DeeDee, the Funeral and the Hospital

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Funeral services for Trayvon will be held Saturday 11 am at antiarch missionary baptist church. 21311 nw 34 ave. miami gardens fla.
VIEWING will be Friday AFTER 4 pm at Richardson funeral home 3790 nw 167 st ( old wedr) miami gardens fla.

Let’s start with recording #6 near the end:


Crump says “I understand that you can’t come to the wake because you had to go to the hospital?”

Now I am assuming that “wake” means “viewing”.

She starts to tell the story from right after Trayvon got shot saying “He didn’t call back so I was like okay he might have lost his phone in the grass cuz I thought it was a fight and then the next day” and BOOM, Crump shuts the recorder off. WTF? Oh how convenient.

So now we know about what she did being the concerned and life long girl friend who just heard Trayvon get stalked and beaten by a crazy white man and she does nothing. She went from the fight to saying in an earlier recording attempting to call him back, to the next day. She just admitted she didn’t try to get a hold of anyone and apparently wasn’t concerned enough past the one callback to Trayvon after the phone shut off.

So something happened the next day that she wanted to tell but what? What was she going to say about the next day? Crump certainly didn’t want us to know the story DeeDee was telling.

Next recording #7:

The next recording starts with Crump saying “Say it in your words…”

What? Were those not her words in the prior recording? It really seems to me she was saying something there Crump did not want heard, perhaps even corrected her and told her to say it in her words.

She starts off by saying she was in shock and the reason it seems, she starts to say, is because Trayvon wasn’t doing nothing but just getting Skittles and Arizona iced tea.

That makes no sense to me.

Crump says “And why couldn’t you go to his wake?”

She says she was just sick that day and just stayed home.

Crump says “And what happened, where did you go?”

DeeDee replies: “(inaudible) all day, Friday I was just sick so I just stayed home and then my mama came and she took me to (inaudible) like at kind a like 2 somethin and I went the hospital the next day.”

At least I think that’s what she said given the audio quality is bad and her sentence structure is borderline illiterate. I think she’s saying she stayed home Friday because she was sick and the next day her mom came and took her to the funeral around 2pm and then she went to the hospital the next day.

[UPDATE:3/9/2013] Upon further listening to that segment I now believe that DeeDee is saying that her mom took her to a doctor at like 2 something “and I’m at the hospital the next day”. So I now believe DeeDee is trying to say she did not attend the viewing nor the funeral.

Crump asks her if she stayed over night in the hospital and I think she says yes.

Crump says “And so this made you so sick that you had to go get medical assistance?”

What “this”? We haven’t heard what the “this” is yet as to why she needed medical assistance.

Then DeeDee say “yes, cuz I think I was the last person talking to him and I(inaudible)”

Crump says “And that’s when you realized that the day of his wake that you was the last person that was talking to him and it just made you physically sick?”

WOW! How did Crump know that she realized this at the day of Trayvons wake? All DeeDee said was that she was sick that day, she never said why. She said she went to the hospital it seems the day after the funeral. She never said when she learned that she was the last person to talk to Trayvon.

It’s also funny because earlier in the interview, Recording #3, Crump says “At that point[when DD says she tried to call Trayvon back] did you realize that after you found out what happened did you realize you that that was the last anybody alive had talked to Trayvon?”

And in Recording #6 Crump thanks DeeDee for sharing what her and Trayvon talked about the last time that he was alive and states the records confirm that she was the last person to talk to him alive.

So THREE TIMES before DeeDee states she THINKS she was the last person to talk to Trayvon she’s TOLD she was the last person to talk to Trayvon and then once after in the form of a question with the addition of when she learned it.

You go to be kidding me.

This issue about her going to the hospital appears to be important to the State as well because Bernie de la Rionda also questions her about it. Of course he’s not much better at interviewing people so it’s not much help in bringing clarity to the issue.

Bernie: You obviously found out about what happened to Trayvon, right? And at some point you ended up knowing that he was killed, right?

DeeDee: Yeah.

B: Were you able to go to the funeral or to the wake?

D: I was goin’ to go, but.

B: OK, what happened?

D: I didn’ feel good.

B: OK, did you end up going to the hospital or somewhere?

D: Mmmm, Yeah, I had high blood pressure.

That’s it. That’s all there is to Bernie apparently; that at some point she found out about Trayvon being shot and killed, that she was going to go to the funeral and to the wake but didn’t because she didn’t feel good and ended up going to a hospital or somewhere because of high blood pressure.

