Crumps White Lawyer Responds

crumpadump - Copy

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Response to this:



O’Mara’s Response to Crump:

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40 thoughts on “Crumps White Lawyer Responds

  1. Crump’s lawyer:
    “Your honor, these amateurs are wasting your time. You are wonderful and already ruled on this. They are just pouting your wise decision, and basing it on a incomplete deposition by a known liar. Did I mentioned how wise and wonderful you are.

  2. Keep your eyes on the shiny object and hear nothing but the sound of my voice….pay no attention to the shyster behind the curtain

  3. That picture is too funny.

    When Bondi said that there was a witness, but that she was not cooperating, and had refused to come forward, who told Bondi about the witness? Was it Crump, Tracy, Sybrina, or who? I believe Bondi said that before Crump’s interview or presser about DD. According to MOM, he can’t get an answer to that question from the state.

  4. Why doesn’t Jesse Jackson complain about this white attorney attempting to bail out a black attorney? Isn’t this plantation representation? Plantation advocacy? Plantation-ocacy?

    DeeDee, gurrrrl, if you’re reading this, I’m telling you, you can make a BIG pile of money, never have to work for the rest of your life (if you make sound financial investments, that is) if you just come clean and tell your entire story, like how Miss Sybrina gave you the evil eye and how Bernie tried to help you remember your lines…

  5. ROTFLMAO that picture is hilarious! Love crumps expression. I haven’t said it but Dman, you’re doing an awesome job & I may not comment much but I certainly appreciate all that you & the others have done keeping us all up to date. Thank you!

  6. What is your point Diwataman? Is it that Crump hired Bruce Blackwell because there were no competent black lawyers around that handle such cases? I though you were interested in the evidence, as I am. Cheap shots based on racial grounds are inferior to logic. Just what is gained by you (or Robert Zimmerman, Jr.) by trying to stir up racial animus among white people. If you have criticisms of Crump’s behavior on ethical and legal grounds, fine, state them. We all know what his skin color is and can draw our own connections.

    • The point of what, the title or the art the case inspires in me? By the way “cheap shots” as you call them go all the way back to our good friends Plato and Aristotle pictured above and more than likely far beyond them as well when it comes to social and political commentary and I say are a much needed part of the human experience and expression, quite logical if you ask me. And if it inspires white people to stand up for themselves as whites then good for them, lord knows they need it.

    • Hey Ricky, don’t you think it’s a bit disingenuous for Crump, race-baiter extraordinaire who has exerted all of his effort to make a white vs black hate crime out of a non-racial incident, to seek refuge behind a white attorney?

      Think about it …

      • I don’t know why he picked Mr. Blackwell to represent him, Tara. You and apparently Diwataman have jumped to the conclusion that Crump had decided Mr. Blackwell’s skin color was the prime consideration in deciding he would bring the best results among all the choices. What do you think of the fact that a number of Muslims accused of terrorism are represented by Jewish lawyers? It could be that in both cases they looked for a person who both was willing to take the case and was good at arguing it in briefs and in court and the resulting lawyer ethnicity was an accident.

        • Rick, you have a point and I am sure the reason Crump picked Blackwell had nothing to do with his skin color, rather that he is a well connected attorney who specializes in defending other lawyers. I the point is that Crump from the beginning before any evidence was released, accused the SPD, SA, and GZ of racism. Remember the 600lb elephant in the room? A year later and they are still claiming that the case has racial undertones. That makes the fact that he is using a white lawyer, ironic and sort of funny.

          • I suppose I am a bit dense about such matters. I don’t see any connection with making claims that Zimmerman assumed Martin was up to no good because the latter was black and Blackwell and Julison being brought into the case because they are white. The closest connection I can find is that neither has convincing proof.

            I don’t think Diwataman’s picture was the least bit funny and I think just as little as RZ, Jr’s picture comparison. We need less inflammatory images and stereotyping in the discussion. I would hope Plato and Aristotle would agree with me but I don’t know enough about what they thought of non Athenians.

