Shot Across the Bow – Bernie v O’Mara

Bernie keeps his boy in check:

“De la Rionda also pointed out that O’Mara has made misstatements, including when he told a judge that Zimmerman and his wife were indigent.”,0,4684144.story


92 thoughts on “Shot Across the Bow – Bernie v O’Mara

    • When a person becomes insulting and sarcastic, it’s a sure sign they are losing their position. It’s very unbecoming of a person representing the fine folks of Florida. BDLR admits to giving misleading statements and withholding information from the defense. His position….well he did it too!

  1. My old friend Frances is back. She just can’t help herself.

  2. From memory, O’Mara never filed paperwork with the court declaring GZ indigent. I’m not going back to find the first bond hearing, before Lester, to see if O’Mara ever declared before Lester that GZ was in fact indigent. Bernie, in that hearing asked Shellie if she knew what the amount was in the paypal account “at that moment.” Shellie correctly replied that she did not. She offered the suggestion to ask her brother in law, and that he could be reached by phone. The subject was dropped by everyone, including Lester, and no one had an interest to get the factual info at that time. The state didn’t want any factual at that time, and promptly filed charges of perjury against Shellie despite the fact that she offered a ready source for the exact information.

    I am a big advocate for GZ, and believe that the paypal account info. has absolutely nothing to do with the second degree murder charge brought by the state. The paypal account has NOTHING to do with the incident at all whatsoever. I do in fact remember some jail house phone calls where GZ and his brother talk about telling O’Mara that there was $37,000 in the account. There are some sort of statements that that is all O’Mara needed to know about, or some such. If anyone remembers correctly, O’Mara was on the GZ case around two weeks or so at that point, and obviously didn’t do any asset check on GZ which any lawyer can do in about 5 minutes. O’Mara counted on GZ, and any family members that they would be on the up and up, and would tell him the truth about everything. I am not meaning to knock GZ or anyone in his family, but there seems to have been some effort made to hide some things from O’Mara. Some back then opined that GZ had reason to not trust lawyers at that point as some lawyers he never hired claimed that he had left the state, was in a state of emotional turmoil (flipped out) and that they could not represent the nut ball even though they were never hired to defend the nutball.

    It’s been a fascinating journey to watch a person who has a website slam, bash, disparage, and threaten to take a full page ad in the very same newspaper, the OS, to expose the pinky ring wearing lawyer for the fraus that he is. He is such a part of the Fla. legal mafia that he is in collusion with the same people who want to destroy GZ life. And then I read the latest flurry of motions from the defense, and that very same person literlly took credit for those motions being filed as he put the pressure on O’Mara to file such motions. There is absolutely a day to stand up and scream about injustices, and infringments against all Americans due process rights. This is not the case to prove those big balls. Does he and others not understand that this is much much bigger than GZ, O’Mara and West. It is laughable that that guy has demanded that MOM/West fight this battle against injustice and at the same time admit that this goes all the way up to Obama and his footsoldiers. Incredible that anyone would or could even think that any lawyer, defendant, or advocate could actually take on the power of the US government, and make even a dent in their agenda.

    All I can say is thank you Sundance Cracker for giving the ones you supposedly are fighting against more ammunition by your constant and unrelenting attacks on the GZ legal team, and yes that does include your attacks on even Don West, and more recently your accusations that the Zimmerman family are all “comfortably clueless and naive.” Despite the fact that you have opined often that this case is political, and goes to the highest positions of power, those in the Obama administration, maybe you can own up to the fact that attacking O’Mara was the wrong target. Thank you for adding and abetting the governments railroading of an innocent man. No wonder that you are trying to find a way to hide the information you have by allowing only the chosen to see that info. If you were truly fighting for GZ, there would be an effort to provide the “sunlight” you so often invoke.

      • O’Mara joined the case on April 11th (the day GZ was arrested). The first bond hearing was held on April 20th and in between those dates, an effort to get the first judge off the case was handled successfully. On April 20th, it was Judge Lester on the bench who heard the Zimmermans had no money of their own. The bond motion was prepared on day 2 (April 12th) and is here and describes what was told to the court of finances, see #15.

        Shellie was not charged with perjury right away. You may recall the State motioned to revoke bond on June 1st and quite surprisingly got the motion heard although it had just been filed that morning and the defendant wasn’t in the courtroom. Bond was revoked, George ordered to jail and a recommendation from Judge Lester to charge Shellie was heard. Shellie was charged with perjury on June 12, 2012 and although in hiding for her safety, her mug shot hit the press.

