Thanks O’Mara

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Thanks to O’Mara who changed servers every link that is a direct link such as this:  is now broken. I’m still deciding if I want to go through every post of mine, look for such links and correct it.


11 thoughts on “Thanks O’Mara

  1. I’d recommend you wait before changing anything. For a time the links to the audio of Crump’s clips were broken and then they came back online.

    Shawn is reorganizing things and once it’s finished you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

  2. I doubt that MOM is personally involved in the management of the website or fileserver, but I feel your frustration.

    • “This website is operated by Mark O’Mara PA on behalf of the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.”

      Shawn Vincent, the tech guy, may be running the technical side of things but changes this big would have no doubt been run past O’Mara along with the info that all the old links would break. Also, O’Mara is the captain so to speak, technically George is, so in a general sense everything that comes out of O’Mara’s office is from O’Mara.

  3. Hes probably not using a static( always the same ) IP address system. They are more expensive ( generally ) to lease than a standard Dynamic(changes at whim of the provider) IP internet service.

    I suspect the change is the provider just rotating the ip addresses at the end of business cycle. Not sure there is much anyone can do short of paying the extra cash for the higher lvl business account. If the files are linked via webpage instead of ip address (www.*.* vs ) then the links update automatically. But GZ docs has been notoriously bad about that 😦

  4. I love Stately McDaniel Manor. Mike is a gifted writer. His analysis well thought out and interrupting legalese for us ordinarly folk can’t be beat.

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