Makes perfect sense.

Did DeeDee go to the funeral? I don’t know. There are reports that she did but given what we hear in her own words it’s difficult to say.

Did she go to the hospital because she found out she was the last person to talk to Trayvon before he died? It’s doubtful to me.

Maybe one day she’ll come out and say clearly what happened without hiding behind the likes of Crump but I wouldn’t count on it.

Perhaps O’Mara and West will be able to clarify these and the numerous other issues that surround DeeDee and for that we’ll have to wait for either the immunity hearing or trial and even then there’s some question as to whether or not the DeeDee will be brought up.

She and her story may forever remain a mystery.


32 thoughts on “DeeDee, the Funeral and the Hospital

  1. LOL. A mystery? You sure just made up a bunch of shit for a mystery. Until you can prove they werent on the phone when GZ jumped the poor kid this is nothing but a distraction. No weight on the evidence vs. the killer. The Serino capias for his arrest came b4 anyone knew of her existence. If theres question about whether or not she’ll be called it only confirms how unnecessary her testimony is.Yet, its pretty much all the D has. Heeehee. Hysterical. Phone records do prove TM was on the phone when the killer has him skipping. Focus on GZ saying himself hes following the ass hole punk coon before we all hear him run after the kid. Thats probably where the jury’s focus will be.

    • sorry to say but the NEN call is irrelevant to the whole case. it shows a timeline, but it also shows George requested assistance while knowing the police was on the way. Trayvon would have served a pretty hefty sentence for his felony assault if he had lived.

    • You need to pay close attention to the NEN and then research the distances covered int he NEN. ‘Cuz your conclusions are just plain unintelligent. There is a 25 second period of time that elapses from when Zimmerman exited his vehicle to the point he reached the spot where he last saw Trayvon Martin (at the “T”). During the NEN, that is the point at which he said “He ran”. The distance covered was from 125-150ft. Do the math…that 5-6ft per second. Guess what!! That is a very moderate walking speed, NOT running. So, Zimmerman exits his vehicle only after Martin disappears and is already 125-150ft away, and merely walks to and beyond the point where he last saw Martin. Hardly a pursuit!!!

      And as far as Dee Dee – ANYone who believes her testimony has not been coached has GOT to have their head examined. Here’s why.

      First – she didn’t tell a SOUL (not her mom, not a school friend, not a teacher, not a cop) that she had ear-witnessed her friend’s experience – the friend she learned the next day had been shot and killed – until Benny Crump tracked her down some 3 1/2 weeks after the shooting. Some FRIEND!!

      Second – During her various comments to Crump and de la Rionda, she mentioned that Trayvon ran from the store to the mailboxes – to get out of the rain?? That distance is about 8/10ths of a mile. Just WALKING he would have made it in under 20 minutes, but he left the store about 6:25 and wasn’t at the mailboxes until after Zimmerman’s NEN call started about 50 minutes later. So, he couldn’t have run. She made that up

      Third – Dee Dee says that after leaving the store, Trayvon but his hoodie up to shield himself from the rain. The 7-11 video shows it up when he ENTERED the store, and it remained up the entire time IN the store…besides, it seems awfully odd that he would TELL her he was putting his hoodie up. That’s just not the kind of insignificant action someone narrates.

      Fourth – Dee Dee said that after the initial verbal confrontation, she hear shoving and Martin’s earpiece fall out, then the sound of grass, and finally Trayvon’s voice saying “get off, get off”. Then the phone went dead. She says she tried to call back 2-3 times but there was no answer. And you know what she did after that? NOTHING!! For THREE plus weeks. NOTHING! She had just heard her line-long friend (since kindergarten) chased by someone, a physical scuffle, and him saying “get off”, and after the call she didn’t tell a living soul. And then when she learned the next day that he was shot that night, she STILL told no one. And you lend ANY weight to her testimony as in anyway truthful?

      You need to get in the head examinations line.

      • No. She did NOT say Trayvon ran from the store to the mail-shed.

        You have no idea how the conversation unfolded and she learned he was putting on his hoodie.

        You are presuming(falsely) that if he ran from the store to the mail-shed, and he had the hoodie on while in the store, then he must have had the hoodie on during the run directly from the store to the mail-shed.

        But your original premise is wrong. I told you that she did not say he ran from the store to the mail-shed.

