GZ Case: Blogs, Vlogs, Forums, Twitter etc.

If you blog, vlog, tweet or have a forum where you discuss the George Zimmerman case and/or its surrounding aspects please let me know and I’ll post it here. Here are some for now and I will add more as I get the time:

New New RT - Copy

Rumpole has been a heavy commentator and contributor to the GZ case. He is informative, smart, funny and hangs around with a shady cockatoo.
Main Site: http://randomtopics.org/index.php
George Zimmerman Topic: http://randomtopics.org/viewforum.php?f=48
This looks to be like a GZ Open Thread(currently on post #3): http://randomtopics.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=767

TalkLeft (2) - Copy

Jeralyn, smart and bad ass defense attorney is no doubt a welcome addition to this case.

Main Site: http://www.talkleft.com/
GZ Forum: http://forums.talkleft.com/

SD last refuge - Copy

Sundance and The Last Refuge a.k.a. The Conservative Treehouse. Though they are no longer hosting daily George Zimmerman Open Threads they will still be posting periodically on the George Zimmerman case.

Site: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/

Just a friendly reminder. You are free to discuss as you wish on my blog as well, I simply just won’t be hosting daily GZ open threads etc. See my blog update if you have not already for a little more on that.

Cheers now and I’ll get others on here as soon as I can.


86 thoughts on “GZ Case: Blogs, Vlogs, Forums, Twitter etc.

  1. HI Dman,
    Thanks for the update. For us “escapees” from the CTH – could you state which Blog we all should join. I wonder if D-Man could make his recommendation – so we could all join THAT ONE.

    What do you recommend D-man?

    We do need THAT type of leadership!

    • Why join just one? Each place will have its own structure, environment, dynamics, etc, that you may find enjoyable, useful, etc. or not, so it’s really up to you who you want to pay attention to and follow.

      As it was, I commented the most at The Last Refuge. Since July 2012 I’ve been blogging here mainly about this case. Then there is my YouTube channel which contains many GZ videos. I also comment occasionally at the Talk Left GZ forum. I just joined Random Topics this morning so I’ll also be commenting there as well. I recommended all of those and more that I’ll be adding here later.

    • I agree with the D-man. Get to the ones listed here, read the replies and posts. Then make your own decision. And if you’re feeling like banging your head against the wall, there is the HuffingtingPost.

      • If any of you would like to join the TalkLeft forums, you are welcome to. You just need to send me an email with your desired user name and an email address so I can register you.My email address is talkleft at both gmail and aol. (Registration is turned off because the forums do not have an app to prevent spam registrations and there are more than 50 spam registerers a day when I open it. So I do the registrations manually.)

        • Jeralyn: Will you kindly check to see if I am registered there as jordan2 or jordan22.. not jordan2222. It would be associated with a yahoo email address. For some reason I have always had issues there and probably do not understand the process or how to post.

        • Jeralyn I am so sorry to hear about those spam registrants. I am a member there but have not looked at the forums in a long time.

          I actually do recommend Jeralyn’s Talk Left Forum. It is well set up for this particular case.

  2. D-man because of the 7/02 link in “Blog Update” I came across a timeline video you made.

    I watched it and have a couple of comments to make.

    First, you show a time of 7:09:34 which is correct, but not when he started talking to Sean, which was 7:11:12. I don’t know if that changes anything when you try to line up DD’s call or not.

    Second, based on my calculations and working backwards from W11’s initial 911 call which connected at 7:16:11, I put the confrontation starting at 7:15:25 plus or minus 10 seconds. That is based on when she started hearing the screams and then going to the phone, etc. Also, working backwards to include the travel of 35′ by George while he was getting hit and pushed (30 seconds?)

    Since his call ended at 7:13:41, I give him 1 minute and 45 sec plus or minus 10 seconds to the time that Trayvon approaches him. Just enough time to go to RVC, and find an address and cautiously walk back. Not near enough time to find Trayvon and pursue him though, which was the point of your video.

    Great job on the video in any case!

    • NEN: http://i.imgur.com/G9zy5.jpg GZ connects call at 7:09:34….GZ says “Shit he’s running” 2.08 minutes into the call and disconnects 1 minute and 57 seconds later.

      Shit he’s running comes at 7:11:42. Sean types that into the log at 7:11:59 Sean & GZ disconnect at 7:13:41 – 2 minutes and 1 second.

      The first call to 911 comes in at 7:16:11

      What we have learned is GZ waited for an unknown amount of time to be connected to Sean. So his call at the clubhouse started BEFORE 7:09:34.

      We don’t know exactly where GZ was when he finally connected to Sean but we know in his statement to Serino, he had trouble getting through and he FINALLY connected.