            • I respect your opinion, but I disagree. I think lack of discussion is the problem. Right now we live in a society where nobody wants to offend anyone, with some exceptions, but that another conversation. The lack of discussion is masking the problems, it does not change the stereotypes it just hides them. That is the problem with trying to legislate thought. For instance, it is common policy for some media outlets to hide the identity of the perpetrators of crime, if they are a minority. Is this removing the stereotype of young black males being violent or dangerous. Of course not, but it does prevent a discussion of why it is that a good portion of young black males are in trouble with the law. So we don’t discuss the issue we try to hide it. This is just one example, but it applies to other issues as well. We keep saying this is not the right forum or making excuses to avoid the issues. Big issue now is gun control, but the gun control advocates miss for the most part, a big part of the issue, that is without someone wielding the gun, the gun is just a paperweight. The other issue is that people hijack the discussions and framed them in ways that actually make discussion difficult or impossible. IMO we need to bring these things to the front, stop hiding behind the politically correct movement, to avoid things.

              • Funny, I agree with everything you said, boricua. I just don’t see using cartoon characters, images and lame similes, that minorities may well consider offensive hate speech directed at them, as helping in the discussion.

                • Interesting, it did provoke a discussion, silly as it might have been, it was effective. I think that was part of my point we try so hard to be serious, we avoid discussion. If someone was offended let’s discuss why, not censure it. Let us open a dialogue.

              • Nothing will ever change until educated blacks speak up against that segment that refuses to fit into our society. Then white Progs need to back up their movement. As far as I know, there is no black organization that preaches the opposite of the BGI.

        • Ricky wrote: What do you think of the fact that a number of Muslims accused of terrorism are represented by Jewish lawyers?

          If those Muslims spewed anti-Jewish sentiment day in and day out, blamed Jews for Muslims’ problems, and turned every incident involving a Jew and a Muslim into Jew-against-Muslim …. then I would say those Muslims are HYPOCRITES.

          And that’s what Crump is. A HYPOCRITE. And a laughable one at that, totally deserving of ridicule. He’s a disgrace to the legal professions and the so-called justice system.

          • I am happy tara that at least you agree that part of the problem is defects in the legal system used. How could such a time consuming, expensive institution that depends so much on the relative skills of the lawyers and puts the defense at a huge economic disadvantage be any good?

            • What do defects in the legal system have to do with your complaint about the cartoon?

              That cartoon was an attack on Crump, and you objected because you assumed that it was racist when in fact it’s a criticism of Crump’s racism and hypocrisy regarding race. You complained that Diwataman “stirs up racial animus” when in fact this is what Crump has been doing for his entire career, and you did it too when you posted your complaint.

              You call the cartoon a “cheap shot”, I presume because you don’t know the details of the case like Diwataman and the rest of us do. It’s no cheap shot, I assure you. The cartoon might look simplistic, but it’s a concise commentary on the person primarily responsible for one of the worst legal debacles we’ve seen in decades.

                • It was the Powerlifting Saint Skittles piece that keep me seeking out your videos. Thank so much, your unique art/humor DMan has given me hope.

  7. This case has ignited a racial war. How are white people expected to respond when they did not start it? It has instigated black on white violence but white people have not retaliated.

    This is no longer about being fair.

        • Demand it directly from the blacks and from every other group which believes that it should be favored. Demand it from the media too (e.g., specify the races of perps and victims for ALL incidents, or none of them).

    • Jordan- There has been a concerted effort, even long before the GZ/TM incident , to divide the nations citizens based on race, class, gender, and religious beliefs. One thing this case should be proving to everyone is that there are no longer guarantees for due process for “all” of American citizens. Some are more equal than others.

  8. Apparently Crump has no shame, Crump is too spineless to sit down for a deposition w/the defense, and he has already been accused of being “technically challenged” by MOM/West & needs to explain the difference in his audio of DD’s compared to Gutmans. Crump interjected himself into this hot mess with an agenda grandstanding and promoting DD, the least he could do is MAN UP and answer the questions, WHY he doesn’t understand how miserably incompetent this makes him look is too I guess over his head.

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