Update: Jonathan Ables’ killer, Crystal Scott, indicted for murder

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My first blog on the matter

70 thoughts on “Update: Jonathan Ables’ killer, Crystal Scott, indicted for murder

  1. The Harris county sheriff dept arrest is very interesting. That is quite a list of infractions and I take they watched her do it all and maybe filmed it from dash cam. The reckless driving charge is very similar to what was described as her alleged driving before the accident. If it is the same person it will be obvious when the indictment is made public and a full name and address will be shown which may or may not show it is the same person. If it is the same person, she knew that she was already in trouble for reckless driving and the second time for possibly causing a minor wreck with damage. She may very well have been upset and afraid but of losing her license and/or jacked up car insurance rates which are already very high in Houston rather than the man who approached her car. And if she wouldn’t roll down her window to exchange info for the wreck as required by state law then she was escalating it. Really stupid all the way around.

    • Roll down the window so he could assualt her? why didn’t he go call the cops instead of approaching her he got what he deserves, and this is all about color if it was a black man it would be closed , anyway he won’t be around thank god for that. she did the right thing and I hope she gets off.

      • Your an idiot, if she was so afraid for her life, why didnt she just drive off. Just another reason for a black person to kill a white person or as your ppl would call us,, “White Devils, Crackers, Honkeys, White Bread, Ghost, Cracker”. Im a white man who grew up in a all black neighborhood, Ive been beat down, spit on, chased, called extreme names, by black poeple for 20 damn years before I was old enough to move out. I have never met any ppl in the world who or more racist then the black race. your parents raise you to think that white ppl are only here to bring the black man down, That may have been true 50 years ago, but the only racist ppl alive now-a-days, are BLACK PPL. So naw, Bobby (Dumb ass) she didnt do the right thing, she was in her car with her windows roled up, she could have just drove away considering NOTHING was blocking her path. F*ckin Idiots.

      • You’re a fuckin idiot.. She shot him because she acted on a rash decision..all race aside, people get locked up All the time for acting on rash decisions.. So be glad that a white man is dead.. All you idiots make race the issue.. You are the racist

      • Ohhhh man I can tell by the sound of the tone in your post that you have excess of melanin and are indeed a racist. Why didn’t she get out of the car to begin with? That is what people do when they are in a “fender bender”. They exchange information and if no one is hurt, the police call it “Cold Reporting” and they do not respond. If she was refusing to give the information, ya he should have called the police, she was just a racist who profiled this young white hispanic.

        • If they were going in and out of traffic… It sounds like rode rage, if he hit her car, she should pull over … Now if its rode rage I don’t think after hittin her car he calm down…. I think he would still be piss…: he’s banging on a woman window when he should have just call the police….. I wish she didn’t shoot him…. I THINK THIS STAND YOUR GROUND LAW IS BULL SHIT! People don’t have to think before killing and for that alot of people are going to hell….

      • You are such a hateful racist that advocates murder due to race instead of following the laws of the local area in regards to non injury accidents.

    • It is his fault, all he had to do was take her license plate number and call the police, Here in Texas it is about color, because he was white this is a crime, the law doesn’t require you to walk up to somebody’s car in a threatening manner and how in the hell do you know what she was thinking her, pass record had nothing to do with this incident. Had a black man done this to a white female this would be closed. You PEOPLE NEED TO GET THE HATE OUT OF YOU SO YOU CAN THINK CLEARLY. YOU ALWAYS TRY TO COME UP WITH SOME CRAP TO SAY SOMEONE IS WRONG IF THEY AREN’T WHITE BUT THE VICTIM IS. His damn life is no more important than hers.

      • You are the only racist here. His life was important to someone and you karma is real, you keep talking your smack and you will see what you get.

      • Why would you call the police for a fender bender? They would just tell you to take their info and follow up with your insurance….

    • Mrs. Scott told the police that her and Ables had been weaving in and out of trouble racing and cutting each other off. Both were driving recklessly by her account, but obviously he can’t be charged.

    • Please send donations to any black organization of your choosing so you can “get justice” for Crystal, maybe you can convince Jamie Foxx to wear a T-Shirt with her face on it.

    • black people are the most racist people there is today.everything in their mindset is about skin color.what about this young man and his family.Because he is white he deserved to be shot?when you shoot unarmed people who are backing away from you with their hands up,then you need to go to jail.

  2. If he approached her to get information did he have a pencil and paper? hell no!!!!!!! that is why his ass is dead and that is what he bought on himself. That woman didn’t shoot him for simply walking up to her car to get her info. You damn bigots need to stop, she did the right thing she protected herself with a gun. Had she not shot that nut he could have hurt her,

    • Uh, that isn’t how it works. If there is a collision, state law requires that you provide your insurance information to the other person. You don’t get to avoid it by refusing to talk to them. If they are angry or threatening, call 911. If you anger someone by playing cutoff, aggressive driver and then have an accident chances are that they will be pissed off. You still don’t get to shoot them in a busy parking lot as they approach your vehicle to get the information they are entitled to by state law. No witnesses saw him aggressive towards her according to reporting. And he was unarmed. The grand jury had her driving record also thus she was indicted. There will be a trial and she can defend her actions.