        It was the Zimmermans who advised their lawyer and then the court of the donations and 2nd passport. They did this on April 25th. Why it became an issue in June was the State thought Zimmerman was still holding on to a second passport.

        Mr. de la Rionda writes that Mr. O’Mara stated on lots of occasions the Zimmermans were indigent but that’s not so. Only at the April 20th hearing did Mr. O’Mara provide the Zimmermans’ prior months bank statements and advise the court a motion for indigent status was going to be likely. Based on what he knew that day, that was accurate. However, the Zimmermans on their own corrected the record on April 24th and on April 27th the court was notified indigent status would not be needed for now.

    • “He is such a part of the Fla. legal mafia that he is in collusion with the same people who want to destroy GZ life.”

      Hi Pinecone (MINPIN)

      Understandable, everyone has different views about Sundance’s stance on MOM (perhaps other things as well) and on that everyone will just have to agree to disagree. However, that is a really strong statement. I don’t think there is evidence that Sundance is in collusion with those with the “legal Mafia” to destroy GZ. I don’t see that all.

      Well, just expressing my opinion. Take care.

      • Sorry for the late reply Angel, I just read your comment. I was not implying that SD was part of the Fla. mafia, I was saying that SD thinks MOM is a part of the Fla. mafia. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

        • “Sorry for the late reply Angel, I just read your comment. I was not implying that SD was part of the Fla. mafia, I was saying that SD thinks MOM is a part of the Fla. mafia. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.”

          Hi Minpin,

          Thanks for replying and clearing that up! I Gotcha your meaning now. At first, I was like, huh??

    • From CTH thread “UPDATE* My Vindication – Why is George Zimmerman Going Rogue?……”

      “minpin06 says: July 20, 2012 at 11:58 am
      … If Shellie Zimmerman were to go into her perjury trial, and say on the stand that she knew for a fact that O’Mara did clearly know about the account, and that there was at least $37,000 in that account as told to him by George, O’Mara in fact perjuried himself, and it can be proven by those that talked with him about the account. According to the jail calls, the bil was supposed to have a meeting with O’Mara, and that would have been before the bond hearing. Suppose the bil takes the stand in Shellie’s trial and says that he also told O’Mara about the account. O’Mara and the judge are both currently sitting between a rock and a hard place.”

      “minpin06 says: July 20, 2012 at 2:07 pm
      … O’Mara is the one with the law degree, and year’s of experience in practicing law. GZ is one class short of receiving his Assoc. degree. It was O’Mara’s responsibility to know about the account, and to divulge it even if it only contained $1,000 or $100 bucks.”

      “minpin06 says: July 20, 2012 at 4:43 pm
      Perhaps in O’Mara’s circle $37,000 is insignificant. In GZ’s world, and in the eyes of the judge even that amount would have been considered enormous. I doubt you could claim indigent status if you have $37,000 in donations.”

      Are you the same minpin, by any chance?

      • Why yes Rick Madigan, that surely was me saying those things back last July. I too was so sure that SD walked on water back then, and that he only wanted the best for GZ. Now, not so much. There has been much new evidence that has come out since then. MOM/West have in fact gotten their act together, IMHO. But, SD seems to have also done a complete turn around and has chosen to go against GZ lawyers, and family, which he knows whitout doubt that nothing can be done about now. GZ isn’t willing or able to fire MOM less than 70 days before the trial, or whatever happens in the meantime. Can O’Mara have changed his tune? Yes. Can SD have changed his tune? Yes.

        There is something else no one knows. I bid the TH adios, and then later tried to post a piece of information about a trial date being changed. My post went into moderation, and then a mod posted the info as her own. Up until a month or so ago, I was sending information to SD with things I found that were not brought up previously. I had no animosity with SD for a long time, as it was the mods that would always seem to come out en mass when they believed another mod was dissed. The information I sent through the contact page did in fact make it to the pages as though it was SD’s own findings.

        With the fact that the trial is so close, the lawyers are not going to change, and the insults to the Zimmerman family, I have gotten just a tad disgusted with the posts about something that cannot change at this point. The posts are destructive to the entire case and only give fodder to the trayvon supporters, and to BDLR. Didn’t BDLR have hissy fits in court about the TH? Hasn’t BDLR also slammed MOM for his website and pressers. BDLR has Crump and Nat Jac to do the press thing in favor of the prosecution. MOM is getting the other side out on his own.

        I am honestly wondering where SD is with this whole thing at this point but, wherever he is it is not in the slightest helpful. Then of course there was the comment at the TH a few days ago that some people there only post as they do because they want to be liked.

