George Zimmerman Hearing March 5, 2013 & Presser


W8, a.k.a. DeeDee, committed perjury and lied under oath about going to the hospital. What else did she lie about? I expect this prosecutor, given how vigorously it goes after supposed perjurers like George’s wife, will be filing charges any day now after hearing a clear lie with no doubt. Watch the Presser for Bernie’s response.

Also O’Mara will not be using the weeks set aside for the immunity hearing that was scheduled for April. He can still motion for it to occur before, during or after trial. He states in the presser that his focus and plan is the trial so I don’t expect an immunity hearing before trial.


The Last Refuge

Hearing Part 1 Starts @11:48

Hearing Part 2


Crump’s Little DeeDee

Next hearing April 2, 2013


8 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Hearing March 5, 2013 & Presser

  1. How did she lie?

    The comment about the hospital was from Crump, presumably given during a press interview. It could have been based on hearsay information.

    W8’s own deposition with BLDR did not ask a direct question or give specific details. The transcript about it goes like this:

    [line of questioning about knowing Trayvon was killed]

    Dee Dee:_ Yeah.

    BDLR:_ Were you able to go to the funeral or to the wake?

    Dee Dee:__I was goin’ to go, but…

    BDLR:_ OK, what happened?

    Dee Dee:__I didn’ feel good.

    BDLR:_ OK, did you end up going to the hospital or somewhere?

    Dee Dee:_ Mmmm…Yeah, I had high blood pressure.”

    What exactly in this answer constitutes a lie? She is not say she went to the hospital specifically. This is a public issue, not a trial issue.

    Saying she “lied” when the questioning is open ended is kinda interesting. This is not perjury.

    The phone was still connected until 90 seconds prior to a shot. If the jury dismissed everything she said, it would still not seem reasonable that a boy gearing up and posturing to kill someone with his fists would be on the phone hiding in the dark talking to someone…

  2. “Presser”

    If there is no immunity hearing, then how does O’Mara anticipate making any fees for this case …growth in future case income?

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