        • Sorry….but Dee Dee DID say what I said she did. Her testimony can be found at:

          Beginning at about 5:17, the following (BDLR = Bernie de la Rionda; DD = Dee Dee):

          BDLR – Yeah, tell me what happened, as he’s talking to you when he’s leaving the store on his way back home.
          DD – When he was leaving the store, he just told me that it about to rain…it about to rain. (this part is unintelligible, actually).
          BDLR – And then what?
          DD – It ’bout to rain. He about to inside of thing. It started raining.
          BDLR – It started raining, and then did he go somewhere?
          DD – Yeah, he ran to the, uh, mail thing.
          BDLR – I’m sorry..what?
          DD – Like a mail shed…like a shed.

          Then concerning putting the hoodie up, it starts about 7:01:

          DD – He say he’s walking. And he said this man still following him behind the car. And I like…I like…he put his hoodie on.
          BDLR – He, Trayvon, put his hoodie on?
          DD – Yeah.
          BDLR – OK
          DD – ‘Cuz he said it was still raining a little bit…dripping water…

          So, HERE she says he put his hoodie up after he reached the mailbox area..and after Zimmerman was already observing him, but in the initial interview with Benny Crump that was aired on network television, she told a different story:

          The hoodie comments begin at about 3:58:

          DD – …then, he said this man was like…this man was like looking at him, and he doing something, so he…he told me he put his hoodie on.

          So, he puts his hoodie on after leaving the store because it was starting to rain…and he put the hoodie on because a man was watching him….BUT…how do you explain why his hoodie was ALREADY on in the video of his 7-11 visit that can bee seen here:

          It was on the ENTIRE time inside the store and as he walked out – so why would he narrate such an action???

          No matter how you look at it….she’s LYING!!! And during the hearing on March 5, the prosecutor admitted she lied about the hospital stay…her several other lies will be exposed on the stand.

          • Don’t you see that Trayvon couldn’t go from about to leave the store to about to get to the mail thing in one move? There clearly was time in-between…time when he walked. And “about to rain” is not actual rain. There would be no urgency to run then unless there was shelter in sight. If it was raining at the store, he would have sheltered there until it stopped.

            simple logic.

            Busy today. Will look at rest later…

    • Actually, it’s the state that has to prove that it was DD and NOT someone else who was on the phone if there was an actual conversation; not the other way around. At this point they have not given to court any corroborating proof to the DD phone call. NONE. DD saying that she was the one on the phone, ain’t gonna cut it. There is ZERO proof if that without at least something to back it up. Examples: Someone else she may have told, Ping logs, GPS phone logs, text and/phone messes she may have left (even if the phone was dead, T-mobile would still have these). See what I mean? It’s her word, which if you listened to the interviews and/or read her transcript, she doesn’t come across as believable.

      • Her phone called his phone at the time specified.

        Do you think Prosecutor’s are a bunch of amateurs while you are expert?

        Do you think O’Mara can go into court and just keep arguing “Why?”….”Why?”….”But, why?” like a 5 year old? Do you think that’s how the justice system operates?

        • They have NOT proven to me that DD was on the phone since it was a prepaid phone which was not in her name.

          As far as the persecution is concerned, BLDR has lied to the judge several times and was not exactly honest when he talked Lester into going after Shellie. At best they are dishonest and at worst malicious.

        • And NOW it is proven that Dee Dee lied when she claimed to have been at the hospital the day Trayvon was buried…that she was too distraught to attend. You think Dee Dee’s testimony will stand up after this lie that has been confirmed by the prosecution??? Her house of cards – coached by Crumpty Dumpty is going to collapse. Crump REALLY shoulda done more research and waited until more evidence came out before he coached her. She omitted things that ought to have been mentioned if she actually was telling the truth, and she added things that should ahve been omitted if she was telling the truth. Crump f-ed up and you think Dee Dee is going to take the fall??? I can’t WAIT to see her on the stand…she is going to melt like hot wax…and I am betting Crump, etc. are going to get burned for coaching her.

          • Ed,

            I think carefully listening is needed here. There was not lie. Look at transcripts of what was asked about hospital and what Dee Dee actually responded.

            Prosecution ONLY said IT doesn’t have med. records; so, Judge nullify subpoena of records. This benefits DeeDee. Defense must now depo her and ask about hospital. Then they will go from there.

            Will agree with you one one thing though: media is lazy.

      • Every Mother, every Father, every Aunt, every Brother, every Sister knows 17-year-old is “kid”.

        So, you’ll have a problem proving otherwise to a jury.