        • Just an observation but here is what a see:

          “Trayvonites” bash SD and people at the TH.
          SD and people at the TH bash Trayvonites and MOM
          People on this site bash all of them

          Bash may not be the best choice of words so use the one that fits your perspective best.

          Aside from the Trayvonites, all of these sites have one thing in common: The exoneration of George Zimmerman. This includes DMan’s site, Rumpole’s, Mike McDaniel, Aussie and JusticeForAll. I follow all of them and have decided to sit on the sidelines and focus on the case itself. My position on internal squabbles does not matter.

          I do not visit Trayvonite websites so I do not know what they are saying lately, nor do I care. My only source is other sites that support George.

          • “I do not visit Trayvonite websites so I do not know what they are saying lately, nor do I care. My only source is other sites that support George.”

            Jordan this is the way I look at that. When you are standing in the grocery store line, waiting to be checked out, you look over and see tabloid headlines something like, man found in the mountains of North Dakota with 4 heads, 6 arms, and 14 legs. Some look at those headlines and laugh their butt off, or just shake their heads. Others pay money for the tabloid because they actually believe that there could possibly be some truth to the story.

            • The first site I found about this case was Susan Simpson’s site while searching for a time line. I posted there for a while until I found the TH and have stayed there, but she had “rules” just like the TH does. In spite of what anyone says, you have to be careful to not offend the mods at many sites. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

          • The best thing to support is “unbiased” search for the truth. That is the job of the trial court. I have doubt that this search is occurring in this trial court. Without an unbiased court the cause is lost. The SA can be biased and so can the defense. That is their job within the rules. But the court itself can not. Or it is system failure. I think this case is a breakdown of the system. It just seems to stink to high heaven. Whew!

            • Howie:

              You are truly an unbiased outstanding observer.

              I fully support the work SD has done in his research in revealing the truth about the BGI. It was an eyeopener for me. His statements about MOM have been supported by facts and, as we saw recently, appear to have served to benefit MOM, for sure in that “blackmail” scenario about the PayPay mess. That truth has now been exposed and I suspect that MOM is even relieved about it.

              I stay on the sidelines because I really have nothing to say. My opinions mean nothing. SD says what he says and others do the same.

              I feel uncomfortable and can only hope that all of this helps free George, but honestly, as you have said, the court will do whatever it damn well pleases. Our comments may have nothing to do with it.

        • Thanks for explaining Minpin.

          From the beginning of the GZ case, I found your comments on CTH most helpful, and often you were right on the money. Your insights and your questioning of “facts” was very good.

          I simply wish your going had happened in an email, rather than admins and others ganging up on you about being polite. I wanted to step in and say something, and I felt bad that I didn’t stand with you. You had a good point about not regulating the word TChong. How many more words are we going to regulate? Take out pronouns like “they, those, them,” and nouns like “cracker,” “watermelon,” “chicken,” etc., and buy the BGI approved language book!

          I know that Sundance always appreciated your “spidey” senses. I hope he at least thanked you for sending him emails with your research, which you say he used.

          But all in all, your going was a loss for many of us, who you probably never heard from. You were missed Minpin.

          CTH is so much about politeness and relationship. But, if one wants truth, one should look at the content and reasoning behind what is said, not that there is attitude, or that something is positive, negative, unproductive, etc.

          Knowledge, reasoning, facts, logic can sometimes come with a bit of a punch, but it doesn’t invalidate what is said. The best conmen are polite, positive and productive, and relationship is the best venue to tone down truth and manipulate others away. As the old saying goes, where there is much knowledge, there will be much argument. So I would encourage people to argue, ask questions, do research, speak the truth freely, and don’t waste time with anyone who doesn’t want this.

          Sundance can say and write what he wants, and if it does affect what happens in the courtroom, that is a statement in and of itself, that anything said in media and blogs can influence the justice system at all. How disturbing is that!

          • Thank you so much Rick for your response. It means more to me than you can know. I have never been one to mince words, or to be politically correct, and that approach often is viewed as biting or insulting. I’ll take the approach that political correctness is the weapon used by the left in order to shut down any argument that may be against the ulterior motives, and is actually a war on free speech. Erick Holder said that Americans are cowards because they won’t really address the race issues. Then he throws out the already won case against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, which included photos of that intimidation.

            That entire Tcong thing that day was redicuolous. When someone posted their protest to the term, who never posted before, and has never posted again, I knew it was some sort of set-up to back the earlier suppositions, supposedly discussed by some mods that were sure it meant “monkey.”