      • It’s all you fault you know. Just kiddin’, sort of. Actually I kind of remembered what you had said about trying to get through and get information about Serino. You can correct me, but didn’t you have to go through a few people to get that information? Wasn’t that the NEN that George used? Or did I get it wrong?

        • I did post that the number I called was the same number George called, but Diwataman corrected me George called a different non-emergency number.

          Robert Jr. did confirm however, that GZ did indeed wait to be connected to Sean. We know the connection time, we don’t know how long he waited. The State and defense will know though by GZ’s cell phone record.

          Here is the interview in which Robert Jr. confirms, GZ had to wait to connect:

          JR.: “Yeah. I don’t want to get overly evidentiary, just out of respect to the sanctity of the judicial process that’s going to start, but keep in mind, now, there is some unawareness, it seems, that George was calling a non-emergency number. And he had been waiting to be connected to a person to take that call. It’s not always the same as when you call 911 and someone answers and says what’s your emergency?”


    • I see I made an error in thinking that he started talking to Sean at 7:11:12. Still, I believe he started the call at the clubhouse and that it did take awhile before he actually talked to Sean. So the concept behind how I believe it went down didn’t change.

  3. Thank you for the “Plug” of Random Topics.

    I consider this DMan site, RT, TL, CTH to all be “Allies” as far as the GZ case goes.

    I read at all these sites and am grateful for the wealth of information I gleam from them. I quote and link to them all.

    RT is a place to bring together and discuss info from any source I and RT Members can find on line.

  4. I am going to stay here – because of D-Man’s expertise. I hope Bernie, Crump and DeeDee “disappear” and that Omara, George and West WIN. I have made up my mind that George is innocent of all charges. This is the worst case of “Rail-roading” that I have ever seen.

  5. Dman,

    I have a blog that is for Open Threads. It means that people can comment on any subject regardless of my topic.

    I am willing to have up a post called Open Thread so that people can come and discuss the Zimmerman case if they desire.

    It must be noted that first comment is moderated and I am a lot tougher on the negative people.

    Another excellent site is Mike Daniel’s Stately Manor and yes I do comment there where I do not comment on Jeralyn’s site.

    • Jello our jiggly friend, your too much! Also, I am really glad to see so many familiar “faces”. Great comments as always. I love reading thru the email notifications, guess its what you get use to.

            • extremely bad combination, when if you come to think of it I would have sent the same response 🙂

              It is just too tempting when someone asks a question like that not to give a silly response.

              • I wish someone would tell me how to follow in email. I have signed uop over and over- same on cth and have never even had a peep in email.

                • Go the Tree House page, On the right side, scroll all the way down near the bottom to:

                  Follow The Last Refuge

                  Here is what you should see if you are subscribed to comments.

                  You are following this blog (manage).

                  If not, there should be a block to check to follow.

                  Manage allows you to modify it but keep in mind, you will receive all comments. Every one of them.

                  Yesterday’s thread would have meant as many as 500 emails.

                  Once you get used to it, it’s easy. Once you have verified that you are subscribed, I know a trick or two to manage this so get back to me.

                • I cannot find my reply to you about the TH but I need to correct something. The instructions I gave you were to receive notifications of new “thread” there.You should receive one or more each day, dependent on the number of new threads.

                  In order to receive notifications of new “comments” on each thread, you need to reply to ONE of them. That will send a signal for you to receive an email each and every time a new comment is posted AFTER you reply to one.

                  Sorry for the confusion.

                  Someone else is helping you with WP but it should be similar.

              • If WP stops sending you emails, you are probably subscribed to many blogs and/or threads. I figured it out when I realized I was subscribed to over 300 at one time. So you must remember to clean up your preferences once in a while. I have had to do that at least twice now.

                  • To each his own.

                    I considered writing up instructions but later realized that there are other ways to follow that I do not use. I have my own system for receiving email notifications that works well for me.

                    I now follow less than a dozen WP blogs. Your is one of them and I just added another from Justiceforall. My only concern is duplication of the same information which can become an issue. SD’s decision opened the door to many other sites opening as another “refuge” for those that support George’s innocence. We are starving for updates and have become an impatient crowd. So far, the information posted is pretty much consistent but I admit that DMan’s blog is just about as good as the TH for communicating with each other. The advantage that SD has is his sources of information and his willingness to spend time and resources in his “blogs.”

                    The new system is superior to the open threads where conversation often wandered off course, especially when news was slow.

                    • people do like to have a bit of a chat. Dman’s place is proving a nice place to chat.

                      I still think you should write up your instructions because not everyone follows the same way.

                      I used feedreader or something like that as my news reader. I find it is better than the other readers including Google and I control what I want to read. However, you can bet that when I am away it is going to go over the 10,000 items lol…. which means taking care of that little problem when I get home again.

