Crump’s Propaganda Machine Continues

I could write pages on this ridiculous juxtaposition and maybe later I will but for now let’s just say this is indicative of the black communities mindset and is how we really got here with the Zimmerman case. It also does a disservice to Emmett Till.


73 thoughts on “Crump’s Propaganda Machine Continues

      • Crump’s beliefs have been burned into his very soul. This case is about a movement that has been in the works for a long long time. George Zimmerman is a scapegoat for a much larger plan-He is a “throwaway”… It is very scary. People ignored O’bama’s mentor, Jeremiah Wright when Sean Hannity tried to wake up America….

        • they also ignored the larger elephant than Jeremiah Wright – as in Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn.

          If you knew anything about the activity of the Weathermen then one should be wary of anyone who is friendly with them!!

      • A cog in a macine. A money machine based on race and discrimination due to race. This case is being rushed to trial at all costs, and no matter what I think. All are expendable except the players behind the curtain pulling the levers. The Wizard of O.

      • That makes him more dangerous, a swindler will back off if the heat gets to hot, a believer will willingly walk into the flames. Is important to remember that.

        This is the reason they are willing to suspend reason and believe the irrational, even when all the evidence is against them. The world needs believers, but sometimes those beliefs can be dangerous to other if not tamped down by reason and a willingness to accept when wrong.

  1. The big lie is using the photo of a 12 year old rather than of the 17 year old thug who had attacked George Zimmerman.

    From what I have read about Emmett Till there is simply no comparison at all. Emmett was not attacking anyone when he was killed. Trayvon Martin was bashing in someone’s head.

      • Blacks do NOT read or study black history. It is handed down, remember cuz they cannot all read unless it is written in Ebonics.

        • Are you sure of that statement? One of the black young men who grew up playing violin with my sons reads fluently in both English and French, and has a PhD is french literature.

            • thx, it was hard next to impossible to participate in the CTH because of these type of humor and hostile comments describing liberalism as a mental disorder. I am a liberal, morally and ethical sound parent, a community organizer against crime, an atheist who attended Catholic schools, and I live in a predominate black community and have been a victim of a black and white hate crime. I also have two siblings surviving on disability due to serious brain diseases.
              Jokes about mental disorders are ignorant and mean too.

              • I was offended by the comparison and it was my way of striking back about their lack of knowledge of black history as well as a slam about their refusal to learn our language. I am getting really pissed about so many of us being labeled as racists. If they can use derogatory words, then so can I. If I am going to be convicted of being a racist, I guess that frees me to act like one.

                I have given up being “overly respectful.” I am tired of hearing about White Guilt. Nothing works. The BGI is winning this war because whitey refuses to stand up to them.

                    • “I am hoping that Angel will comment about my post. I have great respect for her opinions”

                      LOL: I don’t think so Jordan.

                    • I have always respected you..You seem to understand the white perspective very well, even when it is harshly spoken. We get mad just like you do and things do not always come out right when we speak.

        • Sorry but I dont believe that. Nor do I like to put people/things in a lump group together. It is my personal belief that tho some things or people may tend to be a certain way, NOT all are alike. JMHO

    • “Emmett was not attacking anyone when he was killed.”

      No, Emmett’s only crime was that being from the North, he was not familiar with the culture of the deep south. His culture violation was reportedly whistling at a white woman from a store he visited. Soomebody should have schooled the brotha. From the looks of him in his casket, he paid dearly for that.

      However, I agree that the comparing the TM case to Emmett Till is trying to compare the apple to the orange.

      • “However, I agree that the comparing the TM case to Emmett Till is trying to compare the apple to the orange.”

        correction: the denial of due process and presumption of innocence for both Till and GZ are similarities. I didn’t know before I wrote this that Till reportedly made more aggressive advances toward the white lady. I would research it more but my stomach could not stand having to look again at such a gruesome sight as Till looked. One look was enough..

  2. Yup, this is part of their scheme, to spread garbage propaganda around comparing the little thug Trayvon to Emmit Till.

  3. There are similarities between the two cases.

    Emmett Till, like Trayvon Martin, was white-washed by the BGI into an innocent martyr when in reality he too was a teenage thug. The story that “Till just whistled at her” is the 1950s BGI version of “Trayvon was just an unarmed teenager”

    Just as Martin physically assaulted Zimmerman, Till sexually assaulted Carolyn Bryant by making lewd and suggestive remarks, placing his hands on her arm and hips, and trying to corner her. And like Zimmerman, Bryant so gravely feared for her own safety that she turned to a firearm for protection.