      • You weren’t there and I noticed you left out one witness that said he was aggressive, That tells where your head is when it isn’t in your rear. if you or anyone approaches me in a road rage incident you will be treated the same as he was.

          • Yea right, a bunch of bigots don’t scare me. I’ll go to court and be glad about it, She shouldn’t even be in court for that, This can only happen in an ignorant bigotted state like TEXASS. one dead bigot who cares!

            • If she was not a minority and without attorneys and civil rights activists on the premises of a police investigation, she would have been arrested and hauled off immediately and you know it. LE conducted a months long investigation, handed it to a prosecutor who then presented to a grand jury. She was indicted. Now she will be tried. How you perceive this to be bigoted is beyond me. Do you have road rage too?

              • And I would like to know if she had any outstanding moving violation tickets and current insurance at the time of the accident and shooting. That may have played a part in her being afraid.

                • You are so ignorant, what she did in the pass had nothing to do with this, how about him what was in his past, also would it be okay for a black male to approach a white female’s car? and if he got shot I know everything would be in reverse and you would be saying what I am saying and if it were your wife you’d be defending the hell out of her, also this case wasn’t a problem until it was a white man that got shot. once agin a white persons life is no more important than anyone else’s and she proved that .

                  • The cops should fingerprint her vehicle door handle, and frame for his fingerprints. They should also collect the security camera footage from that day. If he was acting aggressively then there will be ample evidence to support Mrs. Scott’s account. Lets wait for the facts before we judge guilt or innocence.

                • From everything I’m reading she actually had quite a few priors on her record. What I’d like to know was what in the hell she was doing with a gun in the first place!!!

            • Texas is not bigoted nor is any other state. Blacks all over America are CATERED to. The man was walking away with his hands up, she had NO right to shoot him. Had the reverse been true. Bobby would have been screaming murder. Blacks are HANDS DOWN the most racist people on the planet. They excuse anything a Black does to a White person. Oh, and Blacks commit acts of violence at a rate FORTY times the reverse.

              • He should not have been walking away with his hands up. He should have ran the hell out away from the beast as soon as possible.

    • I wonder how he would have “hurt” her? Perhaps by slamming her skull against the sidewalk a 1/2 a dozen times? Hitting her in the face to knock her down first? Just wondering… 🙂

    • Damn you are a racist! I haven’t seen a racist like you in a long time! Since I was on twitter and saw the New Black Panthers posts. How many times have you been in a car with someone at the bank and they didn’t have a pen? Oh wait, forgot, you need a J. O. B in order to need a bank. Keep race baiting you hateful racist!

  3. Bobby Bowens, if Crystal felt threatened or scared, she could have driven off and called 911. She committed MURDER. She needs to be tried and convicted. You are evil.

    • How could she drive away with him trying to put his fist through her window, anyone with any common sense would know that she didn’t just shoot that man for no reason, to say that is not giving her any credit as a human being at all, and coming from you, you are the evil one, because you want this woman to suffer because she defended herself. and you just didn’t like the fact that she killed him. It was self defense because he got out of his car, enraged at what had happened and you are trying to say he walked up to her car in the kindess way he could and says, oh how are you? may I have your information since we had and accident thank you. yea right. If you believe that I hope you are never involved in a road rage incident. Tried and convicted? what happen to innocent until proven guilty? And you have the nerve to call me evil.

      • You and people like you are the problem, willing to shoot and not walk away, be big enough to walk away, shooting someone over a traffic incident will ruin all lives involved especially the person who shoots.

  4. This is a picture of Jonathan Able taken about…ohhh I don’t know…around 26 years ago. http://www.dailyworkhorse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/teaching-kids-about-money.jpg This CHILD did not deserve to be gunned down for simply standing beside this woman’s CAR!! This little boy had his entire life ahead of him. The family has said that little Jonathan had once seen out of his peripheral vision a small image of the space shuttle. They all said that due to that alone they all just absolutely KNEW he was going to grow up to be a pilot and later and astronaut. ~~Justice For Jonathan!! Insurance cards UP!!

    • I have also seen your comments in regards to Travon Martin, and he didn’t deserve to be shot either, but you support a man killing a 17-year old un-armed black youth who was walking through a neighborhood and did not confront his killer. You need to get you mind cleansed so that you can understand right and wrong and not try to defend the color of a person, hopefully the courts will give a just and fair verdict in both of these cases, showing pictures and trying to sway the populations thinking won’t matter.

