And so we begin anew…

Hypocrisy and familiar narratives…

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“Unfortunately the actions of an enraged man led to his untimely death,” said Scott’s pastor, Bishop James Dixon, II, who held a news conference on Wednesday — the day after the indictment was announced.

Crystal Scott is African American. Jonathan Ables was white.

“Had this been a black male, a white female, most people are doubtful we’d be having this kind of press conference,” said Dixon when a reporter asked specifically about the race issue and whether he thought a white female would face a murder charge under similar circumstances.

“How is it that you get a murder charge when you’re the one under attack,” Dixon asked.–192138941.html

 photo naacpmemberrushestoaidscott-Copy_zpsb9983d9e.jpg

Bishop James Dixon travels to Sanford, Florida to join other social justice advocates including Rev. Al Sharpton of National Action Network, Marc Morial of the National Urban League and NAACP leaders.

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, Bishop James Dixon will be traveling to Sanford, Florida to join other social justice advocates…

Bishop James Dixon was recently appointed Chairman of Religious Affairs of the Texas NAACP

Bishop Dixon recently introduced a new campaign to area leaders, Be Your Brother’s Keeper, Not Your Brother’s Killer. The purpose is to promote the concept of brotherhood within and across lines of race, and to discourage violence by promoting the sanctity of human life.

See my previous post here for more detail.


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