        • whether Trayvon was a “kid” or not does NOT matter in Zimmerman’s self-defense claim… what the “kid” was doing to him (i.e., beating him) is what matters.

          • Apparently, O’Mara waive SYG. And I can’t see how he can prevail in straight self-defense.

            No beating occurred; forensics don’t support it…and in fact, refute it.

            If beating occurred, GZ would have had SYG long time ago, and blow that joint… instead, he asked to have bail conditions modified.

            Very odd to ask that. Just hold SYG and blow the damn joint!

            Why is he asking for money for experts? Because he’s preparing for TRIAL all along… GZ scam you guys.

            If GZ can scam big Kahuna State of Florida court & judge. Then GZ will scam small fry blogger.

            • INCORRECT. All O’Mara did was to tell the judge that he will not use the two weeks in April that were set aside for the immunity hearing. He has not waived the hearing, and in fact, when de la Rionda began to make the same exact claim, the judge corrected him.

              • Think about it….

                Only 3 months to go…. O’Mara playing you guys till last minute. He has said, in the past, that he will go for straight self defense. But, he still kept invoking stand your ground because it excites you guys.

                It’s called working both ends. The case is not a stand your ground case, and therefore the judge will deny immunity and proceed with trial…. with the whole world watching. That would be very bad for George. There are other stronger reasons why O’West won’t do SYG hearing….


                • OK…explain something, will you? What the HELL difference does O’Mara’s strategy or decision-making have to with Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence? O’Mara has been playing us guys?

                  YOU think about it. This is a highly charged case in which the current judge has not been particularly accommodating to the defense in granting motions. Why waste time in April for an immunity hearing during which this judge is almost certainly not going to rule in favor of the defense?

                  It makes all the sense in the world for O’Mara and West to spend the next 90 days preparing a vigorous defense for a full trial. They will not have to bring expert witnesses to the immunity hearing in April and then again in June. They will have more time to depose witnesses and paint a fuller picture – something they will be unable to do by mid-April.

                  It remains possible that O’Mara and West will be able to tack an immunity hearing onto the front of a trial in June.

                  FYI, O’Mara hasn’t been “invoking” SYG. He has repeatedly stated that it’s not a real SYG defense…SYG implies the ABILITY to retreat, something Zimmerman didn’t have.

                  And I say again…O’Mara’s decisions concerning which direction he takes the defense are based on quite a few factors – like time, the judge, the availability of witnesses, etc. Go ahead and play your stupid game – you still haven’t said how it makes Zimmerman guilty.

                  Personally, I don’t CARE whether there’s an immunity hearing or not. At trial, Zimmerman will be acquitted. Already the star witness has been declared a liar by both sides in open court – ain’t NO way her testimony, if taken, will hold up.

                  You say Research – as if you have done it and others haven. My response?

                  Common Sense…’cuz you DON’T have it.

            • Respectfully, you are on crack!! Forensics don’t support that Zimmerman suffered a beating? So, his nose spontaneously broke and bled? The lacerations, bruises, bumps and scrapes on his head appeared out of NOWHERE??? Are you one of the Traytards who assumed that Zimmerman’s DNA needed to be found on Trayvon’s hands to justify arguing that there was a beating? IDIOT!!

              GOOD GOD….you have no clue….he was raising money for experts, but if there was a SYG hearing and the judge didn’t rule in favor of Zimmerman (and THIS one doesn’t appear to lean that way – so why waste time with a SYG hearing, when a jury will hear all the evidence and acquit) O’Mara would have to pay the experts to appear again at trial…and with money a bit short, he may want to attach the SYG hearing to the June court date, where witnesses can be there and perhaps not have to make extensive and expensive travel plans for two separate events.

              You’re just dumb.

              • You big, fat dummy!….respectfully of course…

                Whatever happened to GZ, wasn’t done by Trayvon. GZ stated that Trayvon beat him with his HANDS. GZ gave a detailed description of how Trayvon beat him with his hands – a very detailed description. George MIMED the beating on video.

                George’s injuries are irrelevant.

                Re your 2n’d paragraph….Brother, you have it bad for this guy, GZ. Why?

                • Nice try-but yours is merely the ploy of the intellectual midget to try and insult someone whose evidence FAR outweighs their own. Smarter people than you fail to irritate my sensibilities with impotent attempts like yours.

            • OK, doofus…let’s hear your explanation as to WHY Trayvon’s age makes a difference in Zimmerman’s right to defend himself with deadly force? If Trayvon was 18, does that mean Zimmerman wouldn’t now be facing a trial? How does Trayvon Martin’s AGE matter? Waiting…..

