Regarding CCTV Video


On March 26 2012 the FDLE checked the following businesses for video;
Sam’s Club (1101 Rinehart Rd)
Gold Mine 704 (1129 Rinehart Rd)
Cycle Gear (1157 Rinehart Rd)
Platinum Nail & Spa (1173 Rinehart Rd)
Enterprise (1177 Rinehart Rd)
Hop Sing’s (1181 Rinehart Rd)
TRUSTCO Bank (1185 Rinehart Rd)
Lake’s Edge Apartments (Plantation Lakes Circle and Rinehart Rd)
Kohl’s (1371 Rinehart Rd)
M&I/BMO Harris Bank (1381 Rinehart Rd)

Only these businesses had video;
Sam’s Club
Lake’s Edge Apartments
M&I/BMO Harris Bank

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O’Mara listed these businesses in a Notice of Reciprocal Discovery filed on 1/18/2013
Sam’s Club (surveillance) video
Kohl’s parking lot surveillance video
Lake’s Edge Apartments video surveillance

SAS Lee of the FDLE reviews the four hours(maybe a typo as the report says it’s 5 hours of video 3pm to 8pm) of Khol’s video, says he didn’t see anything of evidentiary value as it relates to this investigation.

SA Brenton of the FDLE reviewed the four hours(4pm to 8pm) of Lake’s Edge Apartments video, channel 2 showing the intersection of Rinehart Road and Towne Center Blvd., says he didn’t see anything of evidentiary value as it relates to this investigation.

We do not have these videos as of yet, not sure if we ever will, and it is not clear why O’Mara has them listed.

I suppose the video(s) could be of either inside or outside the businesses or both.








6 thoughts on “Regarding CCTV Video

  1. DiwataMan – I continue to be amazed at the time you expend on sharing your research and knowledge of the case with all of us that support GZ’s right to a fair trial, it can’t be said enough how appreciative we are. I have been reading about the video cams, etc. but never really knew where they might be located, your visuals are awesome. too.

  2. IANAL, but it’s just discovery. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the defense found something in the videos that was of value and intends to try and get it entered as evidence. The whole rumor about Trayvon checking car doors started with the Traybots AFAIK. I wouldn’t give the theory too much weight.

  3. Diwataman, I was checking your site for new information and happened to scroll down and find your older CCTV posting. Concerning the roadside security videos, you said: it is not clear why O’Mara has them listed. But, if they were not of FDLE “evidentiary value” wouldn’t this fact alone prove that TM didn’t walk to or from the 7/11 … so he must have been driven? And, wouldn’t the same cameras record when and which cars (not being driven by Trayvon!) drove by the 7/11?
    I’m sorry for sounding like a stuck record, but isn’t this the deal breaker … proving TM was never chased coming back form the 7/11? If I was O’Mara. I’d be looking for Boobie’s and the Three Amigo’s cars to see if either drove toward the cut-thru … or maybe even were recorded by yellow light traffic cameras.
    Sorry for the late post.

    • if they were not of FDLE “evidentiary value”

      Team Skittles found them useless. O’Mara might find them useful.

      Trademark took off from the 7-11 on foot. George reported seeing only Trademark, nobody else. IMHO Trademark was on his own. The video should reveal the truth, whatever it is.

    • No need for apologies, all my posts are open to comment, well, with the exception of one right now, lol. I like revisiting posts.

      As I read that statement I made I wonder now why I stated that. I think I just meant to convey that O’Mara never mentioned any reasoning behind having them listed? lol, can’t remember now.

      When they something is not of “evidentiary value” I’m quite sure it means that there is simply nothing on there that pertains to the case. So an example would be the 711 video cameras inside the store have “evidentiary value” for at least the simple fact of Trayvon at this place at this time if not for anything else.

      Now if Trayvon were not in the 711 videos that also may be of evidentiary value if the claim was he was supposed to be in that store during a given time but was not.

      If any of the other cameras from the locations were pointing in the direction of Trayvon’s supposed path one would expect to find Trayvon somewhere in those videos. If they did not show Trayvon then they do in fact have evidentiary value, unless of course there’s some other technical explanation like an out of focus camera or something of that nature of course.

      But the problem for us is we know nothing of these videos aside from what businesses; Sam’s Club, Khol’s, and Lake’s Edge Apartments and the span of time of the Khol’s video and Lake’s Edge Apartments video. We don’t know if the cameras were even pointing in the right direction. So we can’t say either way if any of them have or do not have evidentiary value.

      • I agree. If the cameras were pointing in the wrong direction or were out of focus then they would not be of “evidentiary value”. BUT, if they showed St Skittles skipping home from the 7/11, don’t you think Miss Piggy would be in front of every TV camera … instead of trying to dream up a reason for Crumpster not being deposed?
        O’Mara wants that footage … because it will prove TM did not walk past Kohl’s to get to the (choose one of the Scheme team’s offerings) cut-thru … front gate … back gate … mail thingy … Brandy’s porch.
        If I was a cake betting man (and I used to be a baker), I’d wager whoever George saw at the cut-thru came from inside the complex … and, since (after talking with only Boobie) Tracy said TM’s (not in evidence) wallet had exactly $22 dollars, I’d guess that an older best friend/relative had a valid driver’s license.

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