    Had she not armed herself it’s possible Till may have raped her. Don’t forget Till’s father was himself a convicted multiple murderer and rapist. Perhaps the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Till didn’t deserve to die the way he did but he was far from innocent.

    • “There are similarities between the two cases.”

      I agree there are similarities between the cases. Emmett Till, was denied due process and the presumption of innocence just as GZ is. Eerie how history tends to repeat itself.

      • For Crump to display a picture of the two of them side by side is only to provoke anger among people who do not know black history. What happened to Emmett was awful. but I could hardly compare his plight to that of Trayvon. I will leave that story alone because I think you know it. My angry diatribe was a result of what Trump did and I felt compelled to release the anger that has been building up in me over this case. I feel like I am racist because there is no way I can claim to be otherwise. I am trapped and can only fight back with words.. words that normally I would never use.

        I truly believe that nothing will change unless the blacks who have adapted into our society, and have become successful lead the way. That should be the role of the NAACP but it’s not so a new NAACP should arise that really is interested in the advancement of colored people.

        Why have the voices of Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Tim Scott, and Alan Keyes been silenced? Nuff said for now but it’s good to see you here.

        • One thing I can say Jordan is that racism has been in the US since it was founded and as it is said, “the more things change the more they stay the same. “One thing I can say with certainty is having been on the receiving end of racism myself, I know how you feel.

          I don’t believe in doing to others what was done to me. As hard as it is sometimes, I believe in “doing unto others as I would have them do unto me” I don’t judge any collective group by the acts of individuals though they may be member of the group that did the wrong. Racism is wrong no matter who is doing it. The whites who did that to Emmett Till were wrong and the blacks who are doing this to GZ and his family are wrong. I know all humans are capable of prejudices in some form and unfortunately, many times they are acted on in a destructive manner.

          The only way to counter all this wrong is for individuals to try and do what is right and that is all I want to be judged on and that is how I try to judge others. But hey, what do I know? I am in the minority opinion on that by the looks of things. Dr. Mar in Luther King voiced his desire of “people being judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin” and that seemed to have fallen on dear ears.

          I think history repeats itself, to see if we as humans are going make the same mistakes as we made in the past or if this time, will we get it right. : Only time will tell if the right thing (as I perceive it to be) will be done in this TM/GZ case.

            • “Sadly, I now view certain groups of people with disdain.”

              That is where you and I differ, among other things. I still view groups as people, despite history, despite what is being done now, with the potential to be better humans because in the groups are individuals. But unfortunately, I know I will be judged by being a member
              of a certain group no matter what I do. Have to live with that and still do the best I can.

              As my daughter reminded me yesterday how I taught her about responding with hate to hate, people can only bring forth what was already there anyway. Can only get orange juice from an orange, not matter how we brutally we squeeze it.

  4. Do you think Frances is considering outing a source who may have lied to her?

  5. This is an old article Frances Robles wrote on April 2, 2012 (the day BDLR sat down with W8). In it she writes,

    “When he said this man was behind him again, he come and say, this looks like he’s about to do something to him,” the girl told ABC News. “And then Trayvon come and said the man was still behind him, and then I come and say, ‘Run!’ ”

    That’s not on the March 19th recordings from W8. Is that a clip that Matt Gutman made public?

    • I still believe that the recording (the full recording) of W8 that Gutman and ABC have has much more of what W8 said that day aside from what Crump released. It contains much more than what Crump says in his affidavit.
      Of course, we already know that with the short 5 minute clip, but there are other discrepancies and different wording in the ABC tape that we’ve only heard bits and pieces of on the ABC clips about this case such as “This man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on”. That wording is NOT in the Crump tapes.

    • Nettles, nobody noticed. We did not have a clear enough recording or Matt’s recording to make a comparison. Another thing that got lost is “What you talking about” that GZ told TM before any altercation. It makes me wonder what else did not make the “Narrative”.

      • True. I also caught W8 saying in Clip 3:

        “He said to Trayvon “What you talking about” and he tried to explain himself and then he pushed…”

        and an unknown male says “K” and she stops.

        I’m certain they had something set up to cue her when to stop and it may have been the male saying “k”. It happened a few times in the recordings.

          • Matt Gutman should be thoroughly embarrassed and fired. He vouched for the credibility of this witness. He doesn’t vet the hospital story and he witnessed this kind of coaching going on. This is a disgrace to all media people. ABC better right the ship and fast!

            • Nettles,
              this is why is important to know if he did get parental consent, if he did he knew her name and address and could do the necessary to vet the story. If he failed at that but continued reporting the story, he is guilty not doing his job.
              If he did vetted her story and did not report the truth, now no only is he morally, ethically wrong, but he may have obstructed justice, and should face criminal charges himself.

