A Little More on Serino/Lee

“Serino has said he was gathering evidence for a manslaughter charge when the police department turned the case over to the State Attorney’s Office.”, so says the Orlando Sentinel.

When the PD turned it over? Ah, no Serino, it’s yours and Sgt. Randy Smith’s signature on the Capias Request. You turned it over.

Then from the OS;

“Bill Lee…had Serino fill out the probable cause affidavit because without it, the State Attorney’s Office would not take over the investigation.”

God forbid you file it because you actually believe George was guilty right? Nah, screw that, let’s just file it so someone else can deal with it.

Yes, I would like to actually hear that from the horses mouth but let’s work with it for now anyway.

So Lee had Serino do it.

Let’s go back to the Emergency Motion that was denied.

Who was there at the meetings before the request was sent in?

Chief Bill Lee
Captain Robert O’Connor
Sgt. Randy Smith
Sgt. Leon Ciesla
Sgt. Joesph Santiago
Inv. Chris Serino
A.S.A. Jim Carter
and others set forth on the Defendant’s Supplemental Witness List.

According to Santiago it seems everyone was in agreement that there was no evidence to charge George with the possible exception of Sgt. Randy Smith, Serino was apparently the potted palm of the group. Then the Motion says the day after one of their meetings the case was forwarded to A.S.A Jim Carter and S.A. Wolfinger, we know this happened on March 13th so that meeting took place on March 12. Sgt Joesph Santiago and A.S.A. Jim Carter discussed this on the 13th and Carter says he was very upset the case was forwarded. Santiago also says he contacted Captain Robert O’Connor who was also upset at Serino.

So after the March 12th meeting, Chief Bill Lee, Sgt. Randy Smith and Inv. Chris Serino were like “screw this” and forwarded the investigation anyway. Of course publicly Lee and Serino were saying the opposite of what they were doing;

The best evidence we have is the testimony of George Zimmerman, and he says the decedent was the primary aggressor in the whole event,” Serino told the Sentinel March 16. “Everything I have is adding up to what he says.


As much as this all pisses me off, in the end I don’t think it really amounts to much and it apparently had no real effect on this investigation itself. Wolfinger just took it so I guess he wasn’t as upset as his assistant was. Serino continued to file reports after this though it looks like it was mostly the FDLE now doing the actual investigating. The FDLE involvement came at the request of Wolfinger, though Governor Scott also requested it, three days after Wolfinger did and the day the FDLE was already investigating. Seems like a rather redundant thing for Scott to do ay?

Then, nine whole days after Wolfinger gets the case he “requests” to be removed from the case? Maybe he was upset at getting the case after all. Yes, I put request in quotes because this case is so filled with crap that even though Wolfinger did actually request to be removed the motivations for such a request are weak and who knows what could be uncovered if someone would press these people. Hopefully O’Mara will work his way all the way up through the entire Scheme Team to Governor Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi. Who knows, maybe it will go further to the CBC and the DOJ.

I bet that respect for the SPD George regained for them after the Ware case is gone now huh?

But why fire Lee then? He gave the crowd what they wanted, Serino and Randy Smith did too, shouldn’t these folks get the praise? Serino did, even by Crump himself;

In his letter Monday to Roy Austin, deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Crump wrote, “We look forward to your thorough and comprehensive review of the suspicious circumstances surrounding this meeting, and the decision to disregard the recommendation of the lead homicide investigator, Mr. Serino, who felt compelled to prepare an affidavit memorializing his recommendation to arrest the shooter George Zimmerman.


Of course the meeting Crump is talking about is the one that he made up that supposedly took place on the night of the shooting. And of course there was no “decision to disregard the recommendation” as Crump says, it was actually the opposite, weeks later, where Serino, Lee and Smith disregarded the group consensus and they did what Crump and his masses demanded. Serino has bosses, one who signed the Caipas Request, both who both apparently at the behest of Lee filed and forwarded it. Of course they did it not out of some desire to fight for justice against the racist status quo but because they just wanted the masses of their backs. So why no praise for Smith and the opposite for Lee? And why is Serino lawyering up? What could possibly happen to him? He is beloved by the masses, should run for president even.

Dates of Depositions of the officers on the Defendant’s Supplemental Witness List:

Oct. 17
Sgt. Leon Ciesla
William Erwin
Jonathan Mead

Oct. 18
Sgt. Ricardo Ayala
Sgt. Tony Raimondo
Joesph Santiago

November 9th
Captain Bob O’Connor

Bill Lee
Stacie McCoy
Chris Serino
Doris Singleton
Sgt. Randy Smith


4 thoughts on “A Little More on Serino/Lee

    • For sure it does. Until the folks involved grow some balls and come out and tell us what happened we are at the mercy of crappy reporting. We’ll hopefully one day get to the absolute truth of the matter.

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