              • George admitted to Serino that he followed a juvenile. GZ refer to Trayvon as “kid”. He admitted to using deadly force against followed juvenile. He described – in detail – a beating he said the juvenile inflicted, which is not supported by physical and forensic evidence.

                Jury will kick GZ ass for killing “kid”.

                Judge will string him up.

                • OK…so Zimmerman was incorrect about Trayvon Martin’s age. I am still waiting to see how Zimmerman wasn’t justified in firing his weapon from a legal standpoint, regardless of the attacker’s age. You are idiotic to say that the evidence does not suggest that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin. You say the forensic evidence does not support such a conclusion. You do not provide details that support your argument. I will provide details that support the argument that Zimmerman WAS injured by Trayvon Martin.

                  a. Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, head lacerations and multiple bruises, scrapes and bumps.

                  b. There was NO ONE else observed between the two rows of condos, other than Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman during the physical encounter.

                  c. Witness #6 SAW Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman during the scuffle.

                  d. Zimmerman’s blood was ON Trayvon Martin’s clothing, proof that they were together when Zimmerman was bleeding.

                  e. Officer Timothy Smith was the first police officer on the scene within a minute of the fatal shot and saw that Zimmerman’s clothing was grass covered and wet – evidence he was on the ground on his back.

                  f. The first non-police officer on the scene reached Zimmerman seconds after the first shot and before Zimmerman was placed in a police car, he took a photo of the back of Zimmerman’s bleeding head.

                  g. EMTs who treated Zimmerman at the scene made statements in which they described what appeared to be a broken nose and lacerations that may have required stitches.

                  h. Several officers who witnessed Zimmerman at the scene and later at the police station described Zimmerman’s nose as appearing broken.

                  i. There was NO time between the fatal shot and the arrival on the scene of the first witness for Zimmerman’s injuries to be self-inflicted or inflicted by anyone else. Witnesses saw him IMMEDIATELY following the shooting and saw nothing indicating either.

                  j. The nature of the damage to Trayvon Martin’s clothing could ONLY have occurred if he was OVER Zimmerman. His outer sweatshirt hoodie sustained significant close-range muzzle damage from the particles, etc. that came out of the barrel of Zimmerman’s handgun. The INNER short damage was significantly less and exhibited the type of damage associated with a shot from intermediate range. Had Trayvon Martin been on his back on the ground, or even standing, the two articles of clothing would have received almost identical damage – as they would have been touching each other. However, because the outer garment received significantly more damage, it was appreciably closer to the weapon. The ONLY way this could have happened is if Trayvon Martin was over Zimmerman, and his baggy outer garment sagged down, while his much more snug inner shirt remained relatively close to his body. This corroborates Zimmerman’s version of events with respect to Trayvon Martin’s position over Zimmerman at the time of the shot, and therefore immediatey before as well.

                  Witness statements, DNA analysis, evidence collected at the scene, etc. ALL point to the injuries being inflicted in exactly the manner as Zimmerman described. If you have something that suggests he was lying, how about giving it up, instead of cowardly stating merely that the evidence doesn’t support it. I say it does, and I say YOU can’t outweigh what I have described above.

  2. For the trip to the hospital, I thought there was a difference between DD1 and DD2. One had high blood pressure; the other couldn’t pee.

    Can hospital records be released for a murder 2 courtroom? Or will Judge Nelson say the information can be taken from DD’s testimony instead?

    • As as learned on March 5 in court, there was no visit to the hospital. It was a lie. WHY? WHO knows for certain…but if her mother was with her when she was interviewed by phone y Benny Crump, she is in collusion with her daughter…I am much more inclined to believe that Benny the Chump coached Dee Dee and NOTHING he does now will prevent her from revealing it to save her own skin from perjury charges….’cuz there’s LOTS of her testimony that doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t match the irrefutable witness statements and forensics.

  3. @ the .28 mark in the interview:

    [audio src="" /]

    She says Arizona ice tea. I will never, ever believe that Trayvon told her “ice tea” when he bought watermelon drink. The only reference to that can was in an inaccurate police report.

    That need to be addressed.

  4. Thanks for putting this together. I agree with ejarra, I don’t believe TM would talk to her about tea. I’m curious about the hospital, something is up with that and I can’t put my finger on it. I’m just guessing it might be used to get her out of testifying.

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