      • He had 4
        Minutes to go home after noticing he was being followed by a “creepy ass Kracker!!” He def attacked Zimmerman, as all evidence clearly suggests. Tha is goodness the jury is more
        Intelligent than most people and didnt buy into the race crap. What’s joke; sharpton,
        Jackson and especially Crump should be ashamed of themselves, along with the biased media looking for ratings.
        Never engage on the street; that should be he lesson. Btw as a trained fighter I could just as easily kill you with my body as it is a weapon as trayvon showed.

      • As a high school football player, Martin was plenty capable of maiming or killing Zimmerman with his bare hands. Google “heavy Trayvon body” to get a look at how big Martin was. Zimmerman was lucky to stay conscious for long enough to reach for his gun. If a round had not been chambered (which meant he would have needed both hands free to rack the first round in), Zimmerman would be lying under a headstone today.

      • George Zimmerman wanted to play cop and murdered treyvon I have no clue how he’s free. He chassed him down you can tell it’s that boy on those 911 tapes.

  5. Also, it has been announced that Jonathan’s parents have sealed all his pre-school records and have now filed suit against this woman, the manufacturer of the car she was driving, the owner of the parking lot the shooting occurred in, the state of Texas, the maker of the gun she carrying, the company that made the concrete the road was paved with, the maker of the bullets she had in her gun and finally the local DMV that issued her license. The settlement agreement and amount will be sealed from the public. Rumors are circulating that do to an eargasm….err I mean ear-witness that heard the entire ordeal unfold…the family will have no trouble winning the lawsuit(s) Witness is 14 years of age…errr I mean 16 years of age so being a minor the witnesses identity is being withheld from the public. Personally I think the family is just looking for some kind of closure. What is your opinion?

  6. They already have closure, they need to move on if they want closure, instead of dragging this through the court system. It was nothing more than a road rage incident which resulted in him losing his life. He could have prevented that by the way he handled it, but he didn’t. And now it is about race. Had she gotten out of her car and shot him I would be more inclined to believe she was wrong.

    • I hear the victim’s family is going to hire a PR firm and also get in contact with Crump, Jessie jackson, Parks and a whole bunch of fun people. And nah…If Tampon’s parent’s can sue everything that moves including bring suit against the mosquitoes that were out flying around that night and copyrights their dead kid’s name all in the name of them getting rich….errr I mean them getting their “closure” than this guy’s parents can sure as hell sue a few people as well. And dude, did you not see the sarcasm in anything I wrote in the last 2 paragraphs? Throwing out a photograph of the guy from 25 years ago and referring to him as a helpless kid? “Hidden” witnesses that aren’t sure how old they even are? Everything above and none of that rang a bell? My God.

    • RACIST, really, you stink so bad of racism. You have done nothing but advocate murder and other crimes. YOU SIR are a disgusting racist.

  7. And Bobby, you are LYING. Tampon **did** confront his killer. Twice actually. Once when he followed George back to his automobile.. (you can hear him describe Tampon circling his automobile while speaking with 911) And then the second time when he tried to beat George to death and instead found himself on the receiving end of a 147 grain 9mm hollow point.

  8. You are such a pathetic little person, please stay there and hide behind your computer spew your garbage that is all the life you seem to have.

    • I very well may be pathetic but don’t you *ever* come to Dman’s blog here and attempt to lie out your ass like you just did. Don’t do it.

  9. Oh well, it came at the expense of this poor innocent kid’s life and that’s a terrible price. But there is an upside I guess. A silver lining to it all. At least we got an animal, gun-toting idiot off the streets! Hopefully for good.

  10. Bobby Bowens, I made a large donation to the NAACP today for Trayvon and Crystal. I’m also gonna ask Jamie Foxx to tattoo them on his body. Then, I and gonna dedicate a craw dad and greens how-down to them. This gonna be goooooood food. and gooooood times. If any white folk show up we gonna just shoot um like you say bobby. You shaw do no what you talkin about brother.. Yoo’s one rightiouss bro.

  11. Hey now, don’t be bustin on Bobby Bowens. He just an angry black man be real. You just keep on Bobby Bowens, you can knock on my window some time and I wont shoot you. You are the nicest gay man around. I no that you dated my cousin Willie. He said you waz little but you was sweet.
    Is that true bobby? You little?


  13. That white THUG got exactly what he deserved.

    Why WALK up to this woman & BEAT on her windows?

    All the guy had to do was CALL THE POLICE just like the BLACK WOMAN DID.

    When you act like an ANIMAL, you will be TREATED like an ANIMAL!

    What do you cry-babies think a BLACK WOMAN is suppose to do, LET SOMEONE KILL HER JUST BECUASE THEY HAVE WHITE SKIN???? You people are going to have a ruuuuuude awakening.

    Nice job, Crystal Scott. You are a American HERO.

  14. We all know if Crystal Scott would have been a WHITE WOMAN & if jonathan was a BLACK MALE, this would have NEVER reached the courts!!!! It would be called SELF DEFENSE




      Ergo, because so damn many blacks are hair-trigger violent and have no capacity for self-control, people should stay as far away as possible from blacks that they don’t know. Right?

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