O’Mara v Bloggers- the AP dinner stuff(in comments)

omara got dis - Copy

If the media wasn’t believable then how did George get to where he is and how did us bias bloggers get here? What an ass.

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Updates on the Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan or “The ‘D-Man updating his peeps about current events in the Trayvon Martin Case’ Saga”

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The Jello ABC E-Cake Dispute

The Jello333, a.k.a. giver of bunny cakes, is disputing the bet regarding the ABC tapes.

Ah, the ABC cake? Can I ask for clarification first? We’re gonna need some help from an Admin. Someone’s gonna have to go back and search the comments when you and I (were there others involved?) were first debating this issue, and the bet was made. I can’t recall whether it specified ABC vs Gutman, or how MUCH help the Defense was getting, or how it would be proven that they got help, etc. 😉

(By the way, any Admins reading…. I’m just joking about searching for comments! 😉 )


I have managed to track down the original bet making process and present that here for your consideration.

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Blog Update

From now on I intend on placing my posts under the Tab “My Posts – Parent Page” And will use the front page as merely an advertising space with a link to the post. I’ve done this now with my last two posts. That is all, cheerio.