Update: Crump/W8 Recording

UPDATE(Jan 10, 2013): Thank you to the mystery commentator who has pointed out that the digital recorder Crump used does not have USB connectivity. That leaves only two ways to get the audio onto a computer. One method, I do not recommend, is to record through a microphone as the recorder is playing. The second and best method is to connect a minijack to the recorder(Headphone Output) directly into the computers soundcard.

output minijack



It has come to my attention that the State gave O’Mara the files from Crumps recorder in wma format. There is a description of this on O’Mara’s website which I apparently missed the first time I looked unless it was added after.

wma files - Copy

The big problem is that particular recorder saves its files in mp3 format. This is what the files ought to look like;


That screenshot is of my recorder;
my recorder - Copy
Model number: ICD-PX312

This is Crump’s recorder;
crumps recorder - Copy
Model number: ICD-BX112

All the State had to do was to right click on the files of W8’s interview and copy them which they could have easily sent to O’Mara as attachments in an E-Mail. That way O’Mara would have had the original files. There was no reason whatsoever not to do this.

Bernie mentioned that there was other audio on the recorder that had nothing to do with the interview. And so he did not want to hand the recorder itself over to O’Mara. He didn’t have to. All he had to do was send the files that were of the W8 interview in the original state to O’Mara. But that was NOT done because they have been changed from the mp3 format to the wma format.

UNLESS of course the files on the recorder were in wma format. Anyone want to tell me how that happened?

mp3 format - Copy
Manual for the ICDBX112


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