Lead Detective in Zimmerman Case Hires Lawyer

So Officer Chris Serino hires a lawyer. Why?

It’s unfortunate we don’t get much information which inevitably leads to broad speculation but the way it reads to me was from this simple line from the article posted below; “He wants his own counsel – he’s intimidated…It may not be a friendly deposition.” Now that’s an interesting word choice there; “intimidated”, why would Serino feel intimidation from O’Mara? Did O’Mara call him up and threaten him in some way? I seriously doubt that. Sounds to me Serino is intimidated by the situation. But why? Ahhh, the old and ever wanting “why”, how I loathe thee so, lol.

Well, it could be as simple as the article says “Serino felt he needed an attorney to look out for his interests…”, something George should have done at the beginning and ask for a lawyer. Or, perhaps it could be more. Serino knew from day one what this case was going to turn into, which he expressed so very clearly in his interrogation of George. I talked about this aspect many moons ago as to that being the reason why he filed for the Capias Request. Sure, he could have also believed in George’s guilt, maybe, but it’s undeniable it was a dynamic and complex situation Serino found himself in and so other motivations may have crept in that inspired Serino to go against his fellow officers and the State’s attorney guy in the meetings they all had.

The main motivation was the media attention and it turning into a high profile case Serino feared coming down the road, as he expressed in his interrogation with an almost disdain in his voice towards George for putting him in this situation. “Why’d ya’ kill the little black boy Georgey? Now we’re gonna have the whole world on our asses and they’re all gonna be looking at me! Ya bastage!”

Another motivation is clear by looking at the history of the SPD. With the department just coming off the Sherman Ware investigation into the SPD, Serino was certainly aware of what could happen, so throw something at George and make it all go away.

And Serino let us know a third motivation, pressure by other officers to press for charges. Is it a surprise that two of those three officers he named are black? And the third a white woman with a black boyfriend? I think not. Update(11/21/2012): Those officers are Sgt Author Barnes, Rebecca Villenove and Trekell Perkins named in the missing page from the 284 page discovery. http://www.talkleft.com/zimm/serinofbireporthigh.pdf

With all of that how could Serino not feel intimidation? But that’s really not the correct choice of word, guilt I think may be more apt.

I think he did request to go back on patrol but ultimately blames George for it. I think he did so in order to avoid being in this situation ever again. I think he just wants to quietly retire out of the department and he hates George for putting him there.


And just for a little fun;


2 thoughts on “Lead Detective in Zimmerman Case Hires Lawyer

  1. Love the video, D Man. Great job.-Especially liked those flamingoes- beats the heck out of cockatoos. Thank you for not mentioning a can of (non existent) iced tea!

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