Could It Be Any More Obvious?

ABC FACT: George Zimmerman stalked and shot down Trayvon Martin because Trayvon was black.

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Unfortunately those who call themselves supporters of Trayvon Martin are so blinded by emotion they won’t even be able to understand the absolute recklessness seen in these Tweets here. Matt Gutman should be fired and ABC sued. And if ever a time comes when Matt or someone in his family get involved with some legal trouble with a “person of color” everyone should report it with the same recklessness we see from Matt. What an absolute reckless asshole.

George Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against NBC

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2 thoughts on “Could It Be Any More Obvious?

  1. where was the evidence that Traydemark was “walking slowly”?

    According to the alleged witness he was running and out of breath. According to what George said, he ran towards the back of the complex.

    The truth must be somewhere in between, and I continue to suspect that George caught Traydemark loitering and looking to see what houses were empty so that he could burglarize them.

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