The Rabbit Hole of the Crump Recording

rabbit hole - Copy

Well, I was actually expecting to hear a better version of the Benjamin Crump recording of W8 and that is what we got. The only problem is it’s only slightly better and for the most part W8 remains inaudible. The rabbit hole I’m in is in trying to explain just what is happening with this particular audio.

The State has claimed in its 11th supplemental that Crump has given his digital recording device, nearly nine months after the recording was made, he claims was used to record the interview. The State has explained that aside from the interview there was other audio on the device that had nothing to do with the interview so the State made a copy from the device Crump gave them of only the interview and supplied that to O’Mara. O’Mara then uploaded seven short clips of the audio with a total time of 15m02s.

The first big problem

The particular digital handheld recorder Crump says he used, ought to, even on it’s lowest quality setting, produce an audible recording even if it’s recording someone who is speaking through a speakerphone. I know this because I have the nearly the same recorder made by Sony only it’s the next model up, and I tested recording through a speaker, even with a much cheaper recording device and sure enough it’s audible. I even tried putting the recorder too close to the source, purposefully trying to make it sound as bad and you would literally have to place the recorder on the speaker and crank up the volume as loud as you can and then maybe it would sound as bad. But that would be absurd and I doubt they did that while trying to hear what she was saying. This alone makes me think that Crump did not record the interview as it was happening with that device.

The first thing I noticed

At the beginning and end of each clip there is a very particular sound. I recognized it right away but I could not place it. As it stands now I still cannot recall how this sound is produced and am putting some feelers out there and experimenting to reproduce it but for the time being I believe it may be the sound of a microphone that has an On/Off switch and when it is turned on or off it can produce that sound.

Here is the sound from one of the recordings. I had to record it in order to turn the volume up as it’s rather faint on the clips. I also repeat it five times. If you recognize this sound and can reproduce it please let us know.

So if it is a microphone the question is why are we hearing it? It is possible to connect a microphone to this recorder. Is this what Crump did? Perhaps. But one reason why I do not think Crump used a mic is because of another particular sound we hear in the clips. I definitely recognized this sound and could place it right away, we’ve also heard this sound from the first release of the audio.

With this particular recorder, as I’m sure is the case with many digital handheld recorders, you can engage or disengage a beep that occurs when you press play. Here is one of the clips that has the beep, it is quick and faint but it’s there.

But why are we hearing the beep? You should not be hearing this. The only explanation is the device is being played and someone is recording it with another device.

What I think is happening is someone is sitting at a computer that has a microphone with an on/off switch. They start the recording software, then turn on the microphone which produces the sound we hear, then presses play on the digital handheld recorder capturing the beep along with the rest of the recording, at the end they turn off the microphone then repeat the process for the next clip.

The question remains why would anyone do this? Perhaps you’re thinking so they could have a copy on their computer? I find that difficult to believe because this device connects directly to your computer where you can just directly copy the clips in their original state.

Here’s the bigger question. How did those files that were recorded get back onto the device? The only way that could happen is if someone put them there.

But the even bigger, bigger question is why would someone replace the original files?

I can not say with certainty at this time that what I have explained here is the only explanation. However, I am having trouble finding alternate explanations.

I will update at another time.


12 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole of the Crump Recording

  1. Did you notice how Crump kept telling DD to speak loudly? Doesn’t speaking too loud help create the distortion in the recording? Do these new recordings have the same ‘maxed out’ sounds levels you noticed in a previous article?

  2. Could they have been using Facetime or Skype. I don’t use them but my nieces do. Maybe reorded them from there. (sorry I know zero about audio)

  3. It sounds like a reminder/text alert on my iphone called Calypso. Maybe they were recording with an iphone and a message or text came through?

  4. Transfering from one device to another. Crump has already excused this particular problem by stating that there is other, unrelated, data on the recorder. By claiming privilege, crump could easily get a court order to prevent the connection of the device to a computer, since that would give the computer full access to every file on the device. Hence a separate recording system with mics.

    Didnt julison state that he had a recording of the interview? Woud a second recording system, likely with a mic ( for that “reporter effect” ) have made those noises on crumps tape while a second or more systems were also recording? When you see interviews by the press many times you see multiple microphones stacked up on the podium so that everyone gets thier own clear copy.

    It seems like they are STILL playing fast and loose with the truth. If a recording shows up with more audio, questions, answers, and ANY leading questions that have not been heard before, they all go down in flames.

    Seems like they still never intend to use this “evidence” at a trial. But if it cant be used at trial, how can it be used as the basis for an arrest? Unless of course the plan was the forced plea, and no evidence was ever intended to be used to actually try a case 😉

  5. I missed the part somewhere either here or at CTH that the original recording is no longer on the device Crump used to record W8.

    Dman: “Here’s the bigger question. How did those files that were recorded get back onto the device? The only way that could happen is if someone put them there.

    But the even bigger, bigger question is why would someone replace the original files?”

    If they took the original recording, played it, and had a computer RECORD it THROUGH A MIC, this #1 could explain quality. However to answer WHY someone would do that is to be able to EDIT the recording to one’s satisfaction, then play it and record it using the original recording device thereby getting rid of the original altogether, and replacing it with the edited version.

    This is why they need to get the recording from Matt Gutman. If his doesn’t match up, then there’s a problem. Unfortunately, the defense is moving like a turtle in getting these tapes al beit they have had one arm tied around their backs because of the Court’s lack of support in helping them to expeditiously obtain these items. Has Gutman’s tape been subpoened? If not, why not?

    They are giving these guys too much time to play with the evidence.

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