                      Using WordPress to follow is an alternative if you just want to follow blogs. So yes, I do think that writing up the instructions for others is useful.

                    • Per your request and hopefully, DMan will see this and put it where it belongs.


                      A few people have asked me to post this and am not sure where it belongs.


                      Look at the right side of the page where you see this and follow the instructions.

                      Follow Blog via Email

                      Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

                      Doing this subscribes you to each new post (not comments)

                      To subscribe to all “comments,” check “notify me” when you go to a new post.. Do it one time and you will receive email notifications each and every time a new comment is made on that post.

                      If you ever want to stop, you can do that by managing preferences. You will see an option to that at the bottom of each email you receive.

                      The instructions for the Tree House are very similar but not quite the same. Let me know if you want those instructions.

      • cool, just luck though. (i really should be working, but couldn’t resist!)

        Here’s my quick take on this for those who don’t want to wade through the nitty gritty details (and there are lots of them.)

        1. Crump should now be deposed b/c it is evident that W8 misrepresented the hospital issue.

        2. Crump should now be deposed because the recently surfaced (clear) ABC interview contradicts Crump’s sworn affidavit. (Oh, what a tangled web we weave…) Turns out ABC recorded all sorts of things Crump swore never happened.

        3. Crump is NOT opposing counsel obviously. Duh! And any civil case is hypothetical. (For the record, I doubt Crump will ever bring a civil case against gz. IMO, Crump also has a conflict of interest with his clients, the Martins. More about that later.)

        4. Even if Crump WERE opposing counsel, any work product or attorney client privilege he had was waived once he broadcast everything to the entire world. The motion also takes issue with the judges finding that no evidence was presented when Mr. West clearly offered to put the correspondence into the record and the JUDGE declined, saying it was not necessary. Of interest here are all the outrageous charges made by Crump regarding Wolfinger and the SPD.

        Conclusion and predicted strategy:

        I am really happy that MOM/West (motion signed by MOM) are not letting this issue die. It is important to get to the bottom of this mess to prove that gz was railroaded and to discredit Crump. That process has already begun. I would bet that his counsel advised him to keep his big mouth shut! He has not been heard from since the W8 fiasco, and anything he says at this point can only get him into more trouble. For all those who think that MOM/West is not doing enough in this case, this motion shows that the defense is extremely thorough. These issues are probably not really necessary to acquit gz, but it is important for the sanctity of the system that these scoundrels be pursued and discredited.

        In a way, the defense is professionally showing Judge Nelson the error in her ways, and almost daring her to deny the motion for reconsideration. It is abundantly clear that her prior ruling was very wrong, but in law and in fact. It seems to me that the defense is preparing (or at least threatening) and interlocutory appeal should Judge Nelson deny the Motion for Reconsideration.

        Oh, and by the way, Happy (Belated) St. Paddy’s Day to all!

          • stevie g : Thanks for the break down … I was trying to read some of it before I decided to just tell everyone it was there. I’m very glad that mom and west are not going to settle for what this judge says if it’s not right. I wont to see the scheme team destroyed ! Oh ! not a grammar person myself … mines terrible.

          • Right. If denied they can ask District for a mandamus reversing the order and allowing the depo. It might be aimed at that. The Trial Judge is not bound by some of the cited cases because they were from other Florida Districts. She is only bound by 5th District or FSC precedents. Of course then if she rules against it sets up a conflict between two districts and can go to FSC. Scheme Team is stuck in quicksand here now.

            • Hey Howie, and everyone. Just wanted to let you know I’m trying to get caught up, and will be posting more here later. Also doing the same at Rumpole’s site. And apparently there’s something new at the Treehouse now, so obviously have to head over there. So… busy day, but it should be fun!

        • Bringing in Wolfinger. That is going to be big. Judges hate these kind of motions. I wonder if this trial court judge is willing to go the way of the prior judge.. If so, it calls out for Federal Intervention.

        • Crump hasn’t kept quiet since the W8 fiasco. That very night he did an interview with Star Jones that left me hopping mad. It appears keeping quiet is something the Scheme Team just can’t do. http://fora.tv/2013/03/05/Star_Jones_Talks_Justice_with_Trayvon_Martins_Mother

          Then he and Sybrina moved on the Howard University on March 7th. http://www.onbeingablacklawyer.com/wordpress/mother-of-trayvon-martin-and-attorney-benjamin-crump-visit-howard-university-school-of-law/2013-03-07-07-31-53

          If I read this motion correctly, I believe it reveals Sybrina Fulton may have been deposed. This motion is dated March 15th (Friday) and on page 2 we learn that included in Exhibit “B” is a CD of recorded interview; Sybrina Fulton as well as the recorded interview of BDLR and W8 on April 2nd.

