Judge Cancels Hearing Without Consult and Protects Crump, again

“On Monday, March 25, the Court canceled the hearing previously scheduled on April 2. The Court did not consult with the defense before canceling the hearing. As there are only 74 days until trial, and as there are Motions before the Court, we hope to appear before the Judge for pending matters before the next hearing currently scheduled for April 30.”




50 thoughts on “Judge Cancels Hearing Without Consult and Protects Crump, again

  1. Well I just made a donation to the GZ Legal Appeals Fund. I can see by her order the depth of her work ethic and fine legal reasoning and scholarship./s/

    • Wow! May his family nor his friends ever be a defendant in the justice system who conduct themselves as some of the lawyers and judges have behaved in this case.

    • What is there to be so happy about? Who in their right mind would defend this shyster who has lied and obstructed justice from jump street? I’d be pist. Is it a case for gas lighting or is this a game where they know their team cheated but they don’t care, it’s all about winning. The latter, methinks.

    • Can she do that Dman? I thought judges were obligated to take cases as they are assigned to them. Wasn’t she the last judge in that court that was qualified to take murder cases? I do think though that she would love to find herself removed just as Lester was. She may be making blatantly prejudiced and irrational decisions though in hopes that the appeals court would remove her from the nightmare she was thrown into. It’s more than time to move the case out of that circuit, pull a retired judge who has no political, social, or employment obligations and who is willing to take some control of the Fla. mafia, aka the Fla. legal/judicial system.

  2. Although I still do read the treehouse, Sundance has done and continues to do great harm to the blog. If he wants to keep readers he needs to lose the tinfoil hat with the incessant Omara bashing

  3. Has Judge Nelson opened the door for a Federal lawsuit for 6th and 14th ammendment violations. BDLR and Judge Nelson seem tohave incredible difficulty comprehending the term “without leave of court”

    • “without leave of court”

      Why didn’t the defense could ahead and treat him as any other witness at the time? Did their filings open the door to this mess with Crump?

    • David, yes that is true but Crump filed for protection and while the decision was dubious in its reasoning, opposing counsel, not meeting the legal test, she granted Crump protection and accepted his Affidavit as sufficient. These decisions including todays, are only appealable upon resolution of the case. If GZ is acquitted then no harm, no foul.

  4. Let me see if I have the full picture, George exercises his 5th ammendment right to be a “potted palm” and does 30 days in jail and gets a million dollar bond. Crump on the otherhand directly lies to judge nelson in October about that mangeled recording being the only and highest quality recording and also files a sworn affadavit with the court filled with overt lies and half truths and Crump enjoys the protection of the Judge TWICE without Nelson even batting an eye?

  5. Today Judge Nelson issued a short, 3 sentence ruling that DENIED the defense’s Motion to Reconsider her previous decision that denied the deposition of Ben Crump.

    Judge Nelson cited no case law to justify her decision, and offered no explanation. Probably because there IS no supporting case law. But the EXPLANATION seems obvious: She suffered an EMOTIONAL TANTRUM in response to a perfectly valid argument that challenged her previous decision. This also EXPLAINS WHY she mysteriously CANCELLED the 4/2 hearing during which she SHOULD have publicly heard the pending motions.

    Judge Nelson KNOWS she cannot justify her rulings, and is AVOIDING PUBLIC SCRUTINY. She’s doing this to HIDE HER SHAME as she continues to kowtow to BACK ROOM dealings in this miscarriage of justice.

    The defense team has yet to react to this ruling, but they DID post this reaction to her cancellation of the hearing:

    “On Monday, March 25, the Court canceled the hearing previously scheduled on April 2. The Court did not consult with the defense before canceling the hearing. As there are only 74 days until trial, and as there are Motions before the Court, we hope to appear before the Judge for pending matters before the next hearing currently scheduled for April 30.”

    Mark, the public wants George to get due process. Apparently, Judge Nelson does not.



    • Supposition about Florida law

      Suppose George and found guilty.
      Crump files his civil suits and gets his money.
      George’s verdict is then overturned and he is declared to be immune.

      Does Crump have to give the money back?

      I am thinking ahead, trying not to negative, but wondering about worse case scenarios. It’s pretty clear that the “powers that be” are determined to get this to a trial.

    • I have been talking to some legal eagles that are saying that MOM filed the wrong motion. He should have filed a Motion for a Re-Hearing not Re-Consideration. Her March 4th order was done with prejudice, so a reconsideration is the wrong vehicle to revisit the issue. MOM needed a Re-Hearing since that would bring back the procedures to the state it was before her ruling. This is why she does not have to cite any case law, as what MOM needed was a Re-Hearing, so he could re-argue the matter, enter evidence and make his case. Orders by the judge done with prejudice are final unless MOM can argue conclusively that something has changed that would cause her to reversed her previous order.

  6. How about this? File a motion to depose Natalie Jackson and if Nelson denies that too, it would further demonstrate her covering for the scheme team.

    • Seems to me that the FDLE kowtows to the Corey, and those who pull her strings, as does the DOJ. WHO is left to investigate ANYTHING? Face it, the BGI have had complete control of this, and have since day one!

      • I agree about the office in Orlando but the office in Miami didn’t seem to want to be a part of the games. If not for those FDLE reports out of Miami we wouldn’t have known that W8 visited the State Attorneys in August 2012. Those were unusual reports to write-up but the investigators wanted to document it. Maybe they could/would search out the truth.

  7. someone on Piers blog is using a fake CTH account: The Conservative Treehouse

    The Piers and Junior bromance continues with another softball interview with the underlying message of “Donate money to me because I’m a failed “trained” musician/singer who uses my brothers murder case as a stairway to fame.” Too late unemployed loser, your racist mentality has been exposed to the masses. Now you are trying to backpedal off your racist remarks because you are a coward. What were you saying about the publics perception again?

    March 27, 2013 at 3:43 pm | Report abuse | Reply http://piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com/2013/03/27/tonight-robert-zimmerman-jr-returns-live-on-the-heels-of-his-controversial-tweet/

  8. Question for our legal minds….although shocking, today’s denial could be a “good thing” if the defense takes this to the appellate court. It would put Pam Bondi in the the position of having to write the legal brief defending Crump and could further expose just how far the corruption in this hoax goes!

    • It will conflict. That can bring it to FSC. This case is just beyond plus ultra. My bet is they are trying to rush it to trial before the formal defense discovery hits the jackpot.

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