            Hi Howie, how are you doing? Hope all is well with you and yours. You coulda helped me out that day long before it became a farce.

            • Hey Hey… Just wondering how much worse it can get in this case. It almost seems the defense is writing appeals prior to the trial court denial of their motions. I never thought the state could withstand pre-trial discovery of their lousy case. Remember when they all got in a panic about Tcong!!! I wonder if the new judge will go the way of Lester? Anyway the state has nothing to put in front of a jury. But of course a trial court judge with nothing to lose can do anything they want. From what I know this is the last criminal trial for the judge. She is headed to divorce court. I think. What a fiasco.

            • I found your posts insightful and was not offended. I missed the various perspectives and voices that were pushed out during different purges. I though it was a net loss not a gain to discourage individual expression.

            • minpin I understand about not being politically corrrect and that affects the way that I see the Trayvonites. You will always be welcome to come across and say hello at my site. we may have to agree to disagree on some things, and right now I am in the midst of the horrors of the Australian political situation with a Marxist in charge of the country…but what I say on that whole subject is often said elsewhere 😉

              • Most Americans have no interest in the politics in Australia or any other other place in the world. The rest of the world knows more about America than the people who live here. Thanks for trying to keep us informed.

        • I too have sent many news tips to SD, some of which inspired him to start a new thread, but have never gotten a hat tip. I am on permanent moderation, mostly because of my ribald sense of humor. (I started using the term “Double Dee Dee” after they posted photos of Daishe Brianne as a possible ID of the mysterious ear witness. Yes, I no doubt misoverestimated her, but it is funny and she is smoking hot which makes it inconceivable that she spent ten hours talking to a looser such as TM. “Double Dee Dee” soon became a popular term to reference the probability of two women giving statements. I suspect that if MoM and West do hand writing analysis, they will find that the woman they deposed is the third Double Dee Dee.

          I do understand SDC’s point. MoM is a member of the Florida legal establishment. He has functioned for years as a defense attorney, no doubt serving his clients reasonably well, while being careful to not alienate his collegues. It is very obvious that MoM took this case expecting the system he was so comfortable with to function with nominal integrity. It has taken him a year to understand just how different this case is. This last few legal filings by MoM reveal that he is burning his bridges to the Fla legal community. BDLR’s sarcastic, infantile and threatening response confirms this. MoM’s only viable career path into the future is to become a nationally renown, crusading defense attorney.

    • If you were truly fighting for GZ, there would be an effort to provide the “sunlight” you so often invoke.

      I think if you read CTH, they are very clear about what they are doing with their analysis of the GZ case.
      They never claimed to be “truly fighting for GZ” …. they stated from the beginning, they were not going to take sides. I think the majority of them are horrified at the “Orange Blossom Special” hurling at GZ, but they have never been shy about their focus in this matter.

      • You see folks, this is exactly why I have been against the posts at the CTH slamming O’Mara. Here you have the proof.

      • “they stated from the beginning, they were not going to take sides.”

        Too funny Karen. I guess that is why there are about 19 thousand articles posted at the CTH that go over the details and the evidence with the Martin/Zimmerman case proving over and over again that GZ in fact acted in self defense.

        Not taking sides in actually meant, as stated on the CTH, that if they found that GZ was in fact guilty of something, and evidence proved that, they would not any longer support him. At this point they have not found GZ guilty of anything, but they sure have found GZ’s lawyer MOM guilty of something that should no longer even be a part of the discussion. But it sure did give Bernie an impetus to go after O’Mara for, and foolishly.

        What exactly has the CTH found GZ guilty of? Nothing. The prosecution is having hissy fits over the strong advocacy for their client, and that they are not buckling to the strong armed agenda. SD is having hissy fits because GZ and his family haven’t taken his advice to get rid of MOM. That’s the long and the short of it.

    • I can not agree more on your last paragraph. His stance is very…..counter productive. He has a very unhealthy, irrational assessment of his own involvement. The best thing to do is not encourage it or give it web space. He has too much already. His importance rises from the fact he is in contact with some shady characters who are also not the sharpest pencils in the box.

    • Dizzy, do you have any links to a state response to the defense motion? I am not seeing any state response on the gzlegal website.

      • Sorry Dizzy, I just found the link above. Yes, Bernie has completely lost it, but unfortunately it will be enough for the judge to decide in the state’s favor.

        Bernie has nothing, the state has nothing, and the judge is in fact giving them the benefit of the doubt with their nothing.