          • ok, thanks for the info. Maybe he didn’t keep quiet….and maybe the MSM is now starting to ignore him. Especially after the NBC suit.

        • Can we look forward to Crump going before the Florida bar and being disbarred? I hope so, and I hope that Natalie Jackson joins him in being barred.

            • I hope that the complaints will start soon… it must be heading in that direction.

              Also, I expect complaints against BDLR over this case.

              Another thought: I am wondering if the other Assistant A-G has been placed there to bring an end to the case. He is the one who released the information about W8’s lie concerning the hospital. It is a suspicion lurking in the back of my mind that there might be other moves in the near future to quietly dismantle this case….

              • I cannot imagine anything that would quietly dismantle this case.. emphasis on “quietly.”

                Blacks will immediately begin to protest and probably even riot. If you think their earlier tactics were disgraceful, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are far too many of them that are 100 percent convinced of George’s guilt and worse.

                Rodney King might have been mild compared to this one. Think of all of the black “leaders” and celebrities who have instigated the increased hatred and racial division.. Do you think they will call for peace?

                The BGI may have accomplished its primary purpose but these other folks have a lot of unfinished business with whitey and the “crooked” system that once intended to do “nothing” to punish George.

                That thought is etched in their minds and is perpetuated by MSM that STILL refuses to print the truth or acknowledge its mistakes because they did not make any. Doncha think they would do something now to ease the tension if they were interested in preventing things from getting out of control? Can’t you see how riots might be their new goal?

                Permanent monuments have been erected to insure this never dies. Even the POTUS and his wife have intervened and “blessed” the outcome.

                Have you seen ANY ONE apologize yet?

                • These are good reasons to consider…. but that new guy did not waste time on the subject. He came out and stated that there were no hospital records. It was a real first in this case because it is the first honest thing done by the Persecution. It has me thinking that they might be looking for a way out.

                  I doubt that there will be as much as a backlash as you think. Too many of them are so drugged up they do not know the time of day. There are many who would be glad to see the end of the case, especially once they see the truth.

                  George is not White. George is of Hispanic origin. He is blacker than my cousins who are of Hispanic origin. In fact George is part Afro-Peruvian.

                  The whole white meme has been pushed by Crump and Co. and I suspect that once more people wake up to the lies they will get angry at Crump.

                  • For the record , George IS white as far as the BGI and blacks are concerned. He represents ALL white people.

                    The game had already begun when they realized they had a mistake so he then evolved and became White Hispanic. It was too late to turn back. Julison’s plan was already in progress.

                    I wish I could agree with you but I don’t. In fact, if Crump is actually exposed, that will only make them angrier. He will become another victim of the white racist system.

                    Notice how they are treating what has now been revealed about Crump.

                    • Being at a distance I do not know how the BGI are taking the latest.

                      The big boys, that is the race baiters backed away. They have said nothing for a very long time.

                      Crump is now standing in front of the bus.

                • Jordan,
                  I am going to disagree with you a bit, I don’t think the interest in the case is what it was a year ago. Notice how the coverage has changed, I think the anniversary wash-out really made it clear that people are not into the case as before.

                  The only celebrity left really pushing the issue is Jamie Fox, and he is not drawing the attention that he use to. Look at where Sybrina and Crump are going to now, colleges, not exactly a hostile crowd. Will there be some problems with the verdict, definitely, but it will not approach the Rodney King level, IMO. That is unless something changes before and a verdict can be rendered.

                  • I truly hope you are correct. Most of us do, but there are others, including some whites, who are ready to “bring it on.”

                    • The circumstances are different, back then we saw the tape of the cops beating Rodney King every day for months, when the trial was moved, that caused an uproar specially since it when to Simi Valley. Nobody was prepared in case of anything.

                      In case the coverage has died down only local papers cover all the happenings with an occasional mention in the national news. People will be ready this time.

                      That is why I think it will be different this time.

    • Checkmate. Either way the trial judge rules. If she denies it can be appealed to DCA for a writ of mandamus. If she grants Crump is in hot water. Looks bad for the scheme team. This motion might be the Iceberg.

  6. Has anyone else had a problem getting into RT this morning ? I was going to let rumpole know about the new GZ stuff but my computer wont let me into the sight.

  7. To all fellow Treeper, ex-Treeper, lurkers, or just someone that feel like they want to discuss the GZ case, and if you are not tired of all of these alternative places, please check my Blog, I will run a daily GZ thread, you are welcome to make a guest post if related to the case. Just check it out,

  8. Does anyone have a link to what SD said about DeeDee being deposed? I had read it was scheduled for mid March and then another article said March 15th so IDK.

  9. Nettles: Where are you? I am anxious to hear your latest perspectives about the motion and the depos? Do you have any inside tracks?

    I notice that you and your sources are sometimes referenced at the TH by others.

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