Witness List 2

[(EDIT UPDATE: April 18, 2013) O’Mara has submitted “Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Witness List” which can be found on the courts website under the date of 4/17/13 http://www.flcourts18.org/page.php?129

More people have been added to the list and more people have also been added to the redacted section which now goes from GZWDD – GZWAAA

Oddly, O’Mara just lumps in, under his “Other” section, “Any witness identified through the State’s discovery not otherwise disclosed herein.”

I will put in bold now the newly added people and add the new folks and radactions at the end.

The list so far is 267 people. And there is still more that I know needs to be added.

(Edit (8:30pm) I’m adding this comment here to clarify. The list below is everyone listed in the State’s list from their past supplemental’s and O’Mara’s list. The names in bold are on O’Mara’s list i.e. Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona while on the state’s list are not on O’Mara’s list so those names are not in bold text. The rest is explained below, please read it.)

The Defense’s Witness list is in bold. O’Mara has listed redacted names in the form of GZW and while I assume these numbers correspond to the States redacted numbers for now I will not bold them but indicate them with a separate text color. The defense has also added a new redacted form of A – Z then AA – DD so for now I will add them as new additions to the list.

The total number of witnesses I have is really 194. The reason this list shows 197 is because of three reasons. First, a long time ago I misidentified P.I. John Wright as also being a name of one of the gun club/shop people then later, when learning more about the case, I learned there was no John Wright of the gun club/shop people. Second, Alicia Martin I believe is W24 but I can’t be certain of this. She is not listed in the interview notes or in the second supplemental list as to who if anyone interviewed her. So for now there are two numbers, W24 and W151, that may be actually only one number. Lastly, there is a Stepehen Martin Sr. named and while I believe that is Trayvon’s cousins dad I’ll just list him as a tentative 197. I don’t know why Stephen Martin the cousin is not named then if this is the case, he’s been in the media at least twice so there’s no violation of the judges orders to name him. Same goes for Alicia who has also made media appearances.

It’s nice to see good ol’ Ben Crump on the list. I wonder how he’ll snake his way out of that one. It’s amazing how much that man can talk crap in the media but when it comes down to business he hides behind his white lawyer, how utterly transparent, pfft.

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