Dear Bernie



2 thoughts on “Dear Bernie

  1. Did you catch the bit about “if he is worried about handing over the original device, I will buy him a new one”.

    This is what made me laugh when I read it the first time.

  2. I have had a second look at the DoubleDeeDee Transcript over at Stately Manor.

    There are a number of troubling things that need to be tossed around. Since I do not have posting rights at the Treehouse I have to dump them here. Some of these points relate to what can or cannot be heard over the microphone of buds.

    1. DeeDee claims that she could hear Traydemark out of breath.
    2. BDLR asks : Could you hear whether it was raining or not and DoubleDeeDee states “It was not raining”
    3. DeeDee states “I hear this ya know, man… It was lke an old man”. Really?
    4. DeeDee states then I call him and he didn’t answer, but after that statement BDLR asks whether she heard any sounds and she answers “yeah and I hear a sound like a bump”. This statement comes after she said that the phone had dropped out. This is the point where she says:”you could hear that Trayvon bumped, somebody bumped Trayvon cos I could hear the grass”

    Point 4 is curious because this girl states that Trayvon bumped, then she changes that to somebody bumped Trayvon.

    5. BDLR attempts to lead the witness and clarify the bump as “like something hitting something”…. this was followed by “and next thing the phone shut off”.

    There was a question about a text message that is also curious. There are other answers that are curious, such as ownership of the phone number.

    There are obvious contradictions in this “testimony”. It is also quite clear that BDLR is leading the witness with her answers. I have highlighted some of the more curious statements, where I think that what she says is refutable by simply doing some tests based upon what she is stating.

    For example, how can a person hear someone hitting another person through a phone using the buds mic? Those mics are not all that sensitive to surrounding noise. How could she hear someone running? I think you proved that is not possible. The tests on the buds mic that have been done have shown that those noises are not easily replicated.

    Yet the biggest inconsistency is the following statement “Then I call him… he didn’t answer”, followed by the comments about the “bump”.

    It is increasingly clear that this girl heard nothing and that she is talking to a script.

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