            • I will never forget Matt describing Trademark’s situation as being “cornered”, and a wide open section no less. DeeDee never used the word in any of the clips made public, including the ABC clip. Apparently Matt just pulled that gem out of his hind end.

              • Hi Tara – Once I had the “lay of the land” – from D-Man – it was obvious that Matt paid no attention to ANYTHING. There is no way that George could have “cornered” anyone. Further, Trayvon was 125 yards away at Green’s condo – even according to DeeDee. So how did George, at the “T” get TM cornered? Further, and when did TM have to “run, run” from George – according to DeeDee? Any Trial – showing this geometry, will make DeeDee’s “story” look stupid – if you think she was actually talking to Trayvon.

                • The real problem is the word “cornered.” She would not know what that means and can you imagine her even saying it. Kawnud?

                  On a side note.. from the Treehouse

                  Rick Madigan says:
                  March 8, 2013 at 11:10 pm

                  On the point of translation, they absolutely need someone who understands AAVE and Teenglish. I know people think that is a joke, but there are services that provide translations for AAVE, because it is recognized in some states as the official language of African Americans. And hopefully a translator with a Teenglish version of AAVE. Although Teenglish is not declared an official language, I think they should have that with each succeeding generation, to record the new words and phrases.


                  Of course, we also need someone to translate Crumpese. If you have ever noticed any of the transcripts of his interviews, they are funny. The one he did with Sharpton had me rolling over. No one knew what he was saying. I guess that is why he tries to avoid making arguments in court.. Someone else does that for him. Poor guy. You would think Al would pay for some English lessons.

                  I would love to read some of his law school papers.

                  • Crump is so incompetent – I think he is a product of giving a “pass” to black students – even when they have failed the course. I truly WOULD like to see some of his arguments in a “moot course”. I doubt that any competent law-firm would hire him.

    • Nettles18:

      Good afternoon to you.

      I think we all playing a guessing game about the ABC tapes and what’s on them so I am going to wait until everything is released.

      After reading through all that has been posted, I suspect that there is lot more than has even been suggested.. and maybe even a video of it all.

      I would like to know what became of the release form allegedly signed by that parents, if one ever existed, and, if so, who her parents (plural) were there or not.

      An interview like this requires preparation so where is all of that?

      The person(s) who released this last segment should have access to all of it. How would that person decide to release ONLY the missing segment? Doing that would also require time to at least review the other 7 segments so whoever did it knows a lot more about this interview.

      Insofar as speculation that a “deal” was made with Beasley or the defense to do this seems unlikely to me. It could give the release of that segment the sound of “tainted,” even purchased, evidence.

      Nelson could conceivably disallow it, given the way she has ruled in the past.

      One last thing: Do you know anything at all about DeeDee’s depo alleged to have taken place last Friday? It was mentioned in the last CTH thread yesterday. I asked about it but never received a response from SD.

      • I don’t know where people heard the depositions were taken place on Friday. I recall in the last two hearings both the Judge and Mr. O’Mara said they were scheduled for mid-March.

        This latest motion filed was made public yesterday but was filed with the court on Friday. It was signed by Ms. Truett (I think) and I wondered if Mr. O’Mara was in Miami and that is why he couldn’t sign the motion.

        I’m sure the team will need to be there for days deposing the family and W8. They know we are all waiting to hear news, the notice to depose will be posted shortly after the depositions are complete (I hope).

        • Think about that, Crump would have been aware of this motion as of last Friday. Quite interesting to advise him of the renewed fight if they have yet to sit down and depose the family, with Crump acting as the lawyer. I would love to be a fly on the wall.

        • Then maybe that was a “mistake” at the CTH thread about DeeDee’s deposition. Throughout the thread notice several other comments about it.

          There are multiple substantive arguments in the motion filed by O’Mara outlining the defense position that Trayvon Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, is specifically a key witness for deposition surrounding all of the elements regarding discovery of Witness #8, Dee Dee; Who, coincidently was deposed last Friday.

    • The best way to do this is to do a (what are we up to? … three versions?) of the recording is to parse them.

      We have:
      Crumps recording
      ABC clip
      ABC full recording

      you do a three column parse transcript.

  6. I am one that recognizes that there is an educated, law abiding, hard working, self sustaining faction of the black community out there all over the nation. I feel bad that they are lumped into the mix with the thug life lovers, and otherwise irresponsible. There are thugs and irresponsible in whites too, and American Indians, and Asians, and certainly Hispanics. It all starts in the home. If a white father begins to have kids with various white women, the foundation of each child born has already been compromised to a degree. As each failure to the child manifests, it becomes very quickly a hostile environment for the child. There doesn’t even have to be violence for this to happen. We see that with the Sandybrook shootings, you had a wealthy white family base fall into failure for the kids. Funny, how we have heard little of the details of that family’s life, especially from the brother and father.

