Witness List 2

[(EDIT UPDATE: April 18, 2013) O’Mara has submitted “Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Witness List” which can be found on the courts website under the date of 4/17/13 http://www.flcourts18.org/page.php?129

More people have been added to the list and more people have also been added to the redacted section which now goes from GZWDD – GZWAAA

Oddly, O’Mara just lumps in, under his “Other” section, “Any witness identified through the State’s discovery not otherwise disclosed herein.”

I will put in bold now the newly added people and add the new folks and radactions at the end.

The list so far is 267 people. And there is still more that I know needs to be added.

(Edit (8:30pm) I’m adding this comment here to clarify. The list below is everyone listed in the State’s list from their past supplemental’s and O’Mara’s list. The names in bold are on O’Mara’s list i.e. Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona while on the state’s list are not on O’Mara’s list so those names are not in bold text. The rest is explained below, please read it.)

The Defense’s Witness list is in bold. O’Mara has listed redacted names in the form of GZW and while I assume these numbers correspond to the States redacted numbers for now I will not bold them but indicate them with a separate text color. The defense has also added a new redacted form of A – Z then AA – DD so for now I will add them as new additions to the list.

The total number of witnesses I have is really 194. The reason this list shows 197 is because of three reasons. First, a long time ago I misidentified P.I. John Wright as also being a name of one of the gun club/shop people then later, when learning more about the case, I learned there was no John Wright of the gun club/shop people. Second, Alicia Martin I believe is W24 but I can’t be certain of this. She is not listed in the interview notes or in the second supplemental list as to who if anyone interviewed her. So for now there are two numbers, W24 and W151, that may be actually only one number. Lastly, there is a Stepehen Martin Sr. named and while I believe that is Trayvon’s cousins dad I’ll just list him as a tentative 197. I don’t know why Stephen Martin the cousin is not named then if this is the case, he’s been in the media at least twice so there’s no violation of the judges orders to name him. Same goes for Alicia who has also made media appearances.

It’s nice to see good ol’ Ben Crump on the list. I wonder how he’ll snake his way out of that one. It’s amazing how much that man can talk crap in the media but when it comes down to business he hides behind his white lawyer, how utterly transparent, pfft.

It’s also nice to see Wolfinger on the list. Sure would be nice to hear why he really ran away, I never bought that crap he wrote in his letter to the governor.

Bonaparte too ay? lol, good but while we’re at it lets get the rest of the cowards in there; Scott, Bondi, Triplett, etc., lol.

I find it troublesome O’Mara does not have listed the three SPD officers Serino named who pressured him to file charges; Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona.

And what of the 3 Stooges? Listed as redacted I hope. It would be nice to get at least some indication as to who the redacted people are so we could at least have some idea.

No experts on the list? Huh? Perhaps that will be a separate list that was filed which have yet to see. Also, as I was writing this(thank you for keeping a sharp eye on these things Nettles), the court website has listed that the defense has filed a motion on the 25th to extend the time to file witness names. This seems odd to me to do now when O’Mara knew he would need the time when the judge denied the continuance for trial but I digress.

Julison? Julison? Julison?

There’s much to talk about as to who or who is or not on the list and why or why not O’Mara has them listed or not but I’ll leave it at that for now.

The list I have below is subject to change of course as information comes out.

