My DeeDee Hypothesis

Here is my theory as to what I think happened with Witness #8 a.k.a. Deedee.

It really starts with one of Trayvon’s friends tweets made on March 22, 2012.

The date of that tweet is important because this is two days after the Crump presser where he revealed Witness #8 to the world and there was considerable news coverage talking about her and playing some of the short clips provided by Crump of her interview with him.

It seems to me Mr. Stephen B knows one thing for certain; that the girl Trayvon was seeing didn’t know he was dead until a week after the fact. It is this reason Stephen B gives as to why the girl being reported must be a different girl Trayvon is seeing at the same time he is seeing the girl they know. Notice here he is not saying that the girl being reported is not Trayvon’s girlfriend because it doesn’t sound like her. No, he saying it’s not her because he is assuming the girl being reported knew Trayvon was shot and killed whereas the girl they know he was with didn’t.

I think Witness #8 is the girl Stephen B knows as the girl Trayvon was with and he wrongly believed the girl he was with didn’t know Trayvon had been shot and killed until a week after the fact. He wrongly assumed there were two different girls based on this.

How is it that Trayvon’s girlfriend didn’t know Trayvon had been shot and killed until a week after the fact? And how does Stephen B know this?

The way I think he knows this is from what happened at Trayvon’s viewing held on March 2, 2012.“The family held a viewing on Friday, March 2. The memorial service and interment were Saturday.”

Witness #8 went to the viewing and while there became so physically upset that she had to be taken to the hospital (see here but specifically Part 7). The reason given was that she learned at the viewing that she was the last person to talk to Trayvon and it was this information that had made her go to the hospital.

But how could this girl after nearly a week not have known she was the last person to talk to Trayvon? She was on the phone with him. She said Trayvon was in physical danger, that she thought she heard a crazy white man push Trayvon and she couldn’t get back in touch with him. It was being tweeted the next afternoon that Trayvon had been shot and killed in a fight. (Note: The time of the tweets as they appear here are different than they appear on the actual tweets. Click on the time of the tweet to see its post time.)

Am I to believe Witness #8 couldn’t put it together that the fight she said Trayvon was in the night before was the one he got killed in thereby making it likely that she was the last one to talk to him? That she had to be told this? No, I’m not buying it.

I think what happened as to why she went to the hospital and why Stephen B thinks she didn’t know about Trayvon being shot and killed until is because she acted the day of and at the viewing like she had just found out. This is why Stephen B thinks the girl he knew Trayvon was with didn’t know about it until a week after. Because she’s acting like she didn’t. She acted so dramatically she even went to the hospital.

Now why exactly would Witness #8 do this? What reason would she have for pretending like she didn’t know Trayvon had been shot and killed five days before? I contend the reason is because she didn’t want anyone to know she was the last one to talk to Trayvon. She didn’t want anyone to know what she really heard on the phone that night.

Remember, at this time no one but her knew that she had talked with Trayvon. No one knew until, reportedly, Tracy Martin called her, from looking at the phone bill, on March 18th.

But why would a concerned girlfriend who just heard this dastardly thing happen to her boyfriend on the phone not immediately try to get him help and make sure he’s okay? Any human being in their right mind would do so but not this girl. Why? Why would she not let anyone know in the days following? Why?

The only reasonable explanation is because she heard something else other than what she testified to. More than likely she heard Trayvon say he was going to take care of the white guy he thought was following him, that is, go kick his ass. She may have even encouraged Trayvon, her man, to do it. After she lost connection with Trayvon and couldn’t get a hold of him right after she figured Trayvon was laying low after taking care of the white guy and so waited until the next day to talk to him to hear the details from Trayvon. Except the next day she didn’t hear the details from Trayvon. She saw the details in tweets like the ones above. She got the most important detail; that Trayvon had been shot and killed.

My god, the horror in that moment she must have felt starring at the tweets roll in about Trayvon’s death. To know what she encouraged resulted in his death. Fear stricken and riddled with guilt she tells no one. She completely shuts down all communication. For the next few days she acts, to anyone she may encounter, as though nothing has happened and keeps interactions to a minimum. Then on March 2 she puts on her big show and goes to the viewing telling people she had just found out what happened and goes to the hospital because she cannot face all the people knowing the truth. Guilt put this girl in the hospital, not shock.

Unfortunately for Witness #8, she is not in the clear. She gets the call from Tracy who tells her that he knows she was talking to Trayvon. What does she say? She must be smart enough to realize she can’t lie and say that she wasn’t. Or perhaps she did and Tracy sternly reminds her that he’s looking at the phone bill and that’s how he got her number. So she begins to talk and tell her story. But what does she say?

Keep in mind here, it has been three weeks between the night of the shooting and the conversation with Tracy. There has been, at this time, a tremendous amount of news coverage and we know the family had more details about that night than the media. The point is, witness #8 had plenty enough time to craft and mold her story from what she has heard, for the past three weeks, from family, friends and the media.

It is possible that Crump et al. doesn’t even know though it’s also possible they helped her craft her story upon possibly learning the truth from her. Also keep in mind here I’m not talking about any 2dd hypothesis. I’m merely trying to explain what I believe what went on with Witness #8 as a singular person.


4 thoughts on “My DeeDee Hypothesis

  1. IMO I don’t believe she was smart enough to come up with an alternative meme. Juleson/Crump did that for her. What you said makes sense about the idea that she “egged him on” and that what made her STFU. If at the funeral she said that she talked to THAT NIGHT, Tracy, Sybrina, & Crump would have been all over her. Perhaps she was sick, not only out of guilt, but to get away from them and future questions. It would also explain why she would refuse to go to a GJ and have someone other than Crump ask her questions. She may have realized she might say the wrong thing and either get in trouble or bring down this house of cards. Another reason to believe that there may be a DD2.

    Do you remember if DD1 said parents and DD2 said mother?

  2. Excellent! The DEEDEE story makes sense the way you describe it here. I suspected Deedee egged trayvon on to fight the “old” white guy. Her statement about feeling “guilty’ Why would she feel guilty if her “story/statement” Was true?
    Great job on this!

    • And you sir are most likely the only one who has hit upon the real truth in this whole TM mess.She egged him on and was shocked she got him killed.

  3. Without a doubt, the most likely scenario.

    It fits. Everything fits. Maybe she told Crump and Tracy she was 16 and that is why they screwed that up? Why would she tell her she was 16 instead of 18? I don’t know, but having something to hide and rather trying to come across as a minor might sound attractive when you are in desperation mode.

    But what is this about two DD’s that some people in the tree house are talking about?

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