Reciprocal Discovery Coming Soon

Thanks Nettles!

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19 thoughts on “Reciprocal Discovery Coming Soon

  1. I am at least glad that they havent released the Def Discovery until the TrayMom and TrayDad depo’s done. JMHO. that way they cant change lil bits and pieces. Hope the Depo’s got done today!

        • This is evidence the FDLE had. I assume the State has access to it as well. The redaction process is about making it public. They are going to black out private information and quadruple check it before posting it on the website.

          • Hi Nettles…..thanks to you and Dman for keeping us posted. I have a feeling that maybe the “give me enough rope” strategy is about to bear some SWEET FRUIT!!! I hope the defense can expose this ENTIRE FIASCO without jeopardizing their careers in the process. I can’t imagine the pressure they must be under!!

    • We don’t know when the depositions were scheduled. All we know is mid-March. It is the Defense’s policy not to post about the depositions until after they have taken place and only who was deposed and when. So we wait.

      • IIRC, and I will go back and try to find, Omara stated March 15 once in one of the hearings as date for the depos and then other times said mid March. I heard that date lol dont remb which hearing. If I find, I will post.

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