        The judge will find in the state’s favor, just as she did with the motion to reconsider deposing Crump. I can only pray to God that she does, as bizzare as that sounds. The more the state and judge enter into the realm of kangaroo court the better it will be for GZ at some point in time, and everyone’s right to due process.

        Long before the GZ case, Fla. has already proven that they are only at the legal/judicial level of third world countries.

        • I think they are trying to get to a trial asap no matter what. Discovery is killing them. The best thing the defense can do is get a continuance some how/some way. Time is not on the side os the ST.

          • That is exactly how I see it Howie. The prosecution is trying to run out the clock. The prosecution is sitting on pins and needles every day wondering what the defense has uncovered. They are constantly in angst hoping the defense doesn’t find anything else they have hidden, or any more lies that have been told. It’s time for the defense to put their discovery out there. We now know the state has nuttin’. All they can hope to win on is emotion, devoid of facts.

            I am getting more confident that the defense has uncovered items that are destructive to the prosecution that we don’t even know about, but the prosecution does. I am still laughing when I think about DD sitting next to Bernie and telling MOM that she told Bernie about the hospital lie months ago. She may have even said that she was told to lie about her age. Who knows what else she said but it had to be pretty darn good for Bernie to be having such a meltdown. I suspect by the time they were finished, Bernie was under the table hiding, or calling 911. No wonder he didn’t want the depo videotaped.

            • No doubt. The rico….I mean defense investigation is intense. The Trial Judge is on a go-fast program to stop it looks like. The defense is searching for the truth. The State???? Not so much it seems. What I want to know is how on Earth a Black Juror could ever vote to acquit and return to the “community?” They would be profiled and targeted. Can you imagine? I was checking out the Bernie response. Is this a legal case?

                • Yuuup! But once any evidence in any way remotely connected to Mr. Crump’s work Product is suppressed….case closed. The state has based the whole charge on the work product of Mr. Crump. Since the trial court has ruled it off limits??????

                  • Ha. And since Crump is not DD’s lawyer, there is no work product privilege. But Nelson said there is, so there is. Crump complimented Nelson on her do as he was looking up from under her skirt.

    • Lost what, exactly?

      Like me, it appears that he lost his hair in his mid-twenties.

      By reading the transcript of his interview of Witness 8, it appears that he lost his integrity at or before April 2012.

      By reading this pleading, it now appears that he’s completely lost his marbles.

      • I know. This seems a bit over the edge. If a SA has a case they present the evidence. Not complain about what the defense is doing. This case is coming apart at the seams.

  3. I wonder if O’Mara is writing a response now, lolz, can’t wait to see that one, these two goofs are going to break out in song and do an opera together when they get to court

    Rolling On The Floor Laughing

    • The hand-written statement dated March 19th (Exhibit B) in Bernie’s response. Is this another discovery violation? Does the defense have this? If so, why haven’t we seen it in discovery?

      On page 28/284, On March 26th BDLR and O’Steen met with Tracy, Sybrina, lawyers and there is no mention of W8 in the recap. Is that likely that this group didn’t discuss the girl and the March 19th interview they did with her. Was it at this meeting they got the hand-written statement?

      On page 37/284, April 2nd, Sybrina tells them about W8 coming to her apartment but never talked about the events of that night. The hand-written statement dated March 19th proves that to be a lie.

    • I have been out of touch for a couple weeks. Is it really getting this bad? The SA is fighting pre-trial battles on the internet???? Amazing.

  4. And notice in DeeDee’s letter to Sybrina, she does NOT mention hearing George say anything, NOR does she mention hearing “get off, get off”. According to the letter, the phone cut off as soon as she *supposedly* heard “Trevon” fall down.

  5. it seems to have slipped BDLR’s mind that Judge Lester declared that the passport was not an issue and he also seems to forget that Lester got the boot for agreeing with the silly allegations bernie makes in this latest filing.

  6. Unreleated but sundance has gone from wearing a tinfoil hat to wearing a tinfoil ten gallon stetson with this ludacris ranting about Omara

  7. I find it incredibly curious that BDLR states that MOM/WEST are looking for sanctions because of their “listening to internet trolls”. WTF is he talking about? Not one mention of the fact that he screwed the Defense Team with the videotaping debacle. Unreal

    • I don’t know if you read the CTH, but did you see this?

      ytz4mee says:
      March 30, 2013 at 5:35 pm (Edit)

      Allegedly this letter was provided to the defense before their scheduled depo of W#8.

      Given that, does anyone know if the defense asked W#8 to hand write out her statement for them, in their presence?

      If I were the defense, in recent receipt of that remarkable “letter” – that is the first thing I would ask W#8 to do…..


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