41% Against George Believe Trayvon was a Little Child

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4 thoughts on “41% Against George Believe Trayvon was a Little Child

  1. “The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow the teen”

    What part of that inaccurate reporting is not intentional a year+/- after the transcript of the call was made public?

  2. Some of the comments are just, well… judge for yourself

    Betty Eyer Softship • an hour ago −
    The gold grill of teeth is 1) on a young man who is named Trayvon Martin but is actually from the Atlanta Georgia area and 2) photoshopped onto the real Trayvon’s face by a white supremacist. That’s been exposed in the news last spring, but some people seem to cling to this idea of the gold teeth even though they don’t exist.

    1stuvmykind Jonathan Maxwell • 10 hours ago −
    No the police record would belong to the wife beater/ con man with anger issues, Still can’t see how they allowed him to purchase a gun.

    Teh Misseh Jonathan Maxwell • 10 hours ago −
    Good grief. The amount of incorrect information in this single post is astounding. Do you know the world is ROUND?

    First, Trayvon was 5’11 and 158 lbs. Zimmerman is 5’9″ and in May 2012, after he lost a considerable amount of weight after the shooting fallout, weighed 170 lbs. So even after he lost all that weight, he was still 12 lbs heavier than Martin.

    Ejarra: WOW! I did not know that he was only 2″ taller than George! ROFLOL! Anyway I find the idiocy amazing!

  3. I’m simply amazed at the amount of peopl getting the MOST BASIC facts wrong! Sorry to vent here but if I had a dime for Everytime someone calls trayvon a “child’ I’d be rich by now. Imo some ppl never got past the media blast orchestrated by Julison last March. If so,they are ignorant & should catch up with the rest of us.
    I’ve argued on twitter many times abt this. My POV is a 17yr old is a young man. Certainly NOT a child. Most of the “child’cult on twitter just refuse to back down. They know the case fairly well, yet twist or ignore the facts that point to zimmerman being innocent. It sounds so much better for.them to use CHILD.
    A child smokin blunts? A child walking a mile in the rain to 711 alone? A child left with a 14 yr old while pops is out with Brandy? SMDH at these ignorant people.

  4. The headline isn’t accurate. The video says 41% ‘explicitly mention Trayvon Martin’s youth’. That includes writers using such expressions as ’17 year old’, ‘teenager’, and ‘young man’.

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