    I see mothers of all races hold up male children like they are gods. They can do NO wrong. If there are other siblings, they pick up on this immediately and feel a lesser child because they are not male, or they are not the oldest/youngest male, depending upon which the MOTHER holds highest. 99.9% of the time, it’s always the MOTHER that sets this up. They teach very little about respecting women to their sons, as most view “girls” as competition for their son’s attention. Mother wants to hold on to the top spot and will put down women <<< something to be warry of, watch out they will trap you, they will do this or that, they are cheap, they are whores. So these males do not view other women like they view women in their family.

    Lil tale out of school. I have a MALE friend that has been tutoring a kid. The mother is a friend of my male friend. She doesn't have a ton of money and her teenage son is not doing well in school … especially math. My friend has to drive over to her house which is about a half hour away, and he is not paid for this service. Apparently, a couple weeks ago, while sitting tutoring, my friend was explaining to the teen that you are either going to try to understand the theory of what you are doing or just know HOW to do it with a calculator to get by. Mind you now, my friend has been tutoring this kid for over a year. The kid turned to him, with the mother in the room, and made a flippant remark. My friend had had it with this kid, and instead of the mother admonishing her son, my friend said: If you ever mouth off to me again and disrespect me in that manner, I will knock you off that chair so hard, you won't get up for a week. Where was this educated white mother when her son displayed this disrespect? Black mothers the same thing, but even worse. I think over time what we are seeing is the result of a single mother raising kids (although this white mother was married when she had all her kids, but divorced), Once the child grows in size and strength they are afraid of their own kids. There is no "great equalizer" THE FATHER, to step in. A person that does not fear size and strength to enforce … "It's my way, or the highway".

    Bill Cosby did a comedy routine years ago. His comedy was primarily based on his growing up or married life.

    He said something like: Growing up I thought my name of Jesus Christ and my brother was Damnit. Cause when they stayed at the playground too long his father would come lookin for them. When he'd spot them he'd say … JESUS CHRIST get over here (as he looked Bill), or DAMNIT, get over her as he looked at Bill's brother. One day he came down to the playground, looked at Bill, and said … DAMNIT!! get to the house!!! and Bill replied .. but DAD, I'm JESUS CHRIST.

    Bill's dad also told them point blank: "I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out."

    • Otawa
      You been sneaking out and reading Freud, again. LOL. You bring an interesting point about single mother doting on their male children as a substitute to the lost affection of their fathers, and I have seen exactly what you talking about.

      • I do not believe that white folks can change the BGI and that segment of blacks who espouse their ideals.

        It’s only the other part of the “normal” black population that can do that.

        People like Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Tim Scott, Alan Keyes. etc. are never taken seriously.

        • That’s right. Whenever the so-called “normal” try they are labeled as uncle toms. It’s a Catch 22 situation. If the normal begin successfully to bring “normal” to thug life lovers, then the thug life lovers can no longer point to being black as something whitey uses to hold them back. They need to point to whites for their failures at all times. Not only do they need it, but they WANT it so that they can continue with the BGI agenda. Only the truly naive buy into BGI. Everyone wants to be CEO, with no education or work history.

          • Glad to hear you agree with me. Now let’s get the “normal” blacks to organize and do something about it. Which of two groups has the most “members?”

            You see, this really should be the goal of NAACP but Ben Jealous would never permit that so maybe there is need for a new organization.

  7. One of the most interesting parts of the new motion is the demand for proof that the SPD, Chief Lee, and others (even Serino and Wolfinger) were covering up a crime as alleged by Crump. It is an especially clever and useful way to pull in the political machinations, expose potential civil rights violations of GZ by the mayor and city manager as well as state officers, media (such as Gutman and his flunkies), and civil rights (irony) groups. Demanding that Crump put up or shut up, his habit of making claims that have absolutely no proof, and libeling entire organizations such as the SPD is useful in the criminal case but especially in the civil damages area. This motion which lays out some of the egregious lies by Crump in which he is flat out caught can now be used to question every word he utters. This case is basically a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of GZ for power and profit.

    • Hi Boutis – If we thought that the exposure of Crump’s lies would, “shut him up” – we were wrong. He is a sociopath liar – who believes his own lies. Only full exposure and disbarment will even slow him down. Then he will claim that it was “White Society” that “‘got him” and he is just an innocent “Black” that is being discriminated against by our terrible “White” society. This guy will never quit with his lying thesis.

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