1. P.I. John Wright
2. SPD Captain Bob O’Connor
3. SPD Officer Jonathan Mead
4. SPD Officer Mike Wagner
5. SPD Officer William Ervin
6. SPD Officer Leon Ciesla
7. SPD Officer Ricardo Ayala
8. SPD Officer Tony Raimondo
9. SPD Officer Joseph Santiago
10. SPD Officer Diana Smith
11. SPD Officer Christopher Serino
12. SFR Mike Brandy
13. SFR Stacy Livingston
14. SFR Kevin O’Rourke
15. SFR Tyler Rochfort
16. SFR Mike Turner
17. ME Tara Malphrus
18. ME Shiping Bao
19. ME Priscilla Feller
20. ME Ben Dorton
21. FDLE SA John Batchelor
22. FDLE SAS David Lee
23. Fulton, Jahvarius (Trayvon’s half-brother)
24. Fulton, Sybrina (Trayvon’s mother)
25. Martin, Tracy (Trayvon’s father)
26. Oliver, Joe (Resident of Retreat at Twin Lakes, knew George)
27. Taffe, Francis (Resident of Retreat at Twin Lakes, knew George)
28. Zimmerman, Robert (George’s father)
29. W1 Witness (sister of W2, live together)
30. W2 Witness (sister of W1, live together)
31. W3 Witness & 911 caller (White T-shirt, see police arrive, female)
32. W4 Cheryl Brown (Mother of W14 Austin McClendon & W15)
33. W5 Mary Cutcher Witness & 911 Caller (Roommate of W16 Selma)
34. W6 John Witness & 911 caller
35. W7 Brandy Green (Mother of W10 Chad, Tracy Martin’s girlfriend, where Trayvon was staying)
36. W8 DeeDee (Girl on phone with Trayvon)
37. W9 Christina Johnson (George’s cousin)
38. W10 Chad (Son of W7 Brandy Green)
39. W11 Witness & 911 caller (wife of W20)
40. W12 Witness (Wife of W13 Guy who went outside took picture of George)
41. W13 Witness & Guy who went outside took picture of George (Husband of W12)
42. W14 Austin McClendon Witness & 911 caller (son of W4 Cheryl Brown, brother of W15)
43. W15 Witness & 911 caller (Same 911 call as W14)
44. W16 Selma Mora Witness (Roommate of W5 Mary)
45. W17 Witness (Wife of W6 John)
46. W18 Witness & 911 caller (lonely teacher, very long 911 call)
47. W19 Witness & 911 caller (lady who thought it was the elderly man yelling)
48. W20 Witness (Boyfriend of W11)
49. W21 HOA president
50. W22 Co-worker of George, Achmed the terrorist
51. W23
52. W24 (Possibly Alicia Martin)
53. W25 Stephen Martin (Trayvon’s cousin, Trayvon possibly lived with him at the time)
54. W26 Mark Osterman
55. W27
56. W28
57. W29
58. W30
59. W31 (711 Clerk)
60. W32
61. W33
62. W34
63. W35
64. W36
65. W37
66. W38
67. W39
68. W40
69. W41
70. W42
71. W43
72. W44 (George’s friend, sounds black, calls George “tugboat”)
73. W45
74. W46
75. W47
76. W48
77. W49
78. W50
79. W51
80. Khaled Akkawi(Gun shop/club)
81. Larry Anderson(Gun shop/club)
82. James Brantly(Gun shop/club)
83. Sterling Frazier(Gun shop/club)
84. Brian Hackett(Gun shop/club)
85. Greg McKinney(Gun shop/club)
86. Scott McLeod(Gun shop/club)
87. Danny Mehler(Gun shop/club)
88. Jeff Perillo(Gun shop/club)
89. D’Andre Stinnet(Gun shop/club)
90. Kent Taylor(Gun shop/club)
91. John Wright (Gun shop/club) (Was misidentified a long time ago as a gun club person, he is the PI guy)
92. Crime Intelligence Analyst Amanda Stephens

Others named in the first supplemental

SPD officers
93. Carlos Davila
94. Wendy Dorival
95. Adam Johnson
96. Steve Lynch
97. Stacie McCoy
98. Doris Singleton
99. Randy Smith
100. Timothy Smith
101. Lt. Mike Taylor
102. Kristen Bentsen
103. Mike Bernoski
104. Ed Manning
105. B. MacIntosh
106. Josh Memminger
107. Trekell Perkins
108. D. Ripley
109. Neil Robertson
110. Lonnie Taylor

FDLE investigators
111. Dale Crosby
112. Tony Rodriguez
113. Kristin Hoffacker
114. Kenneth Moore
115. Kristen Bentsen (Prints)
116. Anthony Gorgone (Biology/DNA)
117. Alvin Guzman (Trace Evidence)
118. Stephen Krejci (GSR)
119. Megan Myburgh (Prints)
120. Patty Orta (CSU)
121. Amy Siewart (Firearms)

