethnicities within the Caucasian race e.g. Irish, Welsh, German, French, Slovak etc. What differentiates these ethnic groups from each other is their country of origin, language they speak, cultural heritage and traditions, beliefs and rituals.”

          So yes, one can be white (race) and hispanic (ethnicity) just as one can be white (race) and Irish (ethnicity)


  10. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LIAR WHO IGNORES EVIDENCE WHILE MAKING CRAP UP. tRAYVON NEVER TOUCHED HIM BUT HE WOULD HAVE BEEN WELL WITHIN HIS RIGHTS IF HE HAD. YOU CANT FOLLOW CHASE And start trouble with someone kill them then claim self defense. Why the hell should the martin’s apologize to the dirt bag who murdered their unarmed son and then lied about it?? They owe Zimmerman nothing. you do nothing but lie to justify murder. I’ve seen your videos. Zimmerman had no right to even approach anyone kid for any reason. you are among worst excuses for a human being i’ve ever heard of.

    • WOW Nelly. This is not one of those name calling blogs maned by Traybots. Sadly, the tragedy of Martin’s death has been lost in the Traybot’s rhetoric. That is a tragedy like his death. A 6 foot, 17 year old is not a kid nor do I think he would be spooked coming from the mean streets of Miami Gardens by a shot, fat, dumpy hispanic. We all see the evidence to date. Even the State Investigator said he had no evidence to dispute Zimmerman’s claim of self defense.

    • Wow, I used to get wound up reading these kind of posts but if you read them and picture in your mind what they must look like when they are typing these crazy rants, its actually a pretty fun game!

      • Yes, it is too funny. Here are some more rants and ravings from Mizz Payne-


        Trayvon never touched GZ.

        Trayvon never touched GZ.

        Trayvon never touched GZ.

        GZ chased TM.

        GZ didn’t have any injuries.

        If TM punched GZ he would have had injuries to his knuckles, but he didn’t.

        TM didn’t see GZ’s gun because GZ was laying on his back, and on top of the gun, so TM couldn’t have gotten GZ’s gun.

        Everyone else is lying except Mizz Payne.

        I saved the best for last- DD didn’t commit perjury because hospital records are confidential and you can’t just go on the internet and find them!

        Mizz Kelly Payne- Juror number 1.

          • That planet would be the BGI planet. People of this mindset don’t judge a person by his character, but by the color of his skin. You could somehow elevate the black race to a superiority position, and some would hate you for it. You would be taking away their reason for existence and their justification for so much hatred. And for some, it is passed from generation to generation with the help of those like Al Sharpton For those that have been smart enough to climb the walls, and escape the plantation, the MSM puts out an all points bulletin on their character, and makes sure they assassinate it.

            Miss Payne sounds very much like Nat Jac. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that she is one of her aides/helpers.

            • That is why the real racists in the whole affair happen to be the BGI types. All they see is the colour of a person’s skin and in this case they were also colour blind because GZ is blacker than my own Hispanic cousins.

        • On the idiot Professor site Payne claims to be a he not a she. Apparently even Traybots criticized him for using cap shouting.

    • That “kid” was a 17 year old ADULT…. He was taller than George Zimmerman. He looked like an adult. He was not that “child” in the photographs put out by the press.


  11. Why are you wanting to punish people who are just doing their jobs?

    An unarmed teenager was killed by someone following him with a gun, so it is the police and prosecutor’s job to investigate what happened and the facts will be sorted out during the trial.

    • When did Trayvon Martin, the tall 17 year old lose his arms?

      Fists are weapons. Trayvon Martin did the attacking with his fists. He had time to reach the unit where he was staying but he back-tracked and he was the one laying in wait for GZ.

      There was no gun exposed… that is just a lie being told by people who are off their heads and snorting who knows what!!

    • one more thing regarding fists as weapons. Someone who is punched in the face and survives the onslaught ends up with massive bruising. My sister was attacked and it was a vicious assault. Fortunately the whole thing was captured on tape. The police are still looking for the man to charge him with a vicious assault. I saw her about a week after the assault and she had massive bruising on her face.

      Something as vicious as the assault on George Zimmerman is sufficient for anyone to use whatever means are possible as self defense.

      • Where was the massive bruising on George Zimmerman’s face?

        His injuries were not that serious. Just a few shallow cuts and a bloody nose. He could have easily received those injuries from running into a tree branch and falling down. There isn’t really any evidence that TM put his hands on GZ.

        And using the reason that he has arms as a threat against your own life is pretty weak especially from someone who was a former bouncer.

        • Zimmerman wasn’t a bouncer. He is a normal person that isn’t used to violence. Normal people don’t react the same way people like you do to a beating. Furthermore this wasn’t mutual combat. It was a attack. Zimmerman was well within his rights to shot Trayvon to end the attack.

        • Brian,

          People like you who suggest some relative standard about external marks to interpret brain trauma, should educate yourself before speaking ignorantly.
          Here is one recent news story in which a very fit 20 year died after receiving one closed fist full force sucker punch to the head.

          The wannabe tough guy a 17 year old black kid got out of a car specifically to teach Colton Gleason a lesson about respect. Sound familiar?

          The rest of your assertions are also false.

          • There is a relative level of trauma that will support the claims in GZ’s story.

            He did not say that he feared for his life because of TM has arms. It is a weak defense. His claim was that his head was bashed into concrete.

        • This bouncer lie has been making the rounds lately. A short guy like Zimmerman is not “bouncer” material and you know it. Any physical attack directed at the head is a potentially lethal attack and you also know that. One punch, one hit against a hard object by someone’s head can end their life or create brain damage. If you don’t know that you should educate yourself.

          • You are correct. Any one blow can be a potentially lethal blow. You don’t know when that blow is going to happen. The law isn’t you can’t use deadly force until orbital bone is broke. Zimmerman was taking a beating from a unwarranted attack and feared for his life. He acted correctly that night. It isn’t his fault Trayvon is dead. Trayvon himself is to blame for his own death. Teenagers and young adults need think twice about attacking adults. Most rational adults don’t want to get in fist fights. You attack us you could end up in jail or dead.

  12. Is the Stephen Martin on the witness list, father or son (Boobie)? Since the son is linked in several ways to this case, being one of the last people to be with Trayvon, failure of the defense to depose him would certainly be strange.

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      • The thread is lengthy and many others players were already mentioned so no point in duplicating what’s been done.

        I will be happy to see a few of them go down… most notably, the media, Crump and the State of Florida.. the clearly obvious guilty criminals. Everyone else would be a bonus.

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