ABC Released Some of its Recording of the Crump DeeDee Interview

Listen to how good that quality is!

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(I’m just kind of copying my thoughts here from at the treehouse so I have them here as well)

So she calls it a “plaza” first then corrects herself and calls it an “…apartment, another apartment and then stand under a shade…”

You can tell now what the whole “by his father house” thing was about. What she was really trying to say is she’s trying to make it sound as if Trayvon couldn’t get away after he ran; “…he say he almost home, he was almost home…”. What a farce. Too bad we have George’s call where clearly after Trayvon ran none of that happens. Everything she says is a lie.

It’s clear Crump led her to what he wanted DeeDee to say and wanted to capture only those parts and there was no accident as to how the recorder was being operated. Didn’t Crump say it was all just “honest” mistakes in his affidavit and that it was because of other B.S. reasons? Well it’s clear here, just from this one clip, that is not the case, it was intentional to start and stop the tape to capture and leave out certain things. I will have to go back and read that carefully to be sure, if so Crump lied in his affidavit and this tape proves it.

Crump aff 1

Crump aff 2
Crump aff 3

Crump aff 4

Crump Affidavit:



23 thoughts on “ABC Released Some of its Recording of the Crump DeeDee Interview

  1. Why on earth would Crump think that ABC’s audio would never see the light of day and he could so blatantly state “untruths” in his smarmy Blackwell affidavit? Did Blackwell know this and write his tripe anyway? Did Crump and Gutman have a deal that ABC (who owns it because Gutman works for them and they own his work product) that Gutman would help propagandize the case for getting to sit in and record it for his news “scoop” to further his career and pump ratings. What was the nature of the agreement? This was going on pre-Beasley like they had no legal responsibility. Did Gutman queer the deal with his ego centered blabbermouth tweets? Did ABC send Gutman out of the country to avoid making all of this public until GZ was already convicted? Did ABC really think that slow rolling out dribs and drabs semi hidden on their own website of Gutman’s foolish complicity was going to get them off the libel hook? This is beyond disgusting.

  2. D-man, do you remember you and I discussing the TV interview that Ashley and Aiyanna had done on WESH(?) (I think that was the station.) They removed it, although keeping the story and other videos in their vault that came before & after it.

    I was hoping that you may have it archived and now can compare it to the recording above. Your equipment, it looks like, can do that.

    Also note that Ashley said in an interview that SHE was on the phone that morning with Trayvon. Note: so does DD1.

    I understand that you had said that their was only one DD.

  3. From the time GZ responds “OK” to the dispatcher’s comment “we don’t need you to do that” until the end of the call it is something like 1:40 minutes. So that’s at least 1:40 where GZ obviously isn’t following Martin and doesn’t even see him.

    From what I can tell there is no way you can make this consistent with DD’s version which is one long chase from when GZ at some point started following him. And if TM did get close to his father’s house, GZ wasn’t close by.

    Now maybe in the time after the dispatch call ended and the fight started GZ tried to search for him, but again you can’t fit that with DD’s version.

    Am I missing something?

    -Mark Martinson

  4. While I think the state will not be able to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, there have always been a couple things that bothered me:

    1. Zimmerman tells the dispatcher that he will meet the police by the mailboxes, but then says the police should call him when they arrive; and

    2. From the time of the end of the call to the confrontation is 2 minutes or more.

    Doesn’t this tend to indicate that Zimmerman started to search for Martin and undermine his claim the he headed straight back to his truck after the dispatch call ended.

    • There was about 2 and half minutes from the time his call ended to the time of the first 911 call. If you were to estimate that it may have taken about a minute before caller #1: realized something was going on, then thought to call, then go to the phone, call, and for 911 to pick up; that would leave about a minute and a half left; and that would account for George going to RVC to get an address and back to his truck. Was he still looking around for Trayvon? Probably, big deal, he was still on his way back to his truck. His keys were out in his right hand and the flashlight was in his left. He dropped his keys at the T when he got hit in the face showing where Trayvon attacked him and where it started.

      BTW, D-man has excellent maps here on his blog.

      • It’s important to note that George having his keys in his hand and NOT in his pocket shows that he was indeed heading back to his truck.

      • He had his keychain in one hand since it had a small flashlight attached. The light was found to be on when the keychain was found by the police at the T. His large flashlight was not working but I don’t think it was in his other hand at the time of the confrontation at the T. It was found on W #6’s lawn after having apparently slipped out of Zimmerman’s pocket.

        • It was found south of where Trayvon was on top of George, in the grass close to where Trayvon’s head was, about 4′ from where to two of them were. That’s why I believe George still had it in his left hand and then tossed it slightly to his left (south). Slipping out of his pocket, IMO, would not have had the phone land where it landed.

  5. Ejarra,

    Thanks. The maps are helpful but it would great to have one big map.

    Yes, the location of the keys and the fact that they are not in his pocket is important.

    How far was the truck from the location of the keys?

    You have to assume that Zimmerman is walking slowly because by his own admission he doesn’t know where the kid is.

    • As far as maps go, had maps as well as crime scene photos similar to D-man’s. If you need a larger map, just google an address, then you can make it as small or as large as you want.

      Location of truck to keys: about 125′ . Also, the were found WEST of the T indicating again that he was in fact on his way back to the truck. And yes I would say he was walking cautiously, seeing that he still didn’t know where Trayvon was. I’ll be when Trayvon emerged from the shadows, it scared the crap out of him. I know that would have done it to me.!

  6. Any idea of the cut through that Zimmernan says he’s near is? How long from there to the truck? Assuming a slow walk back to the truck, where would we expect to find George in a minute and a half?

    I assume the defense has this all worked out.

    If I were the defense I’d make a huge point about the keys not being the in the pocket. Why would anyone have their keys in one hand and in a flashlight in another if you are planning on chasing someone around a housing complex?

    • Mark, have you checked out Dave Knechel’s youtube page? He has videos, made with the cooperation of Frank Taafe, that go into most of the stuff you have been raising.

  7. I still don’t hear “this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on” like MG reported on before in the ABC clip.

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  9. BTW, does anyone know anything about this Frederick Leatherman guy? He is apparently a criminal defense lawyer and professor.

    When he claimed that W8 didn’t lie and, even if she did, it’s no big deal, I tried to post a couple comments and they were deleted (or not approved).

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