The Thinker

the thinker - Copy

What a stupid title for such a thing. Yes, he is thinking but not in some way to be revered as if he knows something we don’t or that we should have some aspiration to be as this so called thinker, like he has some wisdom of sorts we must ascend to by sitting in our chairs with some sort of serious look, motionless and silent. BWHA! No. I don’t think so.

We as viewers are supposed to look upon this quite, capable yet naked human who is looking upon other humans at their worst and most exposed moment. This “thinker”, as he is well known, sees us, and himself, for what we are, mainly that of hypocrites. We are supposed to view us through his posture and that posture is not one of thinking but one of expressing patheticness, is that even a word?, i dont care, humility and futility.

The thinking man is looking into the abyss and it is starring back at him. He sees us for what we are and what he himself is and he knows he is no better than the rest but knows that he knows this unlike the rest. However that knowledge, for him anyway, is hopeless EXCEPT that small glimmer of hope by us viewing him that through him we will see it and somehow overcome.

That, is how we are supposed to view this man. Call him what you want, i dont care, but do not miss what he is telling you, but you will anyway, after all, I am what I am and he is what he is and we are what we are. Yes, I just went Popeye on you, lolz.


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