State’s Attorney’s investigators
122. K.D. Gilbreath (Jacksonville)
123. T.C. O’Steen (Jacksonville)
124. Dave Bisplinghoff (Jacksonville)
125. Jim Post (Sanford)
126. Jim Rick (Sanford)
127. Bob Veaudry (Sanford)

128. Kenneth Marr
129. Hirotaka Nakasone

130. Tom Owen
131. Edward Primeau

Others named in the second supplemental

SPD officers
132. Arthur Barns
133. Rebecca Villalona

State’s Attorney’s investigators
134. Stephen Brenton (Orlando)
135. Mark Brutnell (Jacksonville)
136. Carlos Drake (Orlando)
137. Jeffrey Duncan (Orlando)
138. James Mullins (Orlando)
139. Luis Negrete (Orlando)
140. Kirk Veazey (Jacksonville)

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
141. Jeffrey Morales or designee (Custodian of Records Jail)
142. Ramona Rumph or designee (Custodian of Records SCSO Call Center)

Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
143. Melissa Fannin
144. Raymond Gilmore
145. Jonathan Lent

From the eighth supplemental

146. Sondra Osterman

From the 9th supplemental

Altamonte Family Practice (George’s doctor)
147. Lindzee Folgate
148. Custodian of Records

149. Jean Pounds (Orlando)
150. Gaylon White (Miami)

Might be W24
151. Alicia Martin

Added from Defense Witness List
152. Chief Bill Lee
153. Tom Artingstall (SAO 18th)
154. Gary Beatty (SAO 18th)
155. Jim Carter (SAO 18th)
156. Kelly Jo Hines (SAO 18th)
157. Stacey Salmons (SAO 18th)
158. Pat Whitaker (SAO 18th)
159. Norm Wolfinger (SAO 18th)
160. Sean Knoffke (George’s Non Emergency Call Taker)
161. Norton Bonaparte Jr.
162. Benjamin Crump
163. Miriam Martin
164. Ronquavius Martin
165. Mike Smith (c/o OLG)
166. Gladys Zimmerman (c/o OLG) George’s Mom
167. A
168. B
169. C
170. D
171. E
172. F
173. G
174. H
175. I
176. J
177. K
178. L
179. M
180. N
181. O
182. P
183. Q
184. R
185. S
186. T
187. U
188. V
189. W
190. X
191. Y
192. Z
193. AA
194. BB
195. CC
196. DD
197. Stephen Martin Sr.

From the 13th Supplemental

198. Custodian of Records for George’s high school in Virginia
199. Custodian of Records for George’s college in Florida
200. Custodian of Records for W8, Tracy, Trayvon and George

Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Witness List

Sanford Police Department
201. Anthony Alonso
202. James Blake
202. Douglas Bottalico
203. Jordan Buchanan-Klepp
204. Lewis Dodson
205. William Dunn
206. Geoffrey Field
207. Donald Flowers
208. Miguel Francis
209. John Grackenback
210. Charles Gentry
211. Zachary Glenn
212. Chase Goller
213. Vance Hall
214. Michael Hernandez
215. Paul Herx
216. Mickey Hinkley
217. Ronald Jacobs
218. Peter Jankowaki
219. Shawn Kelley
220. Robert Kuchcinski
221. John Labree
222. Devin Lucius
223. Sanjuanita Lugo
224. Robert Manley
225. Brian McIntosh
226. Tammy McIntosh
227. Alfred Morgan
228. Jack Murray
229. Philip Nation
230. Andrew Ricks
231. Lance Rivera
232. Steven Santiago
233. Edward Schneider
234. Michael Timpano
235. Michelle Tucker
236. Matthew Walker
237. John Walsh
238. Kathryn Walsh
239. Keith Weissman
240. Kelly Wells
241. Debbie White
242. Joesph Wiggins
243. William Wiggins
244. Brandon Worrall
245. Dorrell Wright

246. EE
247. FF
248. GG
249. HH
250. II
251. JJ
252. KK
253. LL
254. MM
255. NN
256. OO
257. PP
258. QQ
259. RR
260. SS
261. TT
262. UU
263. VV
264. WW
265. XX
266. YY
267. ZZ
268. AAA

“Any witness identified through the State’s discovery not otherwise disclosed herein.”

42 thoughts on “Witness List 2

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          It’s the way they structure the court website but normally it reads from bottom to top as we see with the motion to request more time for witness disclosure:

          03/25/2013 MOTN DISCLOSURE


            • YW. I hope you got that, it’s confusing as hell the way they do it and they reversed that one so it makes it even more confusing. I just don’t get why they make separate lines/entries like that for the same motion of some of them when they clearly have the ability to keep it all in the same cell such as this one:


      • “I find it troublesome O’Mara does not have listed the three SPD officers Serino named who pressured him to file charges; Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona.”

        All three of them are listed, but I think by the State. So how does that work? If the Defense wants to question a person who was listed by the State, but is worried the State won’t call that person, can the Defense call them anyway? Or do they need to first put them on THEIR list? So that a single person could be on two separate lists? Been meaning to ask this.

          • As I keep saying, I don’t think these “deadlines” are as set in stone as we believe. I still say there’s a Richardson hearing coming, along with another motion for a continuance. Actually I expect that motion to be in open court DURING the Richardson hearing. I don’t see the trial starting in June (if ever).

        • “All three of them are listed, but I think by the State.”

          Yes I’m quite aware of that, I am the one who put the list together.

          I’m not sure how these list things work but I would guess if O’Mara wants someone on the stand he has to list them.

  2. In the 3/6/13 draft notices of the depositions to have been taken on the 13th, 14th, and 15th, we learn that W24 and W10 are the same person, the son of W7.

    Apparently he got listed under two different last names at some point.

    Speaking of names, has anybody ever established for absolute certain if W7 is Brandy or Brandi and Green or Greene?

    ‘Cause I’ve seen all of those at one point or another.


  3. Dman- You mentioned in your article that the three officers that pressured Serino were not on the list but, two of them are-

    132- Barns


    I do wonder why the other one Trekell Perkins isn’t there as well. Maybe O’Mara knows him to be hostile to the defense?

    I would love to have heard the deposition of Serino. No doubt MOM/West asked him about the admission that he was pressured to charge GZ. I would also like to know if they addressed Austin’s mother’s claim that Serino stood in her living room and told her the whole thing was about race. No doubt the FBI interviewed her and didn’t find any meat on the bones.

    BTW- I love the new look of the site. Terrific job, and thank you very much for all you’ve done.

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  5. what happened to the look of the blog? is it me or is it not looking right? did u change it again? I like the last look. not being an ass just asking maybe its just not loading right for me??

    • I read Jeralyn’s PDF about the March 19th interview. It was great! I think though her assumption that the ABC clip was recorded on Matt Gutman’s phone is wrong. During clip 2 we hear Mr. Crump remind W8 what she told HIM today, that she was going to tell the whole story. That tells me Mr. Crump talked to her earlier that day. Then near the end of clip #2, he says he is going to call her back from his 850 number. That tells me he is going to use his phone. Lastly, in the chatter at the end of the clip, we hear Crump declare that she was much clearer on the phone. I think he meant that when he talked to her on his phone earlier that day, it was clearer. http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/w8_interview/w8_recordingA2_red.mp3 So, why is the ABC exposed clip clearer if in fact it was on Crump’s phone? and 2) why wasn’t it on the FDLE CD?

      • There is no evidence that a 3rd phone was needed for the rest of the interview. So if a recording of the missing clip is the start of the conversation using the 2nd cell phone (Crump’s 850 number) then it stands to reason the rest of the conversation should have been recorded. There is no more I’m stopping this now at the end of the clips after clip 2. The end to all the rest of the clips are sudden and unexpected…like it has been edited. Transcript of call here with audio links: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=C447CEF73E62F114!261&authkey=!ABxKhCpH5WVlewQ

      • I think I can answer that, it was clearer and it was the most incriminating of the clips. Crumps coaching is very evident, and he contradicts both Tracy and Sybrina. Not that it makes any difference apparently, as the Judge is ignoring it.

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