Sneaky, Sneaky, State

I was just listening back on the Oct. 26th hearing, to City of Sanford attorney Mr. Flood and he had this to say in talking about the depositions O’Mara had previously with the SPD;

“The depositions that we’ve had previously there were two attorneys for Mr. Zimmerman, two attorneys for the State, I[Mr. Flood] was there for the witnesses, and while the depositions were going on one of the State attorneys would go out and talk to the next witness, quite an unusual process, most of the witnesses had no problem with that, one of them did not appreciate that and wasn’t sure what they were supposed to do in that process.”

After Mr. Flood spoke, the judge asked O’Mara if he had a response, he did not.

So my questions are these;

  1. Which state attorney was going out and talking to witnesses?
  2. What witnesses did they talk to?
  3. What did the State’s attorney say to each witness?
  4. Which witness had the problem with the State doing this?
  5. What exactly did that witness have a problem with?
  6. Were there any other witnesses that had a problem with the State doing this?
  7. Why did O’Mara not respond upon hearing this from Mr. Flood?
  8. Was O’Mara aware this was going on during his depositions?
  9. What’s O’Mara doing about it now?
  10. Will O’Mara be watching out for this in future depositions?

Oct 17 Depositions
Jonathan Mead(SPD)
Mike Wagner(SPD)
William Ervin(SPD)
Leon Ciesla(SPD)

Oct 18 Depositions
Ricardo Ayala(SPD)
Tony Raimondo(SPD)
Joseph Santiago(SPD)
Dana Smith(SPD)
Mike Brandy(SFR)
Satcy Livingston(SFR)
Kevin O’Rourke(SFR)
Tyler Rochfort(SFR)
Mike Turner(SFR)

Joseph R. Flood

@2:11: 54


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