Witness Tells Bernie, Bernie Forgets Brady

The guy who gave George the lie detector test was in the room with Tracy Martin when Serino played the 911 call with the screams on it. The guy heard Tracy Martin say “no” to Serino’s question if that was Trayvon screaming. The guy told Bernie that. Bernie never said anything about it. Nice huh? I suppose if a witness gave Bernie a video of what happened that night and it showed exactly what George said then he would not mention that either.

Also, this is the fourth example we have of the State dealing with witnesses all secret like with no official reports;

1) Setting up an interview with George sometime in late March
2) Interaction with Witness #8 sometime after April 2
3) Interaction with numerous SPD officers moments before their depositions
4) Interaction with SPD Captain two weeks before his deposition


8 thoughts on “Witness Tells Bernie, Bernie Forgets Brady

  1. Diwataman, has anyone checked to see whether it was in fact possible for an ear witness to hear background voices in a distinct manner as claimed by Double DeeDee? In other words have there been any experiments on that phone and ear buds to either prove or disprove her “testimony” in that way?

    • That’s a good question and I have not heard of anyone trying this. I tried to replicate the wind noise we hear in George’s call and could not do it no matter how fast I walked, jogged or ran, so that confirmed that the wind was blowing hard enough for that moment to make the noise and not George moving fast. Of course to do either of these things with absolute accuracy it would be best to use that actual devices used. We don’t know what kind of earphones Trayvon was using.

      • how many types of earphones are there? My “ancient” LG phone has some earphones somewhere. They came with a very small microphone and you had to turn up the volume to hear and to speak. I never use them 🙂

        Can such an experiment be conducted just on the type of phone that was used, and the usual type of buds? It just might help shine some light on whether or not it was possible for double DD to have heard anything.

        • the video at the 7-11 gave us a good clue as to what he was using. I have no idea what is meant by Dr. Dre.

          What I noticed, and others have noticed is that when he was at the 7-11 and took that call, he held the mic of his ear buds up to his mouth to speak.

          I am assuming that it means that the mic was not very powerful because it could not easily pick up his voice.

          If this is the case, then I am assuming that it would be next to impossible for someone allegedly on the other end of the line to hear a conversation with a third party, let alone hearing the phone falling onto the grass, or hear someone shout “get off”.

          Something as simple as an experiment of this nature could easily disprove the testimony from Double DeeDee.

          I have always maintained that she never heard a thing, and that is before I started thinking about this mic aspect.

          • Dr. Dre the ramous rapper endorses a certain popular brand of headphones, the ear bud variety of which have a mic in them.

            But you make a very good point, and I agree I tend to think she never heard anything too. Very convenient that this person surfaces after GZ’s version had come out, never called anyone the night of, and had a version different from GZ but not TOO different… reeks of waiting til he put his cards on the table.

            Also, the timing of her coming out was perfect to “save” the thing from being dismissed.

            • Somewhere, hidden in a box, no doubt, still waiting to be unpacked, are my earbuds for my LG phone. So I tend not to use the buds anyway. They came with a mic, with volume control. I thought it was quite ineffective and when I do use my phone I never bother with the buds.

              If his buds were anything like the ones that came with my LG phone, then the mic would not have been all that strong.. which I think is provable via the 7-11 video.

  2. Geosurface I saw you video over at CTH… I am not allowed to comment over there, so I want to say that you did a very good job with the alignment of the voices.

    I agree with you 100%. What I noticed from the beginning is that George has a certain cadence in his voice. It is quite distinctive. The person calling for help has the same cadence.

    You did a good job getting the “hello” into a loop. It is a deep voice, and he could not reach that same pitch when calling for help.

    One more point here and this refers to Austin who is 13 years old… that boy at 13 has the same low voice as Traydemark. It is not a good comparison, but it points out that the timing of voice changes from a higher pitch of young boys to the deep adult voice of youth and manhood.

    BTW I